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Panel:          This is for the transcription.

Baron Vaughn:   No problem. I’ll be sure to say words that don’t exist. So that way –
                anyway the flatenmezenguzins [ph] – someone’s got to transcribe that
                word then. Flazenmezenguzins [ph] – I think there’s eight ―z’s‖. How are
                you guys doing?

Panel:          Good, how are you?

Baron Vaughn:   I’m all right.

Panel:          So guys, just to get us started since we have limited time – how did Leo
                get the job?

Baron Vaughn:   The character Leo, or the Baro-ter Leo?

Panel:          The character – how –

Baron Vaughn:   He’s got a fantastic list of references. And, I think that Kate is attracted to
                Leo’s artistic side, if you will. Because he’s an aspiring graphic novelist.
                And there’s some – there’s art classes, and what not, on my resume, I’d
                assume. And so she kind of responded to that. And then also everyone that
                she called to check up on me was like, ―Don’t hire that guy.‖ Which is
                why she said, ―Well, I got to hire that guy now, so he could be facing me,
                and I’m Kate.‖ That’s – she says her own title whenever she talks about
                herself, weirdly – weirdly.

Panel:          So we’re told that you yourself are a pretty hardcore geek. Or if not
                hardcore, pretty geeky.

Baron Vaughn:   I mean, it depends on what you mean by hardcore, and it depends on what
                you mean by geek. So I – if you can tell by my falsetto, I’m uncertain
                about that definition. There are things that I have I’m geeky about, and
                nerdy about. I don’t necessarily – I’m not necessarily – listen to how I
                talk, first of all. I mean, I use words like perspicacity. But yeah, there are
                certain things that I’m geeky about. I went to theatre school and a
                performing arts high school. So I can shuffle off names of plays and play

                And I was actually just talking to somebody about how I rarely get star
                struck, and there’s only been twice where I’ve been in the presence of
                someone that I respected where I got weak in the knees – Harold Pinter,
                and Steve Martin. And that’s kind of it. I was like, ―Huh, that’s Steve
                Martin, and that’s Harold Pinter.‖ And they were boxing, weirdly enough.
                And they were like, ―We should be facing Kate.‖ They didn’t say that. But
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                they were different occurrences. I don’t know if you got that – obviously
                you did. They weren’t boxing.

                But so I could, you know, rattle off theatre. I’m into video games a little
                bit. I realize—and I’m resistant to knowing this about myself, but I went
                through phases when I was younger. And I look at them and I’m like,
                wow, there was, like, a year I was really into this, and then a year I was
                like – it’s dirt bikes, comic books, billiards, bowling, and then acting. And
                that’s basically gone on since high school.

Panel:          Now as a follow-up, in the pilot, which we saw, you have this little D & D
                sort of conversation over the phone with one of your police friends.

Baron Vaughn:   Yeah, yeah.

Panel:          And are you yourself a role player, or?

Baron Vaughn:   I actually, back in the day – I was – when magic started, not the geek
                corrective, but it was magic cards – geek correction. How dare you? I was
                into magic at the start of it, but it just seemed so expensive. What I was
                really into – there was a moment where DC had trading cards. I remember
                this, I was in fifth grade. And then I was all about collection, and trading

                And then Marvel started a line. And there were a lot of Marvel cards. And
                I remember it was called Marvel Universe and there was this artist Boris
                Vallejo, who’s this big bodybuilder guy – he always draws, like, big
                bodybuilder people. And then there was a game called Shadowfist. Do you
                remember that? Do you remember Shadowfist?

Panel:          Oh, I used to work for [Watchee] Game Centre.

Baron Vaughn:   Oh, did you?

Panel:          Yep.

Baron Vaughn:   Yeah, yeah, I had to buy the Shadowfist cards. And then I kind of grew
                out of that, and went into something else. But I did play Dungeons &
                Dragons when I was in middle school with a couple friends, but we played
                ghetto D & D. We didn’t have any of the books. We basically narrowed it
                down to rolling dice and fighting. That’s what makes ghetto D & D. It’s
                just basically like, ―Oh, he wants to fight you – roll these dice.‖ And that
                was kind of it.
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Panel:          So expanding on that, what’s the story behind your D & D friends at the
                police department? Like, did Leo work at the police department in the

Baron Vaughn:   No, no, no. There’s a network – there’s an episode where I talk about that
                I’m part of a network of subcontractors. And she’s like, ―Well, what’s
                your speciality?‖ I’m like, ―Delegating.‖ And I think that with this – the
                cop at the – Harrington, I believe was his name, is part of my law
                enforcement D & D game. Where it’s a bunch of people that work at law
                firms, and people who work at the fire department, at police departments,
                and whatnot.

                And not only am I a fantastic game master, game keeper – keeper master –
                master keeper – but we can all exchange information in, I believe, ways
                that are run on sentencey. I was going to keep going and I realized that
                that was the end of the sentence.

Panel:          So what drew you to this role in particular?

Baron Vaughn:   What drew me to this role? Well, I think that I kind of like that – and I did
                it differently than I think some people did, which they responded to. That
                I’m kind of sarcasmic – it’s very different than sarcastic. It’s a little bit
                more cosmic—thanks Allan. But – sorry, I get distracted by noises. That’s
                ghetto D & D for you. ―What is that? All right – role.‖ But I forgot what I
                was talking about. What drew me to the role. Yeah, I just kind of liked – I
                liked the way that’s it written. I like the way that he talks.

