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					Organization               Project
City of Austin             Replace Bridges
City of Blooming Prairie   Second and Third Street South Storm Sewer Improvement Project
City of Blooming Prairie   Third Street Utility and Street Improvement
City of Blooming Prairie   Blooming Prairie Public Schools-Building Improvement
City of Blue Earth         City of Blue Earth, MN: Airport Runway Extension
City of Byron              2009 Street Project
City of Byron              Alternative Energy and Energy Conservation Projects, Byron School District #531
City of Byron              Replace Roof-Byron Elementary School
City of Byron              Convert from Steam to hot water heat-Byron Community Center Building and Middle School
City of Byron              Implement Energy Assessment Conservation Recommendations-Byron Community Center Buildin
City of Chatfield          Hisey Storm Water Basin
City of Chatfield          Brass Band Library
City of Chatfield          West Chatfield Utilities
City of Chatfield          Sanitary Sewer Upgrades
City of Chatfield          Industrial Park
City of Chatfield          Water Main Rehabilitation
City of Chatfield          Mill Creek Stream Stabilization
City of Chatfield          Mid Level Water System
City of Chatfield          Path Construction
City of Chatfield          Path Construction
Chatfield Public Schools   Potter Auditorium
City of Chatfield          Path Construction
City of Chatfield          Update Water Meters
City of Chatfield          Street Rehabilitation
City of Chatfield          Perkins Property
City of Chatfield          Storm Sewer upgrades
City of Chatfield          Public Works Facility
City of Chatfield          Winona Street Hidden Valley Subdivision
City of Chatfield          Interceptor Sewer
City of Chatfield          Hill and Pleasant Street
City of Chatfield          Path Construction
City of Chatfield          Playground Equipment and Shelter in Hilltop Estates Park
City of Chatfield          Territorial Road
City of Chatfield          Park Shelter
City of Chatfield          Twiford Street
City of Chatfield          Path and Trail Construction
City of Chatfield          Burr Oak Avenue Extension
City of Dodge Center       2nd Street SE - Hoaglund Project
City of Dodge Center       2nd Street NW - Old 14
City of Dodge Center       Triton Middle School Addition
City of Eagle Lake         Plainview Avenue
City of Eagle Lake         Second Street
City of Eagle Lake         Linda Drive Extension
City of Eagle Lake         Third Street
City of Eagle Lake         Safe Routes to School
City of Eagle Lake         Parkway Avenue
City of Eitzen             Standby Well
City of Elba               Water Main replacement
City of Elba               Water Treatment Plant
City of Elba               Additional Water Well
City of Elba               Levee Resurfacing
City of Elba                Water Main Looping Improvements
City of Elba                Highway 74 Curb and Gutter Improvements
City of Elba                Fairwater Drive
City of Elgin               Water Main Extension - City Fire Protection in NW section of the City
City of Elgin               Water Main Extension - City Fire Protection for Rolling Hills
City of Elgin               Water Tower Refurbishing
City of Eyota               Rena Belle and Carolann Sub-drain Service & Street Improvements
City of Fairmont            Johnson Street Reconditioning
City of Fairmont            Albion Avenue Reconditioning
City of Goodview            Thenchless Slip Lining of Mains to Refurbish Original Sewer System
City of Goodview            Resurfacing of High Traffic Roadways
City of Goodview            Federally Mandated Radium Removal Plants
City of Hanska              Capital Improvements Plan-City of Hanska
City of Heron Lake          Heron Lake Public Library
City of Hokah               Cedar and Fifth Street
City of Hokah               Ceder Street and 8th Street Repairs
City of Hokah               Street Drainage systems
City of Hokah               Como Falls Avenue
City of Hokah               Municipal Swimming Pool
City of Jackson             Water Main Replacements
City of Jackson             Sunset View Phase II
City of Jackson             East Ashley Street Project
City of Jackson             Dam Project
City of Jackson             County Services Building
City of Kasson              Fire Hall
City of Kasson              Sewer Interceptor
City of Kasson              16th Street NW Construction
City of Kasson              Public Library
City of Kasson              Sewer Outfall Line
City of Kasson              Park & Ride lot
City of Kasson              Masten Creek Parkway
City of Kasson              Flood Control Project
City of Kasson              16th Street NW Construction
City of Kasson              Commerce Drive
City of Kasson              High School Cafeteria
City of Kasson              New Bus Garage
City of Kasson              High School Vocational classroom remodel
City of Kasson              16th Street Bridge
Superintendent of Schools   Lake Crystal Welcome Memorial Elementary School
City of Lakefield           South Lakefield Water Main Upsize
City of Lakefield           Street Project
City of Lesuer              US HWY 169 Access Improvements
City of Lesuer              Second Street Improvement
City of Lewisville          Street Project
City of Lewisville          Fire Hall
City of Lewisville          Waste Water collection
City of Madelia             Riverview heighs water looping project
City of Madelia             Phase 1 & 2 Water storage Project
City of Madelia             Street Replacement of Old section of city
City of Madelia             City of Madelia street building replacement
City of Madison Lake        Forcemain
City of Madison Lake        New Municipal Well
City of Madison Lake     Water Main
City of Madison Lake     Storage 200,000 gallon tower
City of Mankato          Ivy Road Bridge #07591
City of Mankato          Indian Hills Road Reconstruct
City of Mankato          Riverhills lane and county Rd. 41 intersection reconstruct
City of Mankato          Southview II Overlay- Patch seal coat
City of Mankato          200 Street 2 mile reconstruct
City of Mankato          Sleep Hollow Road Reconstruct
