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									Texas A&M University-Kingsville
    Division of Student Affairs

                     Dr. Terisa Remelius
                      Mr. Frank Ureno
                     Ms. Mary Gonzalez

                      March 14, 2008
Overview of Student Affairs

Mission                         Core Values
                                 We value students as
• We create a selfless and        unique individuals
  collaborative environment      We value the personal
  to inspire students, foster     growth and development
  personal growth,                of our students
  encourage community            We value the Javelina
  engagement, and                 spirit
  promote global                 We value our service to
  citizenship                     students
                                 We value professionalism
    Overview of Departments:
   Direct Reports to the Vice President
Associate Vice President/Dean of Students
Assistant Vice President/Special Programs
Director of University Housing/Residence
Director of Life Services and Wellness
Director of Career Services
Director of International Studies and
Direct Reports to the Associate VP
• Assistant Dean of Students
• Director of the Memorial Student Union
  Building & Student Activities
• Director of Recreational Sports
• Manager of Campus Bookstore
• Manager of Campus Dining Services
Other: Mail Services and Assistant to the
  Dean of Students
    Direct Reports to the Assistant VP
• Director of High School Equivalency Program
• Director of Educational Opportunity Center
• Associate Director of Educational Talent Search
• Assistant Director of Upward Bound
• Associate Director of Upward Bound Math & Science
• Assistant Director of Student Support Services
• Assistant Director of College Assistance Migrant
• Associate Director of Ronald E. McNair Scholars
• Other: CCAMPIS Program and G-Force
Institutional Effectiveness:
   Accomplishments &
Associate VP/Dean of Students
Accomplishments 2006-2007
Dean of Students and Assistant Dean of Students
• University Shuttle provided services to 2,355 students
• Javelina Honor Code was written and included in the
  Student Handbook
• Appointed a Director to the Memorial Student Union and
  Student Activities and Associate Director of Memorial
  Student Union and Activities
• Worked with Human Resources to present customer
  service training for all staff
• In association with the new faculty advisor, revitalized
  the Student Publication/Media Committee which
  monitors The South Texan, the student newspaper.
Associate VP/Dean of Students
Accomplishments 2006-2007
Student Union/Activities
• Starbucks Coffee Shop opened in October 2006.
• Pizza Hut relocated to Javelina Café area in
  September 2006.
• Installation of Legacy Walk of Honor in Second
  Floor along hallway to Alumni Room of Honor.
• Initiated and established lounge on 2nd floor at
  old Mesquite Room.
• Installation of new fire alarm system.
Associate VP/Dean of Students
Accomplishments 2006-2007
ID Card System
• Completed installation of card readers at Turner Hall, Bishop Hall,
   Lynch Hall and wiring for future expansion at Lewis Hall.
• Installed card reader at University Police Department and College of
• Completed upgrade of door security system at Cisneros Center for
   Young Children.
• Security readers programmed in Pharmacy Building for start of
• Purchased visitor tracking software for use with conferences and
   Career Services Career Fairs.
• Implemented utilization of wireless card readers at intramural sports
Associate VP/Dean of Students
Accomplishments 2006-2007
Student Activities/Orientation/Leadership
• Reorganized orientation and increased number of parent programs.
   Student attendance increased during this year.
• Incorporated community service into Javelina Welcome Week.
• Community Service programs initiated with Animal Rescue Kleberg
   and other agencies within Kingsville community as well as the
   Habitat for Humanity in Corpus Christi.
• Developed and created ExCEL – Exposing and Cultivating
   Emerging Leaders.
• Revised position description to create Program Coordinator –
   Marketing who will coordinate Family Programs, Community Service
   and Marketing plans for department
Associate VP/Dean of Students
Accomplishments 2006-2007
Recreational Sports
• Cheerleading Squad performed at 18 campus &
  community service functions and raised $4,000 providing
  the community cheer judging services at 55 events.
• A total of 11,710 student participations were recorded in
  30 different activities. This included 13 team sports, 11
  individual/dual sports, 5 Fitness programs, and 1 special
  event. A total of182 student teams were recruited
  throughout the year for the major intramural team sports
• Department was awarded $800 NIRSA USTA Tennis
  Recruitment Grant.
• Fitness Center User Participation Count Total was
  33,595 for ‟06-„07.
Associate VP/Dean of Students
Accomplishments 2006-2007
Barnes and Noble Bookstore
• Implementation of Registration Integration with Blue & Gold.
  Registration Integration links online course registration to online
