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•   Do mentors complete a portfolio?
To meet state requirements mentors are
required to complete a limited portfolio.
•   What is the difference between certi-
    fied and traditional mentors?
The beginning teacher's license                                                        PASSING THE TORCH
determines their internship
requirements. Beginning teachers with
a Rules 2002 are assigned a mentor for
two years. Beginning teachers with a
Rules 46-47 license complete their
                                                                                     Mentor Training
internship in one year. Mentors for all of
year one teachers follow the same
• How are mentors matched with their
    protégés?                                                                        “Those having torches will
                                                                                     pass them on to others.”
State Certified Mentors
will be matched with
beginning teachers
who have the Rules 2002
license. Every effort is made to
match protégés with mentors in their
building and/or department.                  Contact Information:
•   CRUs/Graduate Credit                     Sue Brady, Curriculum Coordinator
Participants can receive 20 CRUs for         David Marcotte, Director of Personnel
completion of the mentor training pro-            317-227-8673
gramming or participants may register        Kathleen Siler, Secretary
at Ball State University or IUPUI for 3           317-227-8663
hours credit.
•   How does GCL support protégés?
                                                        MSD of Wayne Township        MSD of Wayne Township
The GCL courses are designed to fur-
ther new teachers’ understanding of
best practices and portfolio expecta-                                                        317-243-8251
                                      A teacher affects eternity. He can never tell
                                      where his influence stops. - Henry B. Adams

     Mentor Training Program                                                                     A good mentor is
                                                                                                 a teacher who
                                         The Benefits of Mentoring

      The Commitment                                                                             •    Is a skillful teacher

•   Attend 5 day standards-                                                                      •    Has at least four years experience
    based Mentor Training                                                     Coaching
                                             Reflective Practice                                 •    Is able to transmit effective teach-
                                                                                                      ing strategies
       3 days—Summer,                                          Cutting-edge
                                                                 training                        •    Has a thorough command of the
      July 28,29,30, 2009                                                                             curriculum being taught
                                         Helping the
         2 days release                  novice grow                            Rejuvenation
                                                                                                 •    Can communicate openly with the
        October 2, 2009
                                                                                                      beginning teacher
       December 1, 2009
                                                                                                 •    Is sensitive to the needs of the
                                                                                                      beginning teacher
    Mentor Expectations                                    The Payoffs             Expanded      •    Understands that effective teach-
                                                                                   career role
                                     the profession                                                   ers have varying styles
•   Successfully complete the
    formal mentor training                                                                       •    Is careful not to be overly judg-
•   Maintain documentation of                                                                         mental
    completion of required ac-
    tivities                           Professional
•   Enjoy the role of teacher-
    leader for MSD of Wayne                                                        Validation        MSD of Wayne Township
    Township                                                    growth
•   Facilitate a professional vi-
    sion in a learning-focused                                                                        Contact information
    relationship                                                                                      Sue Brady, Curriculum Coordinator
•   Become a mentor for a be-                                                                         227-8663
                                                                                                      David Marcotte, Director of Personnel
    ginning teacher
                                    Receive CRUs or
                                    enroll at BSU or IUPUI for
                                    3 hours graduate credit

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