Three_Snap_Shots by gracerenomops


									                                     Three Snap Shots

1st Photo- we find a woman who is always comparing herself to others-her body, her
habits, the financial status of her family, and her skills. She has the overwhelming feeling
that she has nothing to offer the world. She is constantly striving to be something or
someone she was not meant to be. She feels like she is not capable of doing enough as a
mom or friend, and she always worries about what others are thinking of her.

2nd Photo- we find a smiling woman. But if you look closely, it’s not her smile, but one
she cut out and pasted to her face. She if focused on other people, sort of. With her
plastered smile she “listens” to her friend while organizing the rest of the day in her head.
She musters her energy to prepare dinner for her family, but is frustrated in the end
because it didn’t turn out right. She offers to help with the nursery, only to find herself
wishing she hadn’t. She goes to bed exhausted from the day, dreading the start of
tomorrow. She is tired-out and burned-out. She wonders how she can keep up this pace.

3rd Photo- we find another woman. She is the one the first woman longs to be like and
one the second lady works hard to match. She has a listening ear for a friend even when it
means the plan for her day will change. She looks at other women with God’s loving
camera, being more concerned about how someone feels then how they dress. Because
she is depending on God’s strength, she is able to instruct and train her child. She spends
time with God not out of duty but because she loves Him. She climbs into bed at night
and thanks God for his goodness and sleeps in peace.

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