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									CONSENSUAL SLAVERY CONTRACT Of this dogslave’s own free will and out of a deep desire to express her love and devotion to her Master, this dogslave offers herself into slavery to her Master, Daniel Dalton LaCava, beginning ____________________. From this point forward this dogslave will consider herself to be a full-time, 24/7 dogslave to this dogslave’s Master. This dogslave commits herself freely into slavery and fully understands that her Master owns this dogslave physically and mentally and that she is His personal property to be used as He sees fit. This dogslave will devote herself completely and totally to the pleasure and desires of her Master without hesitation or consideration of herself or others. From this point forward this dogslave’s life and feelings are not her own, and she pledges on her oath as a true dogslave that her Master will always come first in everything that this dogslave does in order to please Him first and foremost. GENERAL RULES The dogslave agrees to obey her Master in all respects. This dogslave’s mind, body, heart, and time belong to Him. The dogslave shall keep her body available for use by her Master at all times. In addition, the dogslave agrees that her Master possess the right to determine whether other women or men or animal may use her body and what use the may put it to. The dogslave shall demonstrate her acceptance of her role of service and availability at all times while at home and at other times and places specified by her Master. The dogslave acknowledges that her Master may use her body or mind in any manner He wishes within the parameters of safety. The dogslave enjoys the right to cry, scream or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect her treatment. Further, she accepts that if her Master tires of her noise, He may gag her or take other actions to silence her. However, this dogslave’s Master, if He so chooses, may at anytime cage, suspend, bind, gag and/or blindfold the dogslave as He sees fit. The dogslave will answer any questions put to her honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information her Master wishes to know about any aspect of her daily life. While her Master expects this dogslave to speak honestly and forthrightly about anything that bothers her, she is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. she will phrase her concerns POLITELY AND RESPECTFULLY, and then GRACEFULLY ACCEPT her Master’s judgment in terms of love and respect. she will address her Master at all times as “Master,” or “my Master.” “Sir” is also acceptable. The dogslave agrees that severe punishment may be assessed for any infraction of the letter or spirit of the contract, and will accept the correction gratefully. The form and extent of the punishment shall be at her Master’s pleasure, and her Master shall make it clear to the dogslave that she is being punished when punishment is necessary.

DOGSLAVE’S SAFEWORDS The dogslave will have NO SAFEWORDS. DOGSLAVE’S LIMITS The dogslave will have NO LIMITS DOGSLAVE’S BIRTH CONTROLL There will be no birthcontroll as the Master is free to breed His dogslave and raise children given birth by her on Masters demand. DOGSLAVE’S PERIOD When the dogslave will get her monthly special days nothing will change except of the Master may the dogslave wear diapers if He deciding the bleeding is to strong and messy. DOGSLAVE’S TRAINING The dogslave agrees to be trained by her Master according to His rules and specifications as outlined in His training program. The dogslave agrees to totally, completely, and unquestioningly obey her Master during training and all during His ownership of her. PRIVATE RULES OF CONDUCT When her Master arrives home the dogslave will greet Him wearing nothing but her “training collar” (or formal collar when earned) and wrist and ankle restraints (cuffs), when not in the yard or cage. The dogslave understands that she is forbidden to wear clothing in her Master’s presence, while she will fur or a leather suit in public. On days when the Master is home, the dogslave will not wear any clothing at all except collar, tail, wrist, and ankle restraints. When in the same room with her Master the dogslave will ask permission before leaving the room, explain where she is going, and why. At mealtimes, the dogslave will serve her Master, and sit at His feet while He eats. Food for the dogslave will be given by the Master at His discretion. When speaking to her Master, or being spoken to by Him, the dogslave will assume a demeanor of alert attention ON HER KNEES and will meet her Master’s eyes directly, unless instructed to do otherwise. PUBLIC RULES OF CONDUCT The dogslave will conduct herself at all times in public in such a manner that will bring honor to the Master/ dogslave relationship. The dogslave will call her Master by His name only if she has been given permission to do so, and only if the use of “Master” is inappropriate. The dogslave will defer to her Master in public. In Public the dogslave

