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									Beauty Salon Interior Design Ideas and

Salon Interior Design Tip #1: Consider Your Clientele

Is your salon strictly for “the girls” or do you cater to men’s grooming needs? Do you offer
couples massage

? Do you invite young teens to pamper themselves? Are you a family oriented salon? The
most important element to interior design of your beauty salon or spa, is to know who you
will be serving and keeping your design decisions consistent.

Salon Interior Design Tip #2: Consider the Layout

According to an article published by “Entrepreneur” Magazine, the average salon space
usually range from 1,200 to 2,000 square feet, although some can be considerably smaller
(fewer than 1,000 square feet).

You'll need four separate areas in your hair salon:

-    Reception and retail (20% floor space)

-    Shampoo and Drying (10% floor space)

-    Cutting and service (50% floor space)

-    Storage, break room, and the employee/client restroom (20% floor space)

Salon Interior Design Tip #3: Color Palette

Colors affect people’s moods and attitudes. Consider how you want your clients to feel when
they are in your salon or spa. Your service line will influence what colors you use. If you
offer spa services, consider calming colors to help your clients relax. If you are going for
more of a fast paced salon, you may want to use energizing-warm tones. Don’t be afraid to
experiment with materials such as glass, metal, or stone to create a calming or energetic

Salon Interior Design Tip #4: Lighting

The way you choose to light your facility can lead to a tranquil or an edgy atmosphere. Again,
consider the image you are trying to project to your clients. Low light settings include
candlelight, lamps, and accent space with track lighting or small spotlights. This creates a
tranquil atmosphere. High light settings incorporate natural daylight, large lighting fixtures
such as chandeliers, and open space that allows light to sweep from room to room, or through
deep spaces. Your best bet would be to incorporate the two lighting styles to create a unique
atmosphere with ambient and direct light.

Salon Interior Design Tip #5: Quality Salon Equipment

Today, when you walk into a modern beauty salon, you will find a wide array of unique and
comfortable chairs, manicure tables, and massage equipment. This is a sign of beauty salon
that cares about it’s clients conform and satisfaction. Not only will quality salon equipment
increase your clientele, but will also enable your stylist with all the tools they need to ensure
they can create a unique atmosphere and safe work environment.

The salon environment is part of the package. People will judge your salon based on how it
looks, the flow of operations, and the cleanliness of the facility. If you create an appealing
environment for your clients and employees, you will have greater success than if you ignore
or neglect these elements.

Buying Tips for Beauty Salon Equipment and Accessories:

      If you see in general, most beauty salons offer basic hair styling services and skin care
       treatments. You must decide what are the facilities your beauty salon would offer.
       This would help you decide upon the kind of beauty salon equipment and accessories
       you would need to stock and use.
      Any beauty salon would need to use the basic equipment for the hair and skin
       treatments. Once you know the kind of services your beauty salon would be catering
       to, you can think of washbasins, the latest hair styling equipment for perming and hair
       straightening, hair dryers, supply trolleys etc. If you need to enhance the convenience
       factor, you can check out with the dealers or with an online store than can give you
       buying tips for beauty salon equipment and accessories. If the beauty salon equipment
       you require is basic, then stick to a modest place in your street.
      The professional salon equipment is generally available at an expensive rate. It is best
       to purchase professional salon equipment directly from the distributors, since they
       have the latest in this business. These equipments also carry a warranty and guarantee.
       This would ensure the equipment is of the required standard and will meet the
       intended use very effectively.
      There are certain beauty salons that go beyond the ordinary and offer a day spa
       treatment that help the clients to rediscover themselves. This treatment is very popular
       as it helps one to lose the stress and walk out of the beauty salon with a beautiful glow
       for the whole body. Therefore, if this is what you plan, then apart from the basic
       beauty salon equipment, you may need to explore various manufacturers and read the
       catalogs extensively to choose the best equipments that can prove to be easy to use,
       combined with the latest snazzy features. Explore the options here, as you need to
       invest in quality that would last you for a long time. Know the models available and
       compare the rates before making that important purchase.
      When it comes to buying tips for the beauty salon equipment and accessories, one can
       also try to explore companies that are selling innovative beauty equipments. You can
       safely go in for such options, as these will enhance the quality of the service that is
       being offered.
Choosing Furniture for a Beauty Salon:

The beauty salon design is one of most important points when it comes to starting a beauty
salon. The beauty salon design should be such that it provides a good ambience while the
clients are getting pampered and it should be visually pleasing to tempt people to come back
to your beauty salon. Well, no beauty salon would be complete without the appropriate
beauty salon furniture. This plays a major role in the whole process.

      The first tip when choosing beauty salon furniture would be to ensure it blends with
       the color scheme and the décor that is being planned. Beauty salon furniture needs to
       be sleek, stylish and the colors should be soothing and pleasant.
      The beauty salon furniture should also provide the right comfort when it comes to the
       various beauty regimes. If it is a head massage or a matter of a facial, the bed rests
       and the chairs should be comfortable and the client has to feel at ease whilst the whole
       process goes on.
      While choosing beauty salon furniture, you also need to think of the space factor. The
       designs apart from looking good and being really high on the comfort factor, should
       also utilize the space of your beauty salon in the best way possible.
      Also finalize on the budget for the beauty salon furniture. This would help you to
       stick to particular models of the furniture.

Your beauty salon supply could never be complete without all these elements. The beauty
salon equipment and furniture along with the products go hand in hand to provide the best
service your beauty salon can offer.

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