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									                 Our Lady of the Meadows Catholic Church
           Minutes of the Facilities /Maintenance Focus Group

September 8, 2008
August 11, 2008
July 14, 2008
May 12, 2008
April 14, 2008
February 11, 2008

November 12, 2007
August 20, 2007
July 9, 2007
June 17, 2007
May 2007
January 2007

September 19, 2006
April - no meeting
March 10, 2006
February 10, 2006
January 13, 2006

September 28, 2005
August 12, 2005
July 7, 2005
June 10, 2005

August 18, 2004
June 16, 2004
April 21, 2004
March 2, 2004
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                                    Maintenance Meeting
                                     September 8, 2008

Present: Ileen and Ralph Bernhardt, Jim Kelly, Jim Wilson, Mike Patterson & Lucy Scancarello

Opening Prayer

Old Business:
Roof Top Church 10 ton AC Unit --has been installed and now completed.
Weeds on the northwest lot--Weeds have been done by Mike. Ralph will continue to mow to keep
them down.
Hand Rail Paint is in process.
Fall and all of the lawns need to be winterized--Jim Wilson will take care of this.

New Business:
Carpets in the Offices and Hallway--Furniture will be moved Friday, September 19 and carpet will
be installed Monday, September 22 and Tuesday, September 23 (if needed).
Master slider switch in the church is back from the vendor. Mike will install.
Land behind dumpster: Mike will have Don's take care of this once a month in 2009.
Mike is going to talk to Don about a contract to do the east end of the lot to keep the weeds.
Coffee pot in parish hall overflowed. Mike fixed it.
A lock is needed for the air conditioner gate all new locks are needed for the outside.

The next meeting date is Monday, October 13 at 5:30 p.m.

Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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Maintenance Minutes
August 11, 2008

Opening Prayer
Present: Ron Anderson, Ralph& Ileen Bernhardt, Blase Giltner, Mike Patterson, Lucy
Scancarello, Jim & Phyllis Wilson

Old Business:
Brick acid cleaning of the Narthex -- Will take place sometime in late spring. Mike will contact
Dave Mascarenas.
Roof top church 10 ton unit -- Will be put on top of the church's roof in 5 to 10 days, all the duct
work is done.
New sign -- is in and the marquee is painted.
Northwest lot weeds -- Mike mowed this area last Friday.
Hand rails on outside of the plaza are in need of new paint. Mike will talk to Kenny Koshak about
doing this.

New Business:
Open Discussion
New carpet -- There have been a couple of bids given. The carpet will go in the lobby, reception
area and in Fran's office.
Parking lot -- There was a discussion about having the parking lot striped (just in the center). Mike
said that he would talk to Father Kevin about this subject again.
Jim Wilson said that he would be getting the grass ready for winter sometime late October.
Phyllis asked if John Komaroski could cut down the daisies and the weeds around the plaza area.

Meeting was brought to a close and the next meeting will be Monday, September 8, 2008.

Closing Prayer

Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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Maintenance Meeting
July 14, 2008

Opening Prayer

Present: Ralph Bernhardt, Blase Giltner, Jim Kelly, David Parlapiano, Mike Patterson, Lucy Scancarello

Old Business:
Brick acid cleaning of the Narthex - Should be done in early spring or summer. Mike will check on this with
David Mascarenas.

Church entry doors have been power washed on the outside by John Komaroski and a friend of his.
Roof top AC has been installed as of last week. It is a 10 ton unit. This is an on going project.

New Business:
Marquee is in need of a clean up and new paint job. A suggestion was made to call Mark Miller to see if he
would paint the sign.

Hand Rails on the outside of the church need painting and Mike is going to get a hold of Kenny Koshak.

Weeds in the parking lot and surrounding area need to be cut down. It was decided to rent a machine from
Mesa Hardware

Closing Prayer

Next Meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, August 11, 2008

Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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Maintenance Meeting
Monday, May 12, 2008

Present: Ron Anderson, IIeen & Ralph Bernhardt, Blase Giltner, Jim Kelly, John
Komaroski, Joe Musso, Mike Patterson, and Lucy Scancarello

Opening Prayer

Old Business
Roof and air conditioning project is completed
Volunteers -- Blase is done contacting them and will give Fran a sheet with the info.
Brick Acid Clean up -- is on going

Spring Clean Up update -- Everything went well. There wasn't very many volunteers as in
the past the committee thought that maybe twice a year instead of once would be better It
was suggest to have one in the fall. Mike said that he would check this out with Father
Kevin and get back to the committee.