will be dressed in furs or animal skins like Master wish to. The dogslave will be trained to wear her tail attached to a buttplug at every time. SPECIFIC RULES OF CONDUCT Dogslave’s Role The dogslave agrees to submit completely to her Master in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the dogslave may willfully refuse to obey the directives of her Master without risking punishment. The dogslave also agrees that once she has entered into the slavery contract, her body belongs to her Master, to be used as He sees fit. The dogslave agrees to please her Master to the best of her ability, in all ways, and solely for the pleasure of her Master. The dogslave also states that she will do her best to become the best dog physically mentally and by heart. Dogslave’s Property A slave may not own property, as she is herself property. By signing here: ______________________ this dogslave’s Master agrees to take possession of any and all property that the dogslave owned before entering into this contract. The dogslave's property is to be used directly in the care and upkeep of the dogslave. The dogslave therefore agrees that all of the dogslave’s possessions belong to her Master including all assets, finances, clothing, jewelry, in essence, all that the dogslave owns—and each of these may be used or directed as her Master sees fit toward the proper upkeep of the dogslave as all the dogslave’s property, finances, and assets now belong to her Master. Master’s Role The Master accepts the responsibility of the dogslave’s body and worldly possessions, to do with as He sees fit under the provisions determined in this contract in order to maintain the proper upkeep of the dogslave. The Master agrees to care for the dogslave, see to her safety and well-being, as long as the Master owns the dogslave. The Master also accepts the commitment to train the dogslave, punish the dogslave, love the dogslave, and use the dogslave as He sees fit. Punishment The dogslave agrees to accept any punishment her Master decides to inflict to any degree, whether earned or not. The dogslave will accept any and all punishment quickly, obediently, respectfully, and be grateful at having received her punishment. The dogslave MUST AT ALL TIMES respectfully and gratefully THANK her Master after having received her punishment. Rules of Punishment

The dogslave may not seek any other Master or Mistress, or lover, or Owner or relate to others in any sexual or submissive way except by her Master’s permission. To do so will be considered a breach of contract, and will result in extreme punishment or termination of the contract. This does not, however, include any young girls or women the dogslave is already engaged in a relationship with, or any young girls or women the dogslave wishes to pursue as long as her Master is notified of such relationships and that any new female sexual acquisitions by the dogslave are shared with her Master. her Master, on the other hand, may seek and accept other lovers. The dogslave may not speak to anyone unless they are spoken to by her Master first, or her Master has given previous authorization. her Master may give the dogslave to other women, men or animals for their use of her body, especially with respect to providing the dogslave with a Mistress. The dogslave will respect and comply in such a manner as she would with her own Master when with other women. In such a situation, her Master will inform the people who accept the loan of His dogslave the provisions stated herein, and her Master will consider any breach by another people a breach of the rules stated in the contract. Sex with Self The dogslave MAY NOT have sex with herself in any way, shape, or form unless given permission to do so by her Master. The dogslave may often be required to have sex with herself for her Master’s viewing and pleasure. In addition, the dogslave is NOT PERMITTED to touch herself sexually unless given permission to do so. This restriction means that, outside of shaving and bathing, the dogslave may not touch her breasts, ass, pussy, inner thighs, or any other part of her body in a sexual way without permission. Attire The dogslave agrees to wear only what her Master allows the dogslave to wear. The dogslave is not allowed to wear bras or panties at any time. The dogslave will be unclothed (naked) AT ALL TIMES when in the private presence of her Master. Body Modification The Master will make body modifications on the dogslave that will make her also become more of a dog physically as well as signs of the Owner, such as: tongue modified, see below at Speech thumbs amputated to make the dogslave hands for the same use of animals not human grabbing anymore cutting of the clithood to make the dogslave always horny, wet and ready for use the dogslaves ears will be cropped to look more doglike branding: DDLV on the right asscheek


tattoo: slave-number on the right asscheek, a fur tattoed all over different kind of piercings in: nipples, tongue, nose, clit and lips

