Behavior Issues In The Classroom

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					Common Behavior Issues In The Classroom

                              Behavior issues in the classroom happen almost everyday. This is to be
                              expected by teachers since students obviously can develop a sense of
                              immunity towards you in due time. And it is common nature for them to be
                              somehow swayed in the path of noisiness and stubbornness in the long

                               As a teacher our role is indeed big. We are not only trying to teach them
lessons they had enrolled but also life in general. More than teaching, we are there to guide them and
discipline them so that the class atmosphere will not be interrupted and destroyed. Thus, as a first move
to slowly solve this common teacher concern, it is a must to identify the different types of behaviors
issues in the classroom. This in turn will set the disparity of what is considered disrupting and which
ones are not.

Issue #1: Noisy students. Noise is something that must be modulated especially in a classroom. A
teacher is like a librarian who would tap on the desk or even blow whistles to some, but in an abstract
sense. During lectures, as much as possible students must be silent in order to fully grasp and
understand the lesson at hand. Sometimes, when students sit in groups especially with friends, talking is
something they usually do and can’t truly be avoided. The bad thing is noisy students are by far the top
problem and concern in a classroom setup.

Issue #2: Rebellious students. There are many ways to label if a student is stubborn or not. One definite
example is a student who is not following your instructions. Second are doing things that can put a halt
to your patience. Finally there are students who would do anything just to interrupt the class flow. Thus
it is a teacher’s responsibility to care for our students as if they are our own. And as much as possible we
want to strengthen cooperation with the things we want to do especially if they are necessary for their
intellectual growth. If you happen to identify students who would correspond with the facts, filling in
appropriate disciplinary actions should be made immediately.

Issue #3: Inattentive students. These types of students are those who are not at all noisy. Some are
often noisy but normally they just don’t give their attention to the lessons at hand. When you call their
attention and allow them to answer a particular question, they have no answers and clearly don’t
understand the topic at all. They may be difficult to deal with because they have no interest. As a
teacher, we must raise all of the students simultaneously. We must ensure that everyone has some sort
of lesson gained from our everyday discussion. We should duly know which students are inattentive so
they can be given more attention.
Teaching is indeed serious business. As a teacher you just do not intervene and lecture topics daily.
Good management must be present so the whole classroom won’t be a mess. Issues and problems must
be addressed immediately. Furthermore, behavior issues in the classroom must be addressed instantly.

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