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					                    Welcome to Southern Living at Home and welcome to our team,

                THE GOLDEN STAR GARDEN!
“GOLDEN STAR”, as defined by the Southern Living Garden Book, is a shrub that
proliferates throughout the South. It is a perennial, a survivor, and it is one of the
strongest groundcovers known. It proliferates in the Spring and Fall seasons, and
when it blooms, its 5 golden yellow buds produce a “star shaped flower”. This plant is
a loved, traditional Southern classic.

Our team, the Golden Star Garden, represents women in almost all of the 48 continuous states. We are
one of the “fastest growing teams in the country” in the “FASTEST GROWING PARTY PLAN
COMPANY IN AMERICA!! I am so happy that you have joined us in this amazing venture and look
forward to all that YOU will bring to our Team. We are ready, willing and able to help YOU reach
YOUR goals…to help YOU dream!

I will tell you that you will meet some of the nicest women…all Southern Living at HOME consultants
have HUGE hearts and can’t wait to help you get started. While many of us have different goals and
dreams, the common denominator is our “Spirit of Generosity” and we are thankful for the opportunity
to serve you. We trust that you will pass it on as you sponsor other women in this business. We have
been called “nurturers”- women who care deeply about the sanctity of home, family and others. We’ll
tell you that we know how to have fun…that it’s our “job” to party!

This packet is meant to complement your Quick Start Basic Training Guide and give you some very
specific tools to ensure your success. Everyone moves at their own pace, one of the “perks” of our job
and it has been helpful to create this for you to reference. I do recommend that you print it out, 3-hole
punch it into a binder; grab a cup of coffee and a highlighter. You should also save it to your hard drive
so you can pull up the many checklists and documents for future use. Always feel free to edit anything
to represent your unique style as I have done.

Please, do not be overwhelmed…while it seems like there is a lot to learn at first I guarantee that once
you master the basics you just continue to do the same things over and over… you “polish” your skills.
So RELAX!!! Don’t try to be perfect…have a good time at your parties and ALWAYS remember…the
#1 reason women book a party is to have FUN!

Cheers to you, to your dreams and your success!
Gina LeGare, Two-Star Director
“Welcome” is the word that defines our mission…
“To create a feeling of welcome, comfort, and beauty in homes all
 across America, while fostering the spirit of generosity in
the lives of our Consultants and their families.”

We want your business to allow you a pace of life that makes
sense, and space in life for conversation and walks and books and
all the good things and people you love.

Welcome to a company that celebrates a lifestyle that brings family
And friends closer together.
Welcome to Southern Living at Home!

                                         As in any new business there is much to learn at the beginning!
                                              But your resources are plentiful: your Sponsor, Consultant
                                                   Handbook or CD and Video, Teleclass Training, and
                                                          Your Southern Living at HOME workstation.

                                  THESE ARE THE SKILLS YOU WANT TO MASTER
                                                SCHEDULING HOME MARKETS
                                                                        HOSTESS COACHING
                                                                 EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS
                                                             WORKING ON OUR WORKSTATION

                                                                                       It’s not difficult!
                                               Watch the video. STUDY your Manual or training CD.
                            Go to a Home Party with your sponsor. Learn your way around the website.
                                                         Practice, practice, practice your presentation.
                          Attend Team Training Meetings, Corporate Trainings and most importantly…
                                                                         Go to our annual Convention.
                                                                                       Observe and ask!

Hold a Business Launch – host your own home party to introduce Southern Living at HOME to your
friends and family. You might want to consider a Thursday night and a Friday morning and letting your
guests choose which works best for their schedule. This is what I did and I had twice the fun! Only you
can decide what will work best for your circle of friends.

      Set the date!
       DO NOT do anything else until you have a date and your invitations are in the mail.
       Playing “office” is not an income producing activity and you want to qua lify for the maximum
       level of our generous Quick Start program which gives you a $50 business supply credit and up
       to $150 in FREE product…but you only have 40 days to qualify.

      Personally invite at least 50 people by phone or in pe rson.

      Send special invitation reminders along with a personal note explaining that this is your
       business launch not just another party. Explain why you decided to do this… share your
       enthusiasm! They will make a special effort to come and support you. This was my letter…the
       invitation follows and can be copied and ready to use, just change the personal details and find
       some cute paper at an office supply store.