Speech The dogslave agrees to get her tongue modified in a way its hanging out longer than normal. Also the dogslave would need to relearn to speak but agreeing to not try so but just communicating with animalic sounds and geistures. If the dogslave then ever noticed to be interested to learn speaking sever punishement will follow. Any alteration from that form in any degree will automatically be grounds for punishment. Dogslave’s Bodily Functions and Needs The dogslave’s Master will monitor the dogslave’s bodily functions and permission must be granted before such needs be carried out except where previously arranged. The dogslave will also oversee when and how the administration and determination of the dogslave’s food and drink will be carried out, unless prior permission has been granted. The dogslave will be trained to eat canned dogfood in time from her bowl if Master sees fit. The dogslave will also be trained to release her bowels and bladder when squatting, mostly outside. Master’s Bodily Functions and Needs The dogslave agrees and is expected to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to perform sex on demand, and to take her Master’s cum and piss orally, vaginally, anally, or externally, at her Master’s pleasure. Secrecy There will be little secrecy in the Master/dogslave relationship this dogslave has with her Master. The dogslave WILL BE EXPECTED TO BE COLLARED AT ALL TIMES IN PUBLIC WHEN WITH HER MASTER . Additional Rules 1. The Master/ dogslave relationship is a complex one requiring a serious commitment to honest and open communication, and the practice of learned responsibilities for the care and protection of each person's well being, psychological, physical, sexual, social, and emotional health. you can protect both you and your Master's participation through the use of selected safe words (like 'yellow' and 'red') and gestures (such as tight hand holds, wiggling of a limb, or opening of a hand). Don't ever be afraid to use them or think that you are not supposed to - especially if you are in your first experience. Expect to be tested by

your Master so that you are made aware of your limitations for your sake and His. 2. There is alot to learn, to develop and to discover in this type of lifestyle: its traditions, customs, fashion, speech, etiquette, play, and practices which may include bondage, discipline, punishment, sadism, masochism, guidance, surrender, control, pain, aftercare, sensation, sensuality, sexuality, spiritualism, respect, warmth, passion and love. It is recommended that each person learns as much as they can throughout whatever avenues are available (never being afraid to ask about anything you are even the slightest bit curious or concerned about): similarly interested friends, presenters and experts you get a chance to meet in the 'scene', books and magazines on related subjects including those who are against the lifestyle, groups in your area who offer educational classes,. play parties, and conferences, any related fictional books of erotica and fantasy, academic books on theatre, sceneplay and props, Internet websites and FAQ's (frequently asked questions), first-aid classes, fetish fashion outlets and those who carry leather, bdsm toys and tools of the lifestyle. Failure to learn the proper use of the toys and tools of the lifestyle can result in serious injury. 3. I will give to Master my body, mind and spirit, in faith of His knowledge of the skills, safety and first aid measures necessary to put me through painfully ecstatic and euphoric edgeplay: the use of needles and pins to pierce my flesh; the use of scoring tools to make drawings upon my body or to selectively and carefully cut my skin to make me bleed with little or no scarring; aromatherapy where He will throw me into higher states of consciousness with the scents of oils and incense; blood and breath control to bring me to the edge of my survival to feel the battle for my self-preservation; guns and knifeplay to intensify my awareness of my existence racing parallel with my threatened drive to live; and other such uses. Through these activities i shall learn to ride on the top edge of my fears and the bottom edge of my perception of utter terror - for it is there i shall come to know my greatest fear of all: that i will want to go there again and again. 4. When i am in the presence of my Master and i am free to move about i will do so in seductive and enticing ways. 5. If i am wearing a dress or skirt and no panties and i am going to sit down - i must sit on my bare skin - and do so gracefully whether i am in private or in public. If i feel that i am not as clean as i should be, i will tell my Master, so that He can decide what should be done. 6. i will not date others or form a relationship with others without permission and approval from my Master. If i should have sex with others i will have it safely and will always tell my Master in detail what i have done so that no part of me is a secret and that i am laid bare for his inspection and approval. 7. Should Master wish for my breasts to be suckled by a female dogslave of His choice or that legal and safe drugs be used to induce the production of milk in my breasts, i will do my best to keep my milk up so that He and others may feed from me, that my breasts will be full, tight and extra sensitive as much as possible, for however long Master wants my breasts to produce milk for Him.

