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									VOL. 3, NO. 3                                                                                                             FALL 2005

Threads of Life’s helping hands
Letter from the Chair
By Sharon Peat

Dear Friends and Families,

Threads of Life – Workplace Tragedy
Family Support Association – is a
unique organization created to
support Canadian families living with
the outcomes of workplace tragedies.
These tragedies include families living
with serious life-altering injuries,
                                                                     Threads of Life Event Poster
occupational disease or fatalities.

As you will find out in this edition          In this edition you will read the story    about the network of hope and healing
of THREADS, there are many ways               of one of our British Columbia             that is developing for Canadian families
to become involved in the Threads of          members. Through the experience of         affected by workplace tragedies.
Life network. Opportunities range             this year’s Walk/Run event in Toronto,
from writing your story for our               we have developed a template so that       Please keep in mind that all past
newsletter to becoming a trained              any family member or organization          editions of our ‘Threads’ newsletter
Volunteer Family Guide training to            across Canada can gather a group of        are posted on our website. Should
attending a regional or national family       volunteers and coordinate a similar        you have any ideas for our next issue
forum to volunteering your time to            event in their community to raise          or would like to share your story,
support Threads of Life. By reaching          awareness about the significant issue of   then I invite you to call Threads of
out within the Threads of Life net-           workplace injuries. You will also hear     Life for further information. Please
work, families have learned that they         about our upcoming training program        remember that Threads of Life is
are not travelling alone. By sharing          as well as our plans to promote            your organization.
and networking with other families            workplace injury prevention in your
affected by a workplace tragedy,              community. These articles and many          It is one of those beautiful compensations
families have created a community             more are all meant for you as a family      of this life that no one can sincerely try to
                                                                                          help another without helping himself.
of healing and self-care.                     member or partner to learn more
                                                                                          – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Author, Poet and
                                                                                            Philosopher (1803–1882)

                     T     H      R       E     A     D      S          O     F          L     I      F      E                            1
                                                      The Story of
                                                      Mark Apostoliuk
                                                      Submitted by: Kathy and Gordon Apostoliuk and family

           Mark and his son James

Note from Shirley Hickman: I had the            LifeQuilt while it was on display in        skidder and had been doing it for
honour of meeting the Apostoliuk family         the lobby of the Fairmont Waterfront        about eight years. This particular day
for the first time during my recent trip        Hotel. This was our first time to see it    he was having trouble with the wood
to British Columbia. The family came            as a unit. It was with great pleasure       and got out of the machine and did
to Vancouver to view the Canadian               and trepidation that we looked at the       not turn it off. When he tried to
LifeQuilt where their son Mark was              LifeQuilt to see the picture of Mark        cut the root to adjust the tree, the
featured in one of the hundred                  with all the others.                        grapple closed on him with its
commemorative plaques. During their                                                         automatic action.
visit to the Public Forum, the family           He went to work that morning like
was approached by a group of reporters          any other day and was to skid some          In Mark’s case, the employer was not
who were covering the Forum and were            wood for his friends, so they could cut     found negligent. The employer proved
taking pictures of the LifeQuilt. This          some firewood. He loved to run the          that he provided safe equipment
was the first time since Mark’s death in
2001 that Mr. and Mrs. Apostoliuk
felt safe enough to talk about what
happened to Mark and to give employers
and workers a message that safety in the
workplace is everyone’s responsibility. I
would like to say a special thank you to
the Apostoliuk family for their courage
in sharing their story and hope that this
has helped in your journey of healing.

Mark died on September 11th, 2001,
a day that all people will remember
because of the attacks on the twin
towers in New York. He was 24 years
old, having just celebrated his
birthday on the 3rd of September.

