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									Understanding nature-based tourism – No 4
National Visitor Survey and International Visitor Survey
research findings

Australian and international participation rates in nature tourism in New
South Wales (with sample regional snapshots)
Extracts from the National Visitor Survey (NVS) and International Visitor Survey (IVS) conducted
by the Bureau of Tourism Research (BTR).

Participation in ‘outdoor ecotourism’ grouping of leisure activities in NSW
(Source: National Visitor Survey – Year ending June 2000)

Domestic overnight visitors 1999-2000: Main leisure activities engaged in
(Multiple choice question)

                                                                                                                NSW 1999-2000
Main leisure activities - domestic overnight visitors
Outdoor ecotourism*                                                                                                                  29%
Go to the beach (including swimming, surfing, diving)                                                                                21%
Visit national parks, bushwalking, rainforest walks                                                                                  5%
Visit botanical or other public gardens                                                                                              2%
Active outdoor/sport                                                                                                                 21%
Go fishing                                                                                                                           7%
Other outdoor activities                                                                                                             7%
Local attractions, tourist activities (nature-based)
Visit wildlife parks/zoos                                                                                                            2%
Other comparative leisure activity (BTR defined) groupings
Arts/heritage                                                                                                                        9%
(which includes visit museums or art galleries 3% and history/heritage 3%)
Local attractions, tourist activities                                                                                                9%
(which includes visit wineries 2% and theme parks 2%)
Social/other                                                                                                                         81%
(including visit friends and relatives 39% and pubs, clubs, discos, etc 22%)
Total for NSW                                                                                                          26,111,000

* ‘Outdoor/ecotourism’ represents a Bureau of Tourism Research/NVS grouping of ‘go to the beach, visit national parks, visit
botanical or other public gardens, go whale/dolphin watching, visit the outback, visit farms’. Additional considerations for nature
tourism - in relation to NVS activity groupings - are ‘active outdoor/sport’ including fishing & adventure activities and visiting
attractions or going on a guided tour – particularly those with a focus on wildlife/animals and natural settings.

Nature Tourism – Research Findings                                                                                                         1/7
Domestic: Sample regional results and comparison for ‘participation in leisure activities’
(Note: For analytical purposes, participation rates can be more meaningfully examined on a region by region basis as
State-wide averages do not provide a true insight into the levels of activity for those regions with substantial visitation
levels or high appeal experiences. This sample provides an introduction to participation rates for two coastal regions with
high leisure take up rates, as well as a further comparison with sample mountain and inland environments. Leisure
activity results for all NSW tourism regions are regularly provided as part of the reporting outcomes from the National
Visitor Survey.)

Domestic overnight visitors 1999-2000: Main leisure activities engaged in
(multiple choice question)

                                                        Blue                Northern           South Coast            The Living
Activity – domestic overnight visitors                Mountains              Rivers/                                   Outback
                                                                          Tropical NSW
                                                    1999       2000       1999     2000        1999       2000       1999      2000
Outdoor ecotourism*                                 44%        42%        47%      51%         60%        58%        10%        7%
Go to the beach (including swimming,                  -          -        42%      46%         54%        52%          -         -
surfing, diving)
Visit national parks, bushwalking,                  38%        19%        11%        7%        19%         9%        7%
rainforest walks
Visit botanical/other public gardens                 4%                                                              3%
Visit the outback

Active outdoor/sport                                20%        15%        23%       26%        40%        39%        16%        16%
Go fishing                                                                12%       13%        25%        21%        10%        8%
Play golf and other sports                          7%          8%        5%        5%         12%        15%        4%         10%
Other outdoor activities                            10%         7%        7%        9%         12%        10%        4%         10%

Local attractions/tourist activity                   8%         7%         4%        8%         6%         7%        10%         5%
Go on guided tours or excursions                     3%         2%                   2%                              4%
Visit wildlife parks/zoos                                                                       2%         2%
Visit amusement/theme parks                                                2%                   1%         3%
Visit industrial tourism attractions                                                                                 8%         3%
Tourist trains                                       4%         2%

