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					Janani Ganesh

Janani Ganesh started learning music at the age of four in Singapore from late Srimathi
Sarada Shankar and she is an alumnus of Singapore Indian Fine arts society (SIFAS)
where she completed an 8 year diploma program in carnatic vocal and 5 year certificate
program in carnatic violin. In 1995 she came under the tutelage of Sri. Yazhpanam
A.K.Karunakaran under the auspices of SIFAS. She is currently training under
Trivandrum R Venkatraman.

She won the Best Student award in Carnatic Vocal for the fifth grade examination held
by SIFAS in June 1999 and was conferred the title "Sangeetha Visharad" by SIFAS in
2002. She performed her inaugural full length carnatic vocal concert under the auspices
of SIFAS in 1999.She has since performed several concerts in India, Singapore and in the
US. Janani has been a regular performer in various sabhas during the music season in
Chennai and received excellent reviews on the media. She performed at Shanukananda
Sangeetha Sabha at Mumbai in their Yuva kalakar series (2005). Janani was also featured
in the music festival organized by SIFAS regularly.

Mrs. Gomathi Sundram:

Mrs. Gomathi Sundaram is an accomplished carnatic musician. She learnt music in her
native state of Kerala, India under K. R. Kumaraswamy and Sankara Narayana
Bhagavatars in Trivandrum. She has performed as an A-grade artist of the All India
Radio. Mrs. Gomathi has lived in the United States for over 30 years and has provided
valuable service to the community in preserving the Carnatic music tradition in this

She has been teaching violin and vocal music in New York and now in Tampa where she
currently resides. She travels all over the United States to accompany various artists and
as part of orchestras for various dance performances.

Chi: Subramanian (a.k.a) Nanu

Nannu is a 7th grader going to Benito Middle School in Tampa Florida. He is a former
student of Prof.Ramakrishnan of Miami. He currently learns the mridangam from
Sri.K.S.Kalidas in Madras who is a disciple of Sri.Palani Subramaniam Pillai.

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