We travelled down to Vancouver,
British Columbia in July to see the                                           Mark Apostoliuk’s family

       It all starts with you! Please think – be safe!
2                    T      H     R         E     A     D      S          O      F          L     I      F   E
and proper training for the job.
The employee also has to take
responsibility for his own safety by         Volunteer Family Guides
thinking about what he is doing.
                                              On September 8th the Volunteer Family Guides (VFGs) in Ontario met for
Mark had a zest for life, throwing            four additional days of training, including presentation skills and the art of
himself wholeheartedly into                   storylistening. You may ask – “What is storylistening?” It is the art of paying
everything that he did. He liked to           attention to others by listening to the stories they tell. People wrap the truth
fish, camp, go hunting and ride dirt          of their lives and struggles in stories, and the depth of the stories shared is
bikes – anything that threw caution           dependent on the level of trust that exists in the established environment.
to the wind. He is greatly missed by          As the degree of trust in a relationship increases, the stories progress to a
all who knew him. Mark’s death                deeper level. During our training program, family members will be taught
changed the lives of his entire family        how important it is to stay with the family they are supporting, and how to
and close friends.                            use stories that the family is sharing to encourage the family on their journey.

In 2000 he had a son, James, who was          To become a Threads of Life Volunteer Family Guide, you must be a family
the love of his life. He was the              member or a close family friend of a worker who is living with the outcome
happiest anyone had ever seen him,            of a serious life-altering injury, occupational disease or of fatal injuries.
when playing and caring for his son.          Volunteer Family Guide training provides you with education and an
Mark was going to get married in the          opportunity to strengthen skills and knowledge to equip you to ‘walk a journey
fall of 2001, had he not died. His            with another family member’. We are accepting applications for the training
dream was to take over his father’s           for February/March 2006. The deadline for applications will be October 30th.
logging business, which we were               If you desire further information, a position description or an application form,
grooming him to do. His ambition for          please contact Shirley Hickman.
logging was endless. He did try high-
lead logging but found he enjoyed
driving the skidder the most.
                                                                          How to reach us
Having seen the LifeQuilt and talked                     Local: 519-685-4276; Toll-Free: 1-888-567-9490
to Shirley Hickman, mother of Tim,                                        Threads of Life
and all the others we met, had a                                 P.O. Box 9066, 1795 Ernest Ave.
profound effect on our thinking about                                 London, ON N6E 2V0
how we must make workers and other                                       Shirley Hickman
people more aware of how precious                          
life is, and to be safe in everything                                  www.threadsof
that they do.
                                                                      PLEASE LET US KNOW
                                             • If you would rather not receive further newsletters or further updates
                                             • If you know families or organizations who would like to be added to the
                                               mailing list
                                             • If you would prefer a French edition
                                             • If you would like to contribute an article, photo or poem
                                             • If you have suggestions to make this newsletter better and more useful

                     T     H      R      E   A      D      S          O      F           L     I     F     E                      3
         How can Families Get Involved?
      Threads of Life Community Action Program
    For the public, hearing a personal      communities across Canada. By                                        Another example of becoming
    message of someone directly             working in partnership with each of                                  involved in Community Action is
    affected by a workplace tragedy can     the jurisdictional compensation                                      the Threads of Life Speakers
    be more powerful than any injury        boards, Threads of Life will                                         Bureau. Threads of Life trains
    statistic. Parents hearing from         demonstrate that no one person can                                   family members who have come to
    another parent who has lost their       impact change on their own, but
    child can raise awareness far greater   collectively, as one voice, change
    than an information brochure. As        can and will occur.
    the network of family members and
    friends affected by a workplace

                                                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy of Jenn Aurich,
    tragedy grows so does a greater need
    for community action. Not only do

