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					Converse thinking,

The converse thinking in the
enterprise manages

Converse thinking, The converse thinking in the enterprise

Converse thinking is the train of thought that the person thinks a
problem normally conversely, with what oppose, look it seems that the
thinking method that impossible method solves a problem. Use method
of this kind of thinking, solve ably a few we are normal the problem
with thinking insoluble place. Somebody falls into water, groovy
thinking mode is “ saves a person to leave water ” , and in the
story that “ minister light breaks crock ” , the age returns very
little minister light, face young associate to fall into water, at
death's door, oneself and young associate are not worn quite water
jar, call the danger situation that adult has not enough time again,
brainwave easily, break the crock decisively with stone broken, let
water be poured out of from inside broken crock, save had young
associate, applied “ to defeat the converse thinking of crock of ”
keeping a person namely. The displacement of the flotage that the
Archimedes of ancient Rome uses water and object comes the Jin Guan
of appraisal king. Cao Chong of moment of the Three Kingdoms is in 5
years old when the weight that also uses the flotage of water to
weigh elephant, was to apply find replace article, ” of “ break up
the whole into parts next “ 0 put rectify the thinking method that
takes ” . Sun Bin is used add arms the way that reduces kitchen
range puzzles Pang Juan, created the false appearance that withdraw
troops, and Zhu Geliang is used however decrease arms the measure
that adds oven, place add the stance of arms, outsmart Si Mayi,
remove army a thousand li.
According to advisory a few experience, summed up a few kinds of
methods that use converse thinking, through these the method can make
converse thinking of the individual promotes very tall state.
Type of hypothesis ask in reply:
The speech that is aimed at the other side undertakes hypothesis,
turn over rollback according to the speech of the other side next,
can reach contradictory conclusion.
For instance I do management to seek advice in plant of some shoe
timber, to dismiss the case of some workshop, how do I ask a workshop
the director to arrange a workshop to produce the job? He says to
wait for ministry laying a pipe to had opened the bill that should
produce that day, go again next the workshop plans production. The
worker is full load job, did not waste time everyday. I ask then,
that unripe canal ministry opens a monadlist otherwise to want 5
minutes, he says to want. I ask again, then you should not go
storehouse checks the stock case that wanted the list that make that
day, he says to want. I ask to whether need minute of ten time of the
bell, he says to want. Whether had when I say you discharge sheet
again, been after 15 minutes, get makings come back to want to
discharge workshop task, the line on real product wants 30 minutes.
Look at workshop director not to talk. I calculate then, the workshop
has 15 stuff, so wasteful man-hour is 0.5*15=7.5 hour. This is he
sees a mobile phone tensely, and when does the solilo-quize say, ask
me then, & Is Ldquo; occupied still? My workshop still has a thing,
it is good that you ask otherwise me first go workshop. You go
to ”“ first busy, we arrive a little first today here ” . Workshop
director escapes also like went. What workshop director apologizes to
was done that day to me later is incorrect, say to cover the issue,
the working development that goes against advisory teacher is begun
etc, also go against the improvement of the workshop, this is hind
word, do not express here.
Case leads style:
Give when us when letting others do a business, they can search to a
lot of excuse say to won't do or be not done, give him at this moment
(she) the case that discusses a few successes, guide him (her) go
hard be being done seriously, in order to achieve the result that we
ask. I go to the workshop go on a tour of inspection, see the scene
is very confused, say to workshop director, our workshop should rise
line picture, such workshops look in perfect order. Workshop director
says immediately: “ is drawn this at all do not rise! ” . “ has a
try ” . Arrived to come off work when, workshop director looks for
me again, this line is drawn very hard really, the product that comes
on one workshop is very much, in us the workshop piles one pile,
passageway line did not send a picture at all. I discussed two case
to him. It is you often complain God does not have an opportunity
firstly, god gives you a chance now, let you do Napoleon, resemble
treating Napoleon nevertheless same, catch you the jail first, remove
general official position, evict army, cast you impecuniously to the
side of river of accept of a place of strategic importance next. Urge
in me Josephine is being driven when carriage drives a river to the
edge hurriedly, hear “ to plump aloof ” , you cast river take one's
own life. Is what you miss an opportunity merely? What you lack is a
kind of self-confident heart. The manner that sees him varies a bit,
I cited a case again, luo Ersi is bey of the first black, his success
results from a word of Paul of primary school teacher: You will come
to “ is ” of a bey, luo Ersi lives in slums, the hour goes to
school often escape class, but the person that Paul teacher discovers
their area is very superstitious, then teacher make a great show of
being in earnest tells Luo Ersi that word, luo Ersi has a belief in
the heart from now on: He will come is a bey. Through 40 struggle for
years, he becomes new York state 51 years old the 53rd bey. After
these two case are told, confidence of that workshop director went
dye-in-the-woodly. I go later the workshop is perambulatory, what the
passageway draws is very beautiful, exceed my imagination!
Conjectural type thinking:
The word that says down the other side namely has logic Inference,
can reach different conclusion. Administrator often says employee
wants to had been done, quality wants winkle badly to come, such
ability make a client little complain! Employee ask in reply: I had
done “ only my thing, quality is bad by qualitative check member,
without giving thought to,the client is complained my thing! ”
administrator is speechless! I explain so to administrator, company
product quality is bad, bring about a client to complain, so our
company wants new do poorly done work over again, because do poorly
done work over again wasted time, according to order goods the
contract asks the client wants fine.
More because we are protracted date of delivery, the client's product
goes out without timely sale, the client's capital does not have
steam again, cannot pay cost to give us the company so, our company
does not have capital, cannot send salary to the worker. Because
produce those who taste quality,often have a problem more, the client
blames increase, different even our company cooperates. Secondly our
company is fined by the client, do poorly done work over again much,
product cost raises, the enterprise does not have profit. If things
go on like this, then our company closes down only, that employee had
be toed break course of study. So the quality of the product is mixed
the everybody of the company be closely bound up!
Thinking of type of make a feint to somewhere and attack in another
Say some thing when others, we should jump out his thinking, with
oneself acumen ground consciousness, discover the essential place of
the problem, where is the parent that shows an issue to him again
next, how should solve. Seek advice in the enterprise, an
administrator tells me very furiously, say the company had an
administrator to lend his money, already several months, did not
return him, we seek advice from if it were not for the teacher is in
the enterprise, he should beat him for certain, see the look of his
that be filled with indignation, say really bad, meeting and other
people fight. I ask him, did others keep loan sheet to you? He says.
I ask him again, you explain when to return your money to him. He
says to also be done not have. That was opposite, others did not keep
loan sheet to you, you also did not tell him the date of
reimbursement, what do you still blame then! If I harbor evil
intentions, I did not lend your money, then you still were not
dumbfounded, we often see such information on newspaper, because
borrow money to want the dispute of money to litigate, result or
creditor are in an unfavorable situation, because do not have
credential, law is helpless also! He was immersed in thoughtful in,
wanted to understand afterwards, thank saying voice leaves my office.
Ask how he handles the issue of loan now later, the money that he
says to others borrows before was not returned should be to buy a
lesson, I put wage into now fixed, living cost keeps only beside,
clever person.

Converse thinking,
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