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									                     WILLIAM GADDIS – DRAMATIS PERSONAE
                                   (all the characters in all the novels)
                                          compiled by Anja Zeidler

CHARACTER       DESCRIPTION and APPEARANCE                                                                NOVEL
Adolph          The executor of Voraker's estate.                                                         CG
Adeline         A nurse Herschel knew and bit.                                                            R
Adeline         An acquaintance of Fuller, who has a daughter named Elsie.                                R
Afrikaner       A man who is thought to have shot Klinger.                                                CG
"agent"         Real estate agent, through whom the Booths got McCandless‟ house.                         CG
Al 1            Guitar-plunking friend of Rhoda.                                                          JR
Al 2            Lily's Jewish husband.                                                                    F
Alabama man     "Alabama Rammer-Jammer man," the third man in advertisement with Ellery and               R
Ambers          Black servant from Oscar's play.                                                          F
Anatole         Bartender at the hotel, where Otto doesn‟t meet his father.                               R
Angel,          Manager of the Bast family's General Roll plant in Astoria and husband of Stella Angel.   JR
Angel, Stella   Daughter of Thomas Bast, wife of Norman Angel.                                            JR
Anselm          A badly shaven poet with a thin face and a bad case of acne, who has changed his given    R
                name Arthur to Anselm after Saint Anselm of Canterbury.
Anselm’s        A “sweet little Boston woman" interested in dogs.                                         R
archeologist    A friend of Rev. Gwyon, who had once given a pair of ear-rings to Camilla.                R
Ardythe, Miss   The organist who “dropped stone dead at the keyboard with her sharp chin on a high D”     R
                during Gwyon and Camilla‟s wedding.
Argentinean     Argentine trade commissioner at the wrong party (Esther‟s party).                         R
Arnold          A friend of Elisabeth.                                                                    CG
Aunt May        Sister of the older Rev. Gwyon (Rev. Gwyon‟s nameless father), a steadfast Calvinist      R
                and Wyatt‟s Christian mentor.
Baby            One-year-old child of the woman with bandaged wrists at Esther‟s party, who is stolen     R
                by Maude.
Bagby           General Manager of Thomas' uncle in Oscar's play.                                         F
Bag lady        Sister of the homeless, who is drowned by fault of Rev. Ude.                              CG
Bailey, Bill    Process server.                                                                           JR
Barney          Barkeeper in a Lexington Avenue bar.                                                      R
Basie, Harold   African-American con lawyer, who takes on Oscar's case                                    F
Bast, Anne      Unmarried aunt of Edward Bast and Stella Angel, sister of Julia, James and Thomas         JR
Bast,           Deceased sister of Anne, Julia, James and Thomas Bast.                                    JR
Bast, Dick      Deceased brother of "Father".                                                             JR
Bast, Edward    Composer and son of James Bast and Nellie; nephew of Anne and Julia Bast.                 JR

Bast,           Deceased younger brother of Dick Bast, father of Anne, Julia, Charlotte, James and        JR
"Father"        Thomas Bast.

Bast, James     Composer and father of Edward Bast, who is abroad for the duration of the novel.           JR
Bast, Julia     Unmarried aunt of Edward Bast and Stella Angel, sister of Anne, James and Thomas           JR
Bast, Nellie    Married Thomas after his first wife's death, cohabited with James Bast, mother of          JR
                Edward, commits suicide.
Bast, Reuben    Orphan, musical prodigy of James Bast.                                                     JR
Bast, Thomas    Father of Stella Angel and president of General Roll Co.                                   JR
Beamish         Lawyer for Triangle Paper Products and the Schramm family.                                 JR
Beard, the      A friend of Esme with a black beard.                                                       R
Beaton          Typhon's corporate secretary and general counsel.                                          JR
Begg, Edgar     Park Commissioner in Union Falls.                                                          JR
Begg, Eunice    Eagle Mills stockholder who sues J R after his takeover of the company.                    JR
Begg, Judge     Judge in Union Falls, presiding over the action which dissolves the outstanding stock of   JR
R.V.            Eagle Mills.
Ben             Lawyer for Jack Gibbs.                                                                     JR
Benny           Employee in architectural office with Wyatt, later in advertising with Ellery, commits     R
Bernie          Fat husband of woman with ring, in yellow and brown necktie at the zoo, reappearing in     R
B.F.            Ellery's colleague in advertising.                                                         R
Biff            “This old locker room guy” from Billy Voraker's school days.                               CG
Big Anna        Swede at Esther's party.                                                                   R
Bildow, Don     The editor of a little magazine (The Magazine).                                            R
Bildow, Mrs     Don Bildow„s wife.                                                                         R
Bildow, Miss    The six- year-old daughter of the Bildows, left by her baby sitter Anselm at some show.
Bilk, Senator   A "Neanderthal senator" from Stinking Creek.                                               F
Black, Frank    Washington lawyer who functions as an unregistered lobbyist for Typhon.                    JR
Blaufinger,     Led the German troops against the Allies at St. Fiacre in the Ardennes.                    JR
Blanfors,       Acquaintance of Trish Hemsley and customer of beauty doctor Kissinger.                     F
Boatwright,     The Crease family's old plumber, invented by Oscar.                                        F
Bobbie          Lily's brother, who is killed in a car accident driving his Porsche.                       F
Bone, Judge     Judge on the Second Circuit bench.                                                         F
Booth,          The asthmatic thirty-three- year old daughter of mineral tycoon F R Vorakers, Paul         CG, F
Elisabeth       Booth's wife.
Booth, Paul     Elisabeth Booth's husband, Vietnam veteran, now working as media consultant.               CG, F
Booth, Mr.      Paul Booth's father, who thinks little of his own son.                                     CG
Boston girl     Tall light-haired girl with Boston accent at Esther‟s party.                               R
Box, General    Led Allied troops against Blaufinger at St. Fiacre, director of Typhon International.      JR
Boy, blond      At Viareggio‟s.                                                                            R