City of Mankato          Aggregate reclamation and addition to 21 miles of township roads
City of Mapleton         Highway 30 Project
City of Mazepa           240th Ave Way improvements
City of Mazepa           6th Ave Reconstruction
City of Mazepa           Industrial Park
City of Mazepa           Water main extension West side of River
City of Mazepa           Water Main river crossing
City of Mazepa           Frist Ave South Reconstruction
City of Mazepa           Seal Coating
City of Medford          Water treatment facility
City of Minneiska        Sewage Treatment
City of Minnesota Lake   Unaffordable
City of Moutain Lake     Sanitary sewer backup mitigation improvements
City of New Ulm          Front street improvements
City of New Ulm          Valley Street improvements
City of Odin             Wastewater Treatment System
City of Oronoco          2009 Seal coat and crack fill
City of Oronoco          2010 sanitary sewer collection and treatment improvements
City of Oronoco          West frontage road extension
City of Oronoco          2009 Water system improvments
City of Avoca            Community Center Upgrade
City of Pine Island      Elk Run HWY 52
City of Pipestone        water/waste project
City of Pipestone        infastructure replacement
City of Racine           Oak Ave
City of Racine           Sewer System
City of Rochester        Passenger Terminal Roof Reconstruction
City of Rochester        Emergency Operations Center Rehabilitation- Renovation
City of Rochester        General Aviation Road Rehabilitation
City of Rochester        Air Commerce Drive Rehabilitation
City of Rochester        CSAH 16 Reconstruction
City of Rochester        Reconstruction of 2nd Street SW from 1st Avenue to 6th Avenue SW
City of Rochester        4th Street SE Bridge Replacement
City of Rochester        55th Street NW Realignment and Construction
City of Rochester        TH 14 Reconstruction / Reconditioning; CSAH 36 to TH 52
City of Rochester        Phase 4 NE Trunkline Sanitary Sewer Relief Line
City of Rochester        First Avenue SW Reconstruction and Trunk Sewer Replacement
City of Rochester        2.0 Million Gallon Water Tower and Trunk Watermain
City of Rochester        Rochester Public Works Operations Center
City of Rochester        Rochester Public Downtwon Transit Station
City of Rochester        Rochester Public Transit Program/Stimulus Projects
City of Rochester        Transit Operations Center and Maintenance Facility
Mayor                    Transit Operations Center and Maintenance Facility
City of Rose Creek       Sanitary Sewer Project
City of Rushford           Independent School District #239
City of Rushford           Improvement for Development of Himlie Business Park
City of Rushford           Replacement and/or repair of 100-acre plus residential neighborhood area
City of Rushford           Lining of all existing public sanitary sewer mains
City of Rushford           Replacement of and existing sanitary sewer in the city of Rushford
City of Rushford           New School Construction and Remodeling
City of Rushford Village   Business expanison
City of Rushford Village   29686 Aspen Rd Double box culvert
City of Rushford Village   29417 Aspen Rd Box culver
City of Rushford Village   South Rushford Sewer District plant
City of Rushford Village   City Park Road
City of Rushford Village   County Line Rd
City of Rushford Village   Tuff Bridge
City of Rushford Village   Benson Lane
City of Rushford Village   South Rushford water district radium removal
City of Rushford Village   South Rushford Storm water sewer
City of Rushmore           Bridge Replacement
City of Rushmore           Flood Prevention- Drainage Improvements
City of Rushmore           Park Shelter House
City of Rushmore           City of Rushmore Street Development of 48 Blocks
St. Peter Public Schools   High School Parking Lot
St. Peter Public Schools   High School Football Parking Lot
St. Peter Public Schools   Intermediate School Playground
St. Peter Public Schools   Elementary School Playground
St. Peter Public Schools   Elementary School Parking Lot
St. Peter Public Schools   Elementary School Air Conditioning
St. Peter Public Schools   Elementary School Windows
City of Slayton            Water Reclaim/holding Tank
City of Slayton            Aquatic Center (Pool) heater replacement
City of Slayton            Forcemain Replacement at Wastewater Treatment Facility
City of Slayton            2009 Street Project
City of Slayton            Water Treatment Plant Improvements
City of Slayton            Fire Hydrants and Water Value Replacement
City of Slayton            Sidewalk ADA aprovements
City of Slayton            Airport Overlay
City of Slayton            Enviornmental Walking Trail
City of Slayton            Law Enforcement Expansion
City of Spring Grove       Rebuilding City water system
City of Spring Grove       Main Street Project
City of Spring Grove       Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
City of Spring Grove       Alternative energy and energy efficiency
City of Spring Valley      Industrial Park expansion
City of Springfield        Central Street Reconstruction
City of Springfield        Water Main upgrade to Sanborn Manufacturing
City of Springfield        Industrial Park Drainage and Street surfacing improvments
City of Springfield        Science Clasrooms Renovation
City of St. Charles        St. Charles EMS building
City of St. James          Raw water line
City of St. James          15th Street extension
City of St. James          Storm Water Terention Pond
City of St. Peter          City Hall/Police Station/School Administration Project
City of St. Peter          Fire Station repair and expansion
City of St. Peter       Reconstruct Old Minnesota Ave. from Union St. to Dodd Ave.
City of St. Peter       North Washington Ave Roadway Link (Dodd Ave to Davis St)
City of St. Peter       Gardner Road reconstruction
City of St. Peter       Reconstruct Sunrise Drive
City of St. Peter       Traverse rd. from Edgerton st. to Sunrise Dr.-Improvement
City of St. Peter       Trunk hwy 99 trail from Nicollet Ave to TH 169
City of St. Peter       South Washington Aev. Mill & Overlay from Jefferson Ave. to TH 295
City of St. Peter       Nicollet Ave. Mill & Overlay from Jefferson Ave to TH 99
City of St. Peter       College Ave. Mill & Overlay from TH 99 to S. Washington Ave.
