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                           Website For Beginners
                               by Shane Holloway of
                                     Last updated on 4/7/2010
                                Always check back often for updates.

Want to create a website but don't know how to exactly get started? Well,
no need to stress. This guide will give you the necessary steps to achieve
an awesome website for generating revenue online or for just about

What ever your aim is, this guide will come in handy.

Enjoy this book and feel free to share it with your friends and family
members by going to and then by
right-clicking the e-book and choosing "Save As" to download it to your
desktop or anywhere on your computer.

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Table of Contents
Click the areas below to jump across the entire book.

I'm Not a Web Designer, Can I Do This?

Domains and Hosting (This Is the 1st Step)
  Free Hosting
  Site Build It!
  Other Hosting

Designing A Blog

Making Money Online
  Google Adsense
  Affiliate Marketing
  Ecommerce Website
  Selling Space for Ads
  Message Boards and Forums
  Social Networking Marketing

Choosing a Topic (Very Important)

Generating Traffic to Your Site or Blog
  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  Social Networking Sites
  PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)
  Offline Marketing
  Article Marketing
  Squidoo and Hubpages

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

Shane's Favorite Tools and Resources

Too Much To Soak In?

About Shane

Start now!

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

If you are reading this, then you are on the right track. Preparing yourself
before getting started on anything such as a project, planning a day at the
beach or even setting a long-term goal will ensure that the end result is
satisfying to you.

So, let's get started by discussing what your needs are.

What is a website?
A website is a space on the internet that has information.

A lot of websites don't provide people with useful content and are not well-
ranked by search engines such as Google and Yahoo Search.

Search engines, especially Google, have a very smart analytical method to
find out which sites contain useful information. Search engines put those
sites on the top search result pages (example: top 10 pages for searching
on keywords).

To learn more, go to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Before starting your site, you really need to think about what to write about,
then set goals for each web page you build. For example, if your site is
about dog training, then create a page that is specific to one of the ways to
train your dog like positive reinforcement or how to get your dog's attention.

You get the idea. The next page will about something else in relation to dog
training and so on.

After you have brainstormed your pages you should be ready to use your
creative side to maximize the appearance of your site.
If you have gotten this far, you are now ready to read on.

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

Remember, take your time with designing your site and have fun writing
about what you know best.

           Key Tips: Put a great deal of thought on the topic for your site or blog. Plan what you are
           going to write about on each page THEN build your site.

              I'm Not a Web Designer, Can I Do This?

Anyone that can compose an email or navigate to a website on the internet
can design a web page. Yes, you will make mistakes and make continuous
changes to the design layout. It’s the same as writing an email or letter to a
friend or family member.

DON'T be afraid to learn something new!

Creating your own website will be like building a deck or knitting a blanket.
Treat it like a hobby instead of a task.

What You Will Need: creativity, good writing skills and patience

If you need to brush up on your writing, you can get this free net writing
course e-book here!

Once you have spent some time learning how to build your own website or
blog, it will be easier to make changes to the content or to build a new
Don't worry. I will give you all the details in this book on how to get started
with web design. That's why this is a beginner’s guide!

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

             Domains and Hosting (This Is the 1st Step)

We are now going to discuss how to get your website on the web. When
you go to a particular web page, you will see “http://” with the name of the
domain (example: The “http://” is something you
don't need to know about.

The domain name will be the name and location of your website on the
internet. Your visitors will see this information.

Just how do you get a domain name? It's actually very easy. I use for my site.

Host Monster is the best!! They have 24-7 tier A customer
support and are very reasonably-priced with their hosting.

Bottom line! You need paid hosting in order to make money online. If you
buy your own domain name and pay for your site to be hosted by a
reputable hosting service like Host Monster (about 6 -8 dollars per month
and that includes both hosting and the domain name), you OWN your site.
No one can take it down off of the internet, period!

Free Hosting
Free websites don't earn you money! You jeopardize losing all of the hard
work you put into building your website.

If you get free hosting, that hosting company owns your website, not you. If
that business flops or changes their policies, then your website no longer
exists on the web.

Here are some of the best web hosts on the market today that meet your
needs for web design: SBI Host Monster Blue Host

Site Build It!
All inclusive package that gives you your domain name (you create your
domain name if it isn't already used for another website), site building

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

software, marketing strategies, brainstorming tools, traffic (visitor) analyzing
tools and so much more.
Well worth it and hands down the best. If you are serious about making
money with your site then get SBI at

     Tip: Become an affiliate with Site Build It! It's is free and they pay you top dollar for each sale by
     advertising SBI and their other products on your site. How do you get paid by sitesell? Visitors who
     clicked on your site's SBI link resulting in purchasing SBI or any other of their products. Everyone wins!