Boy, haggard    At Viareggio„s with a “haggard face.”                                                      R
Boy, Italian    A chinless boy from Sicily at Max„s party, cousin of dark tall girl at Viareggio„s.        R
Boy, little     At the zoo, in front of the polar bear cage.                                               R

Boy, red cap     At Viareggio„s.                                                                         R
Boy, at the      Boy in a boy scout uniform in the lion house at the zoo.                                R
"Boy"            Paul Booth‟s son of a Vietnamese woman.                                                 CG
"boy"            A lover of Trish, half her age, trying to be a writer.                                  F
boys             Playing with a dead pigeon at the beginning of the novel.                               CG
Bredford,        Actor, playing the role of Randal in Kiester's film.                                    F
Bunke r          Trish's lawyer, whom she wants to marry, twice her age.                                 F
Button           An "old buddy" from Basie's days at the Federal prison, who learnt acting there.        F
di Brescia,      An Italian collector, who sold Bosch‟s Seven Sins painting to Reverend Gwyon.           R
di Brescia,    Tall dark woman Big Anna looks for at costume party, the timid Italian boy is her         R
Seraphina      cousin.
Brian          A friend of Irene McCandless, who triggered McCandless‟ jealo usy, wants to go to         CG
               Yucatán to live with the Indians.
Brisboy        Spokesman for Wagner Funeral Homes.                                                       JR
Brisboy, M rs. Brisboy's mother, compared to Cosima Wagner.                                              JR
British, R.A.  Tall white- haired man in gray on Brown‟s party, a member of the Royal Academy.           R
Bronzino       Man at the costume party.                                                                 R
Broos,         Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, involved in Typhon's machination in        JR
Senator        Gandia.
Brown, Buster A twenty-three or twenty-eight-year-old writer.                                            R
Brown,         A businessman, publisher, collector, dealer, engaging Wyatt as forger of old paintings.   R
Bulcke, Miss   Secretary at Typhon International.                                                        JR
Burmese        One of Edie's lovers, who went off with all her traveler checks.                          CG
Buzzie         Student at J R's Junior High School, killed in Hyde's car crashing into diCephalis.       JR
Byron, Sonny Young black man at Max„s party, accompanied Buster Brown.                                   R
Cab driver     Driving Valentine and Wyatt.                                                              R
Captain        The captain of the Purdue Victory.                                                        R
Carlucci       Character in the Kiester film, the mines manager.                                         F
Carol          Secretary at Typhon International.                                                        JR
Cates, Gov.      Amy Joubert's eighty- year-old great uncle, director of Typhon International.           JR
Chick            Paul's RTO (radiotelephone operator) in Vietnam.                                        CG
Chevitz          Settling a suit against Kiester.                                                        F
Chichester,      Harry's dentist.                                                                        F
Chigger          Crew chief in Vietnam, who tried to kill Paul by rolling a hand grenade under his bed   CG
                 after Paul had turned him in for heroin.

Child eating     Eighteen- month-year-old wet-nosed child seen by Wyatt and Valentine at the zoo in      R
rose             front of the seal pool.
Chin, Doris      Feature writer.                                                                         CG
Christiane       Blond model sitting for Wyatt in Paris.                                                 R

Cibo             Businessman, becomes President of Catania Paving.                                         JR
Cleaning         Cleaning woman at Otto's place in Central America.                                        R
Cobb, Ira        Neighbor of the Bast family in Indiana.                                                   JR
Coen             Lawyer for Norman Angel and General Roll Company.                                         JR
Coops, Hoddy     Billey Fickert's husband after Earl left for Mississippi.                                 F
Cowpie           Buddhist friend of Billy from Akron.                                                      CG
Crawley          Stockbroker, of Crawley & Bro.                                                            JR
Crease,          Oscar's and Christina's father and a heavy smoker.                                        F
Crease,          Oscar's grandfather, who fought in the Civil War (Seventeenth Regiment Army of            F
Captain (later   Northern Virginia), was wounded at Ball's Bluff and Antietam, later became a member
Justice)         of the Holmes Court and died at age 96.
Crease, Oscar    Christina's step brother, son of Judge Thomas Crease and Winifred Riding, his first       F
L.               wife, lecturer in American history at the community college at Lotusville and writer of
                 an unsuccessful play.
Crémer           Art critic, who writes for La Macule and knows Recktall Brown from the army.              R
Critic           Tall man in green wool shirt, who looks like "a rather unfortunate print of Mozart."      R
Cross-eyed       Little cross-eyed girl in long white stockings, raped and killed when eleven years old,   R
girl             lying next to Camilla on the church yard of San Zwingli.
Crotcher, Mr.    A writer, who has translated his book on ant life into nineteen languages.                R
Cruikshank       Lester‟s Chief of Station (COS) in Matidi.                                                CG
Cutler,          Typhon employee, who eventually marries Amy Joubert.                                      JR
"Dad"            A transient living with Dan and Ann diCephalis, each of whom believes him to be the       JR
                 other's father.
Dalner           Owner of Dalner Gallery.                                                                  R
Darling,         Advertisement man, from Yale.                                                             R
daughter         Daughter of Pastora and Wyatt.                                                            R
Davidoff,        Director of public relations for Typhon, then for J R Family of Companies.                JR
Davis, Ziff      Actor in Kiester's Civil War film.                                                        F
Dé, Doctor       Defense Minister of Gandia, member of Idi tribe from Uaso province.                       JR
Decker, W.       Scam artist posing as an underwriter.                                                     JR
Deleserea        African-American domestic employed by Zona Selk.                                          JR
Deigh, Agnes     Literary agent, mother to every fairy in the city, attempts suicide.                      R
Deigh, Harry     Agnes Deigh's husband, who dies falling off a bar stool in Hollywood.                     R
Deigh, Mrs.      Agnes‟ mother, who lives in Rome on the via Flaminia.                                     R
Deigh, Mr.       Agnes„s brother, a writer, missed in WWII.                                                R
DiCephalis,      Wife of J R's school psychometrician.                                                     JR
DiCephalis,      Psychometrician at J R's school, he is lost in Teletravel transmission.                   JR
DiCephalis,      Son of Ann and Dan DiCephalis.                                                            JR
DiCephalis,      Daughter of Ann and Dan DiCephalis.                                                       JR

