; SEM part 1
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SEM part 1


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									UJIAN SEMESTER 1 2010




There are 40 questions on this paper. Answer all questions.

1. The __________ send letters to peoples home.

       A. teacher

       B. postman

       C. policeman

2. Gita goes to school by ___________.

       A. car

       B. bus

       C. lorry

3. Ali is _________ in the race.

       A. first

       B. second

       C. third

Read the passage below. Choose the correct answer.

This ___ (4) my friend, Nora. _____ (5) is eight years old.

She ____( 6) in Taman Anggerik.

She comes to school ____ (7) bus.

   4. A is            5. A I        6. A live           7. A in
      B am               B He          B lived             B on
      C are              C She         C lives             C by
Question 8 - 13. Based on the pictures given, choose the best answer.

                           8. The rich man lives in a _______ house.

                                  A. small

                                  B. Big

                                  C. Ghost

                           9. The ______ lady likes to cook.

                                  A. thin

                                  B. fat

                                  C. tall

                           10. The bird live in a _____ cage.

                                  A. square

                                  B. triangle

                                  C. round

                           11. This is _____ bird.

                                  A. small

                                  B. huge

                                  C. big

                           12. The prince married a ________ girl.

                                  A. pretty

                                  B. ugly

                                  C. handsome

                           13. The _____ man is very kind.

                                  A. young

                                  B. handsome

                                  C. old
Questions 14 – 18. Look at the pictures. Choose the best sentence that describe the

14.   A. The exercise book is on the laptop.

      B. The laptop is on the exercise book.

      C. The exercise book is under the laptop.

15.   A. There are twelve butterflies and four flowers.

      B. There are eleven butterflies and two flowers.

      C. There are eleven butterflies and four flowers.

16.   A. The books are in the cupboard.

      B. The books are under the cupboard.

      C. The books are on the cupboard.

17.   A. The markers are under the chair.

      B. The markers are on the chair.

      C. The markers are in the chair.

18.   A. The crayon is on the desk.

      B. The crayon is in the desk.

      C. The crayon is under the desk.
Questions 19 – 22. Look at the pictures carefully. Choose the best sentence for each

                            19.    A. I’m fine. Thank you, Puan Farah.

                                   B. Good morning, Puan Farah.

                                   C. You are fine, Puan Farah.

                            20.    A. You are welcome, Siti.

                                   B. Hello, Carrie.

                                   C. Hello Siti.

                            21.    A. Goodbye, Daddy. Have a nice day.

                                   B. See you again, Daddy.

                                   C. Good night, Daddy.

                            22.    A. How do you do, Natalie?

                                   B. Good morning, Natalie.

                                   C. Goodbye, Natalie.

Questions 22 – 25. Look at the pictures. Choose the correct spelling.

22.    There are ____________ cows on the farm.

       A. thirteen
       B. threeteen

       C. thirteen
23.   This is my school ________.

      A. trousser

      B. trrousers

      C. trousers

24.   I eat _______ and _________ in the afternoon.

      A. rice, vegetables

      B. rais, bijitebel

      C. rice, vegetebel

      D. rise, vegetable

25.   They are sitting on the _______.

      A. bnech

      B. benhc

      C. bench
Questions 26 – 30. Match the pictures with its correct phrases.

      This is what I do in the morning. First, I _______(26) .

Secondly, I _____________________ (27)                                  .

Then, I ________________(28)                             and I _______ (29).

Lastly, I _________________(30)

26.   A. I get up.                              29.    A. I wash my face.

      B. I brush my teeth.                             B. I comb my hair.

      C. I go for jogging.                             C. I take the bus.

27.   A. I wear my uniform.                            30.       A. I wear my uniform.

      B. I brush my teeth.                                       B. I get up.

      C. I have my breakfast.                                    C. I go to school.

28.   A. I drink some water.

      B. I brush my teeth.

      C. I wash my face.
Questions 31 – 35. Read the dialogue. Choose the best answer.

Lina :                                      Nora :

Good morning, I am Lina.                    Good morning, Lina.

What is your name?                          I am Nora.

Hello Nora, How old are you?                I am eight years old.

How do you come to school ?                 I come to school by bus.

I come by car. Where do you live?           I live in Taman Anggerik.

So do I! I live on Jalan Tiga.              I live on Jalan Empat.

That’s great. We can play together.         Yes. That will be fun.

31. Who is this?                                34. Where does Nora live?

         A. Nora                                         A. Taman Mawar

         B. Lina                                         B. Taman Melati

         C. Teacher                                      C. Taman Anggerik

32. How old is Nora?                            35. Where do you think they met?

         A. seven years old                              A. canteen

         B. eight years old                              B. classroom

         C. nine years old.                              C. library

33. Who comes to school in this ?

         A. Nora

         B. Lina

         C. Nora and Lina
Questions 36-40. Read the dialogue and answer the questions.

Adam             :           Good evening, Uncle Heng.

Mr. Heng         :           Good evening, Adam. It is good to see you.

Adam             :           Is Kenny at home?

Mr.Heng          :           Yes. He’s watching television. Come in, Adam.

Adam             :           Thank you. I come to ask Kenny about our Maths homework.

Mr.Heng          :           He’s in his room. Go right in.

36.     Adam is talking to Mr. Heng                           39. Adam is Kenny’s __________.

______________.                                                     A. friend

        A. in the school                                            B. brother

        B. in the afternoon                                         C. father

        C. at Mr. Heng’s house

37. Adam wants to see ________.                               40. Adam and Kenny has a ______

        A. Kenny                                                 homework.

        B. Mr. Heng                                                 A. Mathematics

        C. his teacher                                              B. English

                                                                    C. Science

38. What is Kenny doing?

Prepared by : Jumaat Awang

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