  textbook reservations. Students are able to view their entire
  textbook list with one simple click of a button. Online reservations
  increased by over 50% for the Fall semester.
• Expansion of clothing line to include nationally-recognized brands.
Sodexho Dining Services
• Moved Pizza Hut to Javelina Café location
• Began accepting credit cards
• Opened Starbucks Café
• Catered over 600 events
Associate VP/Dean of Students
Improvements for 2006-2007
• Obtained permission to charge orientation
• Clarified student travel guidelines after
  system audit,
• Initiated monthly reports for division,
• Reorganized division to include upgrading
  position of Associate Director of
  Recreational Sports to Director of
  Recreational Sports.
Associate VP/Dean of Students
Union and Activities
• Window replacement on first floor,
• Improvements to USA Today readership
Recreational Sports
• Attempting replacement of cardio
  equipment in Recreational Center,
Assistant VP/Special Programs
Accomplishments for 2006-2007
• Budget exceeded $2.6 million for the year an
  increase of 35% from last year’s funding.
• Special Programs was notified that renewal
  competitions resulted in continued funding for EOC
  and the McNair Scholars program. Both were funded
  in the top 10% of all grants funded in the U.S.
• UBMS was renewed for an additional four years.
• Consistent with the proposed funding opportunities
  the 2007-2008 IEP accomplishments has already
  yielded a new grant in the Classic Upward Bound
  program for the 2007-2008 fiscal year.
Assistant VP/Special Programs
Accomplishments for 2006-2007
• Awarded $42,500 in stipends for research
• 22 Students in Ph.D., 27 MS Pipeline, 37 completed Masters
  degrees since 1995
• 98% completed baccalaureate degrees, 73% in graduate
  studies programs
• 12% attained a doctoral degree
• 28 professional presentations across U.S.
• UB new grant 2007- funded to serve 50 students
• 2007 presented for recruitment purposes to 480, 9th and 10th
  grade students from 3 out of 6 target high schools.
• October 20, 2007 – first Academic/Recruitment meeting, with
  objective to serve 50 participants each academic year.
Assistant VP/Special Programs
Accomplishments for 2006-2007
• McNair Scholars-served to date 162 students and 82
  faculty mentors (95-07).
• Refunded Top 10% of grants in U.S. for third time
• Served 30 students in 2006
• 138 students completed baccalaureate degrees all other
  students currently undergraduates.
• Collaborative efforts of McNair Scholars and College of
  Graduate Studies: Coordination of 62 students and
  several faculty members-lodging and transportation to 5th
  Annual TAMU Pathways Student Research Symposium.
• 6 completed doctoral level degrees ( 2 -Spring 2008: Dr.
  Jackie Besinaiz-Thomas and Dr. Cecilia Garcia- Prieto).
Assistant VP/Special Programs
Accomplishments for 2006-2007
• SSS- 268 students served in 2006 in SSS.
• 65% of students retained after first year.
• 76% of students met good academic standing
• Awarded Supplemental Grant Aid, additional financial
  assistance to program students totaling $36,985.
• CAMP- 54 Students served in 2006 matriculated at 72%
  for 2nd year in post secondary efforts.
• CAMP Scholarship award $2400.00 to supplement
  financial aid award and $200.00 stipends each Semester
• Second year students receive SSS grant assistance.
Assistant VP/Special Programs
Accomplishments for 2006-2007
• Child Care Access Means Parents In School
• Served 43 participants and $44,700 in childcare
  subsidies. 57 since inception in 2005
• 86% of all parents still enrolled in higher
• HEP- Served 105 students, 53 received GED
• All students received placement services
• GED graduates eligible for assistance from
Assistant VP/Special Programs
Improvements 2006-2007
• Expansion of GRE workshops
• Increase student/faculty professional
• Creation of 1-3 credit Research Methods course
  for scholars
• Expansion of computer labs for students
• Utilize prior year CAMP students for recruitment
• Enhance quality of childcare provided by CYC
  staff, and extend hours of childcare offered at
  CYC to accommodate students/parents and late
  afternoon or evening classes
Assistant VP/Special Programs
Improvements 2006-2007
• Strengthen referrals services and parenting workshops
• Strengthen collaborative efforts with Career Services
• Additional instructional equipment for HEP program
• Evening component for GED students working full time
  and child care assistance.
• Increase focus on academics in pre college programs for
  improved scores on state mandated tests and facilitate
  early testing on college entrance exams.
Housing and Residence Life
Accomplishments 2006-2007
• Accounts and Record Coordinator position was
  created and filled.
• Replaced carpet in Martin Hall.
• Developed a new housing brochure.
• The number of students increased from 1,051 in
  the fall of 2005 to 1106 in the fall of 2006.
• Parking lot and street lights were upgraded in
  residence hall parking lots.
• Implemented training program for custodial staff.
• New mattresses and bed frames ordered.
Housing and Residence Life
