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									     Clickbank Domination – 2010
               How to generate $150-$200 per day from
                    Clickbank in 30 days for FREE.
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                                 A quick intro:
First of all, I’d like to personally thank you for securing yourself a copy of this very
limited report. I have laid out my entire 30 day blueprint for complete and utter
Clickbank domination, but the rest is up to you.

While I’ve done my best to make this information as easy to understand and use, I
cannot hold your hand and force you to use it. If you really want to be successful
in this business you must discipline yourself and do the work. There is no such
thing as a “free lunch” or “magic-bullets” in internet marketing. You have to put in
the work if you really want to succeed and live the true internet marketing dream.

I’m not a big fan of long, drawn out intros since they are just a waste of your time,
and that’s not what this report is for. However, I do believe a quick intro about
myself is necessary.

My name is Yukinari. I am a 25 year old internet marketer. I’ve been online for a
little over 2 years, and have been successfully making money online for over 1
year now. My 1st year online was a complete disaster to say the very least.

I was doing all the wrong things at all the wrong times. I was jumping from
method to method with no results; I was buying every single ebook/software the
big-time players sent my way; I was getting my ass handed to me on Google

When I started out in Internet Marketing, I remember I had nothing but
confidence that I would fulfill all my hopes and dreams of success, but I failed to
really define a clear path on how I would do it.

When my first year came to a close, I had nothing to show for my efforts except
for no job (Yes, I was dumb enough to quit before I actually made it online), over
$27,000 in debt, bill collector’s chasing after me every single day, and worst of all,
I lost my fiancé…all because I was chasing after a “pipe dream” and not building a
real business.

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The minute I opened my eyes and realized that everything I was doing was wrong,
things changed. I focused on building my business from the ground up, and have
never looked back since.

So should you listen to me?

Well, that’s simple, yes.


My failures are really what led to my success. Learning the hard way allowed me
to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Also, there is quite a big learning curve in internet marketing – especially for the
newcomers. Not to mention that things are constantly changing. By having
someone to learn from who is immersed in this industry every single day, you can
drastically cut down your learning curve from the start. This will give you a
massive competitive edge over those that are trying to do everything on their

Despite all my failures online, I learned 3 extremely important things. These 3
things are what changed my business and my life, and I believe it is these 3 things
that determine your success online:

   1. A detailed and outlined plan of attack
   2. Continual focused action within that plan
   3. Consistent hard work

This is really all it comes down to in Internet Marketing. If you take these 3 things
to heart and actually apply them, you will see great results in no time at all.

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One More Important Thing:
Before we move onto the actual system, I will tell you that having the right
mindset from the start will play a major role in your success (or failure) in
anything – especially in internet marketing.

If you doubt yourself or this system from the start, than you are setting yourself
up for failure. If you think this system is too hard to do, it will be. If you think you
won’t make money, you won’t. If you think that making money online is
impossible, it will be for you.

There is a saying that goes “What you think is what you are.” I am a strong
believer in this saying and I urge you to be as well. Having the right mindset
before you start is vital to your success.

I designed this system to help solve 2 of the most prominent problems that
people trying to make money online still face today:

   1. No money to invest
   2. No detailed action plan to follow

This system solves both of these problems. With this system, you get a full 30-day
battle plan that tells you exactly what you need to do and when. You will also get
a good grounding in some very fundamental yet extremely powerful internet
marketing tactics. Best of all, you won’t need to invest any money to implement
the system. It is 100% free to implement. All it will take is a few hours each day of
your time.

My success with the strategies was accomplished because I followed a specific
plan on a daily basis. If you choose not to follow the plan, then you cannot expect
to have similar results.

Luckily for you, I have outlined the exact steps that I use to dominate in affiliate
marketing and generate a job-killing, life-changing income for you here. I
recommend you print this report out or at the very least, take notes in a

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notebook for quick reference later. After you have finished reading the report,
you absolutely must TAKE ACTION! Do not make excuses.