City of St. Peter       High School
City of St. Peter       North Intermediate
City of St. Peter       South Elementary
City of Stewartville    Kellner Recycling & Disposal
City of Stewartville    Kellner Recycling & Disposal
City of Stockton        North Broadway Bridge
City of Stockton        Water Distribution Lines
City of Stockton        Growin Native Grasses
City of Stockton        Water Reservoir
City of Truman          Judicial Ditch #47
City of Vernon Center   I&I Abatement
City of Wabasha         Downtown Restroom Facility
City of Wabasha         Well Field
City of Wabasha         City Hall/Community Center
City of Wabasha         Lift Station
City of Wabasha         Riverfront Dockage for river boats
City of Wabasha         Street Reconstruction
City of Wabasha         Transit
City of Wabasha         Repair of Glasgow Township Roads
City of Wabasha         Repair of Glasgow township roads
City of Waseca          Water main projects
City of Waseca          Wastewater treatment improvements
City of Waseca          Waserwater system expansion
City of Waseca          1994 Water Tower Rehabilitation
City of Waseca          City Well Rehabilitation
City of Waseca          Street Overlays and reconstruction
City of Waseca          Electric Utility: replacement of City substation transformer
City of Windom          4th Ave. Bridge
City of Windom          Windom wastewater treatment plan-Upgrade
City of Windom          Windom street department- Maintenance Facility
City of Windom          Windom Area Fire Department
City of Windom          2009 Windom Street Improvement Project
City of Windom          2009 Street Project - Phase II
City of Windom          North Windom Industrial Park- Improvements
City of Windom          Airport Taxiway Improvements
City of Windom          Windom Arena Improvements
City of Windom          Airport New Hanger
City of Windom          Windom Dam Improvements
City of Windom          Airport Runway Reconstruction
City of Winnebago       1st. Ave. SE Reconstruction Project
City of Winnebago       6th Street SW
City of Winona          Louisa Street Extension Project
City of Winona          Mankato Avenue / Sarnia Street Roundabout
City of Winona                Port Commerical Harbor Dock
City of Winona                Middle School Bike Trail
City of Winona                Residential Street Mill and Overlay
City of Winona                Traffic Signal Preemptive
City of Winona                Bike Trail on Mississippi River Flood Protection
City of Winona                Pleasant Valley Flood Control Improvements
City of Winona                Lake Winona Outlet Flood Control
City of Winona                Wabasha Street Bicycle Boulevard
City of Winona                Lake Winona Bike Path Resurfacing
City of Winona                Fifth Street Watermain and Sewer Reconstruction
City of Winona                Pleasant Valley Water Storage Tank
City of Winona                Homer Road Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Extension
City of Winona                Central Garage Solar Wall
City of Winona                2009 Infraestructure Projects- Bud King Ice Arena
City of Winona                Winona Senior High Scholl Science, Math, and Music classroom renovations
City of WInona                85' x 200' concrete rink floor replacement
City of Caledonia             Extension of Warrior Drive
City of Caledonia             Sewer and Water extension/ SW caledonia
City of Caledonia             Widen State Hwy 76
City of Slayton               Woodstock Telephone Company
                              Lismore Cooperative telephone company fiber to the home project
Lismore cooperative telephone company
City of Medford               Medford Water Treatment
Mound Prarie township board   Evans Hill Road
                              Early Childhood Learning Center
Lewiston-Altura School District
Rosehill Township Cottonwood CountyRoas Maintenance Equipment
Lorain Township               Lorain Township Repair and Cleanup Projects
                              Remodel of publicy owned vacant hospital into regional special education center
City of St. Peter/ St. Peter Public Schools
Enterprise TWp                South Fork Elm Creek 9-16 Culvert
                              Bridge Replacement
Midway township- cottonwood county
City of Adrian                2008 Street improvemnet and 2010 senior living facility
State Hwy Dept.               State Highway shoulder widening and resurfacing
City of Caledonia             Electric power extension along warrior drive extension
City of LeRoy                 Wireless internet for LeRoy
Thor's international, Inc.    G2G (Garbage to Gigabytes)
City of Fountain              Wastewater Treatment Project
City of Lyle                  MN-Iowa Stateline Road Improvement 2 miles west of Lyle, MN
City of Wells                 United South Central Public School
Cost                Summary                                              County
          125,000   Have 3 bridges that are in need of replacement Mower
          890,469                                                        Steele
                    Storm Sewer Trunk Line. South trunk storm sewer line from west to east. Feasibility report completed, but n
        1,747,372                                                         from
                    Storm Water Project. Trunk Storm Water systemSteelewest edge of community to eastern edge. Project inc
        4,500,000                                                        Steele
                    Second phase renovation. Involves remodeling kitchen, cafeteria, renovating space for art and musci progra
        6,350,000                                                        Faribault
                    Runway extension from 3,200 to 4,600ft. Community needs require an upgraded runway to allow for small je
       20,412,000                                                        Olmsted
                    Infastructure, interchanging roads, bike paths, also build new street maintance building. Also may include pu
        9,596,000                                                        to assist
                    Construct a 40KW wind turbine with solar panels Olmsted in building power and provide a learning station fo
          898,000   16yr-old building, roof needs replacement            Olmsted
        8,100,000                                                        Olmsted
                    Replacement of the entire heating system in two school buildings. Building originally built in 1952 with two ad
           98,000                                                        Olmsted
                    Converting to fluorescent lamps, adding recirculation pump timers, insulatig the condensate tank, installing p
          750,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Construction of storm water basin quality and rate control structure to reduce runoff rates through town and i
          800,000                                                        band lending library to replace existing facility.
                    Construction of a 10,000 sq. ft. building for brass Fillmore
        1,135,800                                                        Fillmore
                    City Sewer and water to West Chatfield - no curb/gutter/storm sewer.
          250,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Replace ill-functioning and deteriorating sanitary sewer manholes.