Church Entry Doors -- Power washing was suggested and John Komaroski said he can
do this as he has a power washer.

Bricks & Sand -- Will stay where it is.

New Business
Roof top Church -- 1-10 ton unit: two bids were have come in: one from AK the other from
Cortez this is on going until it is approved.

Shed -- There is a possibility it will be given by one of the parishioners if decided. The
shed will go up behind the dumpster.

Parking lot -- (west side) there are problems with parking on Sundays because there are
no visible lines. Mike will talk to Father Kevin about having striping done.

Lights -- There are a couple of a lights that are going on and off in the church. Mike will
check this out.

Next meeting is Monday, June 9 at 5:30 p.m. in Room 9

Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Scancarello
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April 14, 2008
Opening Prayer: Lead by Mike Patterson

Present: Ron Anderson, Ralph Bernhardt, Blase Giltner, Jim Kelly, David Parlapiano, Mike
Patterson, Lucy Scancarello, Jim Wilson, Phyllis Wilson

Old Business:
Lawn Mower that we have now is not fixable. A mulcher that Blaze has is being looked at to
replace it.

Roof & AC Damage--the roofing is being done to the church this week and to the office building
next week. Father Kevin’s house is done.

AC the work is all done in the church and narthex. There is a bid for 18,000, Mike will bring this to
the Finance Committee. (This is for a new unit in the church to help with the existing ones.)

Acid Brick this is an ongoing project with Dave Mascarenas.

Spring Cleaning Day will be Saturday, April 26. A large dumpster will be donated by Don Musso.

Church Entry Doors need to be power washed to clean up bird droppings.

Bricks and Sand belongs to the Environment Committee.

New Business:

Light Bulbs out in the main body of the church, Mike will check this out.

Light fixture over the ambo, Mike will call Steel City Electric to see if it can be fixed.

Next Meeting Date Monday May 12 at 5:30 pm.


Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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Maintenance Minutes
Monday, February 11, 2008

Opening Prayer - Mike Patterson

Present - Ralph Bernhart, Jim Kelly, David Parlapiano, Mike Patterson, Joe Musso, Lucy Scancarello

Old Business
Lawn Mower: Blase is working on this

Motion sensor light by youth office has been completed
Roof & AC Damage - is an on going project
Volunteers: Blase is working on the list of volunteers who signed up for this committee

New Business - Open Discussion
Brick Acid - will be done in early spring
Kitchen Faucet in the parish hall and center will be checked by Mike

Next Meeting will be on Monday, March 2 at 5:30 pm in room 9

Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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Maintenance Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2007

Opening Prayer was lead by Mike Patterson
Present: Eileen & Ralph Bernhardt, Blasé Giltner, Jim Kelly, Mark Miller, Joe Musso,
David Parlapiano, Mike Patterson, and Lucy Scancarello

Old Business: Roofing damage was done to the parish house, church (ac units over the
narthex area on the roof, the coils also need to be replaced.)
Parking Lot - Light pole light was replaced by Aquilla.
New Business: There was cement dumped over Tim Vinci's house outside onto the
church's parking lot and the crew said that they would clean it up.
Lawn Mower--the new one is broken. It is not self propelled but is still workable.
Fire Extinguisher Replacement--Fire Alarm Company did this last week and is
Motion Light--outside the Youth Office is not working. Mike will get a hold of Scott
Yarberry to come take a look at it.
Parking Lot Re-stripping--Blasé and Bevan Giltner will be doing this.
Marquee Sign--In front of the church needs to be cleaned.
Shrubs--Outside and around the office building need to be trimmed Ralph Bernhardt
will be doing this.
Weeds--This is an going problem on the grounds through out the church and office
Closing Prayer was lead by Mike Patterson

Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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Maintenance Committee Meeting
August 20, 2007

Roll call:
Illeen Burnhart, Jim Kelly, Dave Parlapiano, Mike Patterson, Lucy Scancarello

Old Business:
Minutes stay as presented

The gutter leak- on the narthex roof has been completed as of two weeks ago
The shed project has been put off because of a zoning regulation
Jim Wison was going to spray the weeds on the north side of the church

New Business:
The air condition in the church the circulation is not good. Mike is going to look further
into this project
The lock on the back door at the parish house needs replacing
The drain on the outside (south side) of the narthex is not draining. Mike will check this

The handicap button in the narthex was fixed
The grout-inside the church right before the altar needs looking at. Mike will check.

