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									   How to rank at #1 in
  Google for any search

You May Resell This Report
You May Not Copy or Modify It
You May Not Give It Away Free Of Charge

                                  Copyright 2008
This info will tell you exactly how the top ranking sites for
some of the most difficult keywords are currently at that
elusive #1 position in Google and how they are doing it.

I would like to start by saying that if you need info about the
basics of SEO you will not find them here. I am assuming
everyone here already has basic knowledge of SEO and can
make a site which is optimised to a reasonable standard. If
you need help with onsite optimisation then please download
this free ebook for the basics. If you cannot do this please
email me at info@coffeeblack.co.uk and I will prepare a
report for you for a very reasonable price which will tell you
step by step what you need to do.

Now onto the reason you bought this. I found a way to get
any site to number 1 in Google for any search term. I will
show you the proof here.

Go to www.Google.com and search for the term “loans”

There are 285,000,000 results. As you can imagine it is a
very competitive keyword.

You will see that the first result in the organic listings is

                                                      Copyright 2008
The next step is we are going to use www.Yahoo.com to get
a reasonably accurate count of how many backlinks there
are. We do this by using the link: command before the url so
we will type in

Yahoo will then show you how many links are pointing to this
site from elsewhere on the internet. You can also filter it if
you like to show links going to the anywhere on the domain
and also only links that come from other domains so you can
filter out internal links.

When I first discovered this technique it showed me that the
site had ……..Wait for it…..

                     6 Million Backlinks

Yep that’s what it says there just over 6 million backlinks.
That’s a lot of backlinks in anyone’s book. But since the first
time I checked it has gone up and down a little so I thought
before releasing this ebook at the start of 2008 I would do an
update to find out all the very latest figures.

I really didn’t expect to see this though.

                                                   Copyright 2008
              13.8 Million Backlinks !!!

To give you a little background, on why I think that backlinks
are the be all and end all, there have been quite a few SEO
competitions over the past couple of years and I always like
to keep an eye on them as it inevitably shows what the most
effective technique is which is obviously useful to know.

People have all sorts of ideas to get their sites ranked higher
and people do all sorts of things from spending weeks on
end making sure they have the exact right keyword density
to spamming their keywords endlessly in titles and meta
information but over the past few years there is one thing
that decides who wins an SEO contest.

      The Site With The Most Backlinks Wins.
No two ways about it if you have more backlinks than
everyone your going to be number 1 and there isn’t a lot
anyone can do about it.

Now some links are certainly better than others. And I am
not just talking about Pagerank here. If you want to rank for
                                                   Copyright 2008
the term “Loans” and you get a link from a renowned
financial site then it is going to count for more in Google’s
eyes than a link from your friends woodturning blog.

The fact is that if you had 13 million really great backlinks
from only very trusted financial operations then you may well
knock this site off the top spot.

But you never will be able to do that as it would take you the
next 70 years to complete plus if you did we could just create
another 2 or 3 million links to get back up to the top spot.

With this technique you simply outnumber them by so much
the quality of their links no longer counts as a factor.

And that isn’t to say that the links you will be getting are not
very good quality links because they are. Just check those
backlinks in the Yahoo.com backlink search. No crappy
warez sites or link farms just good sites.

As soon as I found out how many links were pointing to this
site I obviously started trying to find out where they were
from and as you can see from the Yahoo.com list the links
are coming from all sorts of sites all over the web.

There was one thing they all had in common though. The
link that was pointing back always had the anchor text

 So not only does this site have almost 14 million links
all of those links have targeted keywords as the anchor

                                                     Copyright 2008
More proof that you can rank for any keyword you like no
matter how competitive as long as you have enough links
with the right keywords in them.

After a little extra searching I found what I was looking for
which was the tracking pixel used to monitor the display of
these text links and I traced it back to the advertising
network responsible.

I almost fell out of my chair when I realized it was free

Yes FREE as in “totally gratis” “no charge” etc etc.

Now don’t get me wrong you are not going to get 13 million
links overnight it will take a while but the fact is that you can
get them and I will show you how.

These links are all provided by one ad network so the first
thing to do is sign up to the Digitalpoint co-op ad network
here and follow the instructions to install it on your most
highly trafficked site. The more traffic the better. This is the
ad network which responsible for the massive amounts of

If you have any setup problems I can also assist in the setup
on most websites. Email me at info@coffeeblack.co.uk if you
get stuck.