Improvements 2006-2007
• Developed a new housing brochure.
• New carpet was installed in some Residence Halls.
• Replaced old appliances at Student Family Apartments.
• Replaced outdated custodial equipment.
• Card access system completed in the Residence Halls.
• Secretary position was reclassified to an Accounting and
  Records Coordinator as recommended by System audit.
• Housing residence requirements were changed to reflect
  requirement of students to stay one year on campus
  versus two years.
• Froze residence hall rates for all students who signed
  contracts for academic year 2006-07 until the duration of
  their stay at TAMUK as one of several marketing
Life Services and Wellness
Accomplishments 2006-2007
• 21% increase in the number of unique students receiving
  counseling services as compared to 2005-2006.
• Students referred by Financial Aid to participate in the
  Academic Intervention and Developmental Enhancement
  program showed a higher retention rate and higher GPA
  than non-participating students.
• Patient visit analysis indicates a 53% increase of clinic
  visits from AY 2001 to AY 2006; 4.5% increase in 2006-
  2007 from previous year.
• Nutrition program increased by 19% over previous year;
  increase of 438% since onset of program in 2001-2002.
• 35% increase in prevention programs conducted in
  comparison to 2005-2006.
Life Services and Wellness
Accomplishments 2006-2007
• The Peer Educator Program was awarded the “Outstanding
  BACCHUS Network Affiliate” for Region 6; “Outstanding Student
  Organization” and Outstanding Collaborative Effort and Impact”
  award at the A&M-Kingsville Student Leadership Recognition Award
• The Wellness program increased its collaborative sponsorships for
  student programs/activities by 100%.
• Testing program became an official computer-based testing site for
• Administered first tests as a site for computer based test for the
  TExES/ExcET exams for teacher certification.
• Of the students with disabilities participating in the Student
  Intervention Program (SIP), GPA was higher than non-participants
  and were retained at a higher rate.
Life Services and Wellness
Improvements 2006-2007
• The training program for the peer educators included pre- and post-
  tests to evaluate mastery of special topic areas.
• Reviewed policies and current practices for the Javelina Tailgating
• Increased administration of CBT TOEFL based on assessment
  results regarding CBT testing and acquisition of computers.
• Four additional computers were installed in the computer testing lab
  based on usage.
• Student staff training included pre and post-testing in training
  program to enhance customer service.
• More publicity for services was created for Spring 2006 for personal,
  academic and career counseling and special relaxation sessions.
Career Services
Accomplishments 2006-2007
• Increased number of on-campus
  interviews by 28%,
• In coordination with a national publishing
  clearing house published a student
  handbook containing transitioning
  expectations, placement options, and
  negotiation strategies, and
• Prepared comprehensive annual report.
Career Services
Improvements 2006-2007
• Based on student feedback we offered the
  Business Etiquette Dinner twice during the
  academic year,
• Provided transition services to capstone
• Centralized all internship data and
  assessments, and
• Met with academic advisors, chairs, and
  deans to enhance placement options.
International Studies and Programs
Accomplishments 2006-2007
• Implemented on-line international studies
  scholarship application and had a 110%
  increase in applications from previous year,
• Began a comprehensive, on-line advertising
• Eleven (11) undergraduates and three (3)
  graduate students went on academic programs
  in Mexico, The Netherlands, Estonia, The
  Kingdom of Thailand, Spain, and Mexico – up
  from nine (9) undergraduates and only one (1)
  graduate student in the previous year.
International Studies and Programs
Accomplishments 2006-2007
• Presentations were made to all (100%) Hoggie
  Day parent sessions, recruitment and
  scholarship materials were drafted for use by the
  Admission‟s Office during high school
  recruitment and for use outside the USA, and
• All university MOU’s (Memorandum of
  Understanding‟s) in both the President‟s Office
  and the OISP Office were reviewed. Four (4)
  were active during the reporting period.
International Studies and Programs
Improvements 2006-2007
• Revision of all forms and documents for
• Working out processing procedures with
  the Registrar, Business Office, and
  Financial Aid staff for accuracy and
  efficiency of operations (especially
  regarding student processing), and
• Fine-tuning the system on-line scholarship
       Resource Requests:
Vice President for Student Affairs
           Vice President
• Special Programs
  AVP Salary
• Living/Learning
• Assessment Tools
• Learning Theme
• Parent Programs
     Cost of Resource Requests
           Vice President
         Program or Item              CURRENT   PROPOSED     NEW
         DESCRIPTION                            INCREASES   Amount

