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					                               BOOTH & EVENTS SALES RULE FAQs

1.   Why does Amway want to allow retail sales at temporary events?
     It’s Amway’s goal to create an environment that fosters and encourages product selling as an integral
     part of a healthy Amway business and connects us to consumers. This includes removing barriers to
     selling, and providing tools, training and support related to product selling. This also aligns with the goal
     of helping IBOs at all levels make money sooner, as well as providing easy access to products by
     consumers and more opportunities for IBOs to sell. Selling product to non-IBO customers is the
     quickest and most certain way to earn money. Allowing product sales at approved venues will provide
     greater exposure of Amway products, making it easier for IBOs to sell these recognised quality brands.
     Many of our competitors offer similar programmes.

2.   So, is the next step to sell exclusive Amway products in retail stores?
     No. Amway has no plans to sell products in retail stores. Our business model assures that all
     product sales are tied to an IBO.

3.   What about the level playing field?
     All IBOs must follow the same rules and are given an equal opportunity to compete in the
     marketplace, regardless of pin level or years in the business. Individual success with Booth and
     Events sales is still based on each IBOs own initiative. The requirements of the rule ensures that any
     IBO has the opportunity to apply for authorisation to host a booth within the established guidelines.

4.   Will IBOs sell products below suggested retail price? How about below IBO cost?
     IBOs may sell products at the price they choose. However, Amway recommends that you sell
     products at the suggested retail price. This is the most certain way to make a profit.

5.   Why is the programme limited to Health & Beauty products?
     The programme is focused on those Amway product categories that research shows are most
     suitable to retailing at temporary sales events. We also have a comprehensive selection of
     supporting merchandising materials designed to assist IBOs in these categories.

6.   What if the event I want to participate in is not health or beauty focused?
     The Event Sales Rule permits the sale of product at beauty, health, music and sporting events only.
     The type of events that Amway will not approve include fete’s or those events that fall outside of
     health, beauty, fashion, sporting or music. Amway will not approve stalls at weekend markets, kiosks
     in retail shopping centres or any kind of activity that is primarily a form of retail selling. Please refer to
     the ‘Venue Examples and Product Options’ information sheet for guidance on what is possible. If in
     doubt, please contact the Marketing Department for guidance.

7.   Can an IBO sell any kind of product at a beauty or health show, sporting or music event?
     Product sold in any venue must be consistent with the theme of the event (i.e. beauty products may
     be sold at beauty shows, nutrition products may be sold at health shows or sporting events). Please
     refer to the ‘Venue Examples and Product Options’ information sheet for guidance on what is possible.

8.   What if more than one IBO wants to sell at the same event?
     Event organisers will determine if more than one booth selling the same types of products at any
     given venue will be permitted. Amway will not separately regulate this. No applications can be
     approved without prior approval to participate being given to the IBO by the event organisers.
     However if Amway does receive multiple applications for one event, Amway does reserve the right to
     refuse applications.

9.   What merchandising materials can I use at my event?
     Visit the Amway website to see all the merchandising materials available to you. Any materials listed
     that support the theme of your event may be used.
10.   Is there a limit to the number of events an IBO may apply for?
      No. No.

11.   May an IBO apply for a year’s worth of events on one application?
      An IBO may submit one application to cover an event season, such as might be the case for the
      same event that regularly occurs each week (e.g. soccer league). However, a separate application is
      required for each unique event.

12.   How many days prior to the event does the authorisation form need to be submitted to
      Business Conduct & Rules?
      At least 30 days prior to the event.

13.   What does the IBO do with the authorisation certificate provided by Amway?
      The authorisation certificate must be prominently displayed during the entire event to demonstrate to
      other IBOs that Amway has granted authorisation.

14.   What if an IBO does not follow the rules?
      Any IBO who violates the rules will be suspended for at least 30 days and will not be allowed to
      participate in future event sales.

15.   What if an IBO sees Amway exclusive products being sold at an unauthorised location or an
      unprofessional display of Amway products at an event?
      The IBOs should contact the Marketing Department:
      Australia                          New Zealand
      Robyn Osland                       Michelle Chu
      Ph: (02) 9843 2000                 Ph: (09) 9198840
      Fax: (02) 9843 2124                Fax: (09) 9198841

      It is in the best interest of Amway and all IBOs to make sure Amway brands are displayed in an
      attractive and professional manner. The products are high quality and should be displayed as such.
      IBOs can find the tools and ideas to create an attractive and professional display at the Booth &
      Events section on the Amway website.

16.   Why does my Platinum or above have to sign the application form?
      As the leader of your group, your Platinum or above agrees to help ensure that your presentation is
      professional and in compliance with the Rules of Conduct.

17.   What does it cost to set up a booth?
      Costs to set up a booth can vary and it is important that you do some research before you apply for a
      booth. Find out if there are any charges from the event organiser. Then you need to work out your
      costs to set up your event with tables, promotional material and stock. Check out the Booth & Events
      section on the Amway web site to find out the cost to purchase the product promotional material. As
      you work out your costs we recommend that you find out from the organiser information such as how
      many people are expected to attend the event. From there you can make a broad assessment as to
      the possible sales potential. It may be prudent to be conservative when establishing expectations,
      especially if you have not done this before. In many cases you may not know what your possible
      sales levels will be until you actually have run your event. In any case, you should always establish
      what kind of retail profit you would be happy with.

18.   Can I prospect at my Booth?
      The purpose of Booth & Events is to provide an opportunity for IBOs to sell Amway products directly
      to consumers so that they can make money. As customers approach your booth, they will be
      expecting to have a discussion about the products you are displaying. A booth is not to be set up for
      the purposes of prospecting. However, when selling Amway products it is possible customers will
      establish an interest in the Amway business, therefore it is appropriate for you to use this contact for
      follow up after you have run your booth.

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