Once you have the ads showing on your site you can also
setup your first advert. For now I would recommend pointing
it straight back at your site with your most competitive
keyword as the anchor text unless you already have a
massively successful site and you don’t need to rank it any

                                                     Copyright 2008
Important Note:- unlike other text link networks you do
not have to point your ads back to the website you are
showing ads on. You can have a very successful site
www.example.com where you place the ad network code
and gather large amounts of weight and you can point
all of the adverts you make in the system to
www.example2.com which is a new site your hoping to
make a load of money from if you could get it ranked
highly enough. This is one of the two most important
parts of this Co-op Ad Network.

The second important reason that this ad network out
performs the others is that it rotates the ads every time a
page loads so when Google spiders your site it will see
different links on each page. Not static ones. This means if
you only have 10 links in the whole ad network that the
spiders can pick those ten links on 2000 pages as they will
possibly be in the rotation when the spider visits that page.
This in turn will show as 2000 new links for you. Added to
this the amount of people in the network is massive. Plain
and simple there are hundreds and thousands of sites and
millions of pages in the ad network which is what gives it the

For those of you with some good SEO knowledge you will
know that a site wide link is not as good as several individual
links. Site wide links which are mostly coded into templates
etc are depreciated by Google so having them rotating works
in your favour.

The next question on most people’s lips is

                                                   Copyright 2008
       How is the Ad Network “Weight” calculated.
                 And how do I get more?

There are four main factors.

                        Total indexed pages
                          Age of domain

The higher each factor is the higher your weight and the
more links you will get. Now the really great thing about the
way this is set up is that once you do start to get more
people coming to your site you will gain additional weight on
the ad network. This in turn will mean your ads will show
more often which in turn means you rank better, for your
keywords, which means you will get more visitors and so the
cycle begins again. A real “Snowball Effect” can occur here.

                                Your Weight in the ad
   New visitors come            network increases due to
   to your site as a            the extra page views and
   result of your               extra unique visitors
   higher ranking in
   the Google organic
   search results.
                                                       The Extra Weight
                                                       Means More Text
                                                       Links Show On
                        Google Spiders see
                                                       the Network For
                        new links increasing
                                                       Your Site
                        your ranking in the
                        organic search

                                                                 Copyright 2008
There will be some sort of equation in there somewhere but
it is another Google style trade secret.

All you need to know is the more people you have coming to
your site each day and the more pages you have with
visitors going to them the more links you will get.

Which brings me onto a much discussed subject.

People often ask me in SEO consulting jobs how many links
they should be getting per week or month before Google
picks up on there being too many new links and penalizes
them for it. You see this asked in forums all the time and all
these SEO Masters and Gurus all have their own “Finely
tuned answers as a result of years of research and a very
close personal friend at Google”

I used to get into discussions around this but now I just show
them the 14 million links in the Yahoo.com backlink search
and point out that if that domain were 15 years old and the
new links were added evenly across those 15 years it would
have been gaining 2520 links per day to have reached that
amount and I know it hasn’t been there that long. In other

        “Don’t worry about it just get more links”

I have suggested more than one ad network and the second
ad network I recommend is TNX.net. TNX works in a more

                                                   Copyright 2008
classic way in that it allows you to choose which links you
want and it places them on pages of specific page rank and
onto sites which have a certain amount of backlinks.

In essence it is just a text link broker which provides the
middleman service for monthly link sales.

This is very good for making sure you have a certain
pagerank also as you can literally buy 20 PR7 links from
TNX and your site will gain a much higher PR next month.

TNX is not actually needed to gain the high amount of links
shown in my examples as these are all from the Digitalpoint
ad network but when they are used in conjunction with each
other it becomes something far more powerful then was
originally intended.

The secret here is that you will benefit in the Digitalpoint ad
network by having a higher pagerank as well as on TNX so if
you spend a little time to start with to get your website up to
a PR6 or PR7 you can gain absolutely massive amounts of
links back from the Digitalpoint ad network plus TNX will pay
out quite a lot for high PR links.

As an example on the TNX.net homepage there is a
calculator where you can find out what you can make per
month by having high PR web pages.

I put together an average website as an example. I have
picked finance and industrial as the industry and allowed 4
links on each page.

The site has 2000 pages with 10,000 inbound links

                              - 10 -
                                                    Copyright 2008
5 x PR7 pages
5 x PR6 pages
5 x PR5 pages.

I have not bothered with any lower PR pages than that as it
came to a nice round number which you can see below

So you get $1000 per month back from TNX for having these
high PR pages. And considering you can simply buy this
page rank in the first instance this makes it a total no brainer.

The table below shows the various PageRank you will
achieve if you gain a certain amount of inbound links.
                              - 11 -
                                                    Copyright 2008
     From my estimates around $150 on TNX.net could buy you
     more than enough high PR links to be able to make back
     what you initially spend plus the additional boost you get
     from the Digtalpoint ad network makes it twice as effective.