I would recommend reading SBI's e-book on Affiliate Marketing for learning
how to use your site or blog for making a substantial income. Who knows,
you might end up quitting your 9-5 routine.

You can read more about SBI at

Other Hosting

Host Monster: I like this hosting service. With the very low monthly price
mixed in with 24-7 Tier A customer service and the ease of using all of
the comprehensive tools and software, you can't find a better hosting
I am using Host Monster for my domain name and site enhancement like
constructing a forum, chat room or even a picture gallery. They have a lot
of inclusive tools and software to help you boost your site's potential.

If you are on a budget, then Host Monster is an excellent choice. They
tend to slash down their prices frequently.

Blue Host: I haven't used Blue Host but have heard and researched that
they are 2nd best to Host Monster. Their prices are affordable and are the
same as Host Monster (about $6- $8.00 per month) giving you the
essentials you need to create your site. Their customer service is Tier B
hence why I like Host Monster.

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

I got lucky picking the right hosting for me. There are a lot of hosting
companies out there that are trying to compete with these top three hosting
services mentioned above but they can't beat them.

REMEMBER ----> Hosting is essential to owning your website or blog.
Just stay away from free hosting and you will be set!

                                   Designing a Blog

Just what is a blog?
Sounds kinda funny wouldn't you say? Well to put it in simple terms, it's a shared
on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal
experiences and hobbies. This is called social networking.
Why would you want to put your life online?
You actually don't need to. It's just a way to communicate with your family, friends
and your website visitors.
Once people start catching on to your site, they will want something a little more.
Getting to know the site publisher is a good way to get a little more information on
a topic of interest. Make sense?
If your site is an online business in any way, you would want to give your visitors
updates about the content you offer them. A blog is the perfect place to
communicate and gain your visitor's trust. Providing useful content is key to
gaining that trust.
Make money with your blog!

Why not? It allows for you, the publisher, to place affiliate ads, links, videos and
other types of media to keep your visitor's interest. The point is to presell which

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

means gaining trust first then your prospects will click on your blog or site's ads
on their own. There is no need for pushy persuasion; you will not succeed with
generating revenue using this method.

Equation to think about:          useful content = traffic = trust = revenue


What is WordPress?
WordPress is an open source blog-publishing application and can be used for basic
content management. Open source means that the source code (software) is freely

How do you get it?

Host Monster is the best! When you sign up for your domain hosting, you will get
all of the apps you need including WordPress. It's literally a no brainer!

Setup Your Blog
Creating your blog with WordPress is easy. After you purchase your hosting and
have your domain name registered, simply login to your hosting account.
WordPress has a layout that you can tweak to your needs once you install it. To
install WordPress, you will install the “simple script” for it in your c panel (your
control panel for everything concerning your website account).

Probably a little cloudy? It's okay. Just call the support number for your hosting
service or company. They will walk you through any issue.
Just make sure you pick hosting with excellent customer service.

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

After WordPress is installed, then you can use a template or design your blog
from scratch. I would play around with the template to get familiar with the

Note: Blogs are very easy to setup. Using a template is the best way!

How to make your blog stand out:
Place your media on the sides of the blog layout. Here is an example of a
professional blog geared to generate revenue:
click here

Blogger by Google

This is owned by Google, not you. So, you got it! It's free! Just remember that free
hosting is not a good option.
However, this is extremely easy to set up. If your aim is to make money with your
Blog, then use WordPress.

WordPress and Blogger are the most used blogging platforms today.

Can You Make a lot of Money With Your Blog?
Yes, you can. Remember, your content is everything! Become an affiliate with top-
paying advertising companies like SBI, Yahoo, Dell, Amazon, Ebay and so on.
There are tons of top companies waiting for you to partner with them.

Just put their affiliate links and ads including the Google Adsense ads and you will
be on your way! $$$

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

                               Making Money Online

Okay, here is the most informative section of this e-book. Making money with
your site or blog requires a great deal of content, effort, creativity and patience. If
making money online was so easy, then everyone would be doing this instead of
their day job.

