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									PROPOSAL FOR sponsorship



Bsc. (Hons) Physics, MCSA,MCP, CCNA, NCNE

Abidemi adejare
Bsc (Hons) Computer Sc., MCSE,MCP, NCNE

APRIL, 2009



Dear Sir, PROPOSAL FOR SPONSORSHIP/FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO PUBLISH AND LAUNCH “THE DIARY OF I.T. PROFESSIONALS” There is great need for the aboved named organizations to collaborate in other to achieve this project work which is aimed at reaching out and empowering the young and old, home and abroad with the expedient information needed to be acquired so as to become relevant in this vast growing age of information communication technology (ICT). Due to the enormous responsibility that this project work requested from us and our desire to contribute to the knowledge base of our world of information communication technology both local and international, the directors of the above named ICT organizations have packaged a book by the title “THE DIARY OF I.T. PROFESSIONALS” and we hereby use this medium to seek for sponsorship/financial aid in cash and kind for the publication and launching of the book. Thanks in anticipation. Sincerely, Tope Somuwa Director/CEO StojaICT Concepts

Adelodun Adejare CEO Delox I.T. Consulting

This project work is one of those business investments that will ordinarily be successful “come rain, come shine” proffering solutions to the problem of over 3 million people. It’s more of an invention than an ordinary business investment. “An invention, if well-branded, make you brag and beat your chest on definiteness of your cash return” – Bill Gate FEASIBILITY AND VIABILITY STUDY REPORT ON PUBLISHING OF I.T. CAREER GUIDE & MOTIVATIONAL BOOK Information Technology (short of words) had grown to be the most profiting sector in the world with a continuum of knowledge. It had changed the order of things and business and has brought ease. Government, companies, organizations and individuals are all advancing their business through I.T. supports. Due to the merits of global opportunities, all countries are now adopting various I.T. policies to ensure her citizenry acquire I.T. skills to make them relevant in the global village. In Nigeria, I.T. is a booming market! Unfortunately high-end I.T. skilled professionals are needed to drive the industry. Majority of our industrial process still await automation. Due to government negligence, our schools and universities curriculum of studies does not have good practical ingredient of I.T. skills. Thus, there is a big gap between graduates been turned out by our universities and the actual I.T. skills demanded in the business community. Quite a number of I.T. training companies are taking this opportunity for business. However, the choice of which career path, how to start, which certification track to pursue, and the cost effective way of becoming a top notch I.T. professional are the usual questions the

“beginners” do ask. A lot of people want to know the opportunities, trends, certifications and jobs there that exists in the I.T. world. A much awaited book is a career guide piece for the prospective and experienced I.T. professionals. From our research, its seen that students have been for long expecting such information resource materials. Especially in gatherings like;  I.T. related seminars  Capacity building programs  Career counseling events in secondary schools  Front office of I.T. training companies. On the various mailing lists and I.T. related blogs, one would see young folks asking professionals on which career path to follow, if certification is a good substitute to university degree. A book that packages these and other frequently asked questions have been long awaited, that is- an estimate of 3 million readers in high schools, tertiary institutions, I.T firms and I.T units of corporate organizations awaits this germ of an idea. GOVERNMENT POLICY AND MARKETING CLIMATE One of the critical objectives of government industrial policy as illustrated in the Nigeria I.T policy of 1999 is to;  Encourage private and government parastatals to increase I.T. awareness.  Increase the promotion of indigenous manpower in the I.T. sector in order to develop high-end, top-notched skillful I.T. professionals who are Nigerians to compete in the global economy.  Advocate I.T. skills and knowledge to alleviate poverty


The proposed book has the potential of helping to achieve the goals outlined above. To realize these objectives we shall organize a nation-wide talk show on I.T. career building and capacity development program to motivate our target market and put the book at their “doorstep”. We would also take the advantage of advertising for I.T. training companies through organized seminars and on the pages the book. OUTLINE OF THE BOOK The book titled “The Diary of I.T. Professionals” evolved from a 3 years industrial research with experienced professionals, in which their vital contributions and opinions are well documented in the pages of the book. They gave soft and technical advice on how to make career pathways in the I.T. sector. The book is developed into 9 chapters;  Chapter 1: The author explored his creative writing skills to paint the I.T. industry in “blues” to his audience. He illustrates the prospect in I.T. industry in a dramatic prose which begird a promising future for whoever pursue the most sought-after skills. It further illustrates the 21 st century as an age where the anyone without I.T. skills would termed as an illiterate. This chapter is quite inviting to the extent that it can seize the attention of its reader till the end of the book. It poses a lot of challenge to its reader and such a one would be tempted to get an I.T. skills almost immediately. Subsequent chapters discussed each career path like;  Computer Networking  Software Engineering

 Database Engineering  Graphics and multimedia professionals  Web design and Development  Network and information system security Each of these career paths are further broken down into sections;       Introduction Role/Nature Certifications Educational Background Salary Survey Ask the Experts


A. INPUT Estimated Expenditure Publishing of 1,000 copy of “The I.T. Diary for Professionals” ISBN number Cost of organizing Seminars/ Launching of the Book TOTAL N 180,000 30,000 190,000 400,000

B. OUTPUT I. INCOME FOR FIRST 3 MONTHS Returns on Advertising for I.T. training institutes on first 1,000 copies Expected income @ launching of the book and free-will donations ( minimum attendance of 200 people with 20 influential 200,000 N 200,000

personalities) Income on sales of 1,000 copies @ N600 per copy Total 600,000 1,000,000

II. NET PROFIT FOR FIRST 3 MONTHS Total initial output N 1,000,000


Total initial input Net profit

400,000 600,000

Note: There are other sources of income within the first 3 months of publishing the book and subsequent sales of the book. After the first 3 months of publishing there should be a steady monthly income of #600,000 from the sales of 1,000 copies minimum per month. III. NET MONTHLY INCOME AFTER FIRST 3 MONTHS OF PUBLICATION Re-Print of 1,000 copies for a month Sales of 1,000 copies monthly @ N600 by professional marketers Commission on sales of one book is N150 times 1,000 copies for professional marketers Net monthly income 280,000 180,000 600,000 150,000 N

Note: The commission will be dependent on the different packages that would be made available for the marketers to apply for. But its aimed at employing graduates and professionals to market the book and serves as a source of employment at a minimum commission of N100,000 monthly (sales dependent) C. RETURN OF N400,000 BUSINESS LOAN IN 18 MONTHS @ 8% OF MONTHLY INCOME Net monthly income after first 3 months of publication 280,000 N


Deduction of 8% from monthly income to pay up for N400,000 business loan Total monthly balance on profit after the first 3 months of publication



Note: We have restricted our monthly sales to 1,000 copies per month for risk management purposes but with the involvement of professionals and brilliant graduates joining the team of marketers, the monthly sales would not be predictable (that is- could rise as high as 2,000 copies monthly).


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