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					  Excerpts from President’s address to the Nation on the eve of Independence Day
                                 (Aug 14, 2006)

“Jeevan Vidya experience: Jeevan Vidya is being practiced by Prof
Ganesh Bagaria, IIT, Kanpur, Prof Rajeev Sangal, Director IIIT
(Hyderabad) and their teams. This scheme is concerned about addressing
the basic causes of major problems of violence, corruption, exploitation,
domination, terrorism and war. It has been found that violent and anti-
social behaviour, unless dealt with care and with professionalism, could
aggravate the extreme behaviour.
       Jeevan Vidya develops tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty in
human conduct by enabling self-knowledge that understands harmony in
the self and in the entire existence. The academicians could bring about
marked change even among the inmates of jails through the use of these
        Jeevan Vidya is a 'teachable human value based skill' that can
address inherent conflicts within the mind of the individual, within families,
in organizations and in public life. Inner conflict is the very essence of
violence. For example, with the skills imparted, it would be possible to
reduce the overall period of secondary education from 25,000 hours of
teaching to 20,000 hours, since the children become more responsible and
productivity conscious. These experiments can be outreached to influence
many people by developing networks using ICT through our educational
system that needs to pay increasing attention to this aspect of human
       This process of imparting self-knowledge would promote a learning
atmosphere, where this whole movement of inquiry into knowledge, into
oneself, into the possibility of something beyond knowledge would bring
about naturally a psychological revolution. From this comes inevitably a
totally different order in human relationship and therefore society as a
whole. The intelligent understanding of this process itself can bring about a
profound change in the consciousness of mankind.”
 Address and Interaction at the National Institute of Technology, Raipur,Chhattisgarh

                       07-11-2006 : Raipur, Chhattisgarh
                        Evolution of Enlightened Society
                                                Thinking provides knowledge
                                                 Knowledge makes you great

I am indeed delighted to participate in the interaction meet with the
students of National Institute of Technology. I greet the students, and
congratulate the Faculty and staff of NIT, for shaping the young minds. I
always cherish interaction with the students and Faculty members. Since I
am in the midst of students who have undergone value education
organized in collaboration with “Abhyudaya Sansthan, Achhoti”, I would
like to talk on the topic “Evolution of Enlightened Society”.

Evolution of enlightened citizenship

I would like to put forth to this intellectual gathering, an action oriented
solution for evolving a happy, prosperous and peaceful society in our
planet, which I call as ‘Enlightened Society’. How do we create such an
enlightened society, which has three components (a) Education with value
system (b) Religion transforming into spirituality and (c) Economic
development for societal transformation? Let us discuss.

(a) Education with value system: The best part for a person is his or her
childhood and the learning period in school. The prime learning
environment is five to seventeen years' of age. Of course, at home, love
and affection are imparted. But again most of the time in a day is spent in
preparing school's homework and study, eat, play and sleep. Hence the
school hours for children are the best time for learning and need the best
of environment and mission oriented learning with value system. During
this stage, they need value based education in school and at home for
them to become good citizens. This reminds me the echo from a great
teacher's saying, "give me a child for seven years. Afterwards, let the God
or devil take the child. They cannot change the child." This indicates the
power of the great teachers. For parents and teachers, school campus and
home have to have an integrated mission that is education with value
system. They must inculcate moral leadership amongst children which
involves two aspects. First it requires the ability to have compelling and
powerful dreams or visions of human betterment, a state of things in which
human beings could be better off in the future than they are now.
Secondly, moral leadership requires a disposition to do the right thing and
influence others also to do the right thing. If the child misses the value
based education in the school, no government or society can establish a
transparent society or a society with integrity. During this period, it is
essential to elevate the young minds through a moral science class at least
for one hour each week, delivered by great teachers. That will elevate the
young minds to love the country, to love other human beings and elevate
the young to higher planes. Throughout the world in every school till the
age of 17, it is essential that moral science is taught. Such enlightened
individuals will definitely promote peace and harmony in the planet. Now, I
would like to share an experience that I have witnessed regarding religion
transforming into a dynamic spiritual force.

My interaction with Shri Nagaraj: I had an opportunity to meet Shri
Nagaraj and his team who are propagating the concept of Jeevan Vidya.
Also I read his book. Teachings of Shri Nagaraj can form part of a value
based education system. He says children must be allowed to gain the
experiences of life. We need not impose our ideas on others. Freedom
from illusion is a stage of moksha. We need to understand the meaning of
existence, life and humane conduct. If we understand these three we will
be sensible intelligent and wise. Shri Nagaraj further says the strength of
life does not reduce with its utilization. We can feel it. Our strength and
power increase and become stronger gradually with their utilization. These
important messages will enable the students to understand their potential
and contribute in a meaningful way to the society of which they are an
integral part.