        2,500,000                                                         improvements to sell for interested businesses on County
                    Industrila Park - Plat ROW and lots and completeFillmore
          250,000   Replace old or undersized water mains - 5 year plan. Fillmore
          600,000                                                         Creek from Fillmore County #2 to convene with Root River
                    Stabilize shoreline and create trout habitat on MillFillmore
          800,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Provide Improved Water Service to north end of Chatfield and High School site
          100,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Construct pedestrian and bike path from Groen Park to Library Land - 2000 feet.
          650,000                                                        elementary school - Highway 30 and 74 and Industrial Driv
                    Construct Pedestrian and bike path for access to Fillmore
        9,000,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Renovation and updating of existing Potter Auditorium. Renovate regional icon into a facility with multiple on-
          100,000   Pedestrian Path along Burr Oak - 200'                Fillmore
          250,000                                                        F
                    Install new remote sensor water meters within City illmore
          250,000   Mill and overlay, curb replacements - 5 year plan Fillmore
        1,500,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Develop Perkins property for residential and public development space.
          250,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Replace ill-functioning and deteriorating storm sewer infrastructure including catch basins, manholes, pipe a
          950,000   12,000 sq. ft. maintenance facility on County Road 2 Fillmore
           80,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Construct curb and gutter and storm sewer on Winona Street
          600,000                                                         Wastewater Treatment Plant
                    Replace interceptor sewer from Division Street toFillmore
          800,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Pave Hill and Pleasant Streets in West Chatfield including storm sewer installation
          400,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Pedestrian Path - South City limits to north to hillside Drive and Winona Street -- 8,000 ft.
          250,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Playground equipment shelter and playgroup equipment for Hilltop Estates Public Park.
        1,200,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Upgrade roadway with curb, gutter, storm sewer and biturminous pavement
          150,000   Shelter construction in Lonestone Park               Fillmore
          470,000                                                        Fillmore
                    Plat ROW to extend Twiford Street and First Street to Division Street; Upgrade with curb, gutter, and storm s
          150,000                                                         the shore
                    Pedestrian path from Mill Creek Park North alongFillmore of Mill Creek. 2,500 feet.
        1,191,600   Burr Oak Avenue from Margaret Street to TH 52 Fillmore
          650,000   Street and Storm Sewer Construction                  Dodge
          950,000   Street, Sewer, Storm Sewer and Water Reconstruction  Dodge
        4,148,000                                                        Dodge
                    Addition of a new middle school on the the High school/elementary school building that will provide significan
          220,000   Storm Water Construction                             Blue Earth
          545,750   Street Project                                       Blue Earth
          637,404   Street Construction                                  Blue Earth
          560,500   Street Reconstruction                                Blue Earth
          373,054                                                        Blue Earth
                    Construction of sidewalks. Already have $160,000 in grant funding and $60,000 City Constribution.
          125,375   Street Project                                       Blue Earth
           55,940   Standby Water Well for Community of 234 people.      Houston
        1,200,000                                                        Winona
                    City was heavily damaged in August, 2007 Floods. Project replaces water main.
          850,000                                                        Winona
                    City was heavily damaged in August, 2007 floods. Project constructs a water treatment plant.
          475,000                                                        Winona
                    City was heavily damaged in August, 2007 Floods. Constructs an additional water well to replace vulnerable
           85,000   Construct pedestrian and bike trails on levee.       Winona
   210,000                                                        Winona
             Improvements to water main. City was heavily damaged during the August, 2007 Floods.
   750,000                                                        Winona
             Roadway improvements. City was heavily damaged by August, 2007 floods.
    75,000                                                        Winona
             Roadway improvements. City was heavily damaged by August, 2007 floods.
   275,000                                                        Wabasha
             Water main reconstruction to establish development of need for fire protection and water supply.
   150,000                                                        Wabasha
             Water main extension to new development for needed fire protection and water supply.
   150,000                                                        go; Project
             Fast track project; engineering is almost ready to Wabasha would clean and paint current water tower.
 1,643,000                                                         install new
             Replace approx. 6,263 ln ft. of bituminous st. andOlmsted concrete curb and gutter. Improve, replace or in
 1,800,000                                                        Martin
             Removing and replacing surface of a minor collector roadway within city limits
 1,700,000                                                        Martin
             Removing and replacing surface of a minor collector roadway within city limits
 1,500,000                                                        Winona
             original system is showing varying stages of failure and collapse. The slip lining will extend the lige of the orig
   250,000                                                        the maintenance of 1 3/4miles of high traffic roadway that w
             The city was obligated to accept responsibility for Winona
 3,000,000                                                        Winona
             The city has been mandated to by the Federal Government to build a 2 radium removal plants in order to me
   600,000                                                        Hanska
             Projects A,B,C,D,E. To upgrade & rebuild water service, sanitary sewer serice, concrete curb & gutter, concr
    25,000                                                        Jackson
             Remodel to make handicapped accessible bathrooms available.
    75,000                                                        Houston
             Installation of a culvert drainage system. The area was damaged extensively in the August, 2007 and June,
    35,000   Replace collapsed cement curb, gutter and stromHoustonsewer located on Cedar Street and 8th Avenue.
    50,000                                                        Houston
             An area bordered by Ash and birch Streets and 3rd and 4th Streets. This area is a low lying area that collect
    83,400                                                        Houston
             Two holding ponds that received infiltration from storm water runoff. The project would consist of drag lining
    35,000                                                        Houston
             Pool has sand bottom and partial cement walls. Bottom is severely degraded with weeds and mud. Project
   300,000                                                        Jackson
             Three different water mains that need replacement due to high number of breaks.
   890,000                                                        Jackson
             Infrastructure to Sunset View Phase II including water, sewer, storm sewer, streets, curb and gutter.
