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Shriram Kaluke Shri Ganesh Enter

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                                                                                                                    OF THE YEAR
Shriram Kaluke:
Shri Ganesh Enterprises, India
Winner, Journey to Enterprise category

Shriram Kaluke overcame redundancy and losing his
savings to form Shri Ganesh Enterprises, providing
cleaning services for water tanks in residential and
commercial complexes.

Traditional cleaning by hand does not ensure a safe
drinking standard, so the business uses a high water
pressure machine, chemicals and an ultraviolet
radiator to make the water tank clean and bacteria-

By rising above difficult personal and professional
challenges, Shriram has grown a business
employing 14 people who service over 1500 clients.

Shri Ganesh Enterprises, which started trading in 2007, grew       Shriram’s use of an imported machine has been a key factor
out of Shriram Kaluke’s first manual cleaning jobs. He saw that    in his success, as it consumes less electricity and cleans better
manual cleaning of large water tanks, which are a vital feature    than domestic machines, and he has since bought three more.
of all residential and industrial developments in the city of
Pune, was inefficient and produced unsatisfactory results. After
experimenting unsuccessfully with poor quality second-hand         Overcoming obstacles
mechanical cleaners, he used a loan from the Bharatiya Yuva
Shakti Trust (BYST) to purchase modern cleaning equipment          To achieve this level of success, Shriram has had to overcome
from Germany.                                                      long-term unemployment, family debts and the loss of his
Shriram now provides services to residential buildings and
colonies, commercial complexes, educational institutes,            Born into a subsistence farming family in rural Maharashtra
hospitals, municipal corporations and industries. Currently, he    who barely made enough to support themselves, Shriram’s
is handling the work for 1500 such complexes in Pune including     parents were determined he received the best education
five major companies, and he plans to expand to the whole          possible. They managed to keep him in school until he was 18,
state of Maharashtra in the next five years.                       although he worked daily on the farm after school.

Competition supported by
                                       Shriram Kaluke was supported by Bharatiya
                                       Yuva Shakti Trust, an accredited member of the
                                       YBI Network


After graduation, Shriram headed for Pune, the nearest big
town, determined to find work and repay the investment his
family had made in him. By this time he had three younger
siblings to help support as well. However, he was only able to
find very basic manual cleaning work, which paid very poor

In 2003 life became harder still. His parents were determined
that he should marry and shortly after he did, the company                   “By creating employment in
that he was working for shut down. Things became increasingly
more difficult as he also had to take care of his wife. Two years            his community, Shriram has
later, Shriram was forced to sell part of the family’s farmland to           become an inspirational role
raise money for his sister’s dowry and, once again, the family
found itself in debt.                                                         model in his home village.”
For several years Shriram struggled to find work which paid
enough to do more than support him and his family; a task
made no easier by the birth of his own son.

More bad news

While working as a manual cleaner of water tanks, he became
interested in this field and started thinking about starting his
own business. Shriram started to develop his business idea but
                                                                     More bad news was to follow in 2008 when his father became
when the bank which held his savings went bust, he was left
                                                                     seriously ill and was diagnosed with cancer. When he died in
with nothing.
                                                                     mid-2008, Shriram was left in considerable debt as result of the
                                                                     medical costs.
With BYST’s help, however, he was able to gain the support
to start his business. Though Shriram started the business
                                                                     Shriram’s character proved strong enough to pull him through
enthusiastically, he found himself facing many problems almost
                                                                     and pay off the debts through the profits from his business. His
from the very beginning. As he was new to the business and
                                                                     excellent people management skills enabled him to grow his
had only a few clients, he did not have sufficient cashflow to
                                                                     services largely through recommendations passed from one
pay his workers. He also faced marketing issues as he did not
                                                                     client to another, expanding the business exponentially. With
have funds for marketing and had to rely on word-of-mouth
                                                                     the help of his BYST mentor, he was able to focus his business
                                                                     on increasing orders as well as turnover which resulted in profit.
                                                                     He has also been able to finally clear the remaining family debt
                                                                     and fund his younger brother’s schooling.

                                                                     Giving something back

                                                                     Shriram has not forgotten the struggle he undertook to
                                                                     establish himself in life and now seeks to help others find their
                                                                     feet where he can. He employs 14 people, who all come from
                                                                     underprivileged backgrounds with little formal education,
                                                                     several of them from the same village as Shriram himself. By
                                                                     taking them on and providing training, he is able to help them
                                                                     gain the skills they need for gainful employment.

                                                                     By creating employment in his community, he has become
                                                                     an inspirational role model in his home village. Shriram
                                                                     also regularly shares his experience with other budding
                                                                     entrepreneurs through the BYST programme. Shri Ganesh
                                                                     Enterprises plans to expand across the state of Maharastra,
                                                                     establishing workshops to identify and teach business methods
                                                                     to potential franchisees, reaching a wider market and creating
                                                                     further employment possibilities.

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