Delivery man     Delivers Oscars wine.                                                                   F
Dick             Young minister replacing Reverend Gwyon.                                                R
Dickens,         He is called Charley and has guilt feelings for dropping an atomic bomb, has a silver   R
Charles          plate in his head.
Mrs. Dickens     Charles‟s mother, a Christian Scientist.                                                R
Doris            Harry Lutz's secretary.                                                                 F
Dorman, Mrs.     A boarding- house keeper, singing in the church of Rev. Gwyon.                          R
Drovie, Bill     Deputy U.S. Marshall.                                                                   JR
Drucker          Paul‟s fellow soldier in Vietnam with a collection of ears.                             CG
Drunkard         Talking to John in the bar and to Valentine at the corner of Gansevoort Street.         R
Duchess of       Someone at Esther‟s party.                                                              R
Duncan,          Head of wallpaper firm and Edward Bast's hospital roommate.                             JR
Duncan,          Head of Duncan and Company book publishers.                                             JR
Duncan, Vida     Classmate of Zona Selk, wife of book publisher Duncan.                                  JR
editor        Editor of Esther‟s book, married to the tall woman.                                        R
Edna Mims     Girl with whom Otto used to go out in College (Radcliffe), then Max„s girl friend,         R
              working for Brown.
Eigen, David  Four- year-old son of Thomas and Marian Eigen.                                             JR
Eigen, Marian Wife of Thomas Eigen.                                                                      JR
Eigen,        Writer who shares the Ninety-Sixth apartment with Gibbs, working as speech writer.         JR
Ellery        Advertising man, Esther„s lover.                                                           R
Elsie         Daughter of Adeline, Fuller„s acquaintance, died at age of three.                          R
Employeé at   Woman at Trish's cleaner.                                                                  F
Ernie         Big unshaven man, who looks like Ernest Hemingway                                          R
Esme             Poet and Wyatt's model, working for Brown, dies of a staphylococcic infection from      R
                 kissing Saint-Peter- in-the-Boat.
Esther           Wife of Wyatt.                                                                          R
Eulalio, Fr. 1   Monk at the Real Monasterio de Nuestra Senora de la Otra Vez in times past.             R
Eulalio, Fr. 2   Monk at the Real Monasterio de Nuestra Senora de la Otra Vez when Wyatt Gwyon           R
                 stays there.
Fahrtmesser,     German woman who wants her daughter to be canonized by Don Sucio.                       R
Mr Farisy        Patient at the asylum where Reverend Gwyon stays.                                       R
Fé,              Someone Agnes knows in Rome, who has his own chapel beside the Vatican.                 R
Feasley, Ed      He studied with Otto at Harvard and is Max in Otto„s play.                              R
Feasley, Mr.     Ed Feasley‟s father, owner of battleships.                                              R
Feasley, Mrs.    Ed Feasley‟s mother.                                                                    R
Fedders, Mr.     Official with the Teacher's Union.                                                      JR
Feddle           “Poet” to be published soon.                                                            R
Feddle, Mrs      Wife of Mr Feddle.                                                                      R
Fell, Dr.         Doctor mistreating Wyatt, also Otto.                                                       R
Fickert, Billey   Mother of Wayne Fickert, who is going to play a role in a movie called “The Wayne          CG, F
                  Fickert Story.”
Fickert, Earl     Father of Wayne Fickert running a junkyard in Mississippi.                                 CG, F
Fickert,          Nine year old son of Billey and Earl Fickert, who drowns during baptism by Reverend        CG, F
Wayne             Ude in South Carolina's Pee Dee river.
Flesch, Miss      Teacher and "curriculum specialist" at J R's school, later hired by Davidoff as "project   JR
Florence          Secretary at Typhon International.                                                         JR
Flowe r-Cart      Selling Lilies to Wyatt.                                                                   R
Ford              "Program Specialist" for the Foundation.                                                   JR
Frank             Friend of Rudy.                                                                            R
Franks, Jesse     Tattooed man Otto knows in Central America:                                                R

