MAYSA MANAGER CHEAT SHEET
                 The Home team must contact the opposing team the day                   On game day the Home team must
                before a game to confirm date, time, field and team colors. If
                   the colors are similar, the home team is responsible for                        provide:
                                 providing alternate jerseys.                                *alternative jerseys if necessary
                                                                                              *properly inflated game ball
                         What do we have with us on game day?                         (game ball sizes: U6-U8=size 3, U9-U12=size 4,
           1.     An approved roster with jersey numbers listed                                        U13+ = size 5)
           2.     Copies of players’ liability waivers/medical release forms          *Referee Fees (Recreational games paid by
           3.     Player passes for Classic players                                  home team; Competitive games split between
           4.     Coach pass for Coach, Manager pass if on sideline                                  both teams)
           5.     Referee fees as applicable                                         *medical tape to fix holes any holes in the nets

 New Player Registrations/Transfers                                                        REFEREE INFO
   New players must be registered with your club
 before any information is sent to MAYSA. Please                               Rec Fees (home team        •Classic level teams will
 contact your Club registrar with any questions re-                               pays full fee):         have refs assigned by
                                                                                     U7-U8: $10           MAYSA.
            garding adding new players.                                             U9-U10: $15
                                                                                    U11-U12: $25
Players are registered for the entire registration year, 8/1 to 7/31.                U13+: $30       •Recreational leagues:
Some transfers are permitted between seasons. Please contact                                         please contact your
   your Club Registrar for more information about transfers.                 Classic Fees (each team club referee coordina-
                                                                                    pays half):      tor for details on rec-
                                                                                U11-U12: $25/15/15   reational referee as-
 Competitive players transferring between different clubs must
                                                                                U13-U14: $30/20/20
                download WYSA transfer form!                                    U15-U16: $40/25/25   signing.
                                                                                  U17+: $50/30/30

                Game Cancellations                                           Questions? Contact Linda:
      MAYSA does not cancel games due to weather!

Coaches should make a determination by 7:00am on                                             The HOME team is responsible for
the day of the match as to whether or not
                                                                                 r  es       reporting scores. Be sure to know
recent or current weather conditions warrant
                                                                            o                your game number before calling
considering the cancellation of a game.
After 7am on game day the decision to cancel a game                      Sc                  (found on the left side of your
is left to the referee at the field.
                                                                         1. Call (NEW) 1.866.391.0662 (GotSoccer toll free)
Once the game has started, the decision to stop play                     2. Enter league event ID #:
rests solely with the referee. If the game is
                                                                                  Fall ’10 Classic ID = 11848
called prior to half time, the game is to be re-played in
                                                                                  Fall ‘10 Rec ID = 11999
its entirety. If the game is called at halftime or
any point thereafter, the game is considered a                           3. Follow prompt. Pin= 9030
complete game and the final score stands.                                4. Follow prompt. Enter scores as directed.

                        US Youth Soccer PLAYER PASS CARDS
 1. Have each player sign the back of his/her card                      *Classic players will be issued their player passes as soon
 2. Trim off top edge of card (above “Member                            as the teams’ registration materials are processed.
 3. Attach small photo to each card                                     *If you manage a rec. team and would like passes for any
                                                                        reason, the following should be submitted to MAYSA:
 4. Place card into laminating sleeve (slightly off-                    -A written request for player passes for the team
    centered so hole punch doesn’t ruin card)                           -Birth certificates for each player
 5. Laminate cards (you may use our machine if                          **Please do this as soon as you know you want/need the
    you’d like)                                                         passes as MAYSA cannot guarantee to have them done
 6. Punch hole in corner of each and put all cards                      in the same day.
    on ring

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           Coach/Manager Pass                                                                             Club Pass Policy
•Every MAYSA coach must have a Coach Pass through Wisconsin Youth
Soccer Association (WYSA) to be on the sideline. This quick and easy                           The club pass is designated as an intra club pass.
process is accomplished by going to:                                                           Club passing allows players within the same club to                                             be used on other (age-appropriate) teams during
and following the online steps. The ‘coach pass’ is essentially a state                        league games as well as in tournament play. All
background check.                                                                              players club passing to a classic team must have a
•Every coach should also have the level of certificate or license appro-                       US Youth Soccer Player Pass acquired from MAYSA.
priate for the team he/she coaches. The certificates/licenses indicate a
level of training. Please see our website for current class offerings.                              For the complete text on this and all MAYSA
                                                                                                          policies, please visit our website:
•Managers must have a MAYSA-issued manager card in order to be
present on the sidelines during the games.

    os ters                         Each team must provide the
                                     referee with an approved
                                                                                          ◦ A field coordinator has been designated for each field by a
                                                                                          soccer club. The field coordinator maintains the schedule for
  r      Roster size limits:
                                    ‘WYSA Team Roster’ with                               the field. The field coordinator may also limit games or prac-

                                                                           field info
                                        jersey #s written in.                             tices on the field if it is deemed unsafe or unplayable.
           U6: 10
         U7-U10: 12                   Classic teams receive an
        U11-U12: 14                                                                       ◦ Games take precedence over practices. Fields cannot be re-
                                   original from MAYSA at the
        U13-U14: 18                 beginning of the season; Rec                          served for practices or scrimmages.—first come, first served.
       U15-U19: 22**               teams should obtain one from
      HS Small Sided: 15                their club’s registrar.                           ◦ If you have questions about a field, please either contact
                                                                                          MAYSA or see the corresponding Field Coordinator for the
 **only 18 may ‘suit up’ on           Be sure to make plenty of                           field ( , click on “Fields”)
         game day                      copies for the season!!

 If your team is planning to play in one or more tournaments
 during the season, be sure to plan ahead and organize your
                                                                                           Schedule changes
 materials to make registering and check-in at the event a                                Once the final schedules have been presented
 smooth, easy process.
           For a listing of upcoming tournaments see:
                                                                                         there are very few times games that should be, click on “Reddan SP Tournament Series”                                rescheduled. See the MAYSA website for specific
       General Tournament Info                                                                               details.
  In general, you will need to have the following items with
  you at check-in for an event (be sure to check the specific
                                                                                   ▪Rec teams: The only reason to reschedule should
  requests from any event you plan to attend):                                     be due to weather. If rescheduling, home and
  -approved roster                                                                 away coaches, field coordinator, and ref assignor
  -player passes                                                                   must be involved. Notify MAYSA of change.
  -application to travel (if out-of-state tournament)
  -liability waivers/medical release forms                                         ▪Classic teams: State Cup conflicts and games
  -emergency contact for manager/coach during the event                            stopped before half-time by ref are only reasons
  -guest player form (if utilizing guest players) (available at WYSA)              to reschedule. See website for reschedule details.

                                                      Contact MAYSA:
                                Vicki Abshere, Registration,, ext. 301
                                  Chris Lay, Executive Director:, ext. 302
                   Linda Huttenhoff, Referee and Scheduling Coordinator:, ext. 303
                      Scott Masak, Administrator and Business Manager:, ext. 304

                                     • • phone: 608.276.9030 • fax: 608.276.0119 •
                                        • 5964 Executive Drive, Suite 1 • Madison, WI • 53719 •

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