The meeting was brought to a closing with a prayer

Next Meeting will be September 10, 2007

Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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Maintenance Meeting Minutes
July 9, 2007

Opening Prayer - Mike Patterson

Roll Call : Ralph & Illeen Burnhart, Blase Glinter, Jim Kelly, Mark Miller, Mike
Patterson, Lucy Scancarello

Old Business
Gutter leak on west side of the narthex outside - Mike will take a look at this.
Paint Bids - DK painting has given us a bid and it has been approved it will be started
sometime in the early fall.
Shed - Jim Kelly will present this to the Knights of Columbus at their meeting
tomorrow night.
New gate - has been installed at Father Kevin's house.
Weed spraying- was done by Jim Wilson about a week ago.

New Business
Landscaping for Father Kevin's house that includes the back yard, south side of
driveway has been approved.
Memorial Rose Garden- Sprinkling system is broken and there is need for further help
to maintain the roses.
Prairie Storage- needs to be cleaned out

Meeting was brought to a close with a prayer.

Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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Maintenance Meeting Minutes
June 17 2007

Opening Prayer - Mike Patterson
 Roll Call: Blasé Glinter, Jim Kelly, Mike Patterson, Lucy Scancarello, Tom Tafoya,
Jim & Phyllis Wilson

 Old Business - Grout tile in the narthex area - Mike fixed this two weeks ago.
Gutter leak west of the Narthex roof - Blasé contacted Ross Knittel about two weeks
ago and has not heard back from him as yet. Tom Tafoya said that he would come take
a look at it sometime next week.

Kneelers/pads molded into to the kneelers- three pews have had new kneelers installed
with the feet molded into them. There also are new feet but those will be put on only as

Paint bids Narthex area outside- A bid was voted on but at this time Mike can't contact
the painter so the bidding is opened again.

New lawn mower- is being housed over at Father Kevin's in the shed.

Shed east side of the office building- This is still an on going project.

Weeds are still a problem Jim Wilson will be spraying them sometime next week with

New Business - New Fence- is being installed over at Farther Kevin's house as of June
19 (south side)

Music cabinet is being installed over at the church for the choir

Jim Kelly will be trimming the shrubs on the outside of the office building

Grates will be painted by Mark Miller

Meeting was brought to a close with a prayer.

Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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May 2007
Opening Prayer: Lead by Mike Patterson
Present: Ralph & Ileen Bernhart, Blasé Giltner, Jim Kelly, Mike Patterson, Lucy
Scancarello, Jim& Phyllis Wilson

Old Business:
Grout tile (Narthex area) - Mike will take care of this project.
Gutter (leaking) west side of the Narthex- Blase will contact Ross Knittel about taking
care of this.
Kneelers new leg pads molded into the legs- Mike will order these on as needed bases.
Paint bids for the narthex roof. A bid was given to Mike and the committee voted and
accepted it.
New self propelled lawn mower was purchased for cutting the weeds.

New Business:
Open Discussion: Mike thinks it would be a good idea to buy a shed and put it on the
east side of the office building to house the lawn mowers. He asked Jim Kelly if the
Knights would be interested in giving a donation and Jim said that he would bring this
up at the next meeting. If not Mike said that Our Lady of the Meadows would purchase
it because this is something that is needed because the lawn mowers being in the garage
right now the fumes have become a problem throughout the building. Jim Wilson said
that he would research the prices on sheds and get back to Mike about it.

Phyllis Wilson wanted to know if with the remaining seedlings that were purchased by
the Gift program could be planted along side the fence that is over in the park area next
to Father Kevin's house. Mike said that he would talk to Father Kevin and Chris
Armstrong about this idea.

Meeting was brought to a close with a prayer.

Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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January 2007

Opening Prayer Service Mike Patterson lead us in prayer

Present: Ralph & Ileen Bernhardt, A.J. Deluca, Blasé Giltner, Bernadine Hardin, Jim
Kelly, Dave Parlapiano, Mike Patterson, Lucy Scancarello

Old Business:

Renovation of Church Update:

1- Screen is due to come in and be installed
2- Lights are a work in progress electricians are here this week
3- There are on going leaks with the gutters
4. Scott Yarberry needs to do some rewiring to a unit

New Business:
1- Fr. Kevin's house- Flooring to be decided on at a later date
2- Faucet repair- in Narthex's coffee bar sink leaks. Mike & Lucy will look into this.
3- Fr. Kevin's house- The doggie door was installed
4- Grout- Narthex tile to the front entrance way leading into the church is missing Mike
has talked to a couple of flooring people about this and this will be taken care of at a
later date
5- New thermostats - In the church - Mike needs to talk to Charlie (the Forman) and get
the paper work on these so that they can be programmed
6- Heater - Narthex's women's bathroom needs to be looked at- Mike & Lucy will check
this out.
7- Parish center hall- kitchen sink garbage disposal isn't working
8- White board - Needs to be hung up in room 9.
9- Cry room cabinets- need to be put up in the parish hall storage room.
10- Dividers- The main ones that are carpeted will be put back in the narthex area
11- It was asked if the dividers that were being used in the parish hall can be used again.
12- Is there any use for the fans now.
13- Is there any use for the speakers.
14- IHN Storage space Is it still needed since site isn't here at the church
15- There was some concern about the tumble weeds- on the far side of the church. Can
they be burned or not

Meeting was brought to a close at 5:50 PM with a closing prayer
Submitted by Lucy Scancarello
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                   Our Lady of the Meadows Maintenance Meeting
                                 September 19, 2006

Present: Mike Patterson, Lucy Scancarello, Ralph & Ileen Berhardt, Joe Musso, Blase
Giltner, Jim Kelly and Phyllis Wilson

The meeting started with a prayer lead by Mike Patterson.

Old Business:
The cupboards and the cabinets that came out of the church will be used for formation
and will be stored at the new storage on Prairie.

Painting of the Parish Center Hall is being put on hold until more info is available about
the color.

Landscaping parish house back yard is on hold until spring time.

Fence in the park is being revisited and Ralph Berhart is going to paint it.

Gutter leak in the east side of the narthex on the outside is going to be taken care of by
Ross Knittel. Mike is going to contact him.

New Business:
Open Discussion:
Renovation Update on the Church is that demo is to start on Wednesday September 20,

There was a discussion about the new people that signed up for the maintenance
committee. How to get them involved? Blasé said that he would call each one on the list
and ask them what they would like to do.

Next meeting will be held on Monday, October 9 at 5:30 p.m. (the 2nd Monday of the

Meeting was called to an end at 6:00 p.m.
Minutes were taken by Lucy Scancarello
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                                   Maintenance Committee
                                      March 10, 2006

Opening Prayer Service - Renewing our covenant with God

Roll Call: Jim & Phyllis Wilson, John Walker, Bernadine Hardin, A. J. DeLuca, Blase Giltner,
David Parlapiano, Mark Miller, Jim Kelly, Tom Tafoya, Mike Patterson

Old Business: Outside elect outlet on Fr's house - Scott
      Basement doors need new screws - Mike
      Privacy fence tie down Fr's patio - Jim/John/Mike

Exit-emergency lights - Mike ordered and Scott to install Cupboards/cabinets for basement
formation supplies -TBD
Gutters Church & office - Blase - Ross Kittle called to do

New Business - open discussion
Paint beams & wood under Narthex - bid received more bids to come
Paint trim on Fr's house - TBD
Paint PCH - TBD
Spring clean up - 4-1 Saturday CANCELLED due to conflicts within the facility.

any and all suggestions.

Next meeting date - 5:30pm FRI Apr 14 CANCELLED - GOOD FRIDAY


Michael E. Patterson
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Our Lady of the Meadows
Maintainance Meeting
February 10, 2006

Opening Prayer - Mike Patterson

Roll Call: Dave Parlapiano, Ralph & Ileen Bernhardt, Jim Kelly, John Walker, A.J. Deluca, Mike

Old Business
Basement fan replacement - In process (parts in and Jim K. to complete)
Outside elect outlet on Father’s house - Open (Scott to look at)
Garage cleaned - Completed
Chair feet in basement replaced - Completed (Dave P.)
Basement doors need new screws - Open (Blasé G/Mike P)
TV cart in basement air up tires - Completed
Father’s privacy fence tie down - Open (Ralph B/Jim K)
Basement kitchen counter top - Completed
Exit signs in office (a/c & battery backup) - In process (Blasé G/Scott)

New Business/Open Discussion
Gutter repair church & office - (Blasé G), kneeler in church needing feet replaced - Ralph B/Dave
P.), coat hangers for basement - (A. J.)

