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					                                  GIOVANNI B. GINATTA
                                  Phone: 593-9-318-5941
                                      P.O. BOX 5124

EDUCATION     Georgia Institute of Technology                               Atlanta, Georgia
              Master of Science in Environmental Biology, Dec 1991
              GPA: 3.6

              Georgia Institute of Technology                               Atlanta, Georgia
              Master of Science in -Management, March 1989
              GPA: 3.4

              Georgia Institute of Technology                               Atlanta, Georgia
              Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Dec 1986
              GPA: 2.9

EXPERIENCE    National Financial and Administrative Manager                 Guayaquil, Ecuador
              La Llave S.A.
              Direction of all the noncommercial areas (Human Resources, Finances,
              Administration and Information Systems) of a company dedicated to the trading of
              engineering products in water sectors, pneumatic, automation, electricity, industrial
              suppliers, vapor, isolations and engineering project-assemblies at a national level.

                                                                Apr 05 - Today

              National Coordinator of the Biotrade Initiative               Guayaquil, Ecuador
              Design and implementation of a promotion and business services organization that
              gives support to projects related to the biodiversity sustainable use of Ecuador:
              ecotourism, sustainable forestry, agricultural ecology and natural products. This
              program is integrated to the UNCTAD´s (UN) Biotrade Network (
              that manages similar projects in several countries of the world and creates
              entrepreneurial and trading capacities in operators and companies that produce
              goods and services based on the sustainable use of biodiversity. Training in supply
              chains and supply chain analysis, partnerships and strategic alliances among small
              and medium enterprises. Market access, export audits and logistics. Promotion of
              the EMPRETEC program in Ecuador.

                                                                Apr 02 - Mar 05

              President                                                    Quito, Ecuador
              National Council for Sustainable Development
              Advisory organism added to the Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador that is
              involved in the promotion of policies for the sustainable development and special
              projects. Presidency Council’s Representative.

                                                                Mar 02 - Jan 03

              Founder and President                                          Guayaquil, Ecuador
              Fundación Biocon
              *NGO created for the promotion of technical and alternative use of the biodiversity
              and natural resources of Ecuador. Its main work objective is the promotion of the
              organic agriculture.
                 *As requested by the Ministry of the Environment and the UNCTAD, this NGO
                 designed and started the Biotrade Initiative National Plan for Ecuador, with
                 CORPEI as focal point.
                 *It is specialized in the generation of small and community based supplier networks
                 within new niches of trade and exports.
                 *It has experience in environmental and organic certification.

                                                                Feb 99 - Today

               Fundación Natura Guayaquil
               President of the board of directors of the main environmental NGO of Ecuador for
               the Guayaquil Chapter.
                                                                           Ene 99 - Dic 02

               Corporate Administrative Director                               Guayaquil, Ecuador
               Corporación Noboa
               Control and policy making for all administrative units, including fruit exporting and
               production, trucking, shipping, insurance, packaging products and automobile
               retailing business. Supervision of all the Corporation Administrative Managements,
               in the areas of supplying, logistic, stocktaking, insurances, human
               resources and expenses/costs controls.
               Leader Corporate Environmental Committee.
                                                                               Feb 98 - Dec 99

               President                                                       Guayaquil, Ecuador
               Ferconsa C.A. - Ferrisariato C.A.
               Restructuring, financial administration and design of joint venture between a family-
               owned group of companies with Mi Comisariato Group, resulting in a 82% - 18%
               deal. These companies were involved in retail sales of home-center products,
               construction materials and industrial machinery.
                                                                               Mar 97 - Feb 98

               Administrative Manager                               Guayaquil, Ecuador
               Corporación Noboa-División Agroexportadora
               Control and planning of Administrative-financial-human resources and operations
               for banana exporting business (Bonita Banana), fit-sanitary control and agricultural
               products supplier company.
                                                                             June 96 - Mar 97

               Corporación Noboa-División Agrícola                       Guayaquil, Ecuador
               Management of 7000 Ha of Banana plantations and other agricultural production.
               Emphasis on cost and logistic reduction.
                                                                         June 95 - June 96

                 Central Purchasing Manager                                  Guayaquil, Ecuador
                 Grupo Industrial Noboa
                 Project Leader to integrate all the purchasing departments of the Noboa Industrial

                                                                              Mar 94 - May 95

                 Central Treasurer. Over-liabilities control. New project financing management.
                                                                                Sept 92 - Feb 94

                  Phidaygesa S.A. (a Noboa Industrial Group company)
                  *Treasury and budget control.
                  *Operative control of raw material purchase and storage.
                                                                Jan - Sept 92

               Inversiones Masibol S.A. (an agroindustrial company)
               General direction of all the activities of a 80 ha agricultural operation oriented to
               local and foreign markets. Production of lemons, mangoes, industrial tomatoes and
               organic bananas production.
                                                                               Feb 93 – Today

               Graduate Research Assistant                             At!anta, Georgia
               Biotechnology Research Center of Georgia Tech
               *Research on technical and economic development of composting operations on
               the less developed countries.
                                                                       Jan - Dec 1991

                  Treasury Officer                                                Guayaquil, Ecuador
                  Banco del Pacífico
                  *Assistant to the Bank’s National Treasurer.
                  *Control over nationwide banking investments operations.
                  *Design of training programs for Financial Division
                  *Seminars in basic financial analysis for the Finance Division.
                                                                                  Aug - Dec 1990


                  Assistant to the General Controller                           Guayaquil, Ecuador
                  Molinos Champion (Continental Grain Corp)
                  *Financial and Operational control.
                                                                Mar - Jul 1990

               Marketing Manager                                               Guayaquil, Ecuador
               Ferrisariato C.A.
               *Marketing Strategy implementation for the first DIY retail chain in Ecuador.
               *Recruiting and training of the staff for the store.
               *Design of the first store.
                                                                               Dec 88 - Feb 90

                  Small Business Consultant                                     Atlanta, Georgia
                  Advanced Technology Development Center
                  *Review of the high-tech business plans.
                                                                                Spring 1988
usiness plans.
                                                                                Spring 1988

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