   My dear friends
   For the past ten years I have had the privilege of being a stay at home mom and I have
   loved every wonderful minute of it. I feel truly blessed to be celebrating the ordinary
   moments of nurturing my family and am in constant awe of the amazing little people my
   four children are becoming. I have loved the friendships that form over a thousand cups of
   coffee and you know how I have loved decorating my home. With the lazy endless baby days
   long gone I have found myself searching for a way to pursue my creative desire without
   compromising my commitment to family. I have discovered a beautiful new company
   whose mission is so like my own I can’t wait to share it with you - Southern Living at HOME.
   Please join me at my business launch and discover for yourself the amazing opportunity
   with Southern Living At HOME. Thank you for your friendship, your love and your support.

      Show the catalog to those who cannot come and take orders.
       Don’t forget to offer the monthly Customer Special and be sure to ASK them if they would like
       to book a party.

      Call the day before to remind those who are coming and encourage each to bring a friend.
       Women’s lives are very busy and they will simply forget! They WILL thank you for the

*The 5 steps above are the steps you will use over and over hostess coaching for your parties! Minus the

                                                                           Commit                         ~3~
                                                                      Commit To the “Powe r of 6”
                                This is the proven way to start your SLAH business successfully…
          Your “recipe” for success! 6 parties in your FIRST 60 days…this is your training period!

                      Book at least 6 Home Parties (5 plus your launch) with your friends and family
                                                                  within 6 weeks of your business launch.
               Begin to talk to friends about helping you get started in SLAH by holding parties for you.
                                                                         Get those dates on the calendar.
                                                       Begin planning with your hostesses for attendance.
                                                         Remembe r my standard invitation is attached…
                                              Just copy, paste and personalize and you are ready to party!

                                               Begin to talk to people about joining you in the business!
    You do not need to know everything – or understand the compensation plan in order to sponsor. You
             can find out all the answers as you have need. Share the opportunity and your enthusiasm!
                                                         We are here to help you every step of the way!

Experience has shown that successful direct sales consultants consistently:

Hold Home Parties every month.
Carry catalogs with them everywhere.
Recommend their business confidently.

Attend Corporate Trainings and Team meetings.
Talk to their Sponsor EVERY week.
Are aware of all company special incentives and announcements.

See the BIG picture.
Love their product.
Set attainable short-term and big long-term goals.

Focus on income producing activities.
Stay out of the muck and mire.
Believe and HAVE FUN!

                               My Standard Invitation

     Goodness, Beauty and Abundant Living
               Celebrate Home!
  You are cordially invited to experience the wonderful treasures of
                       Southern Living at HOME.
Please join me for fun, food, shopping and the pure joy of celebrating
a beautiful life as we enjoy beautiful products and creative ideas from
                the NEW Spring/Summer 2006 catalog.
             This is a unique and beautiful line of the decorative home accessories,
        iron works, pressed tin, pottery, candles, gifts and kitchen goodies you see in the
                                   Southern Living magazine.

                   Tuesday, March 30th
                        7:00 PM
                 At the home of Susie Q
               1000 Southern Living Drive
         Feel free to bring a friend...They’re always welcome
                    And you will receive a free gift!

   Kindly RSVP to Susie Q at 111-1111
                            Helpful Phone Numbers
Gina LeGare
Two-Star Director
7421 Night Heron Drive
Land O Lakes, FL 34637
(214) 682.3246/ (813) 235.6931

Vonda Hurt
Founding Consultant, Senior Director
1609 Pembroke
McKinney, TX 75070
(214) 552.4135

Shannon B. Warner
Founding Senior Director
2801 Stafford Court
McKinney, TX 75070
(214) 544-3607
Office hours M-F 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Connie Ashburn
Founding Senior Director
(248) 676-9009
4085 Forest Edge Drive
Commerce, MI 48382

New Consultant Tele-Training
Available 24/7 @ (512) 703-8030

Live New Consultant training with Corporate Trainer every Monday at 12:00 noon EST

(512) 305-4600 access 87287#

Team Tele-Training:
Class schedule will be sent at the beginning of each month

Consultant Workstation:
Your consultant number is your ID number
The last 4 digits of your social security number is your password until you set one up.

SLAH Customer Service
877-472-8215 (toll free)
Connie Ashburn’s website:

                                           Action Plan
                You have signed your contract, now what do you do?
     Start with step 1 and go through the list in order to 10 and you will be ready to start!

1. Fill out your Team member profile and send back to me.
    Schedule weekly upline call with your sponsor, i.e. every Monday

2. Schedule your launch and mail your invitations. Use special invitations and a letter to let your
   family and friends know you are starting a business.

