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                                                                                                                            Volume 10, Issue 2

                                Yo Community Connection
                                                                                                                              April, May, June

                                   Youth Week: April 23 – April 28
                                   Saving can be fun and we at Community Credit Union want to show
                                   your kids just how much fun it can be. Join us for Youth Week,
                                   April 23rd -28th, and we’ll help your child or teen “Stash Their
                                   Cash with Community Credit Union”.
        144 Pine Street            Stop in anytime during the month of April and get your child’s
    Lewiston, Maine 04240          coloring page for our coloring contest. Pages are due by April 28th
                                   and will be judged in 3 different age groups: (0-5 years, 6-9 years
       40 Stanley Street
     Auburn, Maine 04210           and 9-12 years). The winner of each group will get $15 deposited
                                   into their Monty Moose Account.
     Tel. # (207) 783-2096
     Fax # (207) 783-2093          Plus, if your child makes a deposit or opens a Monty Moose
                                   Account, their name will get put into our daily drawings:
         OFFICE HOURS                          Monday, April 23rd: Ice Cream Gift Certificate
          DRIVE-UP                             Tuesday, April 24th: McDonald’s Gift Certificate
      Monday – Saturday                        Wednesday, April 25th: RollerDrome Gift Certificate
      7:30 AM to Closing                       Thursday, April 26th: Mini Golf Gift Certificate
           LOBBY                               Friday, April 27th: 2 Cinema Tickets
                                               Saturday, April 28th: 4 Tickets to Portland Sea Dogs
       Monday – Friday
     9:00 AM to 5:00 PM            After making their deposit or opening an account, they will also receive an entry form to guess how many
    (Auburn location open to       pennies are in the jar. The person who guesses the closest will get $50 deposited into their account.
       6:00 PM Fridays)
                                   Teens will also love Youth Week because we have an I-Pod to give away! Any teen who makes a minimum
       9:00 AM to Noon             deposit of $25 or open a Teens Love Cash Account will get put into our drawing for a FREE I-Pod.
     (Lewiston location only)      Saving can be fun. So join us for Youth Week and let us show them just how much fun it can be.
                                   * Some restrictions apply.
           WEB SITE

      HOLIDAY CLOSINGS           Take Us With You If You Leave
       Memorial Day              If you leave your job for any reason, remember to take your credit union with you.
       Monday, May 28
                                 Even if you leave your company, change positions or locations, or stop working for your company for
                                 whatever reason – such as early retirement – you’ll always be a member of your credit union as long as you
                                 keep your account open.
                                 There’s no need to close your account. We appreciate your support and can continue to serve your financial
                                 needs in a number of ways no matter where you’re located.
                                  • Telephone – call during our business hours to make the transactions you’d like. Or use our 24-hour
                                    telephone access line to set your transaction requests in the works.
                                  • Fax – fax us instructions, queries, requests or whatever it is you need to do with your accounts.
    Serving persons residing,     • Postal Mail – use the regular postal service to mail in deposits or make check or transfer requests, or any
  employed or attending school      other business you would like us to handle for you.
  within Androscoggin County,     • E-Mail – we’re always available through e-mail, if that’s more convenient.
      including members of        • On-Line – visit our website at and use Home Banking to access your
     their immediate family         accounts from any PC with Internet connection.
                                 So, if you should be leaving the company, please write, call or stop by to let us know the change in your
      Rates are subject to
                                 status. We’d like to help you get where you’re going – not get left behind.
     change without notice
                                                                                                                   Products & Services
Community Credit Union has a New Look                                                                                  Savings Accounts
This will be the new look of your Community Credit Union Debit
                                                                                                                       IRA Certificates
card effective immediately, when your card expires, you will receive a
new card in the mail that looks like this. It will clearly state if it’s a                                               Certificates
Visa Debit card, a Health Savings Account or another account.                                                        Special Investments
                                                                                                                    (Individual Retirement
Having Trouble Getting Your Kids Interested In Saving?                                                                  Club Accounts
Here’s an easy way to convince your children of the value of saving: visit the 5-Spot Clubhouse at                    Checking Accounts, Googolplex, Community Credit Union’s guide for student moneymakers.                     Payroll Deduction
Show your kids the treasure chest, click on it and let them discover the wealth of stories about money. Try Earn        Direct Deposit
More Money and Earn Even More Money to teach them about interest earnings. Use the Googolplex Savings                 Visa® Check Cards
Calculator to show them how long it will take them to reach a specific goal through saving.                           CU24SMATM Cards
Inspire them with Ryan’s Sno-Kones, a true story about an 11-year-old boy who runs his own business. Teach         (Automated Teller Machine)
them to save with Saving is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.                                                                         L.A. Connection
Encourage them to come back often—there’s a wealth of information and fun in Googolplex, with new stories                (Audio Response)
and games every month. There’s Googolplex for all school ages: Elementary, Middle School and High School.               Personal Loans
Simply go to, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Googolplex logo                   Secured Loans
(next to the Equal Housing Lender logo).
                                                                                                                      Visa Credit Cards
                                                                                                                       First Mortgages
                                                                                                                     Home Equity Loans
Hammer Away at Home Improvement Projects and Trust Us with a Home Equity Loan                                               Loans
Remember homeowners may be often confused where the best deal on a home equity loan can be found. While              CCU’s Home Branch
many are aware that we offer equity loans, they might borrow from another source because the terms look great            (Home Banking)
and they don’t want to miss an “opportunity.”
We cannot caution members enough about the growing possibility of home equity scams that are now plaguing
the lending industry. CREDIT UNIONS take extra steps to make sure that mistakes are not made, and that                  Money Market
everyone who qualifies for a loan gets the right one. While home equity loans and lines of credit can help
improve your finances, bad one’s can easily lead to foreclosure. Remember, with any equity loan, you are               Other Services
putting your home on the line.                                                                                          Money Orders
The following is a run down of possible home equity scams you may fall prey to.                                      Insurance Available
                                                                                                                      U.S. Savings Bonds
Some lenders make loans that they know borrowers can’t repay. They do so in order to foreclose on the homes
and sell them, stripping away the home equity for their own profit. Frequently home equity loans are pitched as     Notary Public Service
a debt consolidation or home improvement tool.                                                                        Traveler’s Cheques
To make matters worse, these lenders sometimes will go farther by agreeing to refinance the mortgage rather             Wire Transfers
than foreclose, but tacking on exorbitant fees onto a new mortgage and increase the homeowner’s debt in the         Food Coupon Deposits
                                                                                                                     Federal Tax Deposits
Unscrupulous lenders will also charge high points and settlement costs, often adding fees for unnecessary life          For Businesses
insurance and other “required” services onto the new mortgage. Oftentimes these policies are designed never to
pay out no matter what the circumstances.                                                                          *Insurance products that may be
                                                                                                                    sold or made available are not
Community Credit Union Protects You                                                                                  deposits or obligations of the
                                                                                                                       Credit Union and are not
Our Credit Union provides services in your best interest and would never apply deceptive practices. When you       protected by the National Credit
come to us for a loan, we review your finances honestly to determine your limit, and would never lend to you       Union Administration and are not
beyond your means to repay. You can trust us to serve you for your own good.                                       guaranteed by the Credit Union.

Community Credit Union will soon be buzzing
As you’re itching to get out into the beautiful Maine weather, Community Credit Union is buzzing with ideas on
how we can help you do that. Have you been eyeing that new car, ATV, motorcycle, dirt bike, boat or watercraft?
Then buzz on into Community Credit Union. We’ll help you determine how much you can afford and then pre-
approve you so you can go shopping. Or, visit us to see if we can lower your current interest rate.

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