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                      Index of biotechnological industries

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alphabetical index
                      Bacteria                   Membrane               Primer
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                      Biofilters                 Microscope             Proteins
                      Chromosomes                Molekules              Synthesis
                      DNA                        Mutation               Environmental technique
                      E. coli                    Nukleic acids          Virus
                      Enzyme                     Peptide                Water
                      Genes                      Plasmid                Cells
                      Lipides                    Polymeres

                      The search-function provides the following expressions:

                               biology gen: will find all entries containing the words "biology" or "gen".
                               +biology +gen: will find all entries that contain both words.
                               +biology -gen: will search entries containing "biology" but not "gen".
                               "biology gen": find only entries which contain exactly the expression
                                "biology gen".
                               bio*: will find all entries which contain "bio...", for example biosphere,
                                biography and so on.

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