Next meeting date - 5:30 p.m. Friday, March 10, 2006

Closing Prayer - Mike Patterson
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Our Lady of the Meadows
Maintenance /Facility Meeting
Friday, January 13, 2006

PRESENT: Fr. Kevin, Jim Wilson, Phyllis Wilson, Joe Musso, Dave Parlapiano, Ralph Bernhardt,
Ileen Bernhardt, Mark Miller, Blasé Giltner and our new office manger, Mike Patterson.

     1. Basement Bath Fan parts are NOT in yet
     2. Scott Yarberry will install outside outlet at Father’s house
     3. Garage will be cleaned January 19 and 20 by Jim & Phyllis Wilson

     1. Dave Parlapiano will check into replacing feet for basement chairs
     2. Basement doors need new screws
     3. TV cart needs tires aired.
     4. It was decided to use sand on steps and ramp in place of salt
     5. Father’s privacy fence on his patio needs repaired

     Friday, February 10, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
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                                      Our Lady of the Meadows
                                    Maintenance/Facility Meeting
                                    Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Present: Blasé Giltner, A.J. DeLuca, Bernadine Hardin, Lucy Scancarello, Ralph Bernhardt, Ileen
Bernhardt, Jim Kelly, Dave Parlapiano, Joe Musso, and Diana Alvarado

The meeting began with a prayer.

Welcome to our new member, Dave Parlapiano.

Blasé Giltner - We had several new people sign up for this committee at the Ministry Fair.
A bill will be coming from Phillips Heating & Air for the filter change that was done a couple of months
APEX has been contacted to come and check the gutters for leaks.
Blasé will get two small and one big thermostat covers. A cover will not fin on the thermostats in the
The weeds in the back along Red Creek Springs Road and in between the trees need to be mowed. The
church needs an old lawn mower for this. A notice will be put in the bulletin asking for a donation of an old
lawnmower. Ralph Bernhardt said he would mow the weeds once we had the lawn mower.
The 5:30 p.m. time for this meeting does not work for Blasé because he is in Lamar every Wednesday. It
was decided to keep the meeting on the 4th Wednesday of each month but move the time to 7:00 p.m. The
meeting will have to be moved from Room 8 because RCIA is in Room 8 at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. We
will have the meeting in room 9 or the Library. Diana will check to see which room is available.

Jim Kelly - The Parish Hall is cold; we need to adjust the thermostats. Diana will check on this.
Thank you to Diana’s husband Mike for painting room 8.
Jim and Ralph will trim the bushes one last time this season.

Diana Alvarado - Father Kevin would like the left over OLM2000 bricks that are in the garage taken over
to his yard. He will use them. Jim Kelly will take care of moving the bricks.
A light fixture was purchased today for Father Kevin’s kitchen. Blasé will contact Scott Yarberry to
schedule the installation.
Goat-head weeds are overtaking the lawn in front of this building. Jim Kelly to talk with people that
specialize in lawn care to find out what will work to eliminate the problem.

Joe Musso - has the wood planed for the step railing in the church. Diana will check with Father Kevin to
make sure this project is still on since we are looking at renovating the church.

Lucy Scancarello - the list from the building inspection of March 18, 2005 was revisited. Items were
marked off as complete and others were discussed.

Meeting ended at 6:10 p.m. The next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 26, 2005.
Minutes submitted by: Diana Alvarado
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                                   Maintenance Committee

                                        Meeting Minutes
                                        August 12, 2005


An opening prayer was said at the start of the regular meeting of the OLM/Maintenance
Committee was called to order at 5:30 p.m. on August 12, 2005 in Room 8 by Diana Alvarado.
Present: Chris Sharkey, Lucy Lanier, John Walker, Jim Kelly, Ileen Bernhardt, Ralph Bernhardt,
and Diana Alvarado

Old Business

The weather stripping on the front doors of the church was finally completed. The fence at 15
Chickadee Way has been installed. Custom Fence put up the fence and applied a water treatment
that will last two years.
                             The thermostats in both buildings have been reset. Thermostat covers
are still needed in the church. Blasé in charge of installing covers.
                                  Weeds on the parameter of the OLM property are better. Next
year we should consider mowing them. Weeds in the lawn are still a problem. Ileen and Ralph
Bernhardt said they would work on the weed problem.
                                                    Lucy will begin the floor maintenance with the
machines that were purchased. A schedule for floor maintenance was given to Lucy. Bruce
Rendon with Sunland will do another training on Monday, August 15, 2005 at 10:00 a.m.
New Business