3. Get your office set up (see checklist following in attachments of items you will need) and open a
   free checking account. I also recommend a separate mileage credit card so you can earn a free
   ticket for Convention.

4. Listen to the following teletrainings:
       ~ Live New Consultant Training every Monday 12:00 noon EST
         The number to call is 512-305-4600 Access Code: 87287#
       ~ 24/7 Prerecorded 10 minute Basic Training 512-703-8030 option #2

5. Schedule at least 5 more parties – 1 per week after your launch date – DON”T WAIT until your
   launch to do this.

6.   After you receive your consultant id#, take a workstation tour:
    The Learning Center under “Information Center” is where your training materials are
    Quick Start Incentive Program – in “printable documents” for tracking your progress
    Order history – to track your starter kit shipment.

7. Put together your “Party in a Bag’s” (at least 10), Business Opportunity Folders and Guest
   Folders. All info is attached under Packet Contents.

8. Listen in on at least 4 teletrainings.
   New Consultant Training series #1-4 and any others that interest you, I HIGHLY
   recommend Hostess Coaching and at least 2 Party Presentations. There is one almost
   every day of the week. Times vary; you will receive a schedule from me at the beginning
   of each month.

9.    After your kit arrives, decorate a couple of products and buy baskets/totes to carry product –
     Don’t go overboard & don’t spend more than $30 on decorations! You want your guests to
     visualize the products in their home and your special touch might not be their style.

10. Practice, practice, practice your demo out loud with note cards and remember to have fun!
    When you get to this step, email me or your sponsor and we will forward a few sample
    Scripts if you need some inspiration but your very best source is the sample in your
    Handbook/Training CD.

                                           Let’s Get Organized!
Although there is never enough time in our busy schedules, it will pay off in many ways if you take
some time up front – when you are just starting your business -- to get organized so that it will only take
minimal time to maintain records, files, and supplies.

Set up an “Office” area it could be a kitchen counter but you need a designated spot to get organized
and tell your family where it is.
   Office Checklist
        Phone/answering machine with your new business in your greeting “You have reached the W arner family and
         Shannon’s business with SLAH…”
        Address Labels for catalogs and brochures
        A good calculator
        Business Cards
        Cash bag (I use a inexpensive check fo lder fro m Target)
        Something to put your kit in (plastic totes or baskets)
        A stapler
        10 x 13 inch wh ite catalog envelopes
        A Plastic File fo lder bo x o r roo m in an existing filing cabinet
        A small index card ho lder with div iders for your Customer Care Cards
        File folders
        25 Pens for part ies ~ I can show you how to make the flower pens if you’d like
        Internet access and Microsoft Word for opening attachments
        Notebook or binder

Orde r from Our Company Store on your workstation
Personalized Stamp
Name badge
SLAH folders for Business Opportunity Packets

Monthly Specials Flyers (can download off the workstation in “Printable Docu ments”).
Track your Quick Start progress and mail in tracking sheet to company after 60 days.
Reorder business supplies
Although you receive essential business supplies with your kit, you will quickly use some at your first presentations.
Remember it takes up to two weeks for your supplies to arrive. So you need to think ahead. You may consider purchasing
extra catalogs and order forms during your first month. You can place a business supply order any time, and you will receive
a 5% credit toward supplies based on your sales once you begin to do shows. The “business supply item numbers” are on the
website in Printable Docu ments section.
*If you would like to include and appetizer cookbook in your “party in a bag” you can get the list of style #’s off the busin ess
supply list. I reco mmend laminating that list and keeping it handy.

Other Ite ms to Order
I use for my “party in a bag” 8x4x18” cello bags under $30 for a box of 100
Hostess info packs, 10 for $2.50
Customer Info cards, pad of 50 is $2.50 *or you can take a sample from the manual and make copies at
your local store on cardstock but it costs about the same

                                                 Record Keeping

You need to find a system for keeping track of your individual parties, and their receipts. You can
file those simply in individual manila file folders, and place in accordion type binde rs or files.
Here’s a list of suggested File Folder headings. You will want to choose what works best for you.