                                       Page Rank Calculation

        Start        End           Median         Median        Links     Links     Links     Links
       Range        Range          Value         PR Passed     for PR5   for PR6   for PR7   for PR8

1         6           30              18            0.30       16,803     92,414   508,277   2,795,522
2        30           164             97            1.65       3,055      16,803   92,414     508,277
3        166          900             533           9.06        555       3,055    16,803     92,414
4        915         4,948           2,931         49.83        101        555      3,055     16,803
5       5,033       27,213          16,123          274        18.362      101       555       3,055
6      27,681       149,670         88,675         1,507       3.339      18.362   100.992    555.456
7     152,244       823,186        487,715         8,291       0.607      3.339    18.362     100.992
8     837,339      4,527,522      2,682,431       45,601       0.110      0.607     3.339     18.362
9    4,605,367    24,901,372      14,753,369      250,807      0.0201     0.110     0.607      3.339
10   25,329,516   136,957,543     81,143,530     1,379,440     0.0036     0.020     0.110      0.607

                                Assumption: 85% of median value passed
                                 Assumption: 50 links per page average

     As you can see from this chart approx 18 links from a
     specific PR will give you that same PR

     So 18 PR5 links from various websites pointing to your page
     will give you a PR5 page but think for a second that you only
     need 1 PR7 link pointing to your site to get a PR5 or 3 PR7
     links to get a PR6. Using TNX.net you can save up points
     each month as your pages become more popular and when
     you are ready you can simply buy 20 or 30 PR7 links and
     enjoy a really solid PR on all of your top pages.

     Click here to visit TNX.net and get their code onto your site
     now. You can again setup as many sites as you want with
                                                - 12 -
                                                                               Copyright 2008
TNX.net so get adverts showing on all your pages and get
those points rolling in.

In TNX you can either use the points you gain each month to
buy new links or you can cash them out dependant on your
business plan.

I found that after 6 months of serious marketing with both
TNX and the Digitalpoint ad network you can start cashing in
the TNX points for a very good monthly profit.

That is also not taking into account the money you can make
by using the Digitalpoint network to rank a website at #1 for
any search term. For instance I know that the company who
keep moneyexpert.com at the #1 spot in Google for the term
loans are charging them $1200 per day for the privilege. But
when your organizing several thousand loans per day that is
really cheap. You can also just create your own niche site
selling any amount of products and stick it right up there on
the #1 spot.

Don’t forget to make links to deeper pages within your site
also and always make use of the normal link building
strategies such as article submission or submitting to
directories to maximize you inbound links.

For instance you can get 1000 links here for just £19.95

In other words don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket.

                             - 13 -
                                                  Copyright 2008
The I Don’t Believe You Section

This is the bit for the Skeptics where I go into real detail
to prove the facts.

Hi Mr and Mrs Skeptic I know you are out there and some of
you are questioning this now so I will go into the proof in a
little more detail for the Digitalpoint ad network to show that it
is solely responsible for the results you are seeing.

On the results from the site search on Yahoo.com my first
result is for www.nuke-evolution.com so if you visit that site
and look at the very bottom of the site you can see the 5 text

Now these could be specific to that page or could be served
from anywhere so I checked across the site looking in the
footer on each page and saw that there are always five links
but sometimes they are different links. This made sense with
the theory that they were being served to this site from
somewhere remote.

When I was doing my research I spent a lot of time looking
at the source code for the site to try and get some more info
on where these links were generated from. If you right click
on the page and go to “view source” you will be shown a
plain text file containing the html of the page as the browser
displays it. Scroll down to the very bottom and you will see
the following code on the last but one line.

                               - 14 -
                                                     Copyright 2008
<a href="http://www.modchipman.com/xecuter-ce-p-166.html?ref=9">Xbox Mod Chip</a> |
<a href="http://www.beseo.com/entertainment/">BeSEO Entertainment Directory</a> |
<a href="http://www.digitalpoint.com/ads/ebay.php">Buy Anything On eBay</a> |
<a href="http://www.oceanfinance.co.uk">Bad Credit Mortgages</a> |
<a href="http://www.moneyweb.co.uk/products/mortgages/mcapital.html">Mortgages</a>

<img src="http://ads.digitalpoint.com/t-18408-133651-97591-139911-134448.gif" width="1" height="1"
/></div><div style="display:none" id="resizemod"></div>

          The part which allowed me to find the ad network was the

          <img src="http://ads.digitalpoint.com/t-18408-133651-97591-139911-134448.gif

          This is what is called a tracking pixel. It is used widely
          throughout the web to track advertising etc as it is a single
          pixel that is loaded every time the page is loaded. The ad
          network uses it to track your page views and gives your
          account “weight” in return for higher page views and spider
          visits etc.