                                                                               Photo courtesy of Bruce Clayton

                                                                                                                                                 Fuel Advertising
    Canadians need to hear of the
    personal journey of a survivor of a
    workplace tragedy, but the family
    member also needs an outlet to take
    positive action.
                                                                                                                 a point in their journey of healing
    “What can I do?” is a question                                                                               to raise workplace safety awareness
    asked by many family members                                                                                 by speaking to the public. The
    who have been affected by a                                                                                  Speakers Bureau is an established
    workplace injury. They need to be       One example of Community Action                                      network of prevention champions
    involved, whether it is speaking to a   is the 3rd Annual 5 Km Run/Walk                                      who are able to share ‘their story’
    school regarding injury prevention      event in Toronto. The event was                                      in public appearances, arranged
    or becoming involved in a               coordinated in partnership with one                                  through Threads of Life.
    community event to help make            of its key Ontario partners: the
    their home, work and play safer.        Industrial Accident Prevention                                       Community Action is about
                                            Association. The goal of this event                                  empowering family members with
    Threads of Life has attempted to        is to raise community awareness                                      opportunities to make a difference
    meet this need with the develop-        regarding the devastating impact of                                  and take positive action. For
    ment of the Community Action            workplace tragedies. This year, 120                                  more information on any of our
    Program. This program offers            participants gathered together and                                   Community Action initiatives or
    families opportunities to raise         raised $5,000 in support of Threads                                  if you would like to get involved,
    awareness and accountability of         of Life and its family members.                                      please call us directly at
    workplace health and safety among       Next year, Threads of Life will offer                                1-888-567-9490.
    Canadians. The goal of the program      to support any family members who
    is to create a cultural shift towards   wish to organize a similar event in
    health and safety in workplaces and     their own community.

4                    T     H      R     E   A      D     S          O     F                                       L    I     F     E
                                                            but real way, began to share her life history. Audrey told
Book Review                                                 me that she, too, had lost her husband to an illness, her
                                                            son to suicide and her granddaughter all within seven
                                                            years. Along our walks, Audrey would tell me that she

‘Get Over It’                                               was keeping a journal and suggested that I do the same.
                                                            Audrey also told me that she had begun to write a book
                                                            and that I, too, was helping her in her own journey of
Author: Audrey Stringer                                     grief. The more I walked with Audrey and the more we
                                                            talked and shared, the more I came to love this human
Broken heart, broken dreams, shattered                      being and felt that she was like an older sister.
heart, shattered dreams.                                    We connected in so many ways.

The morning of January 23, 2002 was like every                     Audrey understood grief because she has
other morning. As my husband Joe and I                              experienced direct personal loss in three
departed for another workday we                                      generations of her own family. Audrey also helps
gave each other a kiss and                                            others in her own professional practice as a
said to each other I love                                              bereavement counsellor. Audrey knows that it
you and have a good day.                                                is possible to overcome the pain, to use grief
Joe grabbed me a second                                                   constructively, and to find new hopes and
time for another hug and kiss.                                             dreams for the future. Audrey knows that
Who would have ever thought                                                 you really can ‘Get Over It!’
that I would go from being
single, married and then to                                                    In Audrey’s book she speaks about
become a widow in 17 short                                                      topics that include: how to cope with
months? I could not possibly sum                                                 death, the value of rituals, how to
up today how much pain and                                                        build a supportive network, living
suffering I have been through and                                                with guilt and how to overcome it,
who knows how much more pain and                                        making decisions for the future, how to
suffering that I have to go through                            handle holidays, how children grieve, rediscovering
because of Joe’s death. Statistics show                     intimacy, finding strength in faith and spirituality, and
that losing a loved one is the number one                   last but certainly not least, the power of positive
most traumatic life event that any one person can go        thinking. Audrey’s remarkable book weaves together
through next to moving. When Joe died on January 23,        personal narrative and professional advice to create an
2002, a part of me died with him. This pain and my loss     inspiring and invaluable resource for the bereaved, as
will never go away.                                         well as their friends and caregivers. Audrey Stringer has
                                                            an active palliative support and grief counselling practice
A couple of months after the death of my husband Joe,       called A String of Hope Inc. She is also past Chair and
my godmother Nancy introduced me to this amazing            Educator Facilitator for the Sarnia-Lambton Palliative
woman named Audrey Stringer. At that time I did not         Care Association.
wish to see, let alone meet, anyone new in my life. I was
physically alive but merely going through the emotions      You may purchase this eloquent book called ‘Get Over
of life. I remember being awakened by my mother and         It!’ ($19.95): Audrey Stringer, A String of Hope Inc.,
father, so that I could go for a walk with my godmother     P.O. Box 22037, Sarnia, ON N7S 6J4, or you may call
Nancy and Audrey. After I went walking with Audrey a        Audrey at (519) 383-0161.
couple of times, I felt an enormous amount of trust and
that God had sent me another angel on earth to guide        Written by a surviving spouse of a tragic workplace
me on my journey of grief. Audrey, in her own delicate,     death. Antonietta Di Murro Durco, August 2005