Suggested headings for Sponsoring:
Discover the Possibilit ies Brochure
Master copy of Business Opportunity Packets
Extra Folders
Consultant Agreements
Suggested headings for Parties:
Guest Order Forms
Master Order Form
Hostess Brochures
Monthly Specials Flyers
Invitation Papers
Hostess Planner Forms
Booking Certificates
Customer Care Cards
Hostess Party Summary Forms
Suggested headings for your Business:
Address Labels (keep ext ras)
E-mail updates
Return Authorization forms

Organizing Your Records
Start now to save time during tax season! You can keep your records in a file drawer or a three -ring binder. Your Southern
Living Planner has a special section for Expenses and there is a place under Host Records to help you track your expenses.
For co mplete tax in formation fo r independent Direct Sellers, call the IRS at 1-800-829-3676 and ask for Publication 911 –
Tax Information for Independent Direct Sellers
Monthly Expenses to record
Retained Co mmissions
Sponsoring Co mmissions
Incentives from the co mpany

Merchandise from the co mpany, add on kits, hostess                 Meals and Entertain ment
  gifts…                                                            Telephone
Refunds                                                             Vo ice Mail
Product for display (flowers, tablecloths…)                         Internet access
Car Expense, Mileage                                                Personal Website charge
Rent, Meeting fees                                                  Postage and Shipping
Business supplies                                                   Cred it card fees
Office Supplies                                                     Education (Seminars)
Travel                                                              Miscellaneous- grocery used at your parties…

                                Checklist for Your Business Launch
Your Business Launch will introduce your family, friends and neighbors to your new business! These
simple steps will not only insure a good turnout for you, but instruct you in the skill of “hostess
planning”, or coaching your future hostesses to assure them of a successful home show.

Goal: 25-30 people in attendance, sales minimum of $1,000, minimum of 6 bookings on your

 You will learn the Hostess Coaching process
 You will receive at least $250 in commission to cover your investment
   You will earn minimum of $200 in free product
   You will earn free business supplies
   You will generate bookings and sponsoring leads

   Set the date: ______________________________
   Complete your guest list: It is critical to over-invite. About 1 in 3 will usually attend.
   Personally invite 2 weeks prior to your party. Your enthusiasm entices people to come.
   Send Invitations with a personal letter 2 weeks before your party.
   Share the catalog with those who cannot come and take their orders.
   Call the day before to remind your guests, inviting them to bring guests.
   Practice your 7 Step Presentation. You can write the presentation on note cards if you prefer.
   Familiarize yourself with the products in your Starter Kit. Come up with 2-3 uses for each item.
    Your best resource is the Catalog, The Selling Guide in our Printable Documents section of the
    Workstation, back- issues of Extraordinary Times (our newsletter) and your Sponsor. a
   Will you give door prizes away? What will they be? They should be SLAH product.
   Make copies of: Booking certificates, monthly specials, Customer Care Cards.
   Have Guest Folders, 10 Hostess packets (for future bookings), and 6 Information (Sponsoring)
    packets (for recruits).
   Have fun with your display – keep it simple so guests can visualize products in their home.
   Prepare simple refreshments from the SL cookbooks: Keep food very simple – if it looks too hard to
    be a hostess, others won’t want to book a home show!
   Business Supplies (Appointment book, Calculator, Pens, etc.)
   Welcome your guests at the door and begin!
***Tip: If at all possible, attend a party with your sponsor and observe!

Business Basics
Booking Home Parties
Booking Home Parties is the first object of your job description! Everything happens in this setting:
selling product, finding future hostesses and prospective consultants.

Goal: Schedule and hold 5 Home Parties within 30 days of your launch.

 You will master scheduling (booking) techniques
 You will master hostess coaching
 You will become comfortable with your presentation
 You will earn a minimum of $400-$600 cash
 You will generate an unlimited source of leads
 You will become a qualified consultant
   You will likely begin to build your team through sponsoring

1. Become familiar with the Hostess Rewards plan.
2. Ask everyone at your Business Launch to have a party to help you successfully launch your new
3. Begin calling your List of 100
                  Tell them about SLAH
                  Tell them how they would benefit through the Hostess Rewards plan
                  Ask them if they would host a party.
4. At each Party offer the booking opportunity at least 3 times.

5. As you calculate sales, ask every guest if they would like to host.

6. Bring Hostess Rewards brochures and catalogs with you to have ready for casual encounters with
7. Cut up a catalog and place your favorite product photos in a mini photo album to carry in your purse.
8. Be prepared to meet for informal Coffee Conversations where you can share in more detail.
9. When someone is interested in SLAH, ask for their name/phone/address. That way you can follow-
   up and not blindly hand out catalogs and business cards.

Tips: Get the date on the calendar and book within 3 weeks.
Check your Consultant Handbook and listen to teleclass trainings for scheduling word choices.