Frenchman         Frenchman from Lyon at Brown‟s party.                                                      R
Frika, Anga       Female leading role in Kiester's film.                                                     F
Friend of         A friend of Benny from school, who has written a history of the player piano.              R
Fuller            Recktall Brown„s servant from Barbados.                                                    R
Gall              From the Foundation, working on a book about educational TV programming in                 JR
Ganganelli        Partner in the law firm of Ganganelli, Pecci and Peretti.                                  JR
Gates, Pearly     The baritone who accompanies Rev. Ude's sermon at the grave of Wayne Fickert.              CG
Gench, Barry      Film student at UCLA, who charges Kiester on behalf of the sledgehammer scene in the       F
                  film "Uruburu."
George            Round-headed salesman acquainted with Max, reading Otto„s play.                            R
Gibbs, Jack       Teaches physics at J R's school, writer.                                                   JR
Gibbs, Rose       Jack Gibb's daughter.                                                                      JR
Ginny             Mollenhoff's secretary at Endo Appliance.                                                  JR
Giono             Italian boy the Swede wants to adopt.                                                      R
Giulielma         Character from Oscar's play, wife of Thomas there.                                         F
Girl,             A Catholic at Esther's party with both wrists bandaged, her husband a writer.              R
Girl, dark        Dark girl at Bella Vista hotel serving lunch to Otto.                                      R
Girl, flat        A girl at Max's party.                                                                     R
Girl, green       A girl at Esther‟s party.                                                                  R
Girl, little      Man in purple dress at costume party.                                                      R
Girl, little      Seven year old girl from the apartment below Esther‟s, fetching sleeping pills for her     R
                  mother, who later dies.
Little girl at    Girl in front of polar bear cage.                                                          R
the zoo
Girl, pale        A girl seen by Stanley in Rome reading Forster.                                            R
Girl, s mall      Smallest of three girls at the zoo, who loses her balloon.                                 R

girl             A girl looking for her black dog.                                                         CG
Glancy           Teaches sixth grade math at J R's school.                                                 JR
Gold, Mr.        Someone pretending to work at Saks phoning to tell Elisabeth her purse had been found,    CG
                 presumably involved in robbery at the house.
Gordon           Character in Otto„s novel.                                                                R
Gottlieb, Mr.    Works at a Cadillac dealership in Massapequa.                                             JR
Gribble,         Insurance man from Ace Worldwide Fidelity.                                                F
Grimes, Cissie Mother of Edie Grimes.                                                                      CG
Grimes, Edie   Elisabeth‟s childhood friend.                                                               CG, F
Grimes, Mr.    Father of Edie Grimes, successor of VCR, on the board of the airline and airline's          CG
               insurance company, whose plane crashes with Elisabeth Booth injured.
Grimes,        Edie's sister.                                                                              CG
Grissom        Lawyer.                                                                                     CG
Grocery man Delivering Elisabeth's order for dinner with McCandless.                                       CG
Gryns zpan,    Pseudonym concocted by Gibbs for purposes of financial evasion.                             JR
Guest of       Writer at Esther‟s party.                                                                   R
Guy from       A friend of Elisabeth, who wanted to become a great actor.                                  CG
Gwen           Character in McCandless‟ novel based on Irene.                                              CG

Gwyon boy        Had taken his life by drowning when nine years old.                                       R
Gwyon,           Rev. Gwyon„s wife, dying of appendicitis on voyage to Spain.                              R
Gwyon, John      18th century ancestor of the Gwyon family, killed by "disaffectionate Indians.”           R
Gwyon, Rev.      Father of Rev. Gwyon and brother of Aunt May.                                             R
Gwyon,           Camilla„s husband, Wyatt„s father, minister at the First Congregational Church, dies in   R
Reverend         an asylum.
Gwyon, Wyatt     Son of Camilla and Rev. Gwyon, painter.                                                   R
Hadrian          Mrs. Deigh‟s aging bull terrier.                                                          R
Haight,          Works at parochial school in Massapequa.                                                  JR
Haight,          Two-star Army general, brother of Father Haight.                                          JR
Hall, Albert     Husband of Victoria Hall at Esther's party.                                               R
Hall, Victoria   Wife of Albert Hall at Esther's party.                                                    R
Han              Boy Wyatt knew from Munich, whom he later kills in self defense in Africa.                R
Handler,         Cate's doctor and former classmate.                                                       JR
Hannah           Plainly unattractive Village artist and amateur psychologist.                             R
"Harry's         Harry's image of a father made up for Oscar.                                              F
Heavy-necked     Someone from the movies having lunch with Esme.                                           R

Hebble,           Cleaning woman at the zoo.                                                               R
Hemsely, Miss     Trish's daughter, called Deedee, has a breakdown, cuts her wrists.                       F
Hemsley, Mrs      Mother of Trish, who had been converted by Bishop Sheed.                                 F
Hemsley,          Christina's rich friend from school.                                                     F
Hemsley, T J      Trish's son of about ten.                                                                F
Hermoso,          Language teacher in Spain, who also runs a drugstore in San Zwingli.                     R
Heracles          Tailless barbary ape from Gibraltar, later killed by Gwyon.                              R
Herschel          A good looking man from Ohio, becomes movie star and marries Adeline Thing.              R
Holmes,           Friend of Thomas Crease during the days of the Civil War, later associate on the         F
Justice Olive r   Holmes Court.
Hopper,           Son of Fred Hopper.                                                                      JR
Hopper, Fred      President of bank that takes over the receivership of Eagle Mills.                       JR
Housekeeper       One of the housekeepers Christina got for Oscar.                                         F
Huki-Lau          Hawaiian poodle dog wearing a chastity belt against the naughty Spanish doggies.         R
Hyde boy          J R's closest friend, son of Major Hyde.                                                 JR
Hyde, Major       Employee at Typhon subsidiary Endo Appliance, member of school board.                    JR
Ilse              Housekeeper with white columnar thighs, employed after Oscar's return from hospital.     F
Ilse's sister     From the Bronx, briefly moving in with Ilse.                                             F
Inch, Miss        Nurse at asylum where Revernd Gwyon stays.                                               R
Mister            Hungarian secret agent, later appearing under the name of Dr. Kuvetli.                   R
Irene             McCandless‟s second wife, who left him two years before the novel‟s opening.             CG
Israel, John      Character from Oscar's play, "our 'noble savage'" who runs away and returns at the end   F
                  of the play.
Jake              The major's son in Kiester's film.                                                       F
James B.          Seven-year-old African-American boy, owner of the dog Spot.                              F
James B.'s        James' guardian ad litem, owner of a junk yard.                                          F
Janet             A servant in Rev. Gwyon's household, who was born a few minutes after her mother„s       R
Jacqueson,        Wife of the critic in the green wool shirt.                                              R
Jean              Blonde at the hotel bar where Otto wants to meet his father.                             R
Jeannie           Woman from Du Point Circle McCandless knew.                                              CG
Jenner, Mr.       Patient in Bellevue hospital, where Agnes Deigh is staying.                              R
Jerry             News-vendor near Mr. Pivner„s apartment.                                                 R
Jheejheeboy       Indian ex-husband of Edie.                                                               CG, F
Jim               Employee at the hospital, where Oscar Crease stays.                                      F
John              Priest,who studied with Wyatt.                                                           R
Jones, R.L.       Man from Sun Style Films.                                                                R
Joubert,          Teaches social studies at J R's school, married to, but separated from Lucien Joubert,   JR
Emily             daughter of Monty Moncrieff.