How much time is required of you?
You will always be updating your site or blog to keep your visitor traffic.
Most of your time will be spent designing your website. I have put together a time
line for you.

This is just an estimate of how long it took me. Before starting on my website I had
zero web design experience. The time it takes to build your site will vary
depending on your persistence and knowledge.

Thinking of a topic to write on – 2 to 4 weeks
Finding a host – 2-3 days
Designing your site layout with a template – 1 to 3 months spending 30 minutes
to an hour per day.
Designing your site without a template (based on being a skilled web designer) –
1 to 5 months
Adding content – 1 to 3 hrs per week.
Ranking your site (submitting site to search engines for optimization) – 2 to 3
Total estimated time: 6 to 12 months

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense?
A free program that allows web publishers (you) of any kind to display relevant
Google ads in order to earn revenue. Google will send you a check right to your
door step! So cool!

There are different kinds of Adsense products that you can use to earn revenue:

AdSense for content

Display relevant ads by Google on your site or blog and earn from valid clicks or
impressions. Google's technology for analyzing your site's content resulting in
displaying relevant ads. Google does the work, you don't! All you do is sign up for
Adsense and log into your account then pick the ads you want. Google will give
you the html code to paste into your site. This is the most common Adsense
product used.

Take the tour here!

How-2-Do-Stuff.Com is a good Adsense site. Take a look!

WARNING! DO NOT commit click fraud. Learn more here

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

AdSense for mobile

Display the proper ads at the right time for mobile users as they are seeking
information on the go. You will be able to easily display relevant text and image
ads on your mobile web pages.

Take the tour here!

AdSense for search

Allow your users to search your site or the web, and earn from ads on the search
results pages. You can fine tune your search engine to your content (landing
pages). A landing page is where the person ends up by searching or clicking a link.

Take the tour here!

Adsense for feeds

You can earn money by showing targeted text and image ads in your feed content
on your blog site or wherever it is viewed. These ads target RSS feeds.

Take the tour here!

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

Adsense Zoomed In:

Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money with your site or blog. People have
actually quit their day jobs just to become an online publisher with Google and
other affiliate marketing.

The Cash Flow Cycle

Business owners sign up with Google Adwords in which the advertiser (business
advertising online) pays Google for every click. So, to reiterate, Google displays
the business's ads on the search results page enticing people to go to their website
for potential business. Google then gets paid by the advertiser or merchant trying
to spark up business online through their website.

Google then places those business ads in relation to your content on your site or
blog. You will make a certain percentage of the profit from Adwords for every
time someone clicks on YOUR ads linking to the business's website.

Google usually sends you a check for every $100 earned in clicks. You can opt to
have your money directly deposited to your bank account.

Remember ---> More traffic to your site means more potential to earn money

Piece of cake!

Woes of Adsense – If you commit click fraud, Google will ban you for life with
Adsense and their other products. This means you will not make any money
partnering with Google period. Just don't do it; it's too risky.

Learn more about click fraud here

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

                                   Affiliate Marketing

In this chapter I will discuss the importance of affiliate marketing and how to use it
to generate income.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is internet-based marketing where a business pays you, the
publisher aka the affiliate, a commission for generating business from sales.

How do you become an affiliate?

Easy, just go to the merchant's (Ebay, Host Monster, SBI, etc.) website and sign
up. Most of these companies allow you to sign up for free. Once you are a
registered affiliate, you will be able to access various types of ads to place on your
blog or site.

How do I do this?

The merchants you are affiliated with will give you the HTML code for the ads
you want to use. You will then copy and paste the code into your site using an
HTML editor.

Here are some easy to use HTML editors. Oh, one more thing. They are free!

Coffee Cup HTML Editor
I used this awesome editor to build my How-2-Do-Stuff.Com site. Coffee Cup is
easy to use and it actually has a code editor plus a visual editor (where you can see
what the design looks like as you build your site: What You See Is What You Get

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

also known as WYSIWYG).
In conjunction with Coffee Cup HTML Editor, you can use the Coffee Cup Free
FTP utility to upload your site to the web. There is no need to upload a blog; it is
already online with the web hosting you select.

If you need help setting up to ftp utility you can call your hosting technical
support. Host Monster helped me to get mine set up!

Sea Monkey
This HTML editor is also free and is user friendly. It does get the job done. I am
using Coffee Cup and have stuck to using it for my design needs. It's your choice.