Business Basics
Hostess Coaching
Hostess Coaching is THE KEY TO SUCCESSful Home Parties.
You will coach your hostess to help her maximize her attendance which will maximize he r
re wards, your earnings, your bookings and your sponsoring leads. WIN/WIN!

Goal: 15-20 guests in attendance and $500 + in sales, 2-3 Bookings at every show, 2 information
packets about SLAH business given out.

 Your hostess will receive a minimum of $90 in free product
 Your hostess will receive extra half price items
 Your hostess will be delighted with you and Southern Living at Home
 Your hostess will re-book in the future
 You will meet 15-20 potential customers, hostesses and consultants
 You will earn a minimum of $125 cash
 Your business will grow!
1. Prepare hostess packets (see packets to assemble section).
2. Get the date on the calendar at the home party if at all possible. Remind her that you are
    PENCILLING in a date and that gives her friend Susie Q an extra half price item and her a $15
    booking coupon…you will call her to confirm when she is in front of her calendar.
3. Give the hostess the packet and go through the 5 steps, emphasizing her own Wish List
4. Call the hostess twice before the Party to check on things and offer assistance. Follow the Party
    Checklist. *Remind the Hostess to keep snacks very simple: cheese and crackers, cookies etc.
5. Call 2 days before to remind her to make reminder calls.
6. After the Home Party, follow-up on outside orders and inform her of the pending delivery date. Send
    her copies of orders with thank you notes attached.
7. Follow through on customer satisfaction and thank, thank, thank!

Tip: Attendance = sales = rewarded and happy host = growing business!
It all begins with Hostess Coaching.

*This form is in your Handbook/Training CD and I use this for each and every party. This is where all
of my notes go, any personal info about the hostess, her wish list, menu, etc. I also staple a copy of her
invitation on the back for my records.

                                                      Party Checklist
Party Infor mat ion:
Name: ______________________ _________________________                               Show Date/Time: _______________
Address: _____________________________________________                               Retail Total: ___________________
City/State/Zip: ________________________________________                             Order #: ______________________
E-mail: ______________________________________________                               Date Ordered: _________________
Phone: ______________________________________________                                Booked from: __________________

Hostess Reminder Checklist:

Date:          To Do:

_______        Mail “thanks for scheduling” note or postcard-optional
_______        Deliver Hostess Packet (Best to give at show she is scheduling from to save on time and postage)
_______        First Call to Hostess – Hostess Planning (OK to Hostess Coach at the show she is scheduling from)
               Go through Hostess Packet Steps:
                       Over invite – 1 out of 3 can come; carry extra invites to give out; Memory Jogger; 50 in 5 minutes
                       Call/Send/Call – Call and personally invite, Send the postcard as a reminder, Call the morning of to remind
                       Give catalogs to those who can’t attend to collect outside orders
                       Friends don’t have to attend to schedule their own show, and hostess still gets ½ price item for booking
                       Refreshments – Keep it Simple! You won’t book shows off of a party that looks like a lot of work
                       Explain Hostess benefits
                       Let Hostess know that you will call to remind her to send out invitations and make reminder calls

_______        Second Call – Two weeks prior to show
                      Ask if Hostess personally invited guests
                      Ask if Hostess needs help sending out postcard reminders
                       Ask Hostess if she needs extra catalogs to show to friends who cannot attend for outside orders

_______       Third Call – Three or Four days prior
                      What are the guest totals (so you know how many catalogs to bring)
                      Remind Hostess to make reminder calls (This call is the difference between 3 or 10 guests attending!)
                      Reminder Calls should be made to guests who already RSVP’d too
                      Offer a small gift to anyone who brings a friend (recipe card, votive etc.)
                      Get Directions:

_______       Fourth Call – Day before the show
                     Get the final guest count
                     Tell Hostess when you are planning to close the show (2-3 days max)

_______       Fifth Call – Show Follow-up
                       Get any additional orders
                       Get hostess’s order and payment information
                       Thank the hostess and tell her what a great job she did and how much you enjoyed her friends

_______       Mail Wrap Up and Thank You note: (sample attached)

_______       Sixth Call – Once show has shipped
                      Tell hostess when FedEx says they will deliver her show order
                      Tell hostess how many boxes to expect
                      Let her know the status of any backorders
                      Tell hostess to call you immediately if there is anything missing or damaged and to keep the packing slip.