                 T     H     R     E     A     D      S        O      F          L     I     F     E                      5
Why We Support Threads of Life?
Threads of Life and the Canadian Association of Workers’ Advisers and Advocates
By Blake Williams – Chair, CAWAA                                                                                           I was involved in co-presenting the
                                                                                                                           awards to partner organizations who
                                                                                                                           had demonstrated leadership and

                                                                                     Photo courtesy of the Richmond News
                                                                                                                           tremendous commitment to the
                                                                                                                           vision, mission, and mandate of the
                                                                                                                           Threads of Life organization. It was a
                                                                                                                           very impressive event and I was able
                                                                                                                           to report back to our members about
                                                                                                                           the substantial progress Threads had
                                                                                                                           made in a relatively short period of
                                                                                                                           time to assist families share their
                                                                                                                           journeys and support them during a
                                                                                                                           difficult period of healing.
         Visiting the Office of the Workers’ Adviser (l to r) Shirley Hickman,
                     Blake Williams, Gil Shoesmith, Gale Koehl                                                             Last month, the LifeQuilt was back in
                                                                                                                           British Columbia for a public forum.
All Canadian provinces and territories          Hickman and had the opportunity to
                                                                                                                           Shirley Hickman and two volunteers
except Quebec have established                  see it. Our delegates to that meeting
                                                                                                                           (Gale Koehl and Gil Shoesmith) from
Workers’ Advisers or Workers’                   were moved by the power of the
                                                                                                                           British Columbia kindly agreed to
Advocates offices to provide                    LifeQuilt and the very focused
                                                                                                                           make a presentation to B.C. Workers’
confidential and independent advice,            message to raise awareness among
                                                                                                                           Advisers staff in nine offices around
assistance and representation to injured        families and young workers to prevent
                                                                                                                           our province on the roles and goals of
workers and their dependents in                 future workplace tragedies.
                                                                                                                           Threads of Life. Our staff were both
workers compensation board matters.
                                                                                                                           very impressed and supportive of
The Canadian Association of Workers’            Subsequently, the LifeQuilt came to
                                                                                                                           these. We were able to help arrange
Advisers and Advocates (CAWAA) is               British Columbia for the annual
                                                                                                                           some meetings with B.C. accident
the national association of these offices       Association of Workers’ Compensation
                                                                                                                           investigators, sensitive claims adjudi-
whose mission is “to ensure and                 Boards of Canada Congress and I had
                                                                                                                           cators, small business initiatives,
improve excellent services for injured          the pleasure of presenting a cheque
                                                                                                                           labour leaders, a legal assistance
workers and their dependents through            from CAWAA to help support the
                                                                                                                           society leader and two WCB vice-
co-operative and collaborative                  LifeQuilt at the Congress.
                                                                                                                           presidents. These meetings included
representation and to achieve fair
                                                                                                                           information about Threads of Life so
resolutions on individual and systemic          When we learned of the plan to hold
                                                                                                                           that opportunities for future partner-
workers compensation issues.” In the            a 1st Annual National Family and
                                                                                                                           ships and support could begin to be
course of our work, we become                   Friends Forum in Toronto last April
                                                                                                                           identified. There was broad-based
involved in assisting survivors of              29th-May 1st, I canvassed our
                                                                                                                           support to have a strong Threads
workplace fatalities in sorting out the         membership to see if there was
                                                                                                                           presence in British Columbia and I
myriad of legal and claims issues with          support for CAWAA to make a
                                                                                                                           am confident that both CAWAA and
the workers’ compensation system.               financial contribution to assist with
                                                                                                                           the B.C. Workers’ Advisers offices will
                                                this important forum. The result was
                                                                                                                           continue to work toward that goal, as
A few years ago, at our national                a unanimous vote across the country
                                                                                                                           well as a Threads of Life presence in
annual meeting in St. John’s,                   to not only provide a contribution for
                                                                                                                           other provinces and territories.
Newfoundland, we had the pleasure               the Volunteer Recognition Awards but
of hearing a presentation on the                also for me to attend to make a
LifeQuilt initiative from Shirley               presentation on a workshop panel.

