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					                                                                               COMPANY OF MASTER MARINERS OF INDIA
                                                                      DETAILS OF CANDIDATES FOR ELECTION AS WARDEN 2009- 2010

SR    NAME                 ALL   MEMBE                      PRESENT OCCUPATION                              CAREER / PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS                                             CONTRIBUTION TO PROGRESS OF CMMI
1    Ashoke Kumar Bansal * 6/12,**       124     Member for over 40 years, CoC no. 00404,            L.L.B.Hons London, BAR at Law                                  Legal matters in International Maritime Law, Organisational matter & matters pertaining to
                                                 Chairman of three Limited Companies                                                                                professional excellence of Master Mariners
2    Sundaresan P. Shastry *4/12         214     Tanker Master - (Sea Going) Petroleum &             Senior most Sailing Master in India, Fellow - CMMI,            Can present papers, can effectively represent CMMI in oil industry, related committees,
                                                 Chemical ( LMS/ISHIMA)                              Member - Nautical Institute, Extensive Tanker Command          welfare of sailing officers in general
                                                                                                     experience, Have participate in multiple Seminars

3    Vinod Kumar Gupta *4/12             222     Formerly Harbour Master, Mumbai Port Trust,         LLB., Arbitrator                                               Administration, Dealing with Government Authorities.
                                                 Lecturer, LBS College of Advance. Maritime
4    Piyush Pal Singh                    268     Chairman - Shaan Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.-         1963 - Cadet, 1974 - Command, In business from 1984,           To advice Masters on Shipping agency/Ports/Legal requirements in Vessel handling
                                                 Agency & Ultimate Marine Pvt. Ltd. - Freight        Presently also Vice President of MANSA
5    Yashwant Chhabra                    448     Master, Maritime Training, ISO/ISM & related        Headed Wallem Maritime Training Centre 1994-2004,             Managing affairs, Participate in Consultancy/Training work provided by company
                                                 work, Presently doing Maritime Consultancy work     Authored a book 'Detailed Guide to Collision Avoidance Rules'
                                                                                                     released in Oct 2008.
6    Neerav Kumar Gupta                  487     Ex Chairman, Managing Director of Dredging          Dy. Chairman JNPT                                             In many areas pertaining to the running of CMMI
                                                 Corporation of India Ltd.
7    Krishnamurthy Iyer *9/12            536     Program Chair - Nautical - Tolani Maritime          Trained Teacher, NIPM, SCI                                     Training
8    Nalin Bilochan Pandey               571     Chairman cum Managing Director (CMD) -           Have been Country Director of Italian Company Finaval Spa         Creat new groups for members & make CMMI more acceptable, I wish to see CMMI to
                                                 Pentagon Group                                   for four years approx.Presently have own established              have it's own building like The Institute of Marine Engineer have in Nerul
                                                                                                  company C. E. O
9    Mohan Vasant Naik *9/12             601     Present occ - Ship Manager, Trg.- T. S.Jawahar - FNI, FICS, MCIArb, LLB(3 yrs Deg.), PGD Maritime Law,             1) Organising Lectures/Articles of Maritime interests 2) Promoting Maritime Education all
                                                  GESCO Cadet Academy, CoC - Extra Master         Sec. Gen. CMMI(07-09), Member of IFSMA, Ext. Examiner -           over India through India offices, 3) Creating awareness about activities of CMMI in India
                                                 (India), Org. - Dynacom Tankers Mgmt. Ltd.,      Masters/Mate, Trustee MMTI Edu. & Res. Trust.                     thereby attracting new talent into the membership & the profession
                                                 Designation - C. E. O, P'folio - Head India
                                                 Operations, Looking after 30+ ships

