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        RFP Issued:                             Wednesday, February 3, 2010
        Proposals Due:                          Monday, March 8, 2010 5PM EST
        Maximum Eligible Grant:                 $25,000
        Expected Number of Grants:              3-4
        Information Available From:             Anne Wright, 617-741-1202


The Walmart Foundation has chosen to build a partnership with YouthBuild
USA that will expand our network’s impact on low-income communities in
general, and in the area of green small business development in
particular. Along with the previous local program grants generously
funded by Walmart , these grants will assist in building the capacity of local
programs to expand services and activities.

With these Green Business Seed Grants, YouthBuild USA aims to support
and strengthen local programs attempting to create separate revenue-
generating organizations in environmentally-sustainable sectors that will
provide on-site training opportunities for students, employment
opportunities for graduates and other local community members, and
provide additional revenue for the program while improving the local
environmental business climate. The grants cannot be used for business
planning or other administrative or assistive services that would lead to the
creation of green business plans which may be available through other
YouthBuild USA staff and technical assistance. Rather, these grants are
meant as seed funding for the purchase of equipment, certifications,
tools, or other necessary non-personnel startup, expansion, or transition
costs for those programs who have already drafted appropriate business

For this request, YouthBuild USA expects to fund 3-4 grant proposals.
However, YouthBuild USA expects to solicit additional national funds in
2010 to continue these business seed grants into a semi-annual or annual
proposal request.
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                Green Business Seed Grants Request for Proposals – Feb. 3, 2010

The request is limited to accredited and full YouthBuild USA affiliates in
good standing with WebSTA and URD data submission, those who have
paid their AffNet dues for 2009, and those who are participating in
activities that support the Affiliate Network. (In most RFP’s, we prioritize
accredited and full affiliates but allow provisionals to apply for a waiver
that may be granted in extraordinary circumstances. This is unlikely in this
grant since it is such a small amount with so few grantees to be chosen.)

Among these, priority will be given to those programs that have:

        1) been involved in YouthBuild USA’s Green Initiative including
           participation in training, in being a Green Fellow under the
           previous Walmart/YouthBuild Partnership grant, in housing a
           Green VISTA Volunteer, and in other documented involvement;

        2) had over 1 year of documented involvement in green activities
           in general at a local level, including participation in additional
           green-related training or work with local green businesses.

        3) have already developed a preliminary business plan for a green
           revenue-generating init iative to be overseen by the program’s
           management that includes basic market research, operations
           plan, and budgets. Affiliates who have already implemented
           green businesses and seek to expand them, and affiliates that
           seek to green their current businesses, are eligible and
           encouraged to apply along with affiliates with green business

Note that the nature and sector of the green businesses proposed are
unrestricted, and do not necessarily have to be building industry-related.


The grants will be provided to those proposals that are in need of seed
capital funds for the purchase of equipment, tools, and other physical
property and capital expenses as well the payment of business licenses
and professional certifications and other “shovel ready” business expenses

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                Green Business Seed Grants Request for Proposals – Feb. 3, 2010
necessary to launch the business effectively. These are the preferred
costs, although you may make a case for other types of critical expenses.

These grants are designed only as seed funds between other YouthBuild
USA services and the self-generating revenue of the affiliate’s green
business. Note that many business planning needs and other technical
needs can be satisfied with YouthBuild USA technical assistance, and
programs are encouraged to contact YouthBuild USA Green Initiative staff
to take advantage of those services.

Expectations of Grantees:
In addition to fulfilling the objectives that you state, we will ask grantees to
be available to give reports and guidance that can help support other
YouthBuild programs that are moving into green revenue-generating work
and that can help inspire funders to support our network.


Proposals will be reviewed and selected based upon:

     the eligibility as described in the three priority terms above;
     sufficient pre-existing preparation towards the green business in
       question as demonstrated by existing business plans, operational
       models, budgets and financial projections; and
     need for funding for the specific business expense(s) as
       demonstrated by a reasonable budget, third-party cost estimates
       for the expense(s), and lack of other financing opportunities.

If there are many strong proposals, we will take other factors into
consideration, such as: urban and rural diversity; demonstrated solidarity
and support of other programs; support of young leaders emerging from
the program; past outcomes and performance in YouthBuild grant
programs; leadership’s experience, commitment, stability, history with
innovation, and diversity; sponsoring organization’s support.

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                Green Business Seed Grants Request for Proposals – Feb. 3, 2010

Proposals should include:

       Application Cover Sheet (as attached below)

       5-page maximum description of:

            o Affiliate background and green involvement to demonstrate
              eligibility. To the extent possible, the proposal should also
              describe any previous attempts towards creation of revenue-
              generating businesses of any kind.

            o Basic business plans including a description of the business
              and expected clientele, market and competitive research,
              operations procedures, marketing, and management. The
              plans should clearly demonstrate knowledge of the licenses,
              insurance, and other legal and fiduciary requirements for
              creating a local business. The business plans should include
              descriptions of other business alliances and implementation
              strategies, as well as expected job creation, linkages, and
              other economic development considerations for the local
              community when possible. Affiliates are encouraged to
              summarize or repeat existing business plans.

            o Report on implementation to date

            o Need and purpose of the specific business expense to be
              covered by the grant if awarded, including documented
              cost estimates from third parties. This description should be a
              narrative to the required budget.
            o A summary or preliminary budget and financial model for the
              green business that includes the specific business expense
              that will be paid for with the grant if awarded.

Attachments such as full existing business plans, multiyear financial
models, etc. are encouraged but not mandatory.


  Proposals are due at YouthBuild USA by Monday, March 8, 2010. They
may be mailed or e-mailed.

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                Green Business Seed Grants Request for Proposals – Feb. 3, 2010
   Organizations will be notified and funds will be available by April 2,
2010. Programs may use these funds for the current program cycle or next
cycle, or bot h as needed; but the last date by which they must be spent is
December 31, 2010.

   If you have questions, please contact Anne Wright, Director of the
Affiliated Network. E-mailed questions are strongly preferred. Thank you.

    Please also submit your proposal to Anne Wright
                         YouthBuild USA
                         58 Day Street, PO Box 440322
                         Somerville, MA 02144

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                Green Business Seed Grants Request for Proposals – Feb. 3, 2010

    I.      Applicant Identification

Sponsoring organization’s name:

Title of your YouthBuild program:

Name of this Green Business Project:_____________________________________

Contact person and role:



Phone number for contact for this proposal:

Fax number:

Email address:

Who is completing this application?

    II.     Affiliate Status:*
            A. Provisional affiliate as of                                           (date)
            B. Full affiliate as of                                                  (date)
            C. Accredited affiliate as of                                            (date)
            * A special waiver from Dorothy Stoneman is required of provisional affiliates; unlikely in
            this grant since it is so small.

    III.    Circle the category that best applies to your YouthBuild program
            Urban       Rural          Partly-Rural    Tribal    Partly-Tribal

    IV.     Total Grant Request : $

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                Green Business Seed Grants Request for Proposals – Feb. 3, 2010

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