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									  Serving Members Since 1954                  The Newsletter of the APLFCU Community                        Spring 2007

Historically low mortgage rates and stable property
prices are encouraging consumers to buy real estate
today. In fact, average rates on 30-year home loans
fell more than half a percentage point in the second
half of 2006, while many areas of the country have
seen housing prices level off or even decrease after
several years of double digit increases.
Even existing homeowners looking to stay put are
realizing that this may be a good time to refinance,            money you have for a down payment and closing costs, how
especially consumers with adjustable rate mortgages that        long you intend to live in the home and how much house
have recently repriced to a higher rate. Depending on the       you wish to purchase. That's why we offer an array of
loan rate structure, these increases can add hundreds of        options:
dollars to the monthly mortgage payment, making it very                 Cash Out Refinances
beneficial to switch to a lower fixed-rate mortgage while               Jumbo Mortgages
rates are favorable.                                                    Fixed 15-, 20-, 25- and 30-yr mortgages
Not sure which loan type is best for you? APL Federal                   Interest Only Loans
Credit Union offers a wide variety of great mortgage                    Up to 100% Purchase First Mortgages
products at competitive rates to accommodate all sorts of               80-10-10's and other Piggyback Mortgages
financial situations. Whether you are looking to secure a               Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
standard fixed- or adjustable-rate first mortgage, refinance            Unimproved Land Loans
an existing mortgage, or acquire special financing to get you   When financing your home, trust means a lot. APL Federal
into your dream home, APLFCU can help. We specialize in         Credit Union offers the best of both worlds: the full services
the purchasing and refinancing of primary residences and        of larger institutions without the origination fees, and
second homes in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West          personalized service that is our hallmark. Stop by our main
Virginia, Delaware and Washington, DC.                          office on Johns Hopkins Road to speak with a member of
We realize that not every loan type is right for every          our real estate team, or give us a call at 443-778-5250.
consumer. Numerous factors play a part in determing which       For more information on our real estate offerings, click the
loan is best for you, such as your cash flow, how much          Mortgages & Home Equity tab on our Web site:

                                         INSIDE THIS ISSUE
  2 Checkyou won the lottery?
                                             3 Give themYour APLFCU tools
                                               Bound Kids
                                                                                       4 APLFCU Updatesat news
                                                                                         Check out the latest
    Pay just $50 to get $50,000                          the                             and “happenings” the
       sent by certified check. Be               they need when they begin                  credit union.
       careful of the latest scams.              that new adventure.
Don’t Accept That Check Too Quickly
Fake Check scams are clever ploys designed to steal your money. There are many variations but the “lottery” and
“sweepstakes” scams are the most common. These phony postal money orders or fake cashier’s checks can look so real that
some tellers need to ask branch managers for a second opinion. You can avoid becoming a victim by recognizing how these
scams work and understanding your responsibility for the checks that you deposit into your account.
1. Letters from a foreign country stating you won their international lottery. They send you a fake cashier's check, which you
deposit. They ask you to call them when it clears and then to wire a portion of the money back to get the full prize amount.
In most cases there will be conflicting locations listed on the letter. It may be a Swiss Lotto, but the address is in Seattle and
you are instructed to call a phone number with a North Carolina area code.
2. Wire requests are often the second half of a check scam. They will send you a
fake check and ask you to wire money back. The wired money is instantly removed
from your account and the fake check is still waiting to be detected as counterfeit.
                                                                                                D i d Yo u
3. Online auction sellers must be wary of purchasers that insist on sending a
shipping company to deliver the certified check upon purchase pick-up. Once they                 Know
give you the phony check they’ve walked with your valuable item.
                                                                                               In some cases, law enforcement
                                You are responsible for the checks you                        authorities could bring charges
                                deposit!!!You are in the best position to determine
                                the risk. You're the one dealing directly with the          against you, because it may look as
                                person sending the check to you. When a check                 though you were involved in the
                                bounces, the financial institution deducts the amount         scam and knew or suspected the
                                that was originally credited to your account. If there
                                isn't enough to cover it, the financial institution may        check was counterfeit. Protect
                                take funds from other accounts you have at that              yourself by only accepting checks
                                institution, or sue you to recover the funds. In some        from people you know. If you have
                                cases, law enforcement authorities could bring
                                                                                             any doubt, have a manager at the
                                charges against you, because it may look as though
                                you were involved in the scam and knew or                    credit union verify the validity of
                                suspected the check was counterfeit. When in doubt,                       the item.
                                speak to a manager of the credit union about your
                                deposit. We can help you to verify the validity of the
                                check and possibly save your hard-earned money!