Arts/heritage                                       12%        10%        11%        7%         8%         8%        19%        12%
Visit history/heritage buildings, sites or          5%         4%         3%         3%                              10%        7%
Visit museums or art galleries                       4%         2%         1%        2%                              9%         8%
Visit art/craft workshops                            3%         4%         3%                                        3%
Attend theatre, concerts, performing arts                                  2%        2%
Attend festivals/fairs or cultural events                                  3%

Social/other                                        76%        86%        78%                  73%        81%        64%        69%
Visit friends and relatives                         35%        36%        36%       36%        29%        29%        14%        25%
Pubs, clubs, discos, etc                            9%                    28%       27%        18%        21%        28%        24%
Eating out at restaurants                           41%        50%
Go on a day trip to another place                                         10%       11%         7%         8%        8%         7%
Taking in the sights                               39%
Go Shopping                                        13%         13%
Total domestic overnight visitors ‘000             1 045       889        1 837     1 800     2 561      2 342       503        490

* ‘Outdoor/ecotourism’ represents a Bureau of Tourism Research grouping of ‘go to the beach, visit national parks, visit botanical or
other public gardens, go whale/dolphin watching, visit the outback, visit farms’.

Nature Tourism – Research Findings                                                                                                      2/7
Domestic day visitor activities 1999-2000: Main leisure activities (multiple choice question)

                                               Blue                 Northern      South Coast        The Living
Activity – domestic day visitors             Mountains               Rivers/                          Outback
(Nature-based shown in italics)                                   Tropical NSW
                                            1999       2000       1999     2000   1999    2000      1999       2000
Go to the beach (including swimming,               -          -    22%      22%    25%     15%             -          -
surfing, diving)
Visit national parks, bushwalking,           36%        51%         8%      5%      7%      6%       16%
rainforest walks
Visit friends and relatives                  21%        22%        21%     24%    22%     21%        13%        25%
Visit history/heritage buildings, site or     6%         4%                        2%      3%
Go fishing                                                          4%      3%      6%      3%
Visit botanical or other public gardens       5%         3%                                           7%
Visit wildlife zoos/parks                                                                             8%
Play golf and other sports                    3%                    7%      4%      6%               11%        17%
Other outdoor activities                      3%         3%         5%      2%      2%      3%
Visit the outback                               -          -          -       -       -         -
Tourist trains                                2%         3%                                           4%
Attend organised sporting events                                    5%      2%
Visit museums or art galleries                                                                        4%
Pubs, clubs, discos etc                       3%         4%         8%      7%      9%      6%       11%        23%
Attend festivals/fairs or cultural events                           1%                                5%
Attend theatre, concerts, performing arts                           2%
Taking in the sights                                                                                 12%        12%
Go shopping                                                                                          15%        14%
Visit art/craft workshops                     3%                                    3%
Total day visitors ‘000                     3 059      2 784      3 505   3 254   2 462   2 531      288        309

Additional research findings on nature-based tourism participation levels:
    Applying pre-defined selection criteria for a ‘nature-based tourist’ (involving participation in
    activities and visiting natural areas) Tourism Tasmania found that of the estimated 524,000
    adult visitors to their State during 1998-99, some 361,000 (69%) participated in nature-based
    tourism according to their criteria.
    Surprisingly, seasonality was not a factor, with summer the most popular time for ecotourism
    and adventure-style tourism – more than half the nature-based tourists travelled between
    January and March.
    Interestingly, the proportions of market segments participating in nature-based tourism activity
    were very similar for all visitors. However the ‘visible achievers’ (30%) and ‘socially aware’
    segments (26%), based on Roy Morgan Research Centre values segments, were the largest
    with ‘socially aware’ achieving a rise of numbers of almost 55% from 1993 to 1998-99.
    In terms of their participation in activities, nature-based tourists were also found to possess a
    strong interest in cultural activities, indicated by an increasing number and proportion visiting
    markets, gardens, antique shops, wineries and attending a theatre or the performing arts.
    An important observation from the report was: “It appears that the provision of a high standard
    of accommodation and associated travel services is a necessary precursor to the development
    of specific localities for ecotourism and adventure-style activities.”
    It was felt that it was important for nature-based tourism to be promoted as a shared
    experience with the content of promotional material reflecting this and the higher appeal to

