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					   The Leprosy Mission Canada June 