   253,000   Replacement of water and sewer mains                 Jackson
 1,300,000                                                        Jackson
             Removal of low head dam in Jackson and placement of riffles in the Dew Moines river to restore the ecosyst
 7,981,718                                                        Jackson
             new 42,00 square foot county serices building to house public serving agencies
 4,000,000                                                        Dodge
             Construct a new space for volunteer fire department, equipment and training
 1,500,000   New Sanitary Sewer Interceptor to relieve load onDodge currently overloaded sewer lines.
 1,200,000                                                        Dodge
             Additional route through Kasson serving commuters on north side of town
 5,423,000                                                        with a
             New space to replace current 1,000 sq. ft. library Dodgemodern structure.
   892,200                                                        Dodge
             Replace a major sewer interceptor that has become too small. Eliminate potential backup that causes increa
   367,502                                                        carpools. Encouraging shared trips, and reducing congesti
             Create parking lot for commuters to join buses or Dodge
 6,716,000                                                        Highway
             Construct a major city street to allow residents to Dodge 34. Elininate need for travel through residental are
   385,000                                                        Dodge
             Construct major storm water detention facilities to keep Masten Creek floods from bussinesses and resident
 2,461,506                                                        Dodge
             Upgrade 3/4 mile of unsurfaced road to all weather street- offer additional safe route for commuters. 40 Jobs
   522,517                                                        Dodge
             Create all weather street connecting industrial area to Hwy 14. allow highway access without forcing truck tra
 1,200,000                                                        Dodge
             A new high school cafeteria and student commons, currently eating in gymnasium or in hallways. Allow PE c
   350,000                                                        Dodge
             currently rent for 10,000 a yr. with no running water, heat or restrooms
   500,000                                                        Dodge
             Present class is 1957 vintage, need new ventilation and up-to-date equipment
 1,124,705                                                        Dodge
             Upgrade 1 lane, structurally deficient into a safe modern structure. Offer additional route for commuters. 20 j
 2,462,000                                                        Blue Earth
             3 phase project. Indoor ventilization/heating projects. Indoor lighting replacement. Additional classrooms and
   198,000                                                        Street and
             Repleace Water Main from Water Tower to Main Jackson from Mill road South to 7th Avenue then East to
 2,000,000                                                        Jackson
             Infrastructure replacement and street replacement / improvement
 7,133,589                                                        business
             Imporove Hqy 169 access in oder to serve a new Le Sueur park.
 3,037,031                                                        Le Sueur
             reconstructing a nine block segment of second street. Help to prepare city for commercial development.
   750,000   Replace streets in the city of Lewisville            Watonwan
   200,000   Replace old Fire Hall with a new, modern Hall        Watonwan
 1,000,000   Replace waste water sewer collection system          Watonwan
 6,579,000                                                        Watonwan
             Looping the water system to eliminate air in the water system and momentary stoppage of water
17,890,810                                                        Watonwan
             Bringing the city's last two well's to the main treatment facility and adding extra ground water storage to mee
 5,802,800                                                        Watonwan
             Replacement of streets which include water, sewer, storm lines, curb and gutter, and sidewalks
   465,000                                                         for emplyees to work in
             To replace the existing building that is inhabitableWatonwan
 2,000,000   Wastewater                                           Blue Earth
   375,000   water                                                Blue Earth
   996,570   Loop and replace water lines                         Blue Earth
   566,700   Water Tower                                          Blue Earth
   500,000                                                        Blue The
             Replacement of a failed bridge closed since Oct.2005.Earthclosing has caused travel hardship for farmers, lo
    85,475                                                        Blue Earth
             Reshape roadway and ditches. Install curb and gutter and rip rap for erosion control on hillside and ditch are
    32,120                                                         two Earth
             Reconstruct and correct the intersection of these Blueroads, ditch repair ad remake. Erosion control correctio
   100,000                                                        Blue Earth
             Fix frost boils - patch deteriorated areas. 2" overlay- reshape ditches and yard frontages.
   100,000                                                        Blue Earth
             Widen and reshape roadway- prep. for future asphalt pavement, cleanout and reshape ditches, culvert repla
   120,000                                                          areas. reshape ditches, culvert replacement, upgrade stor
             Fix frost boils - replace/patch deteriorated asphaltBlue Earth
   150,000                                                        Blue Earth
             Remove/fix frost boils-reshape ditches-replace/repair culverts and field approaches- reclaim aggregate from
 3,000,000   Street,water, sewer, storm sewer                     Blue Earth
    60,000                                                        Wabasha
             Reconstruction of 240th ave wih curb and guter on East side to control erosion
   200,000                                                        Wabasha
             Reconstruction of 6th Ave and pave 3 blocks of street. 8 construction jobs.
   620,000                                                        Wabasha
             Extension of 2400 ft of sewer lines and 300 ft of water lines to service an industrial park
   530,000                                                         the homes
             Construction of 2,100 feet of water main to serve Wabasha on the West side of the river
   170,000                                                        Wabasha
             Construction of 8" water main under the river to the West side of the community
   730,000   Street and utility reconstruction                    Wabasha
   140,000   Seal coat existing streets in the city               Wabasha
 2,000,000   water treatment                                      Steele
   250,000   Some individual sewage treatment systems have Wabasha  been identified as inadequate by the MPCA. This project w
             Needs to be done, but no money to maintain much less replce underground utilities. Large towns have so m
                                                                  Blue Earth
 3,250,000                                                         to mitigate sanitary sewage backup into residential housing
             Trunk sanitary sewer and lift station replacement Cottonwood
   450,000   Street Mill and overlay                              Brown
   600,000   Street Mill and overlay                              Brown
 6,489,000                                                        Watonwan
             Wastewater treatment system serving the downtowns of Odin and Ormsby who currently are unsewered are
   175,000   Street                                               Olmsted
 2,000,000   Sewer                                                Olmsted
 1,000,000   New frontage road construction                       Olmsted
 2,300,000   Water reservoir, water mains, water services andOlmstedwell improvements
    22,000                                                        Murray
             Install handicap ramp, new windows, repair roof, 2 carpenter jobs created.