 Even if it’s 4am when you finish reading and you have work in a few hours, taking
a small step like registering a couple of accounts or doing 30 min of research will
create momentum and make it easier for you to keep moving forward. Just make
sure you do SOMETHING. Do not just read this report, and then set it aside. Your
success relies on your ability to stay disciplined and follow through.

         My Personal Plan for Clickbank Destruction:
Now I know you are raring to make money online, so I won’t keep you waiting any
longer, but before you get started, there is one requirement – You must have a
Clickbank account. If you don’t, you won’t be getting paid. So please go over to
Clickbank and sign up right now if you don’t have an account with them.

Once you have your Clickbank account and ID, you are set to get started.

The breakdown:
This is a quick breakdown of what the entire strategy is as a whole. I have broken
down each step for you in detail, so don’t worry. The method is quite simple, and
only requires a few hours of work per day.

      Step 1: Select 5 products to promote
      Step2: Select your keywords
      Step 3: Create your landing pages
      Step 4: The “Traffic Slam”

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    Step 5: Repeat traffic generation

                         Step 1 – Product Selection
The first thing you must have are some products to promote. A lot of marketers
still make the same mistakes when picking products. The 2 most common
mistakes are:

   1. Picking something because you think will sell well.
   2. Picking something because you are interested in the topic.

There are a few criteria that you must pay attention to when selecting your
products. There’s no use in selecting something if it’s not going to make you
money. The marketers that make the 2 mistakes I listed above pay no attention to
researching before selecting their products which is not a good way to get started.

As you know, you will be marketing products from Clickbank and getting paid a
commission for every sale that you make. The best thing about Clickbank is that
most of the products offer 50-75% commissions, so there is a lot of opportunity to
make some nice paychecks.

The first step is to find 5 products to promote from Clickbank that are proven
sellers. Identifying products that are proven to sell is not that hard if you just take
the time to do some research.
*NOTE*When I started out, I started with 5, but the amount really is up to you. The more
products you have to promote, the more chances you will have of making more money.
However, if you are newer to this, then I highly recommend you pick only 5 to start. This will
help you get used to the system and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Once you are comfortable
with the system and are making money, then you should ramp up your product promotion.

Now let me explain a little about Clickbank Products. Clickbank deals only with
digital products, not physical products. So you will be selling things like e-books,
software, membership site subscriptions, etc. Currently there are over 10,000
digital products for you to choose from spread across tons of different categories

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and sub-categories. To write all of these in this guide would not only take forever,
but is really not necessary. With that said, if you are new to Clickbank, I
recommend you take some time to explore the categories/sub-categories so that
you are familiar with them.

Each product inside of Clickbank has 5 different statics that you want to pay
attention to when deciding on a product to promote. This is not all we will look at
when deciding on a product to promote, but they are important:

    $/Sale: The cost of the product
    $ Earned/Sale: Average net amount earned per affiliate from each referred
     sale. Note that this is the new earned per actual sale, and so it is impacted
     by refunds, charge backs, and sales taxes. This is how much your cut will be.
    % Earned/Sale: Average percent commission earned per affiliate per sale.
    % Referred: This is the percentage the publisher is making through his
     affiliates and not direct sales.
    Gravity: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring
     a paying customer to the publisher’s product. Note that this is a weighted
     sum and not an actual total. For each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks, an
     amount between 0.1-1.0 is added to the total. The more recent the last
     referral, the higher the value added. All factors are combined and adjusted
     such that more recent sales activity is given greater weight. Products are
     not listed until at least one has been sold.

Now this might all sound confusing, so I will break it down for you what I look for
when picking products:

   1. Commission of at least $20 per sale.
   2. Med-high Gravity: Between 100-200 is usually the “sweet spot”
   3. %Referred of between 65-80%

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 I pay special attention first to the gravity. Obviously, a higher gravity means more
affiliates are making money from the product, but that also means more
competition. So choosing a product based only on high gravity can be a big
mistake. Gravity should be taken into account when choosing your products, but
is not the deciding factor.