Likewise, i will assist in the inducement of milk production from the breasts of any female slave Master has chosen for me. 8. i will not be passive in serving my Master. i will aggressively participate in my exchange with Him. 9. i want to suffer for my Master in ways that please Him and that are safe for me to do so. 10. i will periodically examine my whole life and look for how it has changed as a result of my relationship to my Master. i will speak to my Master about those areas where there have been improvements and those areas where i feel uncomfortable, insecure, or unsure of what direction i should take, how i should behave, or how i can behave in a manner that is different than how i have been behaving in the past. 11. At the beginning of my relationship with my Master i shall present to Him three names for Him to decide upon as to which one will be my dogslave name. i know that He does not have to choose any of them and that He can choose one of His own for me to be known by. Thereafter, when someone asks who i am i can respond by introducing myself in the following manner: "i am dogslave [slavename], property of Master Dalton. 12. i am never free to leave my Master any time without the fear of permanently losing Him as my Master. at least not without his permission 13. Should Master ever wish to cage me for display, i will gladly crawl into it and proudly position myself in it in ways He finds pleasing, in solitude and quiet, so that if He chooses, others may delight in what they see without any interruption from me, seeing that i am well-behaved and humbled that i am Master's property and dogslave. i can only hope that Master would never put me into a cage to confine me for my misbehavior, that i could never come that close to displease Him so much that i would have to suffer such humiliation, begging with my tears and my cries for his forgiveness, for i want the cage to be my safe haven from my fears, a place i can crawl into of my own free will, locked into it because Master granted my request to be locked in it. 14.

Alteration of Contract This contract may not be altered, except by her Master. If the contract is altered, the new contract should be signed, and then the old contract must be destroyed. Termination of Contract This contract may be terminated only by death of one of the participants. Dogslave’s Signature This dogslave has read and fully understands this contract in its entirety. This dogslave agrees to give everything she has and owns to her Master. This dogslave

gives herself freely into slavery to my Master and further accept His claim of ownership over her physical body. This dogslave understands that she will be commanded, trained, and punished as a dogslave, and this dogslave promises to be true, conduct herself accordingly, and will fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Master to the best of this dogslave’s abilities. This dogslave understands that she cannot withdraw from this contract except as stated in the contract. This dogslave long for and will accept everything necessary to make her a true dog, like surgery, amputation, body modification. The dogslave will accept everything to break and re-shape her mind like a dog mind. Signature______________________________dogslave______________________date. Master’s Signature I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to accept this dogslave as my personal property and possession, and to care for her to the best of my ability. I shall provide for her security and will command her, train her, love her, and punish her as a dogsslave. I understand the responsibility implicit in the contract and I further understand that I can withdraw from this contract at any time. I agree that I will do my best to make the dogslave a true dog by transforming her physically, mentally and by instincts and feelings. Signature_____________________________Master_______________________date. Witness Signature I have read and fully understand that contract between the Master and dogslave. I acknowledge the fact, both of them freely signed the contract, stating they want to do best to live together as Master and dogslave under the rules above. I’m witness to the fact that the contract is only be withdrawn by the Master. Signature_____________________________Witness_______________________date.

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