2   APLFCU’S QUARTERLY CONNECTION /                      SPRING 2007
Prepare Your College Bound Kids!
Your high school graduate is looking forward to spreading their wings and
living life on their terms - in their new college environment. Some of them
may move out of your home to attend college while others may commute to
campus. But no matter what scenario plays out in your household, your
graduate may face new situations they have not dealt with in the past.
You want your child to be money conscious and to spend wisely, but you also
want to feel secure that they have access to extra money should unexpected
expenses arise. How will you get them the money they need without a long
time delay? With APL Federal Credit Union's Visa® Check Card.
Signing your new student up for a Visa® Check Card gives you the ability to
transfer funds from your primary account to your child's checking account.
And transferring funds through Online Banking will make the money
available for instant use. Plus, when you equip your child with this card you
can instill a learning process of budgeting while being able to monitor their
spending habits. With high-limit credit cards, you don't have the same amount
of control. A young adult can quickly run a credit card up to its limit because
the entire credit line is available for use.
Here are a few quick facts about our Visa® Check Card
      It's FREE - no monthly service fees.
      Use the Visa® Check Card anywhere that Visa is accepted.
      It's like writing a check! There's no need to use a personal
      identification number (PIN) for purchases.
      It works like a traditional ATM Card. Withdraw from your APLFCU
      savings or checking account. Access your account at ATMs 24 hours
      a day to obtain balances, transfer between accounts or make an
      advance from your line of credit. Pay No Surcharge Fees when using
      the card at any of the 32,000 ALLPOINT ATMs located throughout
      the country.
      Increase your purchasing power and peace of mind with Overdraft
      Protection through a Line of Credit.
Get your child on the right path to financial responsibility with the ability to reward positive saving and spending habits.
Stop by one of our branch locations to set up a new membership and order your college bound child a Visa® Check Card.
You will also need to fill out a Cross-Member Transfer Authorization that will allow you to transfer money between
accounts. Make the college experience a little less stressful by setting up the safety nets before they leave.

                                                       APLFCU’S QUARTERLY CONNECTION /                     SPRING 2007         3
                                                                                                  Credit Union Updates
                                                                                                                                                    OPEN A HELOC TODAY
        P.O. Box 418 Laurel, MD 20725                                                                                                               Our home Equity Lines feature no
        MAIN OFFICE                                                                                                                                 closing costs and no minimum
        11050 Johns Hopkins Road                                                                                                                    draw requirement. You can use the
        Laurel, MD 20723
                                                                                                                                                    proceeds for almost any purpose,
        443-778-5250 * 240-228-5250
        800-367-5796 (out of area)
                                                                                                                                                    including home improvement
        Ext. 85250 (inside JHU/APL)                                                                                                                 projects, vehicle purchases,
        Fax: 240-228-5545                                                                                                                           wedding expenses, debt
                                                                                                                                                    consolidation or refinancing --
        11100 Johns Hopkins Road
                                                                                                                                                    all with the added benefit of
        Laurel, MD 20723                                                                                                                            significant tax savings.
        443-778-5251 * 240-228-5251
        Ext. 85251 (inside JHU/APL)
        Fax: 240-228-3060
                                                                                                  GO DIRECT
                                                                                                  Switching to direct deposit is a small but important way that
        8870 McGaw Road
        Columbia, MD 21045
                                                                                                  people who get Social Security and Supplemental Security
        443-778-5250 * 240-228-5250                                                               Income (SSI) checks can improve their lives. And it takes
                                                                                                  just a few minutes to sign up.
        Call Center Hours:
        Mon. through Fri. - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
                                                                                                  APLFCU is proud to partner with Go Direct - a campaign
        Saturday - 9:00 am to Noon                                                                sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the
                                                                                                  Federal Reserve Bank to inform people who receive federal
        Audio Response:                                                                           benefits about the advantages of direct deposit.
        301-604-8438 or 800-382-1993
        Ext. 85858 (inside JHU/APL)                                                                   With direct deposit, you have:
                                                                                                            The safest method of receiving your payment
        Main Office/McGaw Road
        Lobby Hours:                                                                                        An easier, more convenient way to access your money
        Mon. through Fri. - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
                                                                                                            Control over your money and your time
        Saturday - 9:00 am to Noon
                                                                                                  Plus, signing up is quick and easy - call 800 333-1795 or sign up online at
        Drive-Thru Hours:
        Mon. through Fri. - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
        Saturday - 9:00 am to Noon
        APL Campus Branch
        Lobby Hours:
                                                                                                  IRA REQUIRED MINIMUM DISTRIBUTIONS (RMD)
        Mon. through Fri.                                                                         Individual Retirement Account (IRA) regulations require that you begin withdrawing
        8:30 am - 4:30 pm                                                                         money from your IRA plan when you reach age 70 ½. If you turned 70 ½ prior to
                                                                                                  January 1, 2006, you must withdraw your 2007 required minimum distribution by
        Web site Address:                                                              December 31, 2007.
        E-mail Address:
                                                                                                  If you would like to set up your RMD for an automatic withdrawal please visit the
        Online Bill Pay Support:                                                                  credit union to fill out an IRA Withdrawal Statement form.

        Lost or Stolen Visa Card:
        After hours and weekends

        EFT Routing:
                                                                                                               In observance of Memorial Day,
        255077998                                                                                     the credit union will be closed Monday, May 28th.
        Current Rates:                                                                                           You may still access Online Banking or one of our
        Visit                                                                                            32,000 surcharge-free ATMs throughout the
        Call Audio Response
        Contact Member Services
                                                                                                                       holiday to fulfill your banking needs.
        Stop by an APLFCU branch

        Your savings federally insured to at least $100,000
nd backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government

National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency
                                                                         Member of the National
                                                                            Association of
                                                                                                  4   APLFCU’S QUARTERLY CONNECTION /                     SPRING 2007
                                                                         Federal Credit Unions

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