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					                                  PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER
                                            FFP 1706


FFP 1706 Public Information Officer (3) (A.A.S/A.S). This course provides the information and
training necessary for the Public Information Officer position within an emergency services organization.
Students will learn to perform as the organizational spokesperson. Emphasis will be placed on emergency
communications to elements of the public, as well as the network of television, print, and radio news media
at the local, regional, and national levels.


The student, at the successful completion of this course, should be able to:

1.  Describe the roles and responsibilities of a Public Information Officer.
2.  Develop material in a format that can be delivered to media resources for public distribution.
3.  Establish media contacts and create an ongoing relationship with them.
4.  Understand the legal issues involved in dealing with public information.
5.  Participate in an interview with various media personnel in a “live” (TV) interview, and a “delayed”
    (prescheduled or rehearsed) type setting.
6. Conduct a live interview of a member of the emergency services response team.
7. Utilize creative writing techniques to formally address the subject matter contained in a technical
8. Report to an emergency situation and interact with the Incident Commander to establish a Public
    Information Sector.
9. Be able to evaluate local data, and address information and needs based on that data to properly inform
    and educate the public.
10. Develop a written news release and oral presentation of a simulated incident.
11. Pass a test (written/oral) on each academic portion of the outline.
12. Create an evaluation/survey instrument to assess the effectiveness of both the narrative and written
    portions of the presentation.

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