10   Harish Khatri *4/12                 605     Dy DG., DGS.                                      Existing Warden, Extra Master, 8 years of Command,               Presently functions Welfare of Seafarers, Development of Coastal Shipping, etc.
11   R. Chandramowleeswaran *7/12        622     President, German Express Shipping Agency         FICS, 1976-1995 sailed with India Steamship & Wallem Ship        Work towards making CMMI vibrant, strive to project CMMI as forum for consultation on
                                                 (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai                         Management, Warden since 2007                                    maritime issues.
12   Daljeet Kumar Mehta *6/12           702     Manager - Goodwood Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.      Suptd in BNT SCI, Gen. Manager - RIL, Owned Aditya               Will like to strengthen CMMI as required
                                                                                                   Training & Maritime Services, Published book on 'Prevention
                                                                                                   of Drugs, Alcohol in Maritime sector, Specialized on Gas
                                                                                                   Tankers & Oil Tankers
13   John Prasad Menezes *5/12 ,**       731     T. S. Rejendra 75-76, Sailed Scindia Steam Nav. BA, LLB, FNI, FICS, MCMS, FICA, P.G.Dip. Maritime Law-             1) Membership 2) Professional Advancement 3) General & Maritime Law 4) Past President
                                                 Co. (CDT. 3/O, 2/O) later Wah Kwong Shipping London Metropolitan University, Executive Council Member-             of South Kanara District Chamber of Commerce - Exposure with Govt. ministers etc. 5)
                                                 Co. Ltd., Hong Kong (Ch. Officer, Master), CoC Nautical Institute, London, Trustee-New Mangalore Port Trust,       Educating the Seafarers & taking up the cause. Upholding etics in the profession to the
                                                 Master FG1985-DGS, C. E. O. Ericson &             Past President -MNOA Mangalore, Past Chairman-CMMI               next generation. To make Indian voice at the IMO to be heard.
                                                 Richards (Karnataka), Mangalore from 1990 until Mangalore Chapter
14   Philip Mathews                      734     Vice President - Fleet Personnel, SCI             Extra Master Mariner, M. SC.(Maritime Affairs) WMU,              Manpower Planning for Maritime Industry, Maritime Education & Training
                                                                                                   Published paper on Polyvalent officers in Philippines Maritime
15   Harjit Singh                        779     LPG Sailing Master / Teach during vacations       Suptd. B &T Div., SCI / Vetting Inspector / Owned Aditya         Overall safe working practices on Oil / Gas Tankers
                                                                                                   Training & Maritime Services.
16   Arvind Kumar                        817     Dock Master - Mumbai port Trust, Port             LLB (1st Div) Mumbai university, LLM in International Maritime   Help in legal matters on Maritime affairs
                                                 Operations                                        Law, IMO- IMLI with distinction, REMDEC - Environment Pr.
                                                                                                   In 2008,
17   Balkrishna S. Rao * 6/12, **        853     Captain Superintendent - HIMT Pre Sea             Sailing 1965 - 2000, Surveyor (Marine) 2000 - 2004, Training     Training
                                                 Training, CHENNAI                                 & Teaching 2005 till date.
18   K. Vivekananad *2/12, **            930     Vice Chancellor, Vels University, Chennai         President of METIA, President of MNOA Chennai                    Fight for Justice for seafarers
19   Naresh M. Ramchandani               943     Partner Reliance Maritime Agencies, Chennai       Owner of Freight Forwarding & Custom House Agency                General Organisational Matters & Commercial Aspects of Shipping
                                                 600 001                                           Company
20   Birender Kumar Jha                  1044    1) General Manager with Mitsui O. S.K. Lines      Working with World largest Shipping Company as GM                1) Give new Direction to CMMI 2) unite all Master Mariners of India & make CMMI as
                                                 Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd.2) Passed Master (F.G.)                                                                  strong forum
                                                 in July 1985 & Extra master in Sept. 1987 3)
                                                 Diploma in Ship Management from UK - 20013

21   Abhijit Chattopadhyay               1112 Managing Director of Mitsui O. S. K. Lines             Training- T. S. Rejendra 1974, CoC Master 1982, joined      Being in the Manpower Business can influence young professionals to Join CMMI
                                                 Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd.                          Bergesen D. Y.A/S, Command - 1990, Joined Mitsui O.S.K.
                                                                                                     lines Ltd, Manager 2001, Gen.Manager April 2003, Director &
                                                                                                     CEO July 2003, Director - FOSMA, Member of advisory board
                                                                                                     - AMET, Chennai
22   Tapan Kumar Panda                   1406 Training Superintendent, Bernhard Schulte Ship         Extra Master                                                At present CMMI needs to support Ship Masters in a big way both professionally,
                                                 Management Pvt. Ltd.                                                                                            physically & morally like Hebei Spirit, We need a proactive approach for that I can
                                                                                                                                                                 contribute in a way to support Masters from Criminilisation, To be abreast with latest
                                                                                                                                                                 legislation as well
23   Chhote Lal Dubey *7/12              1552 T. S. Rajendra 1972-74, Master's CoC in 1982,          BSc, Written many books for Merchant Navy Deck officers,    Areas related with Training & Examination
                                                 Extra Master in 1995, Owner & Principal of          External Examiner in DGS/MMD, Member-Western Academic
                                                 Mumbai Maritime Training Institute,                 Council

24   Santhakumar M.                      1583 General Manager - Chartering, SCI                      Diploma in Business Management, BSc (Maths)                    Training related activities, Over all development of CMMI
25   Nisha Nath jain ***                 1737 Serving Greatship group Companies as Group             L/Audio for 9K/14K- 189k, NEBOSH-IGC                           Expert in all aspects of offshore logistics, E-P HSSE, Specialized operations, Towing,
                                                 Head- Quality Systems, Training for offshore -                                                                     Anchor handling & etc.
                                                 drilling fields.
26   Tescelin Almeida ***                1781    Anglo Eastern Ship management, Master               Master (Tankers/OBO'S), Numerous papers, De. Dip. HR           Attracting more sailing staff to become members of CMMI, Active participation in Seminars
                                                 Mariner, Dy. Company Training Officer,              Developed Training Modules
                                                 Superintendent Training
27   Sudhir V. Subhedar *6/12, **, ***   1794    Master Mariners, Port Services, Director Ocean      BSc (Martech) London 1976, EXM                                 Marine Administration & IMO matters, Coastal Shipping Promotion
                                                 Sparkle Ltd.
28   Ralph Philip Raymond Coutinho ***   1931    Master Mariners, IF00-4862, Fleet Management        PG International Trade & Transport, London                     Shipping (in general), Vetting, Port state context, Logistics, Supply chain

29   Vaibhav Dalvi ***                   1946 General Manager - Crewing operations, V Ships          Not Mentioned                                                  Not Mentioned
                                                 India Pvt. Ltd, Master(F.G.) - CoC No. IF00- 5977

30   Kersi Tehmurasp Khambatta ***       2041 Manager Training - Torm Shipping India Pvt. Ltd. Extra Master Mariner                                                 Training & Career development

     * - Sitting Warden, No. of Court meetings attended / Total no. of Court Meeting for the term 2007-2009 as on 19th Jan.2009

     ** - Wardens from outstation

     *** - Members whose membership is less than 5 years. (Reference CMMI Article 11(1.2) passed at the EGM held on 23rd Feb. 2007)

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