AVP Salary from Designated Tuition     $9,002    $81,016    $90,018

  Living/Learning Communities:          $0       $35,000    $35,000
  Sound proofing practice rooms
  ($35,000) & tutoring/computers
        Assessment Tools                $0       $32,000    $32,000
  Student Voice, Noel Levitz SSI,
         Learning Theme                 $0       $20,000    $20,000
(lectureship, orientation, freshman
     reading, convocation, etc.)
         Parent Programs                $0        $7,500    $7,500
   (mailing/postage, programs)
     Associate Vice President for
   Student Affairs/Dean of Students
         Program or Item                      CURRENT             PROPOSED   NEW
         DESCRIPTION                                              INCREASES Amount
 Technological Upgrades and signage for              $0             $45,000    $45,000
  emergency and other communication
    Clery Reporting Software/Judicial                $0             $30,850    $30,850
            Software Package
Publications: Student Handbook ($11,000),     $0 ($10,000 given     $20,000    $20,000
  Clery Security Report ($3,000), Family      this year as one-
             Calendar ($6,000)                time funding for
  Recreational Sports: Graduate Assistant            $0             $142,000   $142,000
($12,000) and exercise equipment ($130,000)
         Van for Shuttle Services                    $0             $35,000    $35,000

               SUB-TOTAL                             $0             $272,850   $272,850
    Assistant Vice President for
 Student Affairs/Special Programs
       Program or Item               CURRENT   PROPOSED   NEW
       DESCRIPTION                             INCREASES Amount
Part-time Administrative Assistant     $0        $13,200   $13,200

  Remove wall in Eckhardt Hall         $0        $8,500    $8,500

          SUB-TOTAL                    $0        $21,700   $21,700
    Life Services and Wellness
• Addition to Existing
  Building ($750,000 from
  existing reserves)
• Hiring Nutrition Expert
  (already budgeted)
• Contracting with
• Create bio/
  neurofeedback Lab
  ($15,000 from reserves)
     Student Union Building
• Hiring an architect to
  determine scope of
  work needed.
• $2,200,000 identified
  for use in making
  immediate visual
  impact on building.
         Student Service Fee
• Proposed increase
  from $12 to $13 per
• To increase the
  funding available for
  student activities and
                Career Services
     Program or Item           CURRENT   PROPOSED     NEW
     DESCRIPTION                         INCREASES   Amount

 Educational Resources for       $0        $4,000     $4,000
Living/Learning Community

Purchase of CSO software for     $0        $9,500     $9,500
employment, interships, etc.

 Hiring Graduate Assistant       $0        $12,000   $12,000
  (Assessment Facilitator)

 Expansion of Travel Funds      $4,000     $8,000    $12,000

        SUBTOTAL                $4,000     $33,500   $37,500
  International Studies and Programs
• Part-time Employee:
  $20,000 (w/benefits)
• Brochures in English:
• Brochures in Spanish:
• Scholarship Pamplets:
• Travel: $3,500
• Office Supplies: $1,000
Subtotal: $27,750
        University Housing and
            Residence Life
Living and Learning
Music, Fitness &
  Wellness, Animal
  and Wildlife
  Sciences, and
        University Housing and
            Residence Life
Demolition of Student
  Family Apartments
  slated for summer
400-500 bed, suite-style
  living unit to be
  created by fall 2009.
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