Nature Tourism – Research Findings                                                                                        3/7
     There are indications of increasingly genuine interest in nature-based tourism.
     Tasmania’s natural environment is seen as setting it apart from other States and Territories
     and is an important element of its image as a tourist destination (Nature-Based Tourism in
     Tasmania 1998-99 Update, Tourism Tasmania).

Participation in (nature-based) leisure activities in New South Wales
(Source: International Visitor Survey 1999)

International visitors 1999: Top 10 activities undertaken in NSW – multiple choice question

  Rating        Top 10 activities undertaken*                                                 New South Wales 1999
    1           Go shopping (for pleasure)                                                    82%
    2           Go to the beach                                                               60%
    3           Visit public gardens                                                          53%
    4           Visit national parks                                                          51%
    5           Visit friends/relatives                                                       49%
    6           Visit wildlife parks/zoos                                                     48%
    7           Visit pubs/clubs and discos                                                   40%
    8           Visit history/heritage buildings                                              39%
    9           Go on tours (A further activity with possible nature                          36%
     10         Visit museums                                                                 31%
                Total NSW                                                                     2,611,659
* From ‘main purpose of visit’ – figures represent total result for all countries of residence. All visitors aged 15 years & over.

Highest response rates for nature-based activities by countries of residence (indicators only) –
International Visitor Survey, year ending June 2000

     Go to the beach: UK 73%, Germany 72%, Canada 70%, Other Europe 66%, USA 65%,
     Taiwan 67%, Korea 64%, Japan 57%, Indonesia 54%, and Hong Kong 53%

     Visit public gardens: Taiwan 70%, UK 62%, USA 58%, Korea 58%, China 58%, Other
     Europe 58%, Canada 56%, Germany 56%, Malaysia 55% and Thailand 53%

     Visit national parks: Taiwan 68%, Germany 65%, UK 64%, Other Europe 63%, Canada 62%,
     USA 58%, Japan 56%, Korea 49%, Malaysia 45% and Singapore 44%
     (The popularity of Blue Mountains National Park and its close proximity to Sydney is a factor in the results for some
     of these markets – particularly the Asian markets.)

     Visit wildlife parks/zoos: Taiwan 76%, Japan 72%, Germany 60%, Korea 59%, USA 55%,
     Other Europe 55%, UK 52%, Canada 48%, Malaysia 48% and China 47%.

Nature Tourism – Research Findings                                                                                                   4/7
Number of international visitors to NSW by country of residence – year ending June 2000

Country of residence                 Total NSW
Japan                                381,000
United Kingdom                       355,000
New Zealand                          305,000
United States                        289,000
Other Europe                         288,000
Korea                                113,000
Germany                              98,000
Singapore                            81,000
China                                80,000
Taiwan                               78,000
Hong Kong                            78,000
Other Asia                           58,000
Canada                               57,000
Malaysia                             47,000
Thailand                             34,000
Indonesia                            31,000
Other countries                      144,000
Total                                2,517,000

Things visitors enjoyed most about Australia 1998 – multiple choice question
    In terms of total visitors from all source countries, after visiting friends and relatives, weather,
    people, the next most significant results were for wildlife/nature and countryside/scenery.