50,000,000                                                        Goodhue, Olmsted
             New Biobusiness park with a biotechnology center, along with a healthy living community and office/warehou
 6,500,000   water treatment plant & additional sewage lagoonPipestone
 2,500,000   water, sewer, storm sewer infrastructure replacement Pipestone
   500,000   Street Replacement                                   Mower
 1,200,000   Repair/replacement/enlargement of sewage ponds       Mower
   496,500                                                        Olmsted
             The passenger terminal at the Rochester International Airport requires a new roof. current roof is approx. 30
   347,000                                                         joint and
             Work includes: structural improvements, exterior Olmsted brick repair, HVAC and plumbing upgrades, civil im
   120,000                                                        Olmsted
             The entrance road to general aviation at the Rochester International Airport requires rehabilitation.The projec
   175,000                                                        Olmsted
             The entrance road to air cargo at the Rochester International Airport requires rehabilitation. The project woul
 1,300,000                                                        Olmsted
             The access road, CSAH 16, to the Rochester International Airport needs to be reconstructed to handle the c
 2,600,000   project involves the total reconstruction of five city blocks of 2nd Street SW through downtown Rochester an
 3,500,000                                                          Street SE
             Project involves the total reconstruction of the 4thOlmsted bridge over Bear Creek. project includes remova
 5,000,000                                                        Olmsted
             Project involves the realignment of the eastern portion of 55th Street at its intersection with West Circle Drive
15,000,000   The project involves the 2-mile long                 Olmsted
 3,500,000                                                        Olmsted
             The existing NE trunkline sanitary sewer is not capable of handling the increased flows created during heavy
 4,000,000   The Project involves the replacement of an existing under capacity 21” diameter trunk sanitary sewer that se
 4,400,000                                                        Olmsted
             The existing City water tower and trunk watermain does not have the capacity to serve this area. The project
25,000,000                                                        Olmsted
             The Project entails the construction of a new Public Works Operations Center (PWOC) to replace the unders
 1,500,000                                                        Olmsted
             Project involves construction of a new public transit station which serves 6,000 passengers a day. Project wi
   864,000                                                        Olmsted
             Redesign and rebuilding of the bus station downtown. Includes new passenger shelters and amenities includ
17,800,000                                                        Olmsted
             Construction of 120,000sq. Ft. facility for public transit operations and garaging and maintenance of the trans
18,000,000                                                        Olmsted
             This project will provide the needed infastructure to support public transit will into the future.
   475,000   Replace saitary sewer mains                          Mower
24,995,600                                                        Fillmore
             New School Proposal will provide the foundation for long-term sustainability , economic boost, new learning c
   875,000                                                        Fillmore
             Project will facilitate the development of a long-sought modern 21-unit motel, nurture the relacement of Rush
 1,381,000                                                        Fillmore
             this area was devastated by the 2007 flood event. Project will replace and/or repair all existing public infrastr
 1,500,000                                                        Fillmore
             complete rehabilitation of all flood-damaged snaitary sewer in 2007; all appropriate testing analysis, necessa
   150,000                                                         for a flood-damaged area in the city. This would include co
             project will facilitate a fiscally-responsible remedyFillmore
24,995,600                                                        Fillmore
             This includes the construction of a replacement school in Rushford and the remodeling of the middle school
    50,000                                                        Fillmore
             10-20 permant jobs wants to work with all local contractors for addition needs grant- or possibly 0 intrest
   150,000                                                        Fillmore
             double box culvert- poor alignment- erosion-1 lane traffic- safety issue
   100,000   bridge 1 lane erosion safety                         Fillmore
 1,250,000                                                        Fillmore
             Sewer disposal-currently processed by city of rushford- with each heavy rain we get shut off- 2007 flooded 4
    40,000                                                        Fillmore
             Road to industrial park- road has been constructed currently gravel- annual expense- need paving
   125,000                                                        Fillmore
             paving past recycling center to beginning of new subdivision currently gravel-annual expense- needs paving
   100,000                                                        Fillmore
             bridge frequent overflow because of creek silt and deteriorated condition
   200,000                                                         bridge fo
             Bridge removal of missouri crossin replace with aFillmore safety- school bus service-trash service- residen
   511,000   Water                                                Fillmore
 1,000,000   Storm water removal                                  Fillmore
    70,000                                                        Nobles
             Bridge has been restricted of weight and should be replaced before it deteriorates to the point of being close
   375,000                                                        Nobles
             Project would be to divert water from heavy rain or snowmelt from 92 acres into farmable detention ponds th
    40,000                                                        that includes bathrooms and food prep area. Emply 20 peo
             Building a park shelter house at playground area Nobles
 1,500,000                                                        Nobles
             48 gravel blocks, in 2007 did a subgrade correction for the 48 blocks. Due to lack of funding the project was
 74,320.40                                                        Nicollet
             High School: Replace Lower North Parking Lot ($2.80 / foot)
103,950.00                                                        per foot)
             High School: Replace football Parking lot - (2.80 Nicollet
142,357.60                                                        Nicollet
             Intermediate School: Repair and Replace playground surface and base
129,746.00                                                        Nicollet
             Elementary School: Repair and Replace playground surface and base.
    88,000                                                         Lot, curb
             Elementary School: Repair and Replace ParkingNicollet and gutter
    45,000   Elementary School: A/C chiller and cooling towerNicollet
    86,000   Elementary School Window replacement                 Nicollet
   120,000                                                        Murray
             Tank to reclaim backwash, this would save 4.5 million gallons of water a year and also reduce load on waste
    95,000                                                        Murray
             Present system has two heaters, one which burned out last season and must be replaced. To reduce operat
    80,000                                                        Murray
             This would bring raw wastewater to the furthest point from discharge. Allow for longer time fro treatment befo
   350,000                                                        Murray
             Resurface various streets including part of old US hwy 59 which dates back to 1920s and is in dire need of re
    40,000                                                        Murray
             Current plant built in 1988 and needs to be updated due to deterioration of present piping and filters
    50,000                                                        Murray
             Replace old outdated/obsolete fire hydrants and water valves. Help fire dept and improce ISO rating.
