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					                          ANGLO-SAXON POETRY

The purpose of the project is to help you better understand the goals and conventions of Anglo-Saxon
poetry. You will demonstrate your knowledge of kennings, alliteration, rhythm, caesuras, and epic

You are to create an 8 1/2 x 11 Microsoft Publisher poster for an epic hero and represent his/her
adventures through poetic descriptions and images. The poster should show you, a famous person or
character, or a human character of your own creation overcoming daily battles and adventures. In
addition to a large, central image of the hero, it should include at least ten pictures of objects that
represent his/her struggles. Near each of the objects you should describe the adventure related to the
object using at least four lines of poetry in the Anglo-Saxon format. In other words, the descriptions will
all have at least one kenning, one use of alliteration (on 3 beats in a single line), a caesura (use
punctuation here), appropriate rhythm (4 discernable beats per line), and epic characteristics.

Grades will be based on the following rubric. NOTE: You must turn in this sheet with your completed
project or lose 10% of the grade. DUE DATE: Monday, Sept. 18, 2006. We will be in the library on
Monday, September 11 and Tuesday, September 12. There will be 2 days of class computer time for the
project (I usually give 1, so these really need to look nice). Feel free to turn the project in early; the date
should give you time to finish on your own (if needed). If you have pictures you would like to scan, it
would be to your advantage to take care of that before we actually get to the library.

_____/20 – large central image (picture, clip art, etc.) of your hero with his/her name
           under it

_____/30 – one image (picture, clip art, etc.) depicting each of the ten adventures

_____/60 – at least one kenning in each of the ten verses – all kennings must be italicized

_____/60 – at least one use of alliteration (3 of the stressed
           words in a single line) in each of the ten verses – all
           uses of alliteration must be underlined

_____/40 – correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling

_____/60 – correct use of rhythm (four stressed syllables and a
           caesura in each line) – must use ; or , or :

_____/30 – neatness and creativity

__________/300 = __________%