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					                        About the Speakers

Presenter: Gina Schreck
Topic: Make it Sizzle: Presentation Skills for the Trainer and Leader
Bio: Gina Schreck is an author and professional speaker, as well as the co-
founder of Pinnacle Achievement and Synapse 3Di. Gina is the president
for the National Speaker’s Association, and she speaks to audiences large
and small around the world, helping people give more dynamic and
engaging presentations. Her latest book, “Quit Putting People to Sleep:
Presentation Skills for Today’s Sleepy Work Environment” gives practical
tips and techniques to add more “SIZZLE” into ordinary presentations.

Presenter: Liz Canavan
Topic: Organization and Time Management
Bio: Liz Canavan is a professional organizer in Boulder, Colorado. She
specializes in office organization and time management teaching how to
be more effective and relaxed at work. A few changes can have
significant results! Some of her tips include

      What is essential office furniture
      How to be proactive instead of reactive in your day
      Leaving your best voicemail message
      How to keep an organized office and desk

Liz is on the board of NAPO-Colorado (National Association of Professional
Organizers) and has been seen in Real Simple magazine. Her articles
have been published in Women’s Magazine and Organize Magazine.
Her seminars have included the Colorado Home and Garden Show, the
Boulder Chamber of Commerce, Girl Scouts of America, Keller Williams
Realty, and E-Women Colorado.
Presenter: Heather Elliott
Topic: Creating Successful Re-entry and Employment Opportunities for
Offenders through Collaborative Partnerships
Bio: Heather Elliott is currently the Manager of Offender Programs for the
Division of Adult Parole, Community Corrections, & YOS for the Colorado
Department of Corrections. She oversees Community Re-Entry services
statewide and most recently she has been assigned to the supervision of
Pre-Release programs within 18 facilities. She also oversees the John
Inmann Work & Family Center located in Denver, various grants and
collaborative grants with Department of Labor and Employment and
community-based agencies.

Prior to working for the State, she was the Sr. Case Manager for ComCor,
Inc. Non-Residential Services and supervised various programs and
contracts both state and county/city.

Ms. Elliott graduated from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs
with her bachelors majoring in both Psychology and Sociology with an
emphasis on criminology, a Master in Criminal Justice (MCJ), and a Master
in Public Administration (MPA). She has done research on Community
Corrections Program Evaluation and Multidisciplinary Teams and the
Polygraph Process which she presented at the International Conference
on Advances in Management (Boston, MA July 2003). She has also
completed the National Institute of Corrections Offender Workforce
Development Specialist training.
Presenter: Mark Warne
Topic: Creating Successful Re-entry and Employment Opportunities for
Offenders through Collaborative Partnerships
Bio: Mark Warne is a Community Re-Entry Specialist working out of the
Grand Junction parole office. He began his career with the Colorado
Department of Corrections as contract staff in 1998 for the Colorado AFL-
CIO, first working on a demonstration grant with the US Department of
Labor operating the very first community reentry program on the western
slope of Colorado. He then worked as a contract teacher with the Delta
Montrose Vocational Education Center at Delta Correctional Center
teaching Life Skills for Reentry and Microsoft Application to inmates. Prior
to his current position, he created and led Advanced Career Services a
private consulting firm that provided professional development for state,
federal and local governments.

Raised in Rock Springs Wyoming, Mark now lives in Grand Junction. Mark
will be serving on the faculty for the Kathleen Recla Academy, where he
will teach classes in Community Reentry to new Community Parole
Officers for the Colorado Department of Corrections as well as his current

Mark holds double bachelors in Social Work and Criminal Justice
Administration from Almeada University in Boise Id. He is also credentialed
with the National Institute of Corrections as an Offender Workforce
Development Specialist/Career Development Facilitator.
Presenter: Rich Utech
Topic: Creating Successful Re-entry and Employment Opportunities for
Offenders through Collaborative Partnerships
Bio:    Rich Utech is a Reintegration Specialist at the Buena Vista
Correctional Complex.       He began his career in corrections as an
academic teacher in 1993 and launched an in-house re-entry program in
1996. He teaches the reintegration program, parenting, flagging class,
tests offenders for their commercial drivers licenses, and has taught CYOP
college level classes at the facility.

He was born and raised in Michigan and Illinois. Rich has worked in Illinois,
Michigan, Texas, and Colorado as a teacher and principal before
beginning his career with the Colorado Department of Corrections. He
has taught all academic grade levels from elementary through
community college, currently an adjunct facility member of Colorado
Mountain College.

Rich earned a Masters degree at Western Michigan University, is a
certified teacher in Colorado, has taught for Naropa University in Boulder,
Colorado Mountain College in Buena Vista and Leadville, and is a
certified Offender Workforce Development Specialist since 2001.

Presenter: Johanna Palasek
Topic: Creating Successful Re-entry and Employment Opportunities for
Offenders through Collaborative Partnerships
Bio: Johanna Palasek has developed programming and piloted
curriculum in correctional facilities, community based organizations,
schools, and government agencies in Guatemala, Mexico, California,
Chicago and Colorado.

As an Offender Workforce Development Specialist and a Global Career
Development Facilitator, Johanna is currently working with offenders
transitioning from incarceration into the workforce with Community Re-
Entry as part of the Division of Adult Parole, Community Corrections, and
YOS. Working directly with employers and parolees, she is the
Employment Specialist at the John Inmann Work and Family Center.

Johanna received her B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Education from
the University of California at Santa Cruz, and her M.A. in Educational
Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver.
Presenter: Kirk Schreck
Topic: Taming the Workplace Zoo: Improving work relations through
understanding different behaviors and generational styles
Bio: Kirk Schreck has been managing and leading teams for over 25 years
and knows the challenges of working with diverse groups. From executive
teams to call centers of 500 employees, he says, “Where two or more are
gathered, there you have problems!” Co-founder of Pinnacle
Achievement and Synapse 3Di, Kirk helps people connect through better
communication and simple strategies to understand yourself and others.

Presenter: Lori Kalani
 Topic: Change your perspective, change a life
Bio: Lori Kalani inspires wide ranges of individuals though her work as a
motivational speaker. By drawing on her own personal challenges to
demonstrate principles of success, Ms. Kalani connects with her audience
both professionally and personally. Her story of overcoming assault, abuse
and addiction to become a successful businesswoman has been called a
“miracle story”, yet she uses it to identify common struggles that everyone
faces. Her passion for inspiring others through sharing her story makes her
a uniquely engaging speaker, able to connect with any audience.

Ms. Kalani works full-time as a professional in the communications industry.
She received her J.D. from George Mason University School of Law, her
M.B.A. from the University of Nevada, and her B.S.B.A. from the University
of Nevada.

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