Joubert,         Amy and Lucien Joubert's seven- year-old son.                                              JR
Joubert,         Swiss national married to Amy Moncrieff Joubert, executive with Nobili.                    JR
Kane             Character from Oscar's play.                                                               F
Kevin            Lily's third ambulance chasing lawyer.                                                     F
Kiester,         Director of "The Blood in the Red White and Blue", his real name is Jonathan               F
Constantine      Livingston, had also used the surname Siegal.
kid              Skinny nineteen year old kid, who mugged Paul, and is killed by Paul.                      CG
Kinkead,         Character in McCandless‟ novel, based on McCandless himself.                               CG
Kissinger, Dr.   Shuttle surgeon.                                                                           CG, F
Klinger          Former superior of McCandless, who has been killed.                                        CG
Knize, John      Does research for a book on the Holmes Court.                                              F
Koppel, Herr     Wyatt„s art teacher in Munich.                                                             R
Kowalski         Paul‟s fellow soldier in Vietnam.                                                          CG
Landsteiner      Involved in trust of Vorakers.                                                             CG
Law clerk        Old acquaintance of Oscar's father.                                                        F
Lea              Edie's aunt, dies at age ninety-six.                                                       CG
Leak, James      At Esther‟s party, has published a book .                                                  R
Lemp, Mr.        Bast family attorney in Indiana.                                                           JR
Leo              Foreman at General Roll Company.                                                           JR
Lepidus, Sam     Lawyer Harry knows from law school, works for Lepidus, Holtz, Blomefeld, Macy &            F
Leroy            Custodian at J R's school.                                                                 JR
Lester           A former colleague of McCandless.                                                          CG
Leva, Ben F.     Moviemaker from Erebus Productions.                                                        JR
Lily             Mr. Voraker's secretary and mistress for twenty years, who inherits a house.               CG
Lily             Oscar's girl friend, getting a divorce.                                                    F
Lily's           Red-haired girlfriend from the phone company they worked with.                             F
Lily's first     Oscar paid her off.                                                                        F
Lily's second    Half Oscar's age, she withdraws from Lily's divorce case.                                  F
Lily's parents   Joined the church of Rev. Ude.                                                             F
Lopots, Mr.      Doctor Gustav Schak‟s attorney, F X Lopots Attorney.                                       CG

Ludy             Distinguished novelist, staying at the Real Monasterio de Nuestra Senora de la Otra        R
Lutz,            Oscar's step sister, Harry's wife, daughter of Judge Thomas Crease and Mrs. Mable, his     F
Christina        second wife.
Lutz, Eleanor    One of Harry's sisters of New Rochelle called Norrie.                                      F
Lutz, Harry      Christina's husband, lawyer at the law firm Swyn &Dour, specialized in corporate law,      F
                 dies in car accident.
Lutz, Stanley    Harry's father, an early innovator in the textile industry cutthroat operator, estranged   F
                 from his son for years.

Mabel, Mrs       Mother of Christina Lutz, Judge Crease's second wife.                                F
Madhar Pai,      Attorney for defendant Kiester                                                       F
Major            Character in Oscar's play, father of Guilielma.                                      F
Malinovsky,      Head of the crew hired by Zona Selk to remove Schepperman's painting from Typhon's   JR
Mr.              corporate lobby.
Man, with        Tight-rope walker and husband of the girl with bandaged wrists at Esther‟s party.    R
Burly man        Man in the Depot Tavern, commander of the local American Legion post.                R
Man, in bed      Man in bed beside Oscar.                                                             F
Man, in black    Makes money by organizing the delivery of messages to deceased people, has visited   F
suit             Oscar in hospital to ask his cooperation.
Man, on bus      Man talking to Mr Pivner on the bus.                                                 R
Man, checked     Man -- the pusher -- waiting for Frank Sinisterra to get money.                      R
Man, fat         Husband of woman with ring, in yellow and brown necktie, at the zoo, later at the    R
                 monastery in Saint Zwingli.
Man, green       Publicity man, offering Esme a role for the lead in a film on B.V.M.                 R
silk necktie
Man, grey        Man at the hotel bar, where Otto wants to meet his father, later in bed with Jean.   R
flannel suit
Man, kewpie      Man Otto knows in Central America and talks to in the communal lavatory.             R
doll tattoo on
Man, on the      a man Mr Pivner sees on his way home.                                                R
Man, old 1       Old man paddling by Christina on her way to Oscar in the hospital, colliding with    F
Man, old 2       Neighbor of the Booths, always with a broom and flattened dustpan.                   CG
Man, in the      Man stepping in front of Harry's car.                                                F
Man, tan suit    Author of “The Trees of Home” at Esther‟s party.                                     R
Man, woman       “Strangler” in the Depot Tavern.                                                     R
Man, young       Lantern-jawed movie-star at Brown‟s party.                                           R
McCandless,      McCandless‟s son, attended school with Billy.                                        CG
Mr.              Landlord of the house the Booths rented, geologist, writer.                          CG
McCandless,      Ex-wife of McCandless.                                                               CG
McCandless,      Father of Mr. McCandless, like his son suffering from arthritis at an early age.     CG
McFardle,        Someone Paul knows.                                                                  CG
Manomuerto,      Organist at Real Monasterio de Nuestra Senora.                                       R