6                     T     H      R        E     A     D     S          O       F                                         L     I    F     E
Threads of Life takes ‘Baby Steps’
to British Columbia                                                         By Shirley Hickman

If I have met you then you have likely      it out, and explained that the bridge on   local media featuring workers who lost
heard me describe the growth of             the horizon had been renamed the           their lives doing their job. Each worker
Threads of Life in terms of taking          Ironworkers’ Memorial Second               with a family and friends left to cope
careful ‘baby steps’. This summer,          Narrows Bridge in 1994. It was             with the outcomes. Since workplace
our baby steps took us to British           renamed as a tribute to the workers        tragedies were a high awareness issue
Columbia where we had the                   who died in the construction of the        during that period, Threads of Life
opportunity to be participants in the       bridge. Many families are living with      was asked to be interviewed for a local
2005 Public Forum hosted by Worksafe        the outcomes of that particular            newspaper. During our hour-long
B.C. To find our more information on        workplace tragedy. We paused, took a       interview, the reporter wept with us as
the 2005 public forum, please go to         picture and gave a moment of silence.      she heard the stories of our families and where you            A moment to remember the lives lost,       as she shared the stories of the three
can download photos and                     the lives changed forever and the lives    recent fatalities that she had covered.
presentations.                              of our family members.
                                                                                       The baby steps that we took in B.C.
I had the honour of attending the           After the conference, Gil and I were       last month were small but not
conference with Gil Shoesmith, a            joined by Gil’s daughter Jen, and Gale     insignificant. We are gradually
Threads of Life family member from          Koehl, a widow. Together we attended       nurturing our concept to ensure success
British Columbia. We both met many          several meetings with key organizations    and sustainability. No matter where
individuals from organizations and          who indicated that they would help         you live in Canada, there are many
other provinces, each expressing a desire   nurture the Threads of Life concept        opportunities available for you to
to support the vision and mission of        within British Columbia. A special         become involved. In this edition, you
Threads of Life. During every meeting,      ‘thank you’ to Blake Williams, Director    will read about the Volunteer Family
participants recognized the value of        of the British Columbia, Workers’          Guide training, opportunities for
one-on-one peer support and                 Advisers Office, who assisted us with      public awareness and presentations,
understood the importance of sharing a      the coordination of these important        opportunities to fundraise or create
family’s story in support of injury         meetings. You can hear more of Blake’s     community awareness. Together, one
prevention and awareness.                   story and why his organization is          baby step at a time, Threads of Life will
                                            supporting Threads of Life in our          become an organization that will “lead
During the public forum, I took part in     ‘Partnerships’ article.                    and inspire a culture shift as a result of
a dinner cruise around Vancouver                                                       which work-related injuries and
harbour and the straits. I looked out to    Unfortunately, the incidences of           illnesses are morally, socially and
the horizon and took in the majestic        workplace fatalities were not deterred     economically unacceptable.”
mountain scenes surrounding us. Not         during that very week that I was
too far out, I could see a magnificent      visiting in the Vancouver area. There
bridge. Gil turned to me after I pointed    were three high-profile stories in the

