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					                                               Student Directory 2006-2007
                                                    Information Form

The California High School student directory is a handy reference for students and parents. You do not have
to purchase a directory to appear in it. If you do NOT wish to appear in the directory, do not turn in the form.

Filling out the form gives permission to print all information provided. Include only information you want printed.

The CHS Student Directory is for the non-commercial, private use by California High School students,
          faculty, and families only. No information is released to outside organizations.

                       Turn in this form at Registration! All forms due by September 15, 2006

Please PRINT neatly

    Student #1
    (Required)                        Last Name                             First Name                   Grade: ’06 – ‘07

    Student #2
                                      Last Name                             First Name                   Grade: ’06 – ‘07

    Student #3
                                      Last Name                             First Name                   Grade: ’06 – ‘07

                                   Home (Optional)                         Cell (Optional)

    Father’s Name
    (Optional)                  Last Name (if different)                    First Name                   Phone (if different)

    Mother’s Name
    (Optional)                  Last Name (if different)                    First Name                   Phone (if different)

    Additional Info:
    Printed as space            Email address (Optional)

           Purchase Information – $5 per Directory                 # Directories       Amt $      Cash             Check
      You must include your name & grade to purchase a directory

Please mail my directories to:

         Address                                            City                               Zip Code

Directory Cover Art Contest: Front cover prize $50, back cover prize $25. For information, see flyer at registration or in
the school office.

                                  For Directory Advertising Opportunities, see reverse.

                         Support Academic Boosters!

Purchase an ad in the Student Directory. Your ad will reach
over 2100 families.

Full page size (5 x 7)            $100 (no color ads, please)

Business card size (3-1/2 x 2)    $ 30

Turn in your advertisement or business card along with your check (made
payable to Academic Boosters) at registration. You can also drop it off in school
office in an envelope marked “Academic Boosters – Advertising”. Please provide
a phone number so we may contact you if necessary.

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