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					                         ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS
                        ATLANTA PROFESSIONAL CHAPTER
             NOVEMBER 6, 2008, 7:00 PM --- GA TECH SEB BLDG, ROOM 122
Eric Chang, Ganesh Krishnan, Heather Bowman, Byers Rogan, Thioro Ndiaye, Eddie McCallum

   Website: Ceci attempted to upload the new website content but ran into technical problems.
   EWB Regional Workshop: Eric Chang, Xiah Kragie, and Anne Marie Spexet will attend the EWB
    regional workshop in College Park, MD over the weekend of November 8-9 2008.
   EWB Student Chapter Updates: The Georgia Tech student chapter is planning an assessment trip to
    Cameroon for a water project. Andrew Tsivoglou and Eddie McCallum evaluated student travel
    applications. The West Lake High School chapter held its annual induction ceremony on October 15th. The
    Mercer University chapter has been approved as an official EWB-USA chapter.
   EWB-USA Investments: Krishna asked whether professional chapter funds can be invested in order to
    receive interest. EWB-USA said that this is not allowed.
   2009 Executive Committee: Nominations for next year’s executive committee are ongoing. Anyone who is
    interested is welcome to nominate themselves. If you would like more information, contact Eric Chang . Elections will be held at the December General Meeting.
   Haiti Project: No news. Andrew Parks could not attend due to knee surgery.

   GSPE Presentation: Eric Chang and Heather Bowman are scheduled to give a presentation to the Middle
    Georgia Chapter of the Georgia Society of Professional Engineers on December 2nd. The president of
    Mercer University EWB has also been invited.
   Rotary: Pete Romocki called his Rotary contacts but has not received a reply.
   Sheila Carman Visit: Sheila served with the Peace Corps in Jamaica and she was the one who initiated the
    Jamaica road project. She currently lives in Lowell, MA but she will be in Chattanooga over the holidays
    and will possibly visit Jamaica in January. We should schedule a time for her to meet with people who are
    active in the project while she is in the Atlanta area. Additionally, if there are any tasks for her to complete
    while in Jamaica, we should be planning for these now. Sheila is currently working on a funding proposal
    that will be sent to Delta Air Lines.
   New Member: Ganesh Krishnan is a water resources engineer with Geosyntec consultants. This was his
    first EWB meeting. He offered to help with drainage design on the Jamaica project.
   Material Quantities: Thioro Ndiaye has calculated material quantities as well as the amount of cut and fill
    required. This information will be posted to the Yahoo Groups account. To join, go to
    and search for EWB-ATL-Jamaica .

 General Chapter Meeting December 4th at 7 PM. GA Tech SEB room 122.
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