Marga          Guest in the hotel Frank Sinisterra stays at in Madrid, Wyatt‟s lover for a few nights.   R

Martin,        Priest Valentine went to school with, killed by Mr. Inononu.                              R
Mary 1         Silent cousin of Town Carpenter, his dead wife„s sister.                                  R
Mary 2         Old housekeeper companion in the Hemsley house.                                           F
Maurice        A policeman, trying to carry Santa Claus.                                                 R
Max            Village painter and poet, wearing his coat too long and his trousers too short.           R
Meow,          Rhoda's cat, drowns in bathtub.                                                           JR
Mess boy       Honduran mess boy on the ship Island Trader.                                              R
Mexican        Sitting at a table with Hannah in Paris.                                                  R
Milliken,      U.S. Senator from an unnamed Western state with whom J R Family of Companies tries        JR
Senator        to curry a favor.
Mims, Miss     Recktall Brown's secretary.                                                               R
Mohlenhoff,    Lawyer Oscar gets from matchbook cover, of Shriek Mohlenhoff & Shransky.                  F
Mollenhoff,    Major Hyde's boss at Endo Appliance.                                                      JR
Moncrieff,     Amy Joubert's retarded brother, son of Monty Moncrieff, Gibbs' schoolmate.                JR
Moncrieff,     Amy Joubert's father, head of Typhon International until he leaves to accept a Cabinet    JR
Monty          Undersecretary position in Washington.
Mooneyham,     Alcoholic President of X-L Lithography.                                                   JR
mortician      Friend of Fuller, living six blocks off Central park.                                     R
Moyst,         Army officer involved in Typhon's machinations                                            JR
Mullins,       Salesman with General Roll in Dayton, Ohio.                                               JR
Mullins, Mr.   Sheila's father, Owner of a dry-cleaner on the east side.                                 CG
Mullins,       Girl- friend of Billy, Buddhist.                                                          CG
Munk, Arny     Husband of Maude, gay, dies in hotel in Paris.                                            R
Munk, Maude    Wife of Arny, childless due to an accident, wants to adopt a child and steals baby at     R
               Esther's party.
Myrna          Secretary at General Roll Company.                                                        JR
Navy veteran   Writer of short story, hands manila envelope to Otto.                                     R
Negative       Positive negativist at Viareggio‟s and other places.                                      R
Negro, tall    Seen by Bertha Hebble at the zoo, freeing the birds.                                      R
ne wsman       On the ship to Spain, talking to newspaper editor.                                        R
Newspaper      Sued by senor Hermoso.                                                                    R
Newspaper      Man from the newspaper, looking around the house after Elisabeth Booth‟s death.           CG
Nick           Zona Selk's chauffeur.                                                                    JR
Nigerian       Young Nigerian, studying medicine in the US, selling zebra hides to pay medical           CG
Nipples, Sir      British theatre director famous for his Elisabethan productions.                         F
Nowunda           Marxist- leaning President of Gandia.                                                    JR
Nurse 1           In Bellevue hospital.                                                                    R
Nurse on ship     Blonde treating Stanley.                                                                 R
Nurse2            Bitchy nurse working for Dr. Kissinger.                                                  CG
Nurse 3           Nurse in hospital where Oscar lies, spills blood on Trish, who bumps into her.           F
officer           Army PR man at Esther‟s party.                                                           R
Orlando           Mrs. Deigh‟s mute chauffeur.                                                             R
Orsini, Jack      Doctor, for whom Vorakers had set up an 8 million dollar foundation.                     CG

Parentucelli      Owner of Catania Paving.                                                                 JR
Pastora           Girl Wyatt meets in Madrid, they have a daughter.                                        R
Pecci,            State legislator, member of the state banking committee, partner in the law firm of      JR
Congressman       Ganganelli, Pecci, and Peretti.
Pecci, Janice     Wife of Congressman Pecci.                                                               JR
Peretti           Partner in the law firm of Ganganelli, Pecci, and Peretti.                               JR
Peyton, Bill      Lawyer Trish Hemsley consults, Harry Lutz's colleague.                                   F
Piscator,         General counsel for the J R Family of Companies.                                         JR
Pivner, M r       Otto„s father, ‚Dad„, never meets his son, suffers from diabetes.                        R
Pivner, Otto      Writer in the Village, in Central America.                                               R
Poet, stubby      The companion of critic in the green wool shirt.
Policemen         At Max‟s party.
Polly             A doll Rev. Gwyon had owned when he was four years old.                                  R
Pomerance,        Piscator's brother, who changed his name, head of public relations firm Pomerance        JR
Mr.               Associates.
Poodle            Recktall Brown„s female dog, killed by Fuller after Brown‟s death.                       R
Pookie            Dog (Lhasa apso) of Trish Hemsley.                                                       F
Popeye            Woman at costume party who hasn„t spoken to a man in 16 years.                           R
porte r           Old janitor at the Real Monasterio, rapist of the little girl in long white stockings.   R