I also like to see a higher percentage of referred sales.


This means that more affiliates are making sales. I prefer products with a %
referred between 65% and 80%. I tend to stay away from products that have high
gravities and an 80% % referred because this means the affiliate competition is
very high. I also recommend you don’t go any lower than 50%. Again, this is a
personal preference, and just like gravity, it is not the deciding factor.

After taking into consideration the above factors, you must also have a look at the
sales page of every product you select. As you look over their sales pitch, be
objective. Put yourself in the mind of your potential targeted customer. Ask
yourself these questions:

    Does the product have a good sales letter?
    Does the sales page have good graphics?
    Does the sales page have emotional triggers?

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    Is the headline(s) captivating?
    Is this a product you would buy yourself after reading the sales letter?
    Is the product worth its price tag?

By following the above guidelines, select 5 products. A good tip is to select
products across a mixture of different gravities. If you’re just starting out, I
recommend you select 2 products with low gravity (20-50), 1 with medium gravity
(50-150), and 2 with high gravity (150+). The reason is that not every product is
created equal, so having a variety to choose from will better your chances of

Other tips for selecting good products:
    Focus on having products from different categories (niches).
    Check to see if your selected product(s) have an affiliate resource page. If
     they do, you can get a lot of great information to help you in your
     promotion. It’s usually at the bottom of the sales letter.
    The final thing you need to do is create a hoplink(your affiliate link) for each
     of your products, and then copy and paste them to a text document/word
     document. You will be using them a lot later.

That’s it for Step 1. You should now have at least 5 products with a mixture of
gravities across a few different niches that you are ready to promote. You can
now move onto Step 2 – Keyword Research and Selection.
*HOT TIP* Clickbank has many products that have recurring commissions. So keep an eye out
for them. If you find a product that has recurring monthly commissions that fits the above
guidelines, you will be getting paid commissions monthly on this product for life.

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           Step 2 - Keyword Research and Selection
Now that you have selected your products, you are ready to move onto selecting
keywords to target for each of your products. The main goal for your keyword
research is to find long tail keywords with a healthy amount of daily searches and
low competition. Here are the specific guidelines I follow when researching and
selecting my keywords:

   1. Each keyword must have at least 1,000 searches per month in Google’s
      Keyword Tool.
   2. Each keyword must have less than 300,000 competing pages.
   3. Each keyword must have less than 10,000 competing pages when using the
      “allintitle” search modifier.
   4. Each keyword must have web 2.0 sites/article directories showing up on
      page 1 when searched.
   5. Each keyword must have at least 3+ words.

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Remember, you will be targeting long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are not
only great because they are easier to get ranked in Google for, but they also are
more targeted. A person searching for “weight loss tips for teenage girls” is way
more targeted than someone searching for “weight loss.
*NOTE* A quick note I must make on these numbers is that they will change as long as Google
and the search engines keep changing. The above guidelines are what I currently use at the
time of writing this report, and I have great success using these guidelines.

With that said, I find that the easiest keywords to rank for have less than 100,000
competing pages, less than 10,000 competing pages for “allintitle”, and have
multiple web 2.0/article sites (user-generated content sites) showing up on page

There are a lot of keyword tools that work great, but I prefer to use Google’s
Keyword Tool. Why? Because Google is going to be the main source of your traffic,
so you want to pay attention to what they are telling you. I will note that
Wordtracker’s free tool is also great for finding long-tail keywords.

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Initially grab as many keywords as you can. Once you have grabbed these
keywords narrow down your list to 10-15 keywords for each product. You will do
this by searching each keyword in Google in quotes i.e. “weight loss tips”. This will
give you the amount of pages competing for that keyword. You want to have less
than 300,000 competing pages. If the keyword has more, take it out of your list
for now.
*NOTE* When you take keywords out of your list, you may want to save them in a separate
sheet for later use just in case the niche/product you chose turns out to be really profitable.

