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									                                 Biology Internship Resource List
   JobZone - Internships listed by employers through HC Career Services are posted on the JobZone, a site shared by 9 small
    college members of the Nebraska Recruiting Consortium. Information about the internship, qualifications, and application
    procedures are included in this online listing. Summer and full-time jobs are also listed.
    Internships USA Online – Career Services subscribes to 14 directories which HC students
    may search online, several are listed below. Click on the link and then on Internship Series Online. Use work as the user name
    and learn as the password to gain access to the following directories.
               Inter. with Community & Social Service Agencies-2009                    Media Internship Book – 2009
               Internships in International Affairs – 2008                             The Resort Internship Guide – 2008
               Internships with America’s Top Companies – 2009                         The Human Rights Internships Book – 2008
               The Big Green Internship Book – 2007                                    Internships with America’s Ad Agencies - 2009
               The Sports Internship Book - 2007                                       The History Internship Book - 2008

   Internet Resources – Use the following sites as you consider internship options, but be sure to contact Career Services to discuss
    additional sources and strategies.
    Pre-Med Internship Opportunities
    Research Experiences for Undergraduates
    Student Conservation Association (SCA)
    Abbott Laboratories Summer Internship Program
    National Parks Internships -- (These are now SCA Internships)
    National Institutes of Health
    Nebraska National Forest Internships
    University of NE Medical Center
    Nebraska Game and Parks (seasonal summer jobs)
    Colorado State Parks
    South Dakota Seasonal Jobs and Internships
    Summer Medical Dental Education Program
    EK Yanney Summer Internship Program at Memorial Health Center in Sidney

   Local Internships to Consider – Several local organizations have well developed internships or experiential programs. Many of these
    organizations will have listings on the JobZone. However, if the position is currently unavailable you may not see it listed. Contact Career
    Services for details and additional information on any of these opportunities.

    South Heartland District Health Department
    Rowe Sanctuary and The Nebraska Nature Center (neither list internships, but both have hosted volunteer interns in the past)
    U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (summer research)
    Pioneer (field scouting – positions are typically advertised in November or December for the following summer)
    Agricultural Technology Company (field scouting)
    Servi-Tech (does not list internships, but has hosted several in its busy fall season)
    Edgerton Explorit Center in Aurora (this is a science museum and educational center – does not list opportunities, but has hosted
    experiences in the past)
    Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital has several one-hour (40 clock hours) internships for pre-health students during the fall and spring semesters, four
    three-hour interim internships for pre-med students who have reached sophomore status, and an ongoing shadowing program.)

   In addition, many local medical professional have hosted observational internships on a student-by-student basis. Following is a list of local medical entities
    hosting internships since 2000. Contact Career Services for names of the medical professionals at these and other organizations that have hosted interns in
    the past. Your personal health care providers may be one of the best options for this type of extensive shadowing experience.

         Medical Park Obstetricians &
         Widhelm Chiropractic Clinic                          Livingston Butler Volland Funeral
         PTSR - Physical Therapy and Sports                   Home
         Rehab                                                Hastings Family Practice                              Geiger, Dietze & Graham
         Keith's Pharmacies                                   Walgreens                                             Ophthalmology
         Lockwood - Meeske Pediatric                          Obstetrics & Gynecology                               Nicholson Eye Care
         Dentistry                                            Mark Driscoll, DDS                                    Family Pet Clinic
         McBride Vision Clinic                                Family Eye Care Center                                Bert’s Pharmacies
         Central Nebraska Orthopedics                         Hastings Podiatry Clinic                              Hastings Physical Therapy
         Internal Medicine                                    Hastings Orthopedics and Sports
         Vondrak Eye Care and Surgery                         Medicine
                                                              Mary Lanning Pharmacy
                                                              Children & Adolescent Clinic

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