Volunteers are needed at the Maintenance booth at the Ministry Fair. Anyone interested should
contact Diana Alvarado. We need to recruit volunteers to this ministry. Welcome to Ileen and
Ralph Bernhardt for attending the meeting. They have been working on the weed problem.
                     Help is needed to clean the storage area (garage) so the pop machine can be
moved in to that area. An inventory of the stuff in the storage unit needs to be made. Jim Kelly
said he would take care of that project.
                                    Pest control services have been obtained for Father Kevin’s
house and the 2 OLM buildings. The service will be done quarterly.
                                                     The meeting date for the Maintenance meeting
was discussed. It was suggested the meeting be changed to the 4th Wednesday of each month at
5:30 p.m. Everyone present agreed.                                 Lucy is on vacation August 16,
2005 through August 18, 2005. Jim Kelly will help out during that time. A work order to switch
the door handle in the room that adjoins rooms 9 & 10. John Walker and Chris Sharkey will take
care of the project after the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m. The next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. on September 28,
2005 in Room 8.
Minutes submitted by:   Diana Alvarado
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Our Lady of the Meadows
Maintenance Committee Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2005

Present: Lucy Lanier, Jim Wilson, A.J. DeLuca, Bernadine Hardin, Diana Alvarado and Blasé

Chair person Blasé Giltner called the Mainenance Meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

The following topics were discussed:
   1. Church door weather striping hasn’t been repaired yet
   2. A bid for father’s fence was accepted and approved to be paid for from a maintenance
   3. 5 Thermostat lock boxes are needed in the church. Blasé will check into purchasing them
   4. All heating and air conditioning has been serviced for the summer
   5. Jim Kelly repaired basement tables. Thank you
   6. Mark Miller painted side walk grates. Thank you
   7. Jim & A. J. trimmed bushes. Thank you
   8. Jim Wilson will spray weeds again
   9. Bruce from Sunland will help Lucy clean stone floors in church
   10. Windows need caulking
   11. Need a painter to paint room 8
   12. It was decided to retain Waste Management for our trash service

Next meeting: Friday, August 12, 2005 at 5:30 p.m.

Thanks to all of you that share your time and talent for this ministry.
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Our Lady of the Meadows
Maintenance Committee Meeting Minutes
June 10, 2005

Present: Lucy Lanier, Jim Kelly, Chris Sharkey, A.J. DeLuca, Bernadine Hardin, Diana Alvarado
and Blasé Giltner

Chair person Blasé Giltner called the Mainenance Meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

The following topics were discussed:
   13. Church front doors need weather striping: C & O Door will be contacted
   14. Some basement tables need repair; Jim Kelly will repair
   15. Red tape needs to be put on floor in front of basement electric panels to mark clearances
   16. Bushes need to be trimmed
   17. It was decided to replace Father’s fence on north side. Bios will be requested
   18. Room 8 needs to be painted
   19. Mark Miller will paint side walk grates
   20. Thermostat adjustment still a problem

Next meeting: Friday, July 7, 2005 at 5:30 p.m.

Blasé thanked everyone for coming.
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             Our Lady of the Meadows Church
  Minutes from the Facilities Committee August 18, 2004
Attendees: John Carleo, Lucy Lanier, Jim Kelly, A. J. Deluca, Bernadine Hardin,
and Steve Swath
Members Absent: Blasé Giltner, Jim and Phyllis Wilson, Betsy Nardini

Opening Prayer and notes by:                                               Lucy

Minutes of last meeting July were accepted

Old Business:
      Parking Lot repairs,(crack fill and seal) was repaired again.
      Wood Fence at the Parish House was discussed a plan is needed by
        landscaping sub-committee
      No drawn plans on grotto to date, a plan is ordered
      Handrail proposal is received, John will do further research on this
      Roof repairs promised: the agent is contacting the company to spell
        out appraisal for us
      Review inspection handouts of last meeting looking at it for further
        discussion and walk though of parish buildings

        Tree for the park, the tree that was in the parish back yard was taken
          removed as of 8-16-04. Next Spring will think about planting a maple
New Business:
        Ministry Fair discussion Cass Pearson and Karen Conry are the chair
        Committee to assist in upgrading of the church interior see Fr. Kevin:
          This will include new flooring, sound system repairs, lighting for the
        Light bulb replacement and fixture repairs around the campus will be
          completed by Avar Electric, Fritz will be taking this over and is giving
          his labor free
Cordless drill will be purchased for the church Jim Kelly is doing research
Al Collette will be asked if he or a member of his family would come by and look
thru the equipment in the parish hall kitchen and see what belong to them or
Frank Trujillo is going to be asked to join the Facilities Committee
The Committee is going to come by and do a walk-thru of the facilities