Sometimes it can be hard to find keywords that fit the criteria. In this case, I have
found that adding keyword modifiers can help work around this. The easiest way
to find keyword modifiers is through Google Suggest. If the keyword is popping up
in Google Suggest, then you know that it’s a term people are actively searching

Once you have selected your 10-15 keywords for each of your selected products,
you are now ready to move onto Step 3 – Landing Page Creation.

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                    Step 3 – Landing Page Creation
Let’s dive right in. I know you want to start making money ASAP, and I want you
to as well. So let’s keep on moving forward. Remember, TIME = MONEY.

You should now have 5 products you are ready to promote each with 10-15 long
tail keywords to target. Now you will create 5 free landing pages to post your
product review(s).

You may be asking, “What the hell is a landing page?” Basically, it’s a page where
you will pre-sell your chosen products. The whole purpose of a landing page is to
persuade (I prefer the term “warm up”) your prospects to clicking your affiliate
links to the sales page of the product you are promoting. From there, it’s up to
the publisher to sell the product. Now do you see why I said you need to be
objective and put yourself in the mind of customer when you’re selecting your

There are many different types of landing pages; all with their respective
purposes and uses. But for this report, you will only need to focus on one type of
landing page – the product review. We will use free blogs to host our landing
pages. Why?

For starters, they are just insanely easy for anyone to create and keep updated.
There a few free blogs services out there, but I prefer to use Blogger, Squidoo, or
Wordpress. However, for the sake of this method and the report, I chose to go
with Blogger since it is the easiest out of 3 to use. Its interface is so easy to
navigate that anyone with absolutely no web design experience could create a
landing page here. In fact, most of it is all set to go, so all you really have to do is
sign-up for free at Blogger, choose your template, and then start writing posts.

The best thing about using blogs for landing pages is that each blog post is
considered a separate page. In other words, with the proper keywords and some
simple SEO (search engine optimization), it’s highly possible to get every single
page of your blog ranked in Google on page 1 for their respective keywords.

                                                                                 Page | 14
When you create your blog, there are some very simple yet effective things that
you need to do to optimize it for the search engines. The first thing you will want
to do is optimize each product’s landing page for its respective best keyword
(Remember those lists of keywords you made?).

Now which keyword is the best has been a topic of hot debate for a long time.
Some like to use the keyword with the most searches; others like to use a
keyword with a nice balance of daily searches and competing pages, etc…

I personally like to use and recommend you go with the keyword that has the
most amounts of searches. It may have the most competition, but you will be
building tons of backlinks to this landing page with my traffic strategy, so it should
have no problem ranking in the long run.

You will use this keyword in the URL of your landing page. So if your keyword was
“weight loss tips for teens”, your selected URL should be


Sometimes you will find that your selected URL has already been taken. You can
add spaces between each word like I did above, or even add numbers i.e.


The main thing is you do not want to alter the order of the words in your keyword
i.e. weight-loss-for-teens-tips. This will make a whole new keyword phrase.
Another thing you can do if your keyword URL is taken is just target another
keyword from your list.

After you have your landing page created, you need to give it structure. For this
method your landing page will be a review page. There are 2 types of review
pages: the single product review pages and multiple product review pages.
                                                                              Page | 15
The single product review page is very basic. It’s a pre-sell about the product that
you chose to promote and that product only. Here’s an example of what the flow
of a single product review page should be:

This type of landing page is actually less effective since writing a pre-sell on a
single product sounds like you are trying to sell something. Also, once a visitor
clicks your affiliate link, they will be re-directed to the product’s sales page. This
will turn a lot of people off.

