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Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar's new; empowering and enlightening experiences; and inspiring insights; based on study, practice, research and teaching of different medical systems, human physiology, Gita, Vishnusahasranam, Namasmaran; and stress and life; for individual and global blossoming

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 Even if we are prone to get dragged by the beast within
us, and make life miserable for ourselves and the others,
we still have potentials to blossom together; and they can
                      be manifested!

Even as we are individuals and hence fallible; and make
 mistakes; we still have freedom to make efforts to be
                objective and accurate.

 Even as we have limitations to our capacities, and are
unable to achieve miraculous feats, we have freedom to
 make choices in terms of actions; from the options in
                      front of us.

Let us understand that India is not merely a geographic
 portion of the earth. She is not merely the rivers and
  mountains or castles and palaces! She is neither the
           riches nor the poverty of people.

   India is the incessant ongoing search of truth and
  ambrosia of Truth that manifests from time to time
                throughout the millennia!

   The seers; known and unknown to he documented
    history have manifested omniscient, eternal and
omnipotent ambrosia of truth; the true spirit of India! let
  us imbibe and share it with the world happily and
   thankfully; for ever; through NAMASMARAN!

In view of this spirit; even if it is true that the most of the
   options available to us are depressing, degenerating,
  deteriorative, disastrous and destructive, we still have
   freedom to blossom; through NAMASMARAN and
   make benevolent options available for ourselves, the
   people of the world and the subsequent generations.

   This is exactly why I am writing this. I am convinced
that; even as we are shackled in casual, petty, superficial,
piecemeal and ad hoc approach on a variety of problems
  causing stress (and mismanage the stress); we still can
 develop holistic approach and work for individual and
   global blossoming and overcome stress! Some of the
 examples of how we can do this; in brief; (as the details
  are described in many books and articles; of mine and
                   others); are as follows.

   For health problems; our solution is; more hospital
     buildings, more gadgets and more equipments.
Actually we need a thrust on study, practice and training
  of Holistic health and Holistic medicine. For example
 training in NAMASMARAN, byhearting hymns from
different languages, learning about the medicinal uses of
     common foods and herbs, yoga, pranayama etc.

For the lack of education; our solution is licensing more
    institutions and greater use of learning aids and

 Actually we must emphasize on Holistic Education (One
which includes development and training in spiritual and
productive domains in addition to cognitive, affective and
                psychomotor domains)

For unemployment and beggars on the road; our solution
is payment to unemployed people and anti–begging law.

    Actually we require to eradicate; with priority; the
 causes of unemployment such as policies, which destroy
the self employment and small scale and home industries
      (e.g. excessive production of water coolers, air
   conditioners, auto rickshaws etc) and restrictions on
 traditional jobs (such as pot making, cane work, circus
                        and others).
  For traffic jam our solution is; building more flyover

Actually we need to reinforce the public transport system
and curb the production and import of private cars and
   two wheelers, besides taking adequate measures to
 reduce the movement of people from villages to cities.

  It is true that stern actions must be taken against rule
and law breakers. Discipline must be enforced. Condition
  of roads must be improved. But these steps have their
 limitations and can not be heavily depended on. In fact
corruption, cutting of trees, congestion, chaos and crimes
               can multiply, besides pollution.

For suicides of farmers; our solution is subsidy package.

Actually the solution is; to resort to empower the farmers
and reorient them from market oriented harvests to what
 can be called soil friendly and health friendly harvests.
   The farmers have to be reoriented to the traditional
   wisdom of culture, agriculture and organic farming.
They have to be reminded of; the use of neem, cow urine,
 cow dung etc. What is required; in addition; is making;
water and electricity available with topmost priority. The
  ban on slaughter of animals would go a long way in
          improving the farmers’ conditions.

          For price rise; our solution is import.

  The actual solution is; to ban all deceptive, aggressive
   and imposing advertisements, which create artificial
  demands leading to wasteful and luxurious economic
    (apparently pleasurable but effectively poisonous)
activity in a small section of the society; leading to price
rise; at the cost of the rest. For example; cold drinks, ice
   creams, fast foods, bars, restaurants, five star hotels,
wines, alcoholic drinks, cosmetics and other luxuries are
thriving but the vast majority is deprived of basic needs.
In fact; the policy of production of and “marketing” for
 few, has to be reversed to; production and “exchange”;
                    for the vast majority.

    For socioeconomic backwardness; our solution is
                  reservation policy.

  Actually we require “productive and earn and learn”
     kind of education for all; so that unproductive
   unemployed and needy population would become
 empowered, productive, self sufficient and dignified in
                    every way.

  For the growing injustice and crimes; our solution is
       increasing the number of laws and police.

   Actually we require simple and honest laws drafted in
 peoples’ language and understandable to people so as to
         discipline the people for their growth; and
  simultaneously remove all the laws, which were created
  to suppress and exploit the people by the previous alien
 rulers. We require policies by which the traditional and
  ethnic art, sports, cuisine, remedies and skills are NOT
     ALLOWED to be suppressed by the tactics of the
exploitative and individualistic marketing culture. In fact
 in the interest of everyone, the concept of individual and
    global blossoming; which we call SUPERLIVING or
    Total Stress Management has to be universalized; to
      overcome the globally disastrous individualistic,
                  exploitative globalization!

  For so called “lack of progress”; our solution is more
                   foreign investment.
 Actually; we must define progress in terms of holistic
health and restructure our policies in every field such as
   health care, agriculture, industry etc rather than
 stooping and surrendering to the culture of pettiness,
                  glamour and glitter.

For shortage of electricity; our solution is load shedding.

  Actually we are required to shift our priorities from
 “appeasing the exploitative and luxurious few”; to the
   “welfare of all”, by stern energy saving measures;
coupled with development of pollution free, low cost, low
        investment alternative energy sources.

   For road accidents; our solution is compulsion of

Actually the number of private vehicles on the road has
 to be reduced, the number of public vehicles has to be
 increased, the weekly offs have to be different and the
  working hours also have to be different so that most
people do not travel at the same time. Moreover, the on
  campus or nearby residence has to be insisted as and
when feasible. Most importantly, holistic education and
rejuvenation of traditional jobs must be ensured so that
 the helpless and forced movement of people to the cities
   and the inhuman crowding of cities can be reduced.

For shortage of fuel; our solution is; generalized sermons
  to common people (who in no way consume fuel) to
                reduce fuel consumption.

Actually the fuel needs can be reduced if public transport
 in improved and the bicycles are promoted. There has to
  be shift of policies from development of airports; to the
  improvement in public transport and the infrastructure
in the villages, such as solar energy, wind mills, gobar gas
               and such many, food storage etc.

 We can cite hundreds of examples to show how we; by
NOT going to the roots of the problems; work brilliantly
 and artistically but in a superficial and petty manner,
with individualistic, fragmented, sectarian and divisive
perspective, in misguided direction of increasing stress!
     Hence our work is rendered ineffective and/or
 counterproductive! Further our talents are drained in
extremely selfish and cheap entertainment options such
    as gambling, drinking, casinos, prostitution etc.
 All the solutions provided can possibly be modified, or
   refined in terms of details, because, they are not the
solutions provided by experts from those fields. But they
surely indicate the most essential core or the crux of the
 solutions. There could be many more holistic solutions
also. All these can be cooperatively and complementarily
   implemented universally; if the third eye of cosmic
     consciousness is opened through the ways of self
         development; such as NAMASMARAN.

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