Other available international research findings
Profiles and motivations of Nature-based tourists visiting Australia – 1995/96 – BTR Occasional
Paper No 25
    In 1995, 50% of all international visitors to Australia went to at least one National Park at some
    time during their stay and a rapid annual growth rate was being experienced in international
    visits to national parks.
    For 23% of nature-based visitors, the intention to visit natural areas was either a major factor or
    the most important factor in their decision to come to Australia.
    A motivational profile for nature-based international tourists shows that the main motivation for
    visitors to participate in nature-based activities was:
         to see the natural beauty of the sites visited;
         to see or experience something new;
         see wildlife in detail; and
         to be close to nature.
    69% of visitors also felt that an educational or learning experience was important or very
    important in their decision to undertake a nature-based activity. For these visitors, seeing and
    observing animals, plants and landscapes was the most important learning experience,
    followed by being provided with information about the biology or ecology of a species or region.
    Escaping tourism masses/crowds and towns/cities and achieving rest and recreation in a
    natural setting are also key factors with a segment of this market.

Nature Tourism – Research Findings                                                                         5/7
High yield case study - USA market
In a 2001 market briefing, Tourism New South Wales’ marketing team (based in Los Angeles)
advised as follows on the then (pre September 11th terrorist attacks) USA market situation and
consumer travel trends:
    High yield/spend market – average spend AU$2,090 per person excluding airfares and
    Average 25 room nights with 45% room nights in New South Wales
    Independent travellers – 68% fully independent, 24% package, 8% group tours
    Personal health and safety important – a buyers market with confident but careful spending
    Top leisure activities in Australia –
       83% shopping                                              49% friends and relatives
         63% beach                                               43% historical sites and monuments
         55% botanical gardens                                   34% art galleries and museums
         54% national parks                                      33% guided tours and excursions
         50% wildlife parks and zoos                             18% Indigenous culture, theatre
         49% pubs, clubs, discos
    Free time is also important.
    Although Australia is still ‘flavour of the month’ with growing interest in our wine, culture and
    lifestyle, a 6.5 year time lapse exists between considering Australia and actually arriving.
    31% of arrivals have been considering Australia for 11 years or more.

Nature Tourism – Research Findings                                                                      6/7
Special significance of international markets to regional nature
tourism destinations

Growth: The depth and range of available natural experiences provides competitive marketing
opportunities for New South Wales, particularly in relation to the continuing growth generally being
experienced by Australia in relation to international source markets.

•   In 2000 (before September 11 attacks), the growth in international visitor numbers to New
    South Wales was at least 7% per annum - significantly higher than that for domestic market

    Of these the European including UK, the North American (i.e. those with a higher proportion of
    Free and Independent Travellers) and increasingly the Japanese markets are more actively
    travelling beyond gateway cities to explore at least some of the natural wonders of the State.
    Ready accessibility and proximity to Australia’s major visitor gateways are also important
    influences on the extent of visitor activity, as well as the level of appeal of the attractions and
    experiences on offer, and their conservation standards and practices (‘green credentials’).

    By contrast, interstate visitors often find that they can more readily locate and access their own
    State’s nature experiences (or those more conveniently located just over their border with New
    South Wales), thus creating a greater inherent marketing challenge to entice them to NSW
    nature-based destinations lying further afield. Cross-border visitors from South East
    Queensland, along with Victorians who enjoy touring up the NSW South Coast and travelling to
    the Snowy Mountains and River Murray areas, represent important exceptions and market

    Despite their reputation as tourists on tight budgets, backpackers spend more, travel further
    and stay longer than other travellers. Ten per cent of all international visitors to Australia are
    classified as backpackers and they account for about 26% of all international visitor nights. The
    typical backpacker is young (18-35 years), educated, adventurous and price conscious (more
    so with their accommodation where value for money is important as most of their travel
    finances are spent on other activities and having experiences). International backpackers are
    often active adventure seekers and consequently adventure tours and attractions that require
    active participation are popular. Significantly they are more inclined to travel ‘off the beaten
    track’ and they seek diverse experiences in varied locations. They also arrive in Australia with
    flexible itineraries and travel ideas but few actual bookings, and are strongly influenced by word
    of mouth and peer information. They are also looking for interaction and information about
    Aboriginal culture.

Nature Tourism – Research Findings                                                                   7/7

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