The second type of review page, the multiple product review page, is my personal
favorite. It is also much more effective. With this type of review page, you will be
make 3-5 posts and each will be reviewing a separate product. Here’s an example
of what a multiple product review page should be like:

                                                                                Page | 16
You will want to make sure that you give the product you initially chose to
promote in Step 1 the best review and the other products a less appealing review.
This will make your #1 pick stand out as the best selection and will increase its
credibility. I also recommend that you give ratings to each product across a few
basic criteria. Make note that the criteria will need to be changed across different
products and the below is just an example:

      Effectiveness – 5/5 stars
      Ease of Use – 4/5 stars
      Price – 5/5 stars
      Overall – 4.5/5 stars

Here is an example of a Multi-Product Review landing page that I setup for
demonstration purposes. It has my main keyword as the title, and at the time of
writing this report, this keyword was getting 256 searches/day according to

Other tips when writing your product reviews:

    Do not try too hard to sell the product. You want to write your reviews as a
     real person that wants to help others that were in the same position you
     were in. This will increase your credibility.
    Do not use your affiliate link too much. Try to “sprinkle” it throughout your
     review. Again, this is personal preference and may take some testing, but
     make sure you have it at least 2 times in your review – once in the
     beginning and definitely at the end.
    Make sure to not over-hype your reviews. Nothing is perfect. Adding a few
     small negative remarks, especially about your #1 pick will further increase
     your credibility and conversions.
    Do not overuse your keyword. This is another topic that has much debate
     around it, so again, personal preference comes into play. A good rule of
     thumb to follow is to use your keyword in the title, the anchor text, and the
     1st and last paragraphs.

                                                                            Page | 17
    Cloak your affiliate links and use anchor text. There are many free URL
     shorteners you can use.
*HOT TIP* – When creating your multiple product review page, grab an affiliate link for each
product. Of course you will still write your reviews with the guidelines above, but having an
affiliate link for each product will make you some extra money. You’d be surprised how many
people will not choose your #1 pick but instead go for your #2 or #3 pick. Also putting a
picture of a real person will make your review page seem more real and will build your trust
with your customer that much more.

By now, you should have 5 products with 10-15 keywords each, as well as 5
landing pages (1 per product chosen in Step 1). Now we will move onto the final
step – Traffic Generation.

                 Step 4 – My “Traffic Slam” Strategy
Now that you have your landing pages ready for traffic, you need to drive traffic
to them. Although there are literally thousands of different ways to drive traffic,
this report focuses on only 1. It’s devastatingly effective and FREE. I’m talking
about bum marketing, but not in the “traditional” sense.

The traditional way most affiliate marketers do bum marketing is to submit
keyword targeted articles to article directories. Of course those articles have their
affiliate links in them.

The problem with this strategy is that there is no promotion involved. Sitting and
waiting for Google to find your articles is not my style. I have a more “shove it in
Google’s face” approach to bum marketing. My strategy takes bum marketing and
puts it on steroids.

Here’s a quick breakdown:
   1. Submit articles to popular article directories. This is will help you rank well
      for your keyword as well as get instant traffic from the article directory
   2. Submit your content to web 2.0 properties. This helps with rankings for
      both your articles and your landing pages.

                                                                                     Page | 18
   3. Promote all your content with pinging, bookmarking, and RSS submissions.

The main difference with my strategy and “traditional” bum marketing is that I
don’t just write articles and leave them. I actually promote them as well as the
promoters of my articles. This is referred to as “promoting the promoters” and is
an extremely effective tactic, but there are not a lot of marketers doing this.
There are 2 major benefits to this.

   1. You will build backlinks and authority to every article which will pass on to
      your landing pages.
   2. It also lets Google know immediately about your content, and gives you
      instant visibility via bookmarking/rss feeds etc.

