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					                                   Essential Skills Assignment #1

Essential skills are skills required for work, learning and life. Use the web links below to discover the
essential skills in Canada. Answer each of the following questions.

Web links and information needed to answer the questions

To learn more about Essential Skills and how they relate to Canadian occupations visit the Essential
Skills Equalizer. The Equalizer is an interactive learning tool that provides users with definitions,
example tasks and skill sets for sample occupations.

What to do;

1. Describe in your own words what the essential skills are needed for and how they were picked as
   essential skills. (This information is found in the first two paragraphs under “Understanding
   Essential Skills”)

2. Describe what is meant by levels of complexity.

3. What are the 9 essential skills? – List in the chart
4. Briefly describe each – Look at each website to find out as much information as you can about
   each essential skill. Record the information you have found in the chart.
5. When you have enough information on each essential skill write an essay to describe how well
   you have developed each of the essential skills so far and what else you will do in the next few
   years to become more skilled in these areas. Remember to support your point of view on each
   skill by giving examples to show you have the required skill(s).
Complete the chart

                     Brief Description










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