Don't feel like you have to be a web geek to use these editors. They are designed
for beginners. You can relax now :)

You can go to my Downloads page to get the best free software to give you a head
start. I will be adding more software when it is available, so please check back

Okay, back to affiliate marketing.

You can take the Affiliate Masters Course here! (this is an free e-book for you to
keep courtesy of SBI)

Tip: “Affiliate” yourself with the top reputable companies relevant to your site's
content. The more affiliations you have will increase your earning potential!
Here are some good companies to become affiliated with:
Best Buy

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

There are lots of affiliate marketing campaigns out there, so do a Google search for
them and start earning! is a great website to search for affiliate programs with
To Sum It Up:
Get your site up online with content, THEN get your site ranked by Google, Alexa,
Yahoo Search and other search engines. Go to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
chapter to learn how to get your site ranked in the top search results so that
customers aka visitors can find your site.

Finally, become an affiliate and place ads relevant to your site or blog's content and
you are ready to earn money, literally, while you sleep!


Okay, let’s talk about e-commerce.

The “E' stands for electronic, so it's referred to as electronic commerce or
electronic marketing. This form of marketing consists of the buying and selling or
services over the internet.

A large percentage of e-commerce business is conducted electronically for virtual
items being sold online like e-books, software or movies. E-commerce also
involves purchasing objects such as electronics, books, car parts etc. where the
purchased items are shipped to the buyer.

SBI offers a variety of services aimed at not only teaching you how to succeed in
e-commerce, but also providing you with all of the tools and software you need to
turn your website into a true online business. See for yourself. Take the tour!

Here are some other vendors that are involved with mass amounts of e-commerce:
Amazon, Ebay, Dell, and Cars Direct

So, if you are an online merchant, publisher who offers merchandise or e-goods,

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

you may want to use SBI to start selling your product(s). You can always try SBI
for free. Here's how to do so.

For those of you who don't want to use SBI, you can purchase e-commerce design
templates to start developing your site. Here are some free ones!


This topic should speak for itself.

What are e-goods? Find out more here.

E-goods aka digital goods are items such as e-books, music files, software, digital
images and video, website templates, digitally-formatted manuals, and any other
item than can be formatted digitally in a file or multiple files.

How Do You Get Them?
They can be downloaded for free or for a price.

If you want to help your site get well-ranked and saturated with traffic, give your
visitors something for free showing your appreciation for them coming to your site.
Everyone wins! Your site's visitors will spread the word that you offer good free
content; those that show interest in your site or blog will most likely return as a
faithful “regular” like Norm from the TV show Cheers. Norm! As he walks
through the door; great show.

Giving your regulars and new comers something for free that is useable and
attainable is a good way to presell them leading to potential earnings just for you!

Remember, preselling is gaining trust from your site's traffic (visitors) by
providing useful content with accuracy. Just make them feel comfortable strolling
through your site with your content. Make it convenient to navigate and acquire

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

TIP: You don't want to lie to people. Just be truthful and resourceful with your

Selling e-books, software and just about anything else of value is a good way to
make money online with your site or blog. If you don't have anything to sell, then
point your visitors in the right direction with your affiliate ads to obtain
Learn more here!

Selling Space for Ads

Before you can sell ads on your site or blog you need to determine who is visiting
your site and why (what area of interest is visited more often). You will also need
to determine which merchants would want to market to your website’s audience or

You can get Google Analytics free to see the traffic coming into your site or blog.
This program will also show you statistics for “page impressions”, meaning
clicked areas on your web pages, for a given period of time. Click the link above to
learn more.

How Do I Get Google Analytics?

Just click the Google link above. Pretty simple, huh? That's what I thought. :)

Here's a good site that sheds a little more light on this topic:
click here!

Tip: Analyze your site's traffic first, THEN determine what content is visited by
page impressions. FINALLY, start selling ad space and make sure that ads look
good on your site or blog. I would rather look at a Ferrari than a Yugo.
Here's another tip just for you: I wouldn't recommend selling ad space if your

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

site or blog DOESN'T have much traffic. You need traffic to earn.

Use software like what's listed below to start selling ad space on your site or blog.

Ad Management Software (use if you want to keep all of the profits made)

OIO Publisher
AdBright – the best and more common. It is perfectly acceptable to use this with
Google Adsense.

Note about selling Ad Space:
You are charging a flat fee (this is the opposite of Google Adsense where the pay
varies), and ads may run for a week, month or for as long as you, the publisher,

Message Boards and Forums

You can also spruce up your site or blog with a message board, commonly referred
to as a forum.

