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Office Information Systems
   Today, secretaries and administrative assistants are much         prActicum courses AvAilAble
more than typists and file clerks. They are information                Students in the office information systems associate degree
managers, entering data into computers, manipulating the data        curriculum can earn up to six credits through internships and
to produce business documents in many different formats, and         practical experience at business firms and agencies. The credit
electronically organizing information for future use. They play      value of the practicum must be approved before the student
a vital role in the information systems that are central to the      begins work. For other requirements, see the LSU Eunice
success of any business or organization.                             Catalog or speak with your faculty advisor.
   LSU Eunice’s associate degree in office information systems
is a concentrated two-year program that prepares students            certificAte: office prActices And procedures
to meet these challenges. Students can select from two                 The certificate program in office practices and procedures
concentrations. In addition, students have the option of earning     prepares students for general secretarial positions in only one
a one-year certificate in office practices and procedures.           year of concentrated study. In addition to receiving a broad college
                                                                     background, students in the program enroll in courses in word
AssociAte of Applied science degree in office                        processing, microcomputer accounting, and desktop publishing.
informAtion systems
  The associate of applied science degree program in office          technicAl progrAms: medicAl And heAlth services
information systems combines instruction in information                A separate brochure is available on technical competency
systems and business skills with many elements of a liberal          areas in medical billing, coding, and transcription; a certificate
education. Students receive instruction in accounting, business      program in medical records and health information technology;
principles, economics, word processing and other computer            and a diploma program medical and health services leadership.
skills, and managerial techniques.                                   These technical programs do not require any general college
  As an office information systems student, you will:                courses. Credits from the technical programs may be applied
  • gain a thorough knowledge of word processing software;           toward the associate degree in office information systems.
  • acquire experience in techniques of managing records
through automated storage and retrieval of information;              office informAtion systems curriculum
  • learn accounting on microcomputers;                                   FIRST YEAR - 30 Hours
  • become familiar with new technologies;                                Accounting 1001                                                       3
  • gain a background in other college-level subjects.                    Communication Studies 1061, 2060 or 2061                              3
  Students learn these skills in state-of-the-art computer                English 1001, 1002                                                    6
laboratories, including networked labs and labs with e-mail and           Information Systems and Decision Sciences 2800                        3
Internet access. Screen projection modules permit instructors             Mathematics 1021                                                      3
to demonstrate software programs to entire classes. When the              Office Information Systems 2263                                       3
laboratories are not in use for classroom instruction, students           *Area of concentration courses                                        9
may work in them on their own to polish their skills.
                                                                          SECOND YEAR - 30 Hours
AdministrAtive informAtion systems concentrAtion                          Business Administration 1001 or 2601**                                3
  Students who choose this concentration will become                      Economics 2000, 2010 or 2030                                          3
highly proficient in word processing and will learn desktop               General Education Elective                                            3
publishing on the computer. They will also learn administrative           General Education/Natural science elective (Zoology 1011)**           3
information systems procedures so that they will be prepared              Management 2251, 2260,or Business Administration 2650**               3
for employment in the sophisticated business environment of               Office Information Systems 2300                                       3
the 21st century—corporate, or any other setting.                         Office Information Systems 2999                                       3
                                                                          *Area of concentration courses                                        9
medicAl informAtion systems concentrAtion
  Students in this concentration will gain special expertise in         **Business Administration 2601 and 2650 and Zoology 1011 must be taken in
the medical field, including instruction in medical records and      the medical information systems concentration.
in health insurance and medical billing. In addition to gaining         * Area of concentration courses:
proficiency in word processing and other information systems            • Administrative Information Systems (18 credits): Accounting 2102
skills, they will take courses in medical law and ethics, human      or 2103 (3 cr.), Information Systems and Decision Sciences 2800 (3),Office
anatomy, and medical terminology. This more specialized              Information Systems 2200 (3), Office Information Systems 2850 (3), Office
knowledge will give them the background they need for                Information Systems 2900 (3), Office Information Systems 2911 (3).
employment in a variety of office environments within the               • Medical Information Systems (18 credits): Allied Health 1013 (2 cr.),
health care industry.                                                Allied Health 1023 (1), Office Information Systems 1605** (3), Office Information
                                                                     Systems 1615 (3), Office Information Systems 1620 (3), Office Information
                                                                     Systems 2625 or 2630 (3), Office Information Systems 2860 (3).

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