                I like his relationship with Kate, because it’s, like, even though I’m, quote
                unquote, ―her underling,‖ there’s a lot that she has to learn from me. And I
                think that she gets to learn from me, even though she doesn’t necessarily
                see it on the surface. That there are things that she’s like, ―Hmm, that is an
                interesting point.‖ And then later she’s like, ―I had this great idea.‖ But I
                know it started with me. I’m the Tesla, if you will, to her Edison. Yeah,
                that’s a nerdy reference. I am David Bowie in the movie The Prestige, to
                her – all right.

Panel:          Now do you think you’re going to get a lot of gamers, and Dungeons &
                Dragons people watching your show because of your character? Do you
                think they’re going to see you and be like, ―Oh, there’s another one like
                me on [inaudible]?‖

Baron Vaughn:   I think so. I think that they – you know, like, the nerds – I can’t think of a
                better way to describe them – people who are into these sorts of pastimes –

Panel:          It’s okay to call them nerds – we are.
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Baron Vaughn:   Okay, see, love being represented, you know what I mean? I think that
                there will be some that are happy that I’m on – that there’s a character like
                me on TV. There’s [plenty of characters] to be on TV. And then there are
                going to be the ones that are going to be like, ―He’s not nerdy enough I
                say.‖ And there will be many comments in the comment section. ―He
                doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This guy hasn’t played magic cards
                in his life.‖ Except that I have played Shadowfist, so. So I think the –

Panel:          Oh, I’m sorry.

Baron Vaughn:   No, go ahead.

Panel:          I was going to say we got to look at your desk – are any of those
                collectibles on your desk your personal?

Baron Vaughn:   They’re not mine. Although I did just make a request to get a particular

Panel:          Which is?

Baron Vaughn:   Well, it’s not out on the market yet. A friend of mine who is an artist and
                designer in New York, who goes by the name of Rob Crump, which is a
                tribute to Robert Crumb – he calls himself Rob Crump. And I think he
                also does that when he says his name. It’s like, ―You’re Robert Crumb?‖
                ―No, Crump.‖ You know, like, ―You’re just going to be frozen like that?‖
                ―Yeah, I got to do this in five minutes. You got a stopwatch? You don’t?
                Well, then I have to estimate – 48, 49, 50,‖ and then it goes on and on.

                I wrote a cartoon and he designed this character for me. And he’s designed
                a bunch of different kind of figurines, and I made a request to try to get
                one of his things on set. It’s cool looking, and it also fits, I think, Leo’s
                character. And also it’s cool looking. So, but nothing that’s there is mine,

Panel:          I want your clock.

Baron Vaughn:   What’s my clock?

Panel:          I want your clock.

Baron Vaughn:   Oh you want –

Panel:          The Psilon [ph] bird clock.

Baron Vaughn:   Oh yeah, that clock is pretty cool.
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Panel:          Yeah, it’s very cool.

Baron Vaughn:   It’s kind of squarey, which is scary and crazy, put together. I made
                [portman] too, so what I can do? Anything else?

Panel:          Can you talk about your sweaters?

Baron Vaughn:   My sweaters – lots of cardigans. As you can see – and if you’ve seen
                pictures of other outfits.

Panel:          They’ve always got you in the sweater vest in the pilot.

Baron Vaughn:   There’s a lot of sweater vests –

Panel:          That very snappy dresser.

Baron Vaughn:   Snappy – thank you very much. That’s a better word than crappy. They’re
                both –appy, so as long as you’re –appy, I’m –appy. But sweater vests –
                they want sweater vests, a lot of different colours. I said no more grey.
                There’s a lot of grey. I just like to accessorize it, you know what I mean?
                Like, if I could I would dress similar to what to the way that they do
                except with jeans and the loud skater sneakers. But yeah, lots of different
                vests of different shapes and sizes – sheens, hues, tones, thickness, and
                other adjectives.

Panel:          Textures.

Baron Vaughn:   Textures. I can’t believe I forgot textures.

Panel:          We got to see in the pilot Justin’s receptionists, and their sort of reaction
                to Kate.

Baron Vaughn:   Mm hmm.

Panel:          [inaudible] when Kate comes out, and you know, they’re screaming, and
                they’re like, ―This looks familiar.‖ What is Leo’s reaction to Justin?
                Because we didn’t get to see any interaction there, or any –

Baron Vaughn:   Same pilot, there’s only one thing that I do in the pilot that kind of tips off
                a little of my feelings of Justin. There’s a scene where I’m in Kate’s office
                and I’m, like, putting books back and whatnot. There’s a picture of her and
                Justin –

Panel:          And you put it upside down.
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Baron Vaughn:          That I turn upside down. And that’s really kind of the only – but there is a
                       scene in I want to say the fifth episode where I have some scenes with
                       Justin’s character. And I know him to be Kate’s on and off ex. And since –
                       I just know that their relationship is in perpetual precariousness. And I use
                       that kind of alliteration when I talk about it too. ―How’s your boss’
                       marriage?‖ ―Perpetual precariousness.‖ ―Anyway, you’re getting attacked
                       - roll these dice.‖ And that’s how it goes. As long as you got two ten-
                       sideds. What? Let’s do it? All right.

Panel:                 Thank you. Thank you for your time.

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