                     T     H      R     E     A     D      S          O      F         L     I     F     E                      7
                                              How can Friends Support Threads of Life?
                                              Threads of Life is supported by a       Director, Kathleen McDonnell,
                                              large number of Friends. Since our      agreed to swim in Lake Ontario to
                                              incorporation, we have defined a        raise money for Threads of Life.
                                              friend as any organization that         Money was raised based on how
                                              shares our mission to eliminate life-   long Kathleen would stay in the
                                              altering workplace injuries, illness    frigid lake. Thank you to Kathleen
    MISSION                                   and deaths. Friends of Threads of       and the OWA staff. Their inno-
                                              Life have supported our organ-          vative fundraising efforts raised
    Our mission is to help families           ization in a number of ways. Some       $920 for Threads of Life and
    heal through a community of               sit on our advisory committee and       its initiatives.
    support and to promote the elimi-         provide support in determining our
    nation of life-altering workplace         strategic direction. Others provide     The local WSIB office in Thunder
    injuries, illnesses and deaths.           in-kind support such as the             Bay took initiative as well and
                                              development of creative materials,      organized a bake sale in support of
    VISION                                    printing of our THREADS                 Threads of Life. Staff members
    Threads of Life will lead and             newsletter or making phone calls to     brought in their plates of treats and
    inspire a culture shift as a result       help us organize key meetings. We       cookies, which were then sold to
    of which work-related injuries            would like to take this opportunity     raise money for our organization.
    and illnesses are morally, socially       and share with our readers how          A special ‘thank you’ to Randi
    and economically unacceptable.            some unique individuals within our      Montieth and her staff in their
                                              Friends network have helped to          successful event and for raising
    VALUES                                    support Threads of Life by raising      $320. It truly is a privilege to work
    We believe that:                          much needed donations.                  closely with so many talented and
                                                                                      committed people. The staff of the
    Caring:      Caring helps and
                                              The Office of the Worker Adviser        Thunder Bay WSIB office has
                                              (OWA) is one such Friend. On            showcased initiative as well as
    Listening: Listening can ease             Sunday May 1, 2005 at the 3rd           leadership in their commitment in
               pain and suffering.            Annual Walk/Run, the OWA                supporting the families within the
    Sharing:     Sharing our personal         organized a dedicated group of          Threads of Life network.
                 losses will lead to          volunteers and their families to
                 healing and                  help with the coordination of the       Organizing Run/Walk events, dips
                 preventing future            5 Km Walk/Run, including                in Lake Ontario or bake sales are
                 devastating work-            set-up, island clean-up, serving        all unique ways in which our
                 related losses.              refreshments, taking registrations,     Friends can get involved to support
    Respect: Personal experiences             and collecting donations. Special       Canadian families affected by a
             of loss and grief                thanks go to Gabriella & Anthony        workplace tragedy. Threads of Life
             need to be honoured              Letterio, Linda, John, Nicholas and     would like to work with your
             and respected.                   Justin Fera, Christian Brusco &         organization to develop an initi-
                                              Mario Picarrazzi, Ivy and Martha        ative that would nurture teamwork
    Health:      Health and safety            Farquhar-McDonnell and Kathleen         and boost morale in your work-
                 begin in our heads,          McDonnell for music and songs.          place. There are many ways to
                 hearts and hands, in         The OWA then took their support         support Threads of Life, all you
                 everyday actions.            to Threads of Life further by           have to do is call and we can work
    Passion:     Passionate                   issuing a challenge to their staff.     together to find the right fit for
                 individuals can              The partner of OWA’s Executive          your organization.
                 change the world.