Pott, M r.        Man at Esther‟s party.                                                                   R
Preswig, Jack     Lawyer in Oscar's accident case.                                                         F
Priscilla         Character from Otto„s play.                                                              R
Prislikhoviscel   Employeé from Ace Fidelity, investigating Oscar's case.                                  F
Process server    Delivering a subpoena to Oscar.                                                          F
proprietor of     Proprietor of hotel Bella Vista in Guatemala                                             R
prostitute        Woman who worked the New Stanley and disappeared after alleged murder of Klinger.        CG
Ragow, Leo        Masha's husband, a slumlord in Cleveland.                                                F
Ragow,            One of Harry's sisters from Cleveland, Ohio called Masha.                                F

Randal           Male leading role in Kiester's film.                                                       F
Real estate      In charge of selling the Crease house.                                                     F
Rhoda            Schramm's young lover, pushed out the window by Pecci during a publicity stunt.            JR
Riddle           Character in McCandless novel based on Cruikshank.                                         CG
Riding,          Oscar's mother, his father's first wife, daughter of a wealthy Long Island architect and   F
Winifred         landowner.
Rose             Esther„s retarded sister.                                                                  R
Rudy             Designer (e.g. sports clothes for nuns), marries Frank in Paris.                           R
Ruth, J.         Former Village official, presiding Village Board member at the time of the erection of     F
Harret           Cyclone Seven.
sacristán        At the graveyard in San Zwingli talking to Wyatt.                                          R

sailor           Sailor from the Purdue Victory hauled out of the ocean, whom Esme mistakes for             R
Santa Claus      Found by children at the zoo lying on the pavement.                                        R
Schak, Gustav    Doctor, who has done spirometry on Elisabeth Booth.                                        CG
Schepperman      Painter, fired as art teacher at J R's school.                                             JR
Schmuck, Mr.     Businessman, of Twentieth Century-Schmuck at Brown‟s party.                                R
Schmuck’s        At Brown‟s party.                                                                          R
Schmuck’s        At a bar with other movie people.                                                          R
Schramm          Writer who lives down the hall from Eigen and Gibbs in the Ninety-Sixth Street             JR
                 apartment building.
Schramm,         Schramm's stepmother, younger than Schramm.                                                JR
Seiko            Colleague of McCandless and Lester.                                                        CG
Selk, Boody      Teenage daughter of Zona Selk.                                                             JR
Selk, Zona       Controls 200,000 shares of Diamond Cable common stock on behalf of her daughter            JR
Senator          Character in Oscar's play, acquaintance of Bagby.                                          F
Seraphina        Name Harry Deigh uses for his wife in his book.                                            R
sexton           New sexton after town carpenter‟s death, former station master.                            R
Sheets, Major    Army procurement officer who buys wooden picnic forks from J R                             JR
Shorter, Billy   Union leader at Eagle Mills.                                                               JR
Sinisterra,      Wife of Frank Sinisterra, presumably suffering from cancer though Frank believes it‟s      R
Mrs.             indigestion.
Sinisterra,      Son of Frank Sinisterra, Esme„s lover, a junk-peddler, addict.                             R
Sinisterra,      Counterfeiter, takes on identity of Mr. Yàk, is killed by Mr. Inononu.                     R
Skinner          Head of sales for Duncan and Company.                                                      JR
Slotko           Washington lawyer, with “top contacts inside the Administration,” whom Paul gets to        CG
                 work on VCR's stock options.
Slomin           Bookie who operates out of the cafeteria managed by Urquhart.                              JR
Slyke            Character in McCandless novel based on Lester.                                             CG

Sneddiger        Doing business with Adolph, offering Paul legal counsel.                                    CG
Madame           Cleaning woman from Haiti at McCandless' house.                                             CG
Solant           Former colleague of McCandless, forger.                                                     CG

Soldier          Character from Oscar's play.                                                                F
Somali           Working with Lester at some time in the past.                                               CG
Sonnenschein,    Businessman at Brown‟s party.                                                               R
Spermelli,       Mrs. Deigh wants to consult him on behalf of Stanley‟s wish to play his composition at      R
Cardinal         Fenestrula, probably exists in her mind only.
Spot             James B.'s dog trapped in sculpture Cyclone Seven.                                          F
Stampe r         Business and big- game hunting associate of Crawley's                                       JR
Stanley          Catholic Composer.                                                                          R
Stanley‘s        At the hospital, commits suicide.                                                           R
Stein, Miss      A young woman, with Mr. Sonnenschein at Brown‟s party.                                      R
Stepan, father   Priest who is a witness in court over one of Trish's law suit, appearing as Mrs Hemsley's   F
Steyner,         Childhood friend of Elisabeth Booth.                                                        CG
students         Oscar's students reading his play, Frank, Jed.                                              F
Stumpp, Mr.      Connected to Doctor Schak.                                                                  CG
Stye, Mr.        African-American insurance agent.                                                           JR
Sucio, Don       Dominican Mrs. Deigh knows.                                                                 R
Suggs Jr.,       An adjacent resident of the plaza dominated by Cyclone Seven.                               F
Suggs, Hardy     Cab driver, Gibbs claims he stole his right shoe.                                           JR
Sullivan,        Priest whose meetings Fuller attends occasionally, Wyatt is mistaken for him.               R
Sweet, Victor    African American senatorial candidate.                                                      CG
Szyrk, R.        Sculptor, a dog is trapped in his sculpture C yclone Seven.                                 J R, F
Tart             Character from Oscar's play, "a lady friend" of Bagby.                                      F
Teakell          Senator in Washington, Teakell family seed company got the patent on hybrid corn            CG