What is a forum/message board?

This is a online place (website) for discussion on various topics of interest.

You can see my forum by going to

You can earn money with your forum by advertising with Google Adsense ads.

How Do You Build a Forum?

Easy! You can install the script under the simple scripts area in your web host's
control panel. provides me with the free additional tools and scripts to add to
my site and blog. Yup, another reason to get Host Monster. Check it out for
yourself to view the c panel here!

Page 20
How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

My forum is a phpBB forum. I installed it by doing the following:

1.go to
2.log into my hosting account (the c panel will open up)
3.go to Software and then choose Simple Scripts
4.find Forums and choose the one you want to install.
5.Just install it and you're done!

After you have installed your forum, place the Google Adsense ads on it. You are
ready to go!

How Do I Place Ads on My Forum?

Every forum is different. You will need to login as an administrator and research
this through the forum's help section. You can always call your web host support.

Note: Make sure you setup your administrator account DURING the installation of
your forum.

Tip: You need an established traffic base to promote your forum.

Remember, traffic is success!

Social Networking Marketing

In this section I will be discussing how publishers can interact with people online
to market their site or blog.

Human beings are social in nature and tend to interact with strangers on a daily
I'm not a sociologist, but when people go through the McDonald's drive thru or buy
something in a retail store they interact with people, right?

It is the same idea for the internet world.

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

So, What Is Social Networking?

It is the grouping of individuals into specific groups either in person or remotely
(internet, phone, video conference, etc.).
With this being said, social network marketing is often called internet marketing.

The internet is used by 85% of the world's population where the internet is

With the changes in the economy, more and more business owners or sole
proprietors are converting to promote and transact their business online.

Different Methods of Social Networking Marketing

1. Blogging - communicating with your “clients” and providing insight and help
with their questions or concerns. Developing trust with your site's visitors is done
by providing accurate content and good communication.
2. Website or Blog - provide content to develop a trusting relationship with
visitors and the publisher. Best way to attract endless traffic worldwide. Just write
articles and publish them online. Here are a few good sites to publish with:
Ezine Articles
Web Articles
3. Sending Emails – gather a list of email addresses through “portfolio” websites
and email about your business to all.
4. Use Social Networking Sites – use your blog or website to link to your
Facebook or Twitter account. Also, link from your Twitter, Facebook etc. account
TO your site or blog.
5. Video Advertising – broadcast your site or blog through You Tube or any other
video promoting sites. It's usually free! (Make sure you link TO and FROM your
site or blog by providing banners, text or your voice in your videos.
6. SEO “Search Engine Optimization” - get your site or blog ranked high and
listed on the first couple of pages in the search results.
Read more about SEO here!

So, as you can see, social networking can be a powerful technique to use to
generate revenue online.

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

                     Choosing a Topic (Very Important)
Choosing the right topic is crucial to a publisher's success. As mentioned earlier,
choose a topic on something that you're passionate about. This is the foundation for
your content, affiliations in marketing, communications on the trust level and
success to generating revenue online.

Having a great deal of knowledge about a particular topic is not enough; you need

You will be constantly updating your site or blog to provide relevant, fresh content
with advertising. This will help keep your traffic “parked” on your web pages.

Blogging is constant communication or, at least, staying up to date with feedback,
news and advertising with your visitors.

Bloggers usually blog about a particular topic they are passionate about.

If you go to a website and read all there is to read and then go back later to the
same site finding the same content, you would most likely go to a different site in
search of something new, right? I would do the same.

When writing about your topic, you will need to first enjoy writing about it AND
not mind spending time doing so.

If you can do this, then you will succeed.

Why Copying Someone’s Idea Isn't a Good Move

Providing unique and enlightening yet informative content is more desirable than
copying someone's content.


The original publisher, not the copy cat, may know a lot more about that topic than
the copy cat. Also, the original publisher will be able to update his or her site or
blog with ease.

Page 23
How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

There is no point in building a site that isn't innovative, fresh and unique. People
are indeed thirsty for knowledge, but with trust and originality.

Affiliates who bring a sense of passion authoring new and interesting content do
well online.