8                      T     H      R     E   A    D      S          O      F         L     I    F     E
Helpers Along the Way                                             Volunteer speakers to
You will have many helpers                                         change the world!
As you travel on this journey.
                                                             A teacher affects eternity: she can never tell
You may not even realize who they all are                             where her influence stops
Until your journey is complete.
                                                          Has someone in your family or a close friend been:
Be open to accept their help,
                                                          • seriously injured on the job?
For they’ve been through this
                                                          • fatally injured?
With so many others before you.
                                                          • living with an occupational disease?
These helpers, I believe,                                 Threads of Life knows how these tragic and preventable
Are special people…                                       life events can affect families and friends. We are a
                                                          Workplace Tragedy Family Support Association
They know the right words to share                        supported by a tapestry of volunteers from across the
And when to say them…                                     country who have been personally touched by a
                                                          workplace tragedy.
You will share with them
Things never mentioned to anyone before.                  We believe the power of personal testimonial is one
                                                          of the most effective ways to educate the public
They’ll be there when you cry                             about the importance of safety, promote greater
And also when you laugh.                                  accountability for workplace health and safety and
                                                          debunk the perception that injuries are “just the cost
They understand exactly the depth of what it is           of doing business.”
You’re dealing with on this journey of yours.             If you are ready and willing to talk about these issues
Don’t be afraid of what they may think,                   with the public, we invite you to join Threads of Life
                                                          and participate in our Speakers Bureau. We offer:
They’ve probably seen and heard it all before.
                                                          • flexible time commitments (you choose when and
Just think of where we’d be if                              where you are willing to speak)
We had to travel on this journey alone.                   • one or more presentations in a geographic area close
By Kathy Ayling                                             to you
Rockford, Illinois (Reprinted with permission from        • public venues could include high schools,
Bereavement Publishing, Inc. 888-604-4673)                  companies, conferences, and meetings
                                                          • travel expenses will be covered
                                                          • presentation materials will be provided
                                                          • public speaking training offered if required
                                                          Threads of Life is a not-for-profit national organization that provides families
                                                          with peer support assistance and referral while promoting public awareness and
                                                          accountability for workplace health and safety.

                                                          If you are ready to make a difference, please call:

                                                             Threads of Life – Workplace Tragedy
                                                                 Family Support Association
                                                           Toll-free: 1-888-567-9490; Local: 519-685-4276;

                  T     H        R   E    A       D   S     O         F                 L        I       F         E                         9
     1. To help families, friends and injured workers cope:
       By connecting those affected by injury to existing groups and services and
       to those who have suffered in a similar way; to provide the emotional
       and other support and caring required to walk their journey of healing.
     2. To help families, friends and injured workers understand the administrative processes that follow a fatality or
        life-altering injury:
       By providing information and support to families as they encounter the occupational health and safety,
       compensation and coroner’s inquest systems following a fatality or life-altering injury/illness.
     3. To help families, friends and injured workers move forward as a network of volunteers:
       By providing opportunities to raise awareness and accountability of workplace health and safety amongst

     1. Family Support
     This support program will provide: 1) personal and sustained interaction with a trained peer to facilitate a sharing
     of experiences; 2) an opportunity for families and workers to meet each other and create communities of support;
     3) mechanisms through which common knowledge gaps or needs are identified and addressed;
     4) material resources to assist in understanding grieving or traumatic emotional processes/ experiences.
     2. Partnerships
     This partnership program will provide 1) families with answers to general process questions through interaction
     with Family Guides; 2) links to individuals within appropriate authorities or agencies when a case-specific
     question/issue needs to be addressed; 3) material resources to orient families to administrative processes that follow
     a fatality or life-altering injury/illness and assist them in understanding those processes.
     3. Community Action
     This community program consists of four categories: 1) Speakers Bureau; 2) Peer Support Program; 3) Media
     Relations; 4) Grassroots Action. Efforts will be made to promote the attention of the media to spread the collective
     Prevention word.

                    Contributions to this edition by:
     Sharon Peat, Parent, Chair of Board of Directors            SPECIAL THANKS TO:
     Blake Williams, Chair, CAWAA                                Lynne Fraser
     Antonietta Di Murro Durco, Family Member,                   FUEL Advertising
                                                                 Worker’s Health and Safety Centre
     Audrey Stringer, Friend
     Kathy and Gordon Apostoliuk and family, Family Member       MADE POSSIBLE WITH FUNDING SUPPORT FROM:
     Siân Gibson, Communications Manager                         Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
     Shirley Hickman, Parent, Program Manager                    Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)
                                                                 Ontario Trillium Foundation
                                                                 Victim Services Secretariat of the Ontario Attorney
                                                                  General’s Office

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