Teakell, Vern    District superintendant of schools, killed in car wreck.                                    JR

Teakell, Cettie Girl from Saint Tim's, whom Elisabeth and Edie used to know, daughter of senator             C
                Teakell, involved in car accident.
Terranova,      The airline insurance company's doctor.                                                      CG
Teets, J.       Agent at Massapequa train station.                                                           JR
Terry           Secretary at General Roll.                                                                   JR
Therapist       Physiotherapist treating Oscar after his accident, Ilse will take over his role.             F

Thing,           A blond girl, marries Herschel.                                                             R

Thomas           Character from Oscar's play, named after Oscar's grandfather "a hero home from the          F
Thomas'          Character from Oscar's play, worked at the embassy in France, died in 1854.                 F
Thomas'          Character from Oscar's play, a devout Christian woman.                                      F
Thomas'          Character in Oscar's play, died intestate.                                                  F
Town             Camilla„s father, sexton at the church.                                                     R
Town             Has had a habit of squating at the foot of the granite Civil War monument in the center     R
Carpenter’s      of town in any weather under a blanket when the house oppressed her.
Treasury         Arresting Mr. Pivner for counterfeiting                                                     R
agent            .
Trish's cousin   She is fifteen years old, her father a basketball coach.                                    F
Trish's third    Owned half the timber in Maine.                                                             F
Ude, Betty Joe   Ude's older daughter.                                                                       CG
Ude, Bobbie      Ude's son.                                                                                  CG, F
Ude, daughter    Ude's younger daughter, still wetting her pants.                                            CG
Ude, Elton       Evangelical preacher from the rural South.                                                  CG, F
Ude, Judge       Judge in Surrogate Court.                                                                   JR
Ude, Mrs.        Ude's wife, ran off with a salesman.                                                        CG
Ude, Sally Joe   Elton Ude's mother, got married at age of fourteen.                                         CG
Urich            Sergeant Urich, Paul knows him.                                                             CG
Urquhart         Cafeteria manager.                                                                          JR

Use-Me           In the church of Rev. Gwyon.                                                                R

Valentine,       Art critic of Hungarian descent, author of book about art, Jesuit background.               R
Vansant, J R     Eleven- year-old boy who becomes head of the J R Family of Companies.                       JR
Vesendorf,       At Esther‟s party, calls herself Izarra.                                                    R
Victor           Bunker's excellent cook.                                                                    F
Virginia         Secretary of J R Family of Companies.
Vogel, Coach     Teaches driver education at J R's school, director of research and development at Ray-      JR
Vorakers,        Elisabeth's and Billy's father, head of Vorakers Consolidated Reserve (VCR).                CG, F
Vorakers,        Elisabeth's and Billy's mother, in a nursing home in New Jersey called Hopewell.            CG
Vorakers,        Elisabeth's twenty- four- year-old brother, dies when plane is shot down before the coast   CG, F
Billy            of Africa.
Waddams,        Works first at J R's junior high school, then at the hospital, where Angel, Bast, Cates     JR
Nurse           and Duncan are being treated.
waite r         Waiter on ship to Spain, saves Stanley from jumping overboard.                              R
Wall, Mr.       California stockbroker used by J R.                                                         JR
Walldecker,     Runs Angels East and Angels West.                                                           JR
Weisgall, Dr.   Dentist opposite Agnes Deigh„s office.                                                      R
Westwood,       Playing the Major in Kiester's film.                                                        F
Whiteback,      Principal of J R's school and president of local bank.                                      JR
Wiles, Frank    Stockbroker.                                                                                JR
William 1       Uncle of Liz and Billy, staying in Payne Whitney.                                           CG
William 1       Character from Oscar's play, the Major's son.                                               F
Willie          William Gaddis, who makes a few cameo appearances                                           R
Mr. Wipe        At Esther‟s party                                                                           R
Wipe's          Mr. Wipe‟s personal secretary.                                                              R
Woman, from     Woman from Pee Dee Citizen bank at Wayne Fickert's funeral, eating Cheez Doodles.           CG
Woman, fat      Learning Italian, on the ship to Europe.                                                    R
Woman,          At Esther‟s party, in a collapsed maternity dress.                                          R
Woman,          At Esther‟s party, with orchid upside-down.                                                 R
Woman, with     At the real Monasterio, earlier at the zoo, wife of fat man, called Mamie by her husband.   R
Woman, on       Screaming, horrifying Stanley.                                                              R
the subway
Woman, tall     Wife of editor of Esther‟s book, can‟t bear children, but might be pregnant.                R
Woman, at       Dark blond woman, at the zoo with her child.                                                R
Wonder,         Head of Wonder Brewery.                                                                     JR
Wu, Lenny       New associate at Swyne & Dour.                                                              F
Yák             Rumanian, looked for by Mr. Inononu, scholar specialized in ancient Egypt.                  R
Yellow Brook,   Representative of a Native American tribe from whom J R agrees to lease gas and             JR
Charlie         mineral exploration rights for twenty years.
Yount, Dr.      Another doctor whom Elisabeth Booth consulted.                                              CG
Youth,          At Brown‟s party, young art critic, speaking a French no one understands.                   R
Zefnic, Eddie   Office boy at Mr. Pivner„s office, who Mr. Pivner befriends.                                R


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