Next chapter

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

                 Generating Traffic To Your Site or Blog

Getting traffic to your site can take some time, especially if your site is in “rookie”
status once it goes live on the internet. You don't want to publish a site that hasn't
been well written to confuse your readers. Gaining the proper techniques and
knowledge on how to plan your site or blog will ensure that it is designed to attract

Remember traffic is money for those who are turning to the internet for business

Acquiring traffic isn't an easy task. You will need to get your site or blog enriched
with useful content online fine tuning it on a daily basis which involves publishing
fresh content, communicating with your visitors, placing ads in an eye-catching
position and analyzing your site’s traffic. It would be wise to research which sites
are competing with yours to give you the edge on how to market your content.

Targeted Traffic -vs- Non-targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic – people searching for relevant content on your site using any
method necessary.
My site is a how-to informational site. So, someone would type in “how to build a
website” using Google or some other search engine.

Non-targeted traffic – traffic resulting from a stumbled upon, advertised read all
about it manner such as an ad, RSS feed or email. This traffic may or may not go
to your site.
A friend of yours browses your site to see what you have done to it as a common

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How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

courtesy. The friend doesn’t have a reason to use your site but is browsing it as a
favor to you.

I would rather have targeted visitors than non-targeted visitors because those who
spend more time searching your content will be looking for more relevant
information. These visitors will likely click on your affiliate or Adsense ads.
Cha ching!

Tip: Make your site informational but refer your traffic to your affiliates or ads for
more knowledge or content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
What Is SEO?

It is the process of improving the traffic to your site or blog using effective and
unique key words that search engines use to have your site ranked in the top search
results. Read more here

You can always use SiteBuildIt! (SBI) for everything to get your site ranked
and promoted efficiently here!

Use the Google Keyword Tool. It's free!

This tool will help you determine which keywords are used more or less on a topic
of interest..

Meta Tags

What are meta tags?

They are descriptive words that go on the top of your web pages which tell the
search engines what to display in the search results.
Here is an example:
“We are Microsoft certified and provide quality computer service at a great rate.
We service North County San Diego, Murrieta and Temecula.”
Of course, you can make this your own but use descriptive words for your tag.

Page 26
How-2-Do-Stuff.Com Your Place To DIY

Note: Meta tags are less used now a days by Google and other search engines, but
still put them in to help your site rank!

How do you setup your meta tags?

Learn more here!

Sign up for Google Web Master Central to help your site get ranked. It's free and I
would highly recommend it.

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Forums are good sources to attract traffic to your site or blog.

Let's revisit what a forum is.

It is an online discussion site for a particular topic.

For example:
If you have a website or blog about dog training and are visiting a forum about
generalized training, you can solicit your site to inform people in the forum with
you that your site may have the answers to their challenges faced with training a
It is a form of advertising but in a “warm” way, by not being pushy.

Remember, develop trust with potential targeted traffic buy providing help or
useful “Did you know?” content. People that are searching for the answers on their
topic are eager to listen to what you have to say.

My forum is available to discuss do-it-yourself projects on anything. Feel free to
make it your knowledge base. I will be checking the forum periodically to provide
you with as much help as possible with what I know.

You can go to my forum here!
Spark up conversations with fellow DIYers like yourself at my chat room here!

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You can always get in touch with me more frequently by going to my blog here!

Social Networking Sites

You can promote your site or blog with MySpace, Facebook or Twitter.

MySpace allows you to interact with people online as long as they have access to
your MySpace profile. You can use MySpace to promote your site or blog. Use it
cautiously since there have been some issues with the security of user's profiles.

Facebook allows you to create a fan page. So you can use this feature to promote
your site or blog. This is considered the new way to socialize online and enables
you to find anyone.

Twitter is another social networking site. People say Twitter can be a waste of
time, but I beg to differ. Sending people a Tweet to let them know about your site
or blog or even just some of the content such as a video can go a long way.
It is a terrific traffic-generating tool!

Social networking sites can be effective in promoting your site or blog. You don't
have to use them to be successful in generating revenue online, but they definitely

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You Tube

Promoting your site with your own videos is an excellent way to generate traffic to
your site or blog. People want to see who is behind the mask of the website or blog
being promoted. It gives them a sense of connection even that they don't know you.

I guess, to me, it makes the site or blog more legit, as opposed to a “bot” site that is
designed to maliciously download viruses, malware, adware or spyware that can
seriously infect your computer.

Note: Always set your internet browsers to surf the web safely. Run internet
security to browse safely. AVG is the best anti-virus software and provides internet
security. You can get AVG Free Version that includes free internet security from
my Downloads page.