The whole process is a 3 day process that you keep repeating:

   1. Day 1:
         Submit 15 articles (3 per product).
         Grab the URLs of your article submissions and their RSS feed URLs
            and save them to a notepad file with the date. (Note that some of
            the sites may not have an RSS feed. In that case, just skip the RSS for
            that site)
         Ping the articles.
   2. Day 2:
         Submit 15 more articles, save the URLs like on Day 1, and ping them.
         Bookmark the URLs of the previous days’ articles (Day 1), grab the
            URLs of your bookmarks and ping them as well.
   3. Day 3:
         Submit 15 more articles, save their URLs, and ping them.
         Bookmark the previous days’ URLs (Day 2) and then ping those URLs.
         Submit the RSS feed URLs from Day 1 to RSS Directories and ping
            these URLs.
   4. Day 4:
         Repeat the process.

                                                                             Page | 19
So basically all you are doing is submitting content/pinging>bookmarking the
URLs the next day/pinging>submitting the RSS feeds the day after/pinging.

This traffic system will give you massive exposure and also allow you to crush your
competition for ranking in Google. Google has no choice but to pay attention to
your content since you will literally be shoving your content in Google’s face.

Here are some tips that will help you get even better results:

   1. Use multiple accounts on all networks.
   2. Use proxies.
   3. Spin your content.
   4. Use software to help automate and save time.
   5. Do not limit yourself to using only the sites I recommend. Continually add
      your own sites. The more you have in your arsenal, the better.
   6. When you bookmark your content, be sure to write as if you are a 3rd party.
      DO NOT blatantly promote your own content.

Here’s a list of the top 5 article directories by Alexa Rank:

   1.   EzineArticles
   2.   Articles Base
   3.   Buzzle
   4.   GoArticles
   5.   Helium

Here’s a list of great Web 2.0 sites to submit your content to:

           Hubpages
           Blogger
           Wetpaint
           Squidoo
           Wordpress
           Zimbio
           Weebly
                                                                           Page | 20
          Tumblr
          Live Spaces
          Googleknol
          Quizilla
          Wikispaces
          Onsugar
          Insanejournal
          Yola
          Nexo
          Sosblog
          Jimdo
          Ning
          Tripod
          Diaryland

Here are the RSS directories I recommend you use:

      Feedage
      Feedagg
      Feedraider
      Feedfury
      Goldenfeed
      BadRSS
      Feedbase
      RSSmicro
      Technorati
      Feedplex
      Icerocket

Sites to ping your content:

    Pingler
    Pingoat
    Pingomatic
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    Feedshark

For social bookmarking, you can semi-automatic services like OnlyWire or
SocialMarker. I highly recommend them since it will save you a lot of time.

                                  In Closing:
If you follow the system I have setup for you, you will undoubtedly experience
similar or even much better results. Then, just rinse and repeat the blueprint to
create another income stream. Keep doing this and your monthly income will
continue to grow exponentially…

Also, everything in this blueprint is 100% FREE. All you have to do is invest a few
hours each and every day for 30 days. If you don’t put in the time or effort, then
you most likely will fail. However, if you do, you will have created a job-killing
income stream that you can continually build upon. This is the start of true
financial and personal freedom. Just like anything else in internet marketing, you
will only get out what you put in. Here’s the earnings shot I took when I was using
the first version of my Clickbank Domination strategy:

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Here’s my earnings using the all new traffic strategy:

Take my blueprint to heart and take massive action. Don’t give up; don’t stop
until you complete every daily goal. If you do this, there’s no reason why you
should not experience similar or even better results than I have. I have given you
the tools the instructions. The rest is up to you.

Now go and get to work ;P

To All Your Success,

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 Bonus Section: More Traffic Strategies & Article Speed
                     Writing Tips
Video Marketing:
Video marketing is another very effective way to drive traffic to your landing
pages. For those of you who think making a video is hard, it’s not. Not to mention
the benefits outweigh the small amount of time takes to create a video. For
making videos you will need Camtasia studio. You can get a free trial can at their
site here.

