Mitsubishi Corporation to Invest in AEON Global SCM Co., by tii14306


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Mitsubishi Corporation
AEON Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi Corporation to Invest in AEON Global SCM Co., Ltd.
September 1, 2008 — Aeon Co., Ltd. (“Aeon”) and Mitsubishi Corporation (“Mitsubishi”) today
announced an agreement for Mitsubishi to accept an allocation of new shares to a third party from
Aeon Global SCM Co., Ltd. (“Aeon Global SCM”), a functional subsidiary of Aeon.

Since the inception of Jusco Co., Ltd., the precursor of Aeon, Aeon and Mitsubishi have maintained
an amicable relationship across a diverse range of activities, including joint shopping center
development projects and product procurement.

In May 2007, Aeon split off its supply chain management function and established Aeon Global
SCM in order to construct a group-wide supply chain and to create an optimal logistics network.

As a common function company for the Aeon Group, Aeon Global SCM will implement the
optimization of global supply chain management and provide comprehensive support to the
operating companies within the Aeon Group while at the same time working to reduce costs and
alleviate the group’s environmental footprint.


1. Outline of the Allocation of New Shares to a Third Party
a. Shareholder Composition after Capital Increase
   Aeon 85%; Mitsubishi 15%

b. Investment Plan
   Mitsubishi to accept an allocation of new shares.

c. Amount Paid for New Shares
   ¥109.5 million

d. Investment Timing
   September 30, 2008 (tentative)

2. Company Overview
     Aeon Global SCM Co., Ltd.
                  Head Office :                1-5-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
                  Established:                 May 2007
                  Capital:                     ¥10 million
                  Main Business Lines:        Management and operation of logistics center, undertaking
                                              distribution activities, and activities to collect and process
                                              distribution information.
                  Employees:                   94
                  Representative:              Takao Iwamoto, president
                                                                     *Figures current as of February 20, 2008.



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