          Feel free to check through all of the other results on the
          Yahoo.com backlink search and you will find exactly the
          same results on every page. I thought at first that there must
          be more than just one ad network at work here but after
          about 400 – 450 pages I found that it wasn’t. All of these
          links are from the Digitalpoint ad network

          After this I also checked a couple of other major keywords
          and found that the current number 2 result for “mobile
          phone” on Google is threestore.three.co.uk with 6 million
          backlinks. Guess where they are from.

                                                - 15 -
                                                                          Copyright 2008
I have not checked any further into this after my initial
research but I can bet that the top results for most of the real
money maker keywords will almost all be controlled by the
digitalpoint co-op ad network.

So how do you get 13.8 million links of your own. Well firstly
unless you want to compete with terms such as “Loans” or
“Credit Card” your not going to need that many but a couple
of million is still a good target to aim for and the answer to
this is……..wait for it


Yep that’s right discussion forums are everywhere and one
thing that people love to do is give advice to people. They
love talking and shouting and generally saying whatever it is
they feel like saying today. The benefit to us is that this
makes a lot of new pages with a massive amount of content
which they will visit tomorrow to see who responded and
what they said. A lot of the time the more controversial
discussions get more people interested.

So we give them a space to do have their discussions and
we give them a lot to discuss.

The Digitalpoint ad network was originally designed
just to take advantage of the large amounts of pages
created by forums where you can view individual
posts aswell as whole threads and index pages.

I started by making specific niche forums and I then find
every type of content that I can from everywhere and post it
                              - 16 -
                                                    Copyright 2008
onto my forum in every way possible to maximize the
amount of pages my site contains. For example if you use
Vbulletin (I do) as your forum software then you can
download a plugin called ICO Content which will allow you to
pull relevant info from Yahoo Answers based on the
keywords you enter.

The automated system which is a built-in Scheduled Tasks
for VB will retrieve matching content and post it in your
forums automatically. New threads, replies to topics and new
users are added as fast as you want them to be. ICo-
Content has growth control, query throttling and clever
randomizing algorithms so your forum will look naturally

Note:- There is also another new service call Jet Convo
which is currently in beta but will hopefully be fully launched
soon. Which also grabs info from Yahoo Answers but can
post to any kind of forum.

I setup lots of different keywords running through ICO
content and the software then makes the posts as new
members making your forum appear busy and always
adding new content which will encourage new members to
join in and start posting their views all the time. If you pick
certain types of niches you can get more “Vocal” people too.
I found music to be a great one as hip hop and rap artists
seem to have some very vocal fans.

If you combine this plugin with VBSEO here at
http://www.vbseo.com/1010/ which makes very good
keyword rich URL’s for Google to spider and index then you

                              - 17 -
                                                    Copyright 2008
will quickly have many pages indexed in Google and people
will find your site just as easily as you probably find the posts
on Yahoo Answers when you search for certain questions.

In turn the more people who visited my website meant my
Weight in the Digital point ad network started to increase and
the amount of links placed by TNX went up too giving me
more points to spend through them.

The first thing I will advise is that you add forums to all your
existing sites as you already have the domain and have paid
for the hosting so you may aswell use the space. If you have
a site about dog training then just install the forum software
you choose at www.yoursite.com/forum and make some
noise about it. If you have a few people who go to your site
regularly then make a point of inviting them onto the new
chat board.

There are many different types of forum software available
some free some charged.

Phpbb – the best free option in my opinion now on brand
new V3 with lots of new features. If you have Cpanel hosting
then you can set this up automatically. It has many
modifications available making it a good choice for the free

Vbulletin – possibly the best known and most well
recognized forum software plus a massive community of
modifications and guides are available. Vbulletin allows the
use of ICO content to automate the content and kick start
your forum which when combined with a good SEO package

                              - 18 -
                                                    Copyright 2008
gets people coming to your forum and participating very

SMF or Simple Machines Forum is another free option and a
good one as there is a version of ICO content which will
work on SMF

Another way to get some quick weight in the network was
using an Article Directory. I set it up and it added an extra
thousand or so onto my weight straight away before it was
even promoted or had any content. With the article friendly
directory I also found that there are pretty consistent
submissions from lots of people so your site starts to expand
almost immediately. Get your article directory here.

                            - 19 -
                                                  Copyright 2008
Final Word

Aim for the sky. Its actually not that far up.

Don’t forget that SEO changes all the time and the way
Google ranks websites right now may change in a very short
space of time so keep your eyes open for those SEO
contests and check out the winner.

Ps if you cant figure out how he won then email me and I will
tell you….for a price ☺

All the best in the future.

Coffee Black


                               - 20 -
                                                       Copyright 2008

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