Note: The Facilities Committee Meetings will be moved to the 3 rd Thursday of
the Month at 7:30 pm in the Parish Center Library

Next meeting is September 16, 2004 at 7:30

Closing Prayer Lucy Lanier
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                          Our Lady of the Meadows Church
                           Facilities Committee Meeting June 16, 2004

The meeting began with a prayer at 7:00 pm in the Library.

Members Present: Bernadine Hardin, Blase Giltner, A. J. Deluca, Lucy Lanier and John Carleo

Members Absent: Jim and Phyllis Wilson, Jim Kelly, Betsy Nadine, Steve Swath

Minutes of the May 19, 2004 were approved as published

Old Business:

Additional members:
New members were suggested Jim Kelly, Bernadine Hardin, and Betsy Nardini

Evergreen Tree:
The previously discussed and agreed upon tree can and will be funded from the memorial flower
fund. We will place the tree in the park near the corner and near the Rock sign in memory of Gerry
Trevithvick who died several years ago, a memorial donation opportunity was missed several
years ago. This will make up for that missed opportunity. John will price and order a Blue Spruce
Evergreen tree. All agreed to this action.

Parking lot update:
We will order only repairs and crack filling, not parking lines, and then we will re-strip ourselves

Back Yard:
This was referred to Jim Wilson and the landscaping committee, with the anticipation of a drawing
being completed by Jim Wilson’s daughter for implementation next spring.

Landscaping Committee:
Other items that were referred to the Landscape committee for review to either be completed by
volunteers of the committee suggest or to hire a sub-contractor to assist
                Spruce up of grounds for Anniversary celebration on August 1
                Weeds clean up on edges of parking lot and on Red Creek curb
                Flower bed upkeep will be taken care of by memorial donors
                Fr. Kevin requested a drip system be installed to the roses in the backyard of the
                   parish house
                Spray weeds of the park and all grass areas
John carleo will discuss these items with Jim to determine what items can be completed by the
committee or to hire a sub-contractor.

A concept drawing has been developed by Fr. Kevin, it was presented to the Knights of Columbus,
and they have assigned Tony Bonfiglio to be the liaison to the parish. The Grotto will be in the
treed area next to Red Creek Springs Road. A detail drawing is to be completed by a landscape
architect to determine a price of the project. More detail to follow.

Bulletin board, John will check with other vendors to get cost estimates

New Business:

Key Audit:
John has discussed the key system with Fr. Kevin. John will send out a letter to all persons
suspected to have a key to any door of the parish. They will be requested to re-register their keys
for security and tracking purposes.

Announcement postcards: were sent to all committees and group of the parish asking:

   1. For committees to contact Betty Giltner to get involved with the Anniversary celebration
      on August 1st.
   2. All calendar items are to be submitted to the staff representative to list committee items on
      an annual calendar
   3. Reminder that the stewardship ministry fair will be held September 11 and 12 with
      guidelines being published soon by the stewardship committee.

Door stops:
The committee discussed the possibility installing door stops on the church front doors, John will
check if the closers could be adjusted to accommodate keeping the doors open or install stops on
the door, John will check with C & O Glass.

Floor cleaning:
The finance committee has asked that research be done into the costs of our floor cleaning. John is
looking at machine alternatives.

Assistance for persons who may have difficulty going up and down the steps to the altar was
discussed: It was decided that John will work with Blasé Giltner regarding a rail near the Lectern.

Roof repairs:
John is connecting with the insurance company; the bids from two companies are more than that of
the insurance claim.

Fr. Kevin has asked John to investigate the possibilities of the Parish establishing a Columbarium.
The city of Pueblo planning and zoning was called to see if there are special requirements for such.
They said no special requirements but would probably be under a special use permit with a
building permit.
The meeting ended at 8:30 pm with a prayer.