You can also put your Google Adsense ads on your You Tube videos. Learn more

Sign up with You Tube and use this free service to promote your site or blog by
providing videos to help your audience no matter what topic you are writing about.

PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)
PPC is another method to target traffic to your site. As an advertiser you would pay
a flat price per click to the host advertiser for each time a person clicks on your ad
called CPC (Cost Per Click). Google Adwords is a PPC service integrated with the
CPC feature. The merchant or business advertising signs up for Google Adwords
determining how much they are willing to pay the host, Google, per click. Google
has advanced algorithmic methods to display top results for keyword input on the
Google search engine.

Learn more about PPC marketing here!

Here is the revenue flow model for the Google Adwords/Adsense program:

(Adwords member)Business Advertiser-->(CPC)Pays Google For Clicks---
>Google Pays Publisher Per Click (Adsense member)
Note: Google never discloses how much you will get paid per click for Adsense.

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Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is any method of advertising that ISN'T on the internet.

Here are some common offline marketing methods:

Radio – get the word out about your site or product with radio ads or by
participating in radio shows

TV - advertise your product or site with a commercial

Newspaper - place an article in the newspaper about your site

News letters - send news letters to keep your prospects up to date with the latest
information on your site

Mailers - send targeted people or businesses mailers about your site

Flyers - send targeted people or businesses flyers about your site

Promotions - offer an incentive to promote your site to your prospects

Word of mouth - tell people or businesses about your site

You get the idea. This is where your creativity comes into play.

Learn more about offline marketing here.

Watch the video tour here (this video gives you an in depth look at internet
marketing with offline marketing techniques)

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Article Marketing

Writing your own articles on any topic of interest can, indeed, help your credibility
and ranking as a publisher.

Of course you have to write well to make your articles stand out from other articles
similar to yours.

Tip: The title of the article can help you rank in credibility with your site or blog.
Add links to reputable sources to backup what is being written.

How do I submit an article online?

You can go to these sites to do so:
Ezine Articles (more popular than Web Articles)
Web Articles

What does a well-written article look like?

Take a look here.

Continue here.

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Squidoo and Hub Pages

Say what? Exactly. At first it threw me off guard too! Well, hopefully I will be
able to shed some light on this.

What is Squidoo?

Squidoo is a website that allows you to post “digital” or online flyers about your
interest in a topic. It also has features to help you market your site or blog.

Check it out for yourself here.

What are hub pages?

Hub pages are user generated content sites. The content is usually a magazine-like
article that gets deep into a particular topic. Since they are in more detail than
regular articles, they are usually displayed as its own web page.

You can place Google Adsense ads on these pages you post and other types of ads
for companies like Ebay and Amazon.

Find out more here.

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                   Shane's Favorite Tools and Resources

Html Editor:
Coffee Cup

FTP Utility:
Coffee Cup Free FTP



Free Site Analyzer:
Google Analytics
Google Web Master Central

My personal experience setting up a website and marketing it
SBI (sitesell)
Google (for research on contents in e-book)

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                                Too Much To Soak In?

No need to worry. You may contact me anytime on my blog with questions you
may have. I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner.

You may jump around to different chapters in this e-book by clicking the links in
the table of contents to save yourself time than trying to find particular information
in this book on your own.

Remember, if you follow the steps mentioned in this book, you will be on your
way to becoming a successful online publisher. I recommend starting out with
designing one site or blog then, after you are familiar with publishing, start adding
more sites to increase your earning potential.

Tip: Try having a website and a blog on the topic you are writing about. These
sites should be directly relevant, in content, to your topic.

Good luck and thank you for reading my e-book.

      Shane Holloway

Disclosure: Please feel free to distribute this book to anyone as long as it is not
altered in any way. Thanks

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                                       About Shane

 My name is Shane Holloway and I am originally from Georgia. I moved out to
California in 1997 and have been here ever since. I enjoy surfing, camping,
watching the sun set, playing basketball, hanging out with my family and so much
more. I have been in the computer field since 1999 and became Microsoft certified
in 2006. So, I am quite handy with computers and their behaviors. When I built my
How-2-Do-Stuff.Com site, I had no web design experience. I literally learned to
build my site with the research I have done online and by trial and error. I hope
that you will be able to take what you have learned with my e-book and use it to
help you succeed with your site, blog or any other online creation.

Happy publishing!

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