    25,000                                                        Murray
             majority of sidewalk intersections are not hadicapped accessible
   500,000                                                        8 years.
             w/out life expectany of one and only runway is 5- Murray This would close/ turn it into a grass runway which
    45,000                                                        Murray
             Former lake bottom site, returned to wetland, intent to put in walkin trails and informational sites for public an
 1,842,960                                                        Murray
             Renovations of 3,200 to the current building along with 6565sq. Ft of new construction. Building will be updat
 2,000,000                                                        Houston
             Replacing water system infrastructure in the city of spring grove. Included in the project would be replacing a
 2,000,000                                                        Houston
             Complete rebuilding of main street (HWY 44). Replacing of aging utility wih infrastructure under main st. repl
   100,000                                                         state requirements. Current system cannot properly handle
             Upgrading wastewater treatment plant to meet allHouston
   500,000                                                        Houston
             Energy audits of all city buildings to create a more energy efficient city government. Possible use of alternativ
 1,720,000                                                        Fillmore
             installing water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electrical curb, gutter, streets
 2,000,000                                                        Brown
             Total reconstruction of street, curb, gutter, stom drainage, water, sewer, street lighting
 1,150,000                                                        Brown
             Water main upgrade and looping to provide fire flow to Sanborn Manufacturing. Project includes street surfa
 1,960,000                                                        Brown
             Bituminous pavement construction, water main loop, drainage improvements and storm water treatment with
   200,000                                                        Brown
             Update our 40yr old science rooms (life science & chemestry) Improve air quality and technology
 1,900,000                                                        Winona
             Fire hall approx 60 years old. Doing a feasibility study of 3 sites. Ambulance responds to 400 calls/yr while fir
 1,200,000   Water                                                Watonwan
   618,000   Street                                               Watonwan
 1,500,000   Storm Water                                          Watonwan
 6,400,000                                                        Nicollet
             City has a 1970's city hall/police station which is poorly insulated and has an outdated heating/cooling system
 3,200,000                                                        Nicollet
             Fire station is outdated and poorly insulated. Proposed to construct a new expanded facility meeting the curr
  1,800,00                                                           Nicollet
             This section of roadway was the old state highway prior to the 1950's. this road is the key access to a redeve
 1,700,000                                                            city, which has developed with a long and narrow profile a
             installing this link will connect the full length of theNicollet
 1,978,000                                                           Nicollet
             Is currently a sectionof township gravel road around Gustavus campus. Proposed to reconstruct Gardner Ro
 2,100,000                                                           Nicollet
             This section of Sunrise Dr. from Broadway Ave. to Traverse Rd. is a rural section roadway. It is proposed to
    600,00                                                           Nicollet
             Construction of the necessary roadway and storm sewer piping improvements.
   300,000                                                           Nicollet
             Trail is proposed to be bituminous and 8ft in width and will utilize the walkway along the TH 99 Bridge over S
   450,000                                                           Nicollet
             This section was constructed 40yrs ago and since then it has had no major structural improvements other th
   350,000                                                           Nicollet
             2600ft long collector roadway constructed in 1991. the roadway surface is stressed cracked and in need of re
   250,000                                                           Nicollet
             The 2,000ft section is in poor condition. It is proposed to mill and overlay the existing bituminous surfacing to
178,270.40   Replace lower north parking lot and football parking lotNicollet
142,357.60   Repair/replace playground surface/base                  Nicollet
   348,746                                                           Nicollet
             Repair/replace playground surface/base; reapair/replace parking lot; A/C chiller/cooling tower; window replac
 1,500,000                                                           Olmsted
             Expansion of recycling business and create 20new jobs 8 in truck driving 4 in office staff and 8 in labors. Som
 1,300,000   To expad recycling business and create 20 new jobs.     Olmsted
    72,000   Bridge                                                  Winona
 2,662,000   Water lines through town                                Winona
   100,000   Land                                                    Winona
   500,000   Water                                                   Winona
   900,000                                                           Martin
             Flood mitigation, storm water ditch project serving over 5,000 acres of City and farmland
   700,000   Sewer inflow/infiltration abatement                     Blue Earth
   300,000   Public Restrooms for downtown                           Wabasha
   800,000   Water                                                   Wabasha
 1,800,000   Civic                                                   Wabasha
   180,000   Wastewater                                              Wabasha
   400,000   Waterfront Infrastructure                               Wabasha
   800,000   Transportation Network                                  Wabasha
   380,000   Transit                                                 Wabasha
     8,900                                                           Wabasha
             Glasgow Township Road Repair (T-63, T-113, T-227) clean and brush township roads, shape township right
     8,900   Clean and brush township roads, shape townshipWabasha    right-of-way, replace three culverts and cover culverts with
   250,000                                                           Waseca
             As streets are repaired, water mains under the street are also repaired
17,180,432                                                           Waseca
             The city of Waseca with the engineering firm of Bonestroo, have developed a Wastewater Treatment Facilic
17,400,000   Utility                                                 Waseca
   450,000   Water Tower                                             Waseca
   243,000   Wells                                                   Waseca
   678,412   Street Improvements and repairs                         Waseca
   300,000   Electric Transformer                                    Waseca
   205,000   Replacement of bridge as part of street project Windom
 1,000,000                                                           Windom
             Expansion of the capabilities of the plant to handle a larger waste stream generated by the local meat packin
   750,000                                                           Windom
             Construction of a new facility to house Street Department equipment, tools, materials and shop. Creation of
 1,750,000                                                           Windom
             The City of Windom needs a new, larger fire hall to serve the fire district that includes the cities of Windom, B
 1,800,000                                                           Windom
             Reconstruction of a portion of 4th Ave, 3rd Ave, Langley Street & Pflughaupf Road. Includes streets, storm w
 1,250,000                                                           Windom
             Reconstruction of Drake Ave, 5th Street, 20th Street, Pflughaupf Road and 16th Street. Streets, storm water
 1,700,000                                                           Windom
             Construction of streets, water/sewer, telecommunications and storm water facilities in this new 80 acre indus
   150,000                                                           Windom
             Overlay, seal coat and crack seal taxiways and other areas within airport complex.