Submitted for approval by Lucy Lanier and John Carleo
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           Facilities Committee meeting Minutes April 21, 2004
Present: John Carleo, A. J. Deluca, Blasé Giltner, Lucy Lanier, Steve Swath and Jim &
Phyllis Wilson
Opening prayer: Lucy Lanier read the upcoming Sunday Gospel reading with a
Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed Jim Wilson made a motion to approve them
and Phyllis Wilson seconded the motion.
John Carleo: The Volunteer's Appreciation Pot Luck Dinner of Our Lady of the
Meadows Church is on May 15, 2004 after the 5 pm mass in the Parish Hall.
There was a brief discussion about a job description for this committee and about short
and long-term goals.
       Jim Wilson: The publicity for the rescheduling of the Spring Cleaning was not as
good as he had hoped. There were calls made for reminders the Friday before the event
to each person who had signed up or messages left for them. Looking at making a better
date for this event will be reviewed in 6 months. Jim is also going to try to look at the tariffs
and go to a time/day rate on the utilities for Our Lady of the Meadows Church.
       LANDSCAPING: 800.00 should come out of the OLM 2000 fund 1200.00 was
spent 800.00 was total donations. The rose garden is a very nice improvement over by
the church's sign. Jim Wilson will repair sprinklers that were broken at Fr. Kevin's front,
back yard, park, church, and office yard. The committee is waiting for a drawing and plan
from Fr. Kevin regarding his backyard. The committee is waiting on a drawing and plan
from Fr. Kevin regarding the grotto.
    Blase Giltner discussed budget Items for next year dealing with upgrading
    1. 1-3 ton Air conditioner
    2. Air conditioner and Furnace in the parish hall a new one is needed old one is still in
       place the cost of a new one will be $6,600
    3. Emergency Lights in the church will be $1,500 which will come out of the OLM
    4. Parking lot sealing of the cracks. The cost will be $5,000
           a. (John Carleo, Parish Council will talk about what they think will be needed to
               upgrade Lights in the parking lot was discussed by the Finance committee.)
           b. At this time, there will be no major expansion or building.
    5. Father Kevin would like to re-do the inside of the church with new covers for the
       pews, knew carpeting in the entire church, and painting. Cost is about $10,000
    6. Reflect barrier in the parish center was about $6,000. With the equipment that is in
       place, it is paying for itself in the long run when it comes to utility bills.
    7. Insurance company is going to replace half of the roof on the church and the entire
       parish house.
    8. Wood on eaves of the Narthex needs to be retained. Cost $250-300.
Jim Wilson had some concerns on the survey that will take place on Mother's day May 9,
2004. A question as to what is needed for the church will be put on the survey.
       The committee is going to research and go on with the items whether the money
comes out of the OLM 2000 fund or tithing itself.
       Phyllis Wilson: Wanted to know about the tree in memory of Jerry Trevithick.
John is to follow up on issue. 200 hundred dollars was to be donated from Aquila for a
Blue Spruce, but we need to follow up. Where to put the tree was discussed. John has
discussed this with Fr. Kevin, it is to be place on the corner of Schmidt Park near the rock
       One tree in the back yard where Fr. Kevin lives needs to be cut down and the cost
is 700 hundred dollars.
       The meeting was adjourned. Next meeting is May 19, 2004 at 7:00 pm in the
Minutes submitted for approval by Lucy Lanier
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March 2, 2004

Present:                     A J Deluca, Blase Giltner, Lucy Lanier, Nick Pannunzio, Steve
                      Swath, Jim & Phyllis Wilson, and John Carleo,

Opening prayer:       Lucy read the upcoming Sunday Gospel reading with discussion:

Lucy Lanier was selected to take notes of meeting

Introductions were made of everyone that was present

John Carleo explained the reason for the Focus group is to insure safety and preservation of
facilities of the church.

Agenda:                       Items were reviewed and accepted

Spring cleaning event:It was agreed that what worked last year and in the past that we would do it
all the same way. Lucy and John will review and proceed.

Yard Sale:           John hit on the main points about it and that the youth would
      be giving a plan soon by Linda Davis.

Landscaping proposal:         Phyllis & Jim Wilson, and A J Deluca gave a short introduction on
the Landscaping Proposal and that most of the materials will be at cost from Mr. Donely their main
concern is flower beds and trees and the main up keep of the parish grounds. A formal written
proposal is to be forwarded to the committee for comment. A J is going to get the Knights Of
Columbus involved.

Communication:        We will put events in the bulletins, email addresses, and have sign up sheets
poster boards

Handout material was distributed for next meeting review

Next meeting date:    April 15, 2004 at 5 pm.

The meeting was closed with a prayer.

Minutes submitted for approval by Lucy Lanier.

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