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The existing ICT service requires investment to provide a stable base on which to support
the Council’s Future Operating Model and without this, the ability to deliver the benefits
expected of the Corporate Transformation Programme will be severely compromised.
There are also key areas that should be the focus of ICT to develop the Council’s capability
to serve residents in concert with the Transformation Programme.

The foundation work to bring the ICT service to a viable level is:

   The Council needs a data centre that is physically separated from the Civic Centre and
    provides true disaster recovery.       The Council is currently taking a significant
    organizational risk that, should a denial of service (e.g. flood, virus attach) occur this
    would stop the Council functioning effectively.

   The Council needs to apply the ITIL framework for delivery of the ICT Service to
    measure, manage and improve the service to one that will support future operations.
    Without this the true cost and performance of Council ICT will remain unknown
    and ability to improve the service will be limited.

   The Council needs to separate applications maintenance and development and invest in
    new methods (i.e. data warehouse and middleware) to free up and enable resources to
    support future requirements. Without this there is little capacity to support

Overall it will take two to three years to effect these essential requirements given the current
rate of change that has occurred since the partial centralization of ICT services. There are a
number of options that should be explored to increase the speed of change and reduce the
cost of change and cost of service. These would involve a greater use of commercially
available services.

With the above in place, ICT should focus on supporting the Council’s Future Operating
Model by commissioning:

   Strategic CRM;

   Data Warehousing;

   Transaction based web presence;

   Strategic EDRMS; and

   Strategic GIS

These are programmes that will support the achievement of outcomes identified in the
Corporate Transformation Programme, SCS and LAA. They will make common tools
available throughout the Council to serve the people of Newcastle rapidly, effectively and

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