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									                                                        Celebrating Five Decades of International Exchange

                  People to People
            Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.
                                            Dear Colleague:

                            President       People to People Citizen Ambassador Programs together with the Australian
           Dwight D. Eisenhower             Council for Educational Leaders are pleased to announce the development of a
                                            professional and cultural exchange. This delegation of educational leaders will
                                            meet in Vietnam and Cambodia in November 2008 and will be led by Emeritus
             Honorary Chairman:
                                            Professor Patrick Duignan.
                    George W. Bush
                                            We are honored to have Professor Duignan as the delegation leader, as his
                                            involvement will greatly enhance the focus of the exchange. Patrick Duignan is
       Past Honorary Chairmen:              President of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders and Emeritus Professor
                            President       at Australian Catholic University. He was recently Director of the Flagship of
                  John F. Kennedy           Creative and Authentic Leadership at Australian Catholic University (ACU National).
                            President       Professor Duignan has been honored with numerous prestigious awards such
               Lyndon B. Johnson            as the 2002 Nganakarrawa Award for excellence in leadership by the Australian
                            President       Council for Education Leaders, the 2004 ACEL Gold Medal, and the 2005 Microsoft
                 Richard M. Nixon           Inaugural New Zealand Traveling Scholar Award. He believes you would contribute
                            President       valued expertise to the mission, while gaining immeasurably from the experience.
                    Gerald R. Ford

                            President       Emeritus Professor Duignan has suggested the following initial topics of discussion,
               Ronald W. Reagan             which will be further refined as the team is formed to incorporate delegates’
                            President       specialized interests.
               George H. W. Bush

                            President          •   Building leadership capacity in schools, districts, and systems;
                William J. Clinton             •   Sustaining leaders and leadership in rapidly changing economic and
                                                   cultural contexts;
                   Program Office:
                                               •   Exploring community-based support for education and schools;
                                               •   Implications of thinking globally and acting locally in education;
              People to People
  Citizen Ambassador Programs                  •   Analysing leadership from the cultural contexts of Cambodia and Vietnam;
Dwight D. Eisenhower Building
                                               •   Identifying educational implications for Australia and New Zealand of the
           1956 Ambassador Way                     rapid development of our neighbouring countries of Cambodia and Vietnam.
           Spokane, Washington
                  99224-4004 USA            The program will bring together a group of educational leaders from Australia
          877.787.2000 (toll free)          and New Zealand on a study tour of Cambodia and Vietnam. It will be an exciting
001.509.568.7905 (international)            cultural and educational tour. The cultural and social visits and exchanges will be
      Fax 877.676.5844 (toll free)          a special feature of the program. The delegation participants will learn a great deal
001.509.568.7130 (international)            from each other and will forge lasting learning and support networks within the
professionals@citizenambassadors.org        group as well as with hosts and host agencies in two countries.

                                            The delegation will convene in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday, November 18,
                                            2008 with delegates making their own way to that city at their own expense. The
                                            initial briefing will take place the following morning with the professional meetings
                                            commencing that day as well. Following the professional and cultural program in Ho
                                            Chi Minh City, the delegation will continue onto Siem Reap, Cambodia and end in
Phnom Penh, Cambodia for further professional and cultural exchange. Delegates return to their home
destinations from Phnom Penh on Wednesday, November 26, following a farewell dinner on Tuesday

As a member of the delegation, you will represent your profession while advancing the ideals of People
to People International, a nonpolitical, private-sector organization dedicated to promoting international
understanding. Since its founding by U.S. President Eisenhower in 1956, People to People has
developed high level professional exchanges to encourage dialogue with counterparts in other nations.

I invite you to bring an accompanying spouse or guest as well. A cultural and educational program
will be arranged for your guest while you attend the professional sessions. Activities for guests will
include visits to historical and cultural sites for an opportunity to explore many aspects of Vietnamese
and Cambodian life, culture and customs. An optional excursion, after the main program, will take
participating delegates and guests to Hong Kong to enjoy a variety of cultural activities.

As People to People Citizen Ambassador Programs is a private-citizen effort, delegates are responsible
for their own program costs. The estimated cost per delegate or guest is $4520 USD. This includes
flights between Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Siem Reap and Phnom Pehnh, Cambodia, all group
transportation, meetings and cultural activities, accommodations, most meals and essentially all other
costs associated with participation.

To guarantee your place on the delegation, go to www.citizenambassadors.org click on “Apply” and
complete the online application with a $500 deposit. Due to the extensive planning and communication
involved in coordinating a program of this nature, we ask that you respond with your intentions
regarding this invitation as soon as possible. We hope to hear from you whether you are able to join our
delegation or not.

Professor Duignan, together with ACEL and People to People hope that you can serve on this
delegation. If you have any questions, please contact an associate of People to People Citizen
Ambassador Programs by phone at 0011-1-877-787-2000 or 0011-1-509-568-7905 (international), by
fax at 0011-1-877-676-5844 or 0011-1-509-568-7130 (international), or by e-mail at professionals@
citizenambassadors.org. We look forward to hearing from you.


Colleen Schaffer
International Programs

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