Now for making videos just follow the following steps :

   1. Create 10 videos (1 video per article you created). Take 1 of your articles
      and paste it into Microsoft Power Point presentation 1 paragraph of 5-6
      lines at a time.
   2. Choose a nice background.
   3. Play the presentation and let Camtasia studio record it for you. Camtasia
      supports recording Power Point presentations. You could also write unique
      articles for the videos telling the viewers about the features, benefits,
      testimonials etc. of your chosen product. Just use a little common sense
      and imagination and you will find it’s not that hard to create videos.
   4. Submit your videos using Tube Mogul. It’s a free service that submits your
      videos to a bunch of networks at once for free. I use them all the time and
      recommend them highly.

Yahoo Answers:
It’ s really easy to drive traffic with Yahoo Answers, so I will not go into too much
details since it is unnecessary. Just go to yahoo answers and answer the
questions in your niche with a link to your landing page in the “sources” area. Just
be sure you are posting like you are a 3rd party that “happened to find” your site.
DO NOT post like you are promoting your site.

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Another thing you can do is create multiple accounts and use one to ask a
question and another to answer it. This is a very effective way of driving traffic,
but some people look down on it. It’s up to you whether to use it or not.

Forum Marketing:
   1. Find a popular forum in your niche and post articles to it.
   2. Answer questions and respond to appreciation.
   3. Build a relationship and do not SPAM links. You will be banned the minute
      you are thought to be a spammer.
   4. Include a link to your landing page in your signature.

This method does take some time, so don’t rush it. However, the benefits are
great in the long-term.

Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your sites. Here is a simple yet deadly
effective strategy that most people don’t use:

   1. Create 5 accounts on twitter.
   2. Start adding friends, 50 a day to each of the accounts is fine for me. Adding
      more can raise a red flag and get your accounts banned.
   3. Start tweeting. The trick is to sound natural. If you just spam your links, you
      will get banned.
   4. Add a link back to your landing page once in every 3-5 tweets. This number
      is not set, so don’t follow it exactly. The main point is you want to appear
      natural so that you can fly under the radar. When you post a tweet with
      your link, make sure you are posting like a 3rd party and not blatantly
      promoting your own site.

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                      Article Speed Writing Tips:
Here are some tips that can help you effectively spit out good quality articles in 10
minutes or less. I am at the point where I can write 5 articles per hour, and you
should really aim to get to that point as well. Remember, the whole idea behind
my Traffic Slam strategy is to saturate the market with your content.

The more content you can spit out, the faster you will get results.

   1. Do not think – Thinking too much will hinder your ability to write fast. Once
      you have your topic, just start writing. You can clean up after the article is
   2. Keep it short and simple – You are not trying to write a book. Think of your
      articles as a teaser to get your reader interested enough to click your links.
      That’s all they really are. I find 350 words works perfect. Follow this
      template and you will find it even easier:
           Introduction: 1 paragraph. The intro will set the tone for your article.
             A good intro tells the reader what the article is about.
           Body: 2-3 paragraphs. This is the “meat” of your article. A good way
             to write your body is to write in a problem/solution manner. Present
             a problem that your target market faces, and then present a solution.
           Closing: 1 paragraph. Simply summarize what your article was about.
             Don’t forget to use the closing to peak your reader’s interest. This is
             what will warm them up to clicking your link.
   3. Do not stop writing until you have completed your daily goal. This will
      ensure that you get them all done, and you will feel great once all your
      work for the day is done. If you can’t sit down for that long, you might split
      them up i.e. 5 articles => short break => 5 articles=> short break => 5
      articles. I wouldn’t split them up more than this. You will get distracted and
      this will lead to failure.
   4. Rewrite articles that are already created for your chosen keyword. Just
      search your keyword in Google and/or article directories, read through the
      top 2-3, take notes, and then write your own version. DO NOT plagiarize.

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Learning to write 5 articles in an hour will take practice, but if you follow
the tips above, writing 5 articles in an hour will eventually become 2nd
nature to you.

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