Business Basics
You will grow your business and increase your income by bringing ne w consultants onto your

Goal: To sponsor 1-2 consultants every month.

 New energy and ideas brought to the group.
 Opportunity for personal growth as you help others develop.
 Increased income opportunity.

1. Prepare Business Opportunity Packets (see packets to assemble section).
2. Become familiar with the sponsoring interview, consultant agreement and signing procedures.
3. Be ready for casual conversation opportunities to sponsor with your 60 second comme rcial.
           Southern Living at Home is…
           I joined Southern Living at Home because…
           I’m staying with Southern Living at Home because…
           The reason I’m telling you this is because…
4. Recommend the SLAH opportunity as you would recommend a good book or restaurant.
5. Begin calling people on your List of 100 about the SLAH opportunity.
6. At each Home Party offer the sponsoring opportunity at least 3 times.
             “I’m looking for people to join me in this business!”
7. Be ready to meet for informal Coffee Conversations to discuss the SLAH business opportunity.

            Begin sponsoring the first week – you do not need to know everything!
            Your enthusiasm and belief in your work will be the #1 reason people join.
            Never assume that someone is too busy, too rich, too old, too anything!

Packets to assemble
“Party in a Bag” HOSTESS PACKET: bring 2-4 per party
    Hostess Planner (from
    3 Catalogs
    3 Order forms
    Hostess Reward Brochure
    Success Brochure with my “Invitation to Join” business flyer
    Appetizer Cookbook
    $15 Booking Coupon
    My business card
    Southern Living at HOME pen (Company Store)

Once date is confirme d, 3 weeks before party
I mail in a Priority Envelope (FYI ~ I purchase 10-20 at a time and keep them in stock…as much as you can fit for
$3.85…saves unnecessary trips to the post office)
         I personalize and print 50 Invitations
         Letter to Hostess (attached)
         Monthly Specials Flyer

Business Opportunity Folder / SPONSOR PACKET: bring 4 per party
I place all of this into the beautiful SLAH folders we can order through our Company Store
In the right side I place our current Catalog
My business card in the slots (in the beginning I just used a 2x4” catalog label sticker)
In the left side I place in this order:
         Success Brochure
         Cover Letter- (attached)
         8 page stapled business info packet (attached to this email in a separate Business Opportunity
         Contract *with your name/ID # filled in
                 Note: when you mail this out you may wish to add a stamped envelope addressed to SL@H
         Quick Start Information
         Hostess Rewards Brochure

 For Guests at Party / GUEST FOLDERS
You will read a lot about presentation folders…I keep it simple! I do not put catalogs in folders because
I encourage guests to take them home. I had a catalog for almost 8 months before I decided to become a
Consultant. You never know what little seeds you are planting! Just make sure your catalogs are clearly
labeled on the back with your contact information.
         Catalog w/the following inside
         Customer Care Card
        1 Order Form
        Current Customer special flyer(until you are on the habit of asking/reminding each guest)
        Stop sells IF the list is long

With their receipt I give them a Success Brochure and my “Invitation to Join” flyer

Another helpful hint is to make a list something like this sample and tape or attach it to the tote you
bring to your party. Check it before you go to your party and you can relax on the drive there, not trying
to think about everything you forgot! You might want to laminate this.

Merchandise                                                                                          SLAH
Your kit plus 5 NO MORE!                                                                             Cello
Tablecloths for display                                                                              Bags for
Catalogs w/order form and Customer Care Cards inside                                                 I bring a
*you might also want to include a Flyer with our monthly special when you are new                    bag for
                                                                                                     each guest
Dessert or gift for hostess                                                                          she is
*can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten this!                                                expecting
                                                                                                     so she has
Door prize                                                                                           them when
*if you choose to give something away                                                                her order
“Bring a friend” gifts (cookbooks from business supplies)

Your Planner with available dates circled

Party in a Bag (2-4 depending on size of party)

“Available Dates” flyer with Hostess Brochures

Directions and phone # for party

Business opportunity folders
Make it a goal to give away 2 at EVERY party

“Invitation to Join” flyer and Success Brochures
To give EACH and EVERY guest with their receipt

Business bag
Money bag (small amount of change for cash customers)
Extra order forms/catalogs/CCC’s
Extra key for car (just in case)

Notes for presentation

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                      My Hostess Thank You Letter
         (I print it on Personalized Company Letterhead on a faded tulip paper)

Dear Jane

Thank you so very much for hosting a Southern Living at HOME party! I appreciate
your efforts and your support of my new business. The mission of this beautiful
company is to create that special feeling of “welcome” as you open your home to family
and friends. You certainly helped spread our message with your gracious hospitality.

