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					       Werner Ladders – The Best Climbing Product Worldwide


         Werner Ladders – The Best
        Climbing Product Worldwide

  Werner USA is considered as the World’s leading manufacturer
     of the best, safest, innovative and high quality climbing
                     products and equipments.

    They have been in the market for more that 80 years and they
         constantly create climbing products for us to use.

                                   By: Klyde Brookes                          Page 1
        Werner Ladders – The Best Climbing Product Worldwide

Werner ladders are made using state of the art manufacturing equipments and science. They
used only the best materials to make sure it is sturdy and safe and every ladder is built to last
long. Werner manufactures aluminum, fiberglass and wood climbing products that passes
rigorous quality checks.

It was them who started an initiative to develop ladders and make sure ladders remain safe and
useful. So Werner created ladders that are made of fiberglass and now it is the most widely used
ladders. Though these ladders are light it is proven safe and sturdy. In addition to that, they have
created ladders that are easily stored and some are foldable while others have telescopic folding.
Their ladders meet and exceed all applicable American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Code (OSHA).

Most people take ladders for granted but Werner made a survey to American households and they
found out that 4 or 5 people planned to use ladder in holidays or any occasion. So Werner knows
that their products are important and safety is also important. There had been numerous
accidents and injuries due to misuse of ladders and that’s why Werner produced different kinds of
ladders for different jobs or use to minimize ladder related injuries. Though ladders made by
Werner are proven safe, it is still your own responsibility to make sure you use it safety and

Werner gave four important steps to select and determine the correct ladder for each job
that requires a ladder. Here are the steps:

   1.   Select the style of ladder that is appropriate for the job. There are several types of Werner
        ladders. They have step stools, extension ladders, platform ladders, telescoping
        multiladders and universal attic ladders. Let me discuss each ladder style briefly.

           Step stools – step stools can be used for reaching into high places such as cabinets or
            shelves. This can be used in libraries or kitchen cabinets that are hard to reach. This
            kind of ladder can also be used for interior painting.
           Telescoping multiladders – these types of ladders are beneficial in stairway jobs and
            also for scaffold support. It can also be converted into a step ladder and extension
            ladder and even platform ladder.
           Universal attic ladder – this kind of ladder is installed into a ceiling attic as an access
            to it and it is usually permanently place there. It can be a telescoping ladder where you
            can adjust to accommodate the height of the ceiling.
           Extension ladder – extension ladders are used to reach high places; normally it is used
            to reach the roof top. It comes in aluminum and even in fiberglass. Fiberglass ladder is
            used for places near the electrical wires for safety. These kinds of ladder may come
            with a latch on top so it will be securely attach on the surface.
           Platform ladder – this ladder is used as a support for scaffoldings and to make sure it is
            securely attached to a flat base.                                                            Page 2
       Werner Ladders – The Best Climbing Product Worldwide

   2. Determine the correct ladder height before using it to make sure that you limit injuries
      due to overreaching for an instance.

   3. Choose a ladder that has a duty rating appropriate to the job you intended to use it.

   4. Select the material from which the ladder is constructed, as I’ve mentioned above, some
      ladders comes in fiberglass if you want to use it near any electrical wires to limit injuries.

So definitely Werner USA manufactured complete and safe ladders for any job that will suit any of
your needs. Make sure that you follow the correct steps to make sure you’re safe in using any
Werner ladder.


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