   900,000                                                           Windom
             Install concrete floor, construct covered outoor riding area and miscellaneous building repairs
   400,000   Construct new 4 - place hanger at airport               Windom
 1,200,000                                                            protection
             Reconstruction or removal of dam, bridge & utilityWindom and bank stabilization project.
   900,000   Reconstruction of main (only) runway                    Windom
 1,241,900                                                           Winnebago
             Reconstruction of street and utilities (sanitaru sewer, water main construction, storm water sewer costruction
   238,000                                                            construction,
             The proposed improvements will consist of streetWinnebago drainage and storm sewer, sanitary sewer an
 8,000,000                                                           Winona
             Project provides a second entrance to the city's east end of town; Provides alternative hospital access; retail
   750,000                                                           in which
             This location is a major three legged intersection Winona two of the three legs are part of T.H. 43. There ar
  1,500,000                                                        Winona
              The Port Authority of Winona needs to build a new 200 foot commercial dock. The current dock is too small
  1,000,000                                                        Winona
              The Winona Middle School is located on the south side of T.H. 61, while the majority of the students reside o
  3,500,000                                                        Winona
              A residential street reconstruction project consisting of milling the top surface of the existing pavement and r
    400,000                                                         would enable emergency vehicles to control the signal to p
              Preemptive devices on te signalized intersectionsWinona
  2,000,000                                                        Winona
              This trail would provide a scenic trail, and would also provide connection from one end of the community to t
    400,000                                                         100 homes and businesses which are currently in the 100
              Flood control project to provide protection to overWinona
  1,600,000                                                        Winona
              Repairing poorly working or inoperable flood control gates and excavating aprox. 6,350ft. Of outlet ditch that
    300,000                                                        Winona
              support safety, economic development, and congestion relief
    500,000                                                        Winona
              five miles of bike path need major repair and replacement. The path is the most widely used amenity in the c
  1,125,000                                                        Winona
              Replace aging watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and services for five blocks. This project will include
  1,000,000                                                        Winona
              Water service is at the outer limits of the City's current system. Adequate fire protection and available drinkin
    150,000   Septic systems in this area are failing              Winona
     75,000                                                        Winona
              Outside air is preheated thereby reducing the amount of natural gas required to heat the outside air used in b
    461,000                                                        Winona
              Designing and installing industrial ice rink refrigeration systems and accessories
  7,182,514                                                        Winona
              Winona Area Public Schools is Winona's 6th largest employer serving over 3,500 students and their families
    461,000                                                        n ew concrete rink floor replacement
              This includes the removal and the instalation of a Winona
    550,000                                                        Caledonia
              Connets sub street to state highway. Provides access to high school, industral area, commercial area, reside
    625,640                                                        Caledonia
              Extend 10" water line to existing and future development area. Extend sanitary to existing and future develop
  1,100,000                                                        Caledonia
              Widen state Hwy to allow for center turn lande, allows traffic to access school zone, industrial and comercail
  6,668,429                                                        Slayton
              Replace data equipment and deploy fine to the home services for all subscribers in the serving area for 5 ex
  2,291,315                                                        Lismore
              replace central office and data equipment plus deploy fiber to the home services for all subscribers in the ser
  9,700,000                                                        Medford
              The city of Medford has significant water and sewer treatment upgrades coming due because of state and fe
     95,000                                                        as a quary
              road is damaged from flood 2007. This was used LaCrescentto haul road to repair flood damage the FEMA r
    495,000                                                        Lewiston
              ECL center will include early childhood family education, school readiness, pre school special education and
    100,000                                                        Westbrook
              1. A road maintaner machine for spring- summer- fall use 2. Truck with V plow and undercarrige for winterim
     20,000                                                        Brewster
              1. remove brush and debis in township right of way 2. general repair and maintance on beidges and culvers
  6,400,000                                                        St. Peter
              involves partial demolition of a vacant and old hospital into a regional special education center. Provided serv
      4,900                                                        Alpha
              Replace rusted and convert road can be used 3-4 jobs for duration of the project
    290,000                                                        Mt. Lake
              Rebuilding road and replacing bridge, jobs for crew on bridge and road reconstruction will create 10- 15 jobs
3-6,000,000                                                        Adrian
              number of jobs created could be up to 20. The emphasis is probaly the preservatio of up to 30 jobs and crea
  9,450,000                                                        Einton
              #218 lyle to blooimng prarie, #16 spring valley to preston, #56 brownsdale to dodge center
    500,000                                                        Caledonia
              extend high voltage and secondary power to aid in the development of industrial comercial and residential pr
    750,000                                                        LeRoy
              Due to lay of the land, not everyone is able to access high speed internet through any source. High speed wi
 10,441,200                                                        Rochester
              Create world class leveraging Olmsted countys green energy production from wate to energy facility and res
  1,300,000                                                        Fountain
              MN pollution control agency is requiring fountain to update the present wastewater treatment facility. Aprox. 2
  1,000,000                                                        Lyle
              Road needs to be upgraded to hard surface. There is possibility of a soybean plant, built on the MN side, to e
              School maintenance and repair                        Wells

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