The total value of merchandise you will be receiving is $249.65
Your cost is $74.15 (includes your sales tax)
Thus, the amount you received for free as my hostess is $175.50 plus free shipping and

My personal mission is fulfilled when you and your friends have fun with Southern
Living at HOME ~ as guests, as hostess, or best of all as a new consultant on my team.
I am committed to helping other women build a successful home-based business and if
you, or anyone you know, might be interested please let me know. I appreciate your
referrals, that is how my business will grow. It is such a blessing to be able to share
this amazing opportunity with women like you.
Thank you and from my heart to yours...

May your home always be a place of peace and plenty,
A place of strength and sanctuary,
A place of warmth and laughter,
A place where love resides.

My best to you,

Joanne West
                       My Guest Thank You Letter
         (I print it on Personalized Company Letterhead on a faded tulip paper)


Thank you so very much for ordering from Ann’s Southern Living at HOME party. I
appreciate your business and hope you think of me in the future for your shopping and
gift giving needs.
The mission of this company is to create that special feeling of welcome, comfort and
beauty in your home and I would love to be invited to share that message with your
friends and family. My typical hostess receives a shopping spree of anywhere from
$125-225 in absolutely free products, several half-price items plus free shipping and
My personal mission is fulfilled when you have fun with Southern Living at HOME ~
as a guest, a hostess, or best of all as a new consultant on my team. I am committed to
helping other women build a successful home-based business and if you, or anyone you
know, might be interested please let me know. I appreciate your referrals, that is how
my business will grow. It is such a blessing to be able to be able to share this amazing
opportunity with women like you.
Welcome is indeed a state of mind, an attitude that embraces the warmth of
friendship in a gracious home environment.
Thank you, and from my heart to yours...

               May your home always be a place of peace and plenty,
                        A place of strength and sanctuary,
                         A place of warmth and laughter,
                           A place where love resides.


Joanne West

           Never before has a National name brand been involved in
                    the direct sales industry…UNTIL NOW!
       Southern Living Magazine’s new home-based business opportunity
                           Southern Living at HOME.

Set your own hours, earn a significant income, and be affiliated with one
         of the most recognized and trusted brands in the South!

            GET A $500 STARTER KIT FOR $199!
                    NO DELIVERIES!

                     *Launched in January, 2001,
     We became the fastest growing direct sales company in history!
        *Currently, there are 40,000 consultants Nationwide…
          Compare that with 885,000 Mary Kay Consultants!
                      We are just getting started!
     *An opportunity to join a Ground Floor Company
    only happens ONCE…Join us and make HISTORY!
        Call TODAY for your FREE business opportunity packet!
                          Shannon Warner
                     Founding Senior Director

       My Hostess Invitation Packet Cover Letter
        (I print it on Personalized Company Letterhead on a faded tulip pape r)

De ar

Thank you so very much for hosting a Southern Living at Home party! I appreciate your efforts and
your support of my business. The mission of this company is t o cre ate that special feeling of “welcome”
as you open your home to family and friends for a show and I am excited to be invited to your home.
Together we will have a successful party! Your role is t o entice pe ople to attend and have fun selecting
your free and half-priced merchandise and mine is to share the Southern Living lifestyle.

Here are your personalized invitations. I do re commend calling and personally inviting e ach person,
and then send the flyer as a follow up to that personal invit ation. I want to make this show both FUN
and EASY for you! I included an appetizer cookbook in your part y bag and encourage you to keep it
super simple. One or two appetizers, water, maybe a bottle of wine and desert. We will t alk about that
the week before your sh ow and I can provide you with some fast and e asy ideas . I have also enclosed a
copy of your hostess and customer specials so anyone who orders without the benefit of being there can
take advantage of our “sale ” item. If you need extra catalogs and order forms for pre-party orders just
let me know .

My personal mission is fulfilled when you and your friends have fun with Southern Living at Home
as hostess, as guests, or best of all as a new Consultant on my team. I am committed to helping women
build a successful home-based business while working flexible h ours around their busy life. I h ave been
blessed with the freedom to be my own boss as well as with the personal, professional and financial
rewards this business provides and love to share the opportunity with others. Much of my business is
built on personal recommendation. I h ope you will pass my name on to others who may like to know
more about our beautiful products, fun sh opping parties and/or our business opportunity. Please sh are
your enthusiasm for Southern Living at Home if given the ch ance.

Thanks again for scheduling a show. I look forward to seeing you on________________!

Blessings to you,

Shannon Warner

                             My Available Dates Flyer
          (I print it on festive invitation paper I pick up at an Office Supply Store)
       Everyone loves a party!
Are you looking for a creative way to entertain your friends this Summer?
Open your doors to a world of fun and friendship when you host a Southern
                              Living at HOME party.
 As a hostess you could receive a shopping spree for free and if you chose
 one of my available dates I will give you a $15 gift certificate to get you
started. Its fun, it’s easy, it’s rewarding, and It’s our NEW Spring Catalog!
                           Call me today @ 753-3557.

                          June Dates
       W- 2 nd, T- 8 th, H- 10 th, F- 11th and T– 22 nd
                          July Dates
                     *NEW CATALOG
             H– 8 th, T- 20th, W– 28 th, H- 29 th
                                Joanne West
                     Southern Living at HOME Director

       My Business Opportunity Folder Cover Letter
         (I print it on Personalized Company Letterhead on a faded tulip paper)

I want to thank you for your interest in Southern Living at HOME, Southern Living
magazine’s exciting new home-based business opportunity.
This information packet will give you a glimpse into this amazing company with such a heart
for women who want to build a successful business around their already busy life. Please be
sure to call our 24 hour conference line at (512) 702-8030 for a welcome message from our
Director of Sales Jerry Vitale that will answer many of the questions you may have. Take the
time to read the letters from our Founder and Executive Director, Diane Mooney and the
consultants in our catalog. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing not only my own
success story but the amazing opportunity YOU have right now with Southern Living at

In the meantime, here is our story...
Southern living is a well-loved institution in the south. It is a magazine that celebrates family,
the home and a core value system that unites all people. It is the flagship magazine for
Southern Progress Corporation, which is a subsidiary of AOL/Time Warner. It is also the
largest regional magazine in America, reaching over 13 million readers per month
Through the years, readers would call and write asking "where can I find the casserole dish
on page 82," or "where can I learn to decorate and entertain like I see in the magazine?" And
there wasn't a place to direct them because much of what you see in the magazine is
designed by the photo stylists on staff or other southern artists.

At the same time, a senior level executive at Southern Progress began to dream of a
company that would empower women with choices. As a passionate advocate for women's
issues, Diane Money recognized a need for more flexibility in a women's life. She envisioned
a company where women could be compensated to match her efforts. She could work as
much or as little as she wanted around her family's schedule. She could design her workday
so that her work could blend into her existing life. She could work as little as she wanted,
about 12 hours a month to make a car payment, or she could earn a six-figure salary from
her home.

And do you know what happens when a national name brand, pent up market demand, and
a women with a powerful dream combine? History is made! In January 2001, our company
was born...its name, Southern Living at HOME. In the first month of business, we sold an
unbelievable $2.3 million dollars and instantly had the largest launch of a direct sales
company in history. We ended our first year in business with $30 million dollars in sales with
9,000 consultants. A year later we tripled that effort to $100 million dollars in sales and
21,000 consultants. Today we are a $220 million dollar business and in five years projections
say we will be a $1 billion dollar corporation with more than 75,000 consultants.

Today, we are recognized as one of the best income opportunities for women. In three short
years, we have been given the title; "the fastest growing party Plan Company in history" by
the Direct Sales Association. We have received national and local media attention with CBS
Market watch calling us a "Golden Opportunity."

We are now entering our fifth year in the business, and many say that this will be our best.
When you consider that Mary Kay Cosmetics has 45,000 consultants in a single city, you can
recognize that we are still very much on the ground floor with only 32,000 consultants.
Lastly, you don't have to be from the South to sell for Southern Living at HOME. Anyone
who has a heart for home, and family, and beauty can bring the pages of this great magazine
to life. To quote our publisher, Southern Living is a state of mind!

As part of my team, you will receive excellent training and support. Whether you are looking
to do an occasional party here and there for some “fun” money or launch a full time career I
promise to match your efforts so you can achieve your desired results.

You can reach me at (214) 544-3607 or you may email me at
And be sure to check out my web site at
for more about your opportunity with Southern Living at HOME.

Blessings to you,

Shannon Warner
Founding Senior Director, Southern Living at HOME

May your home always be a place of peace and plenty, A place of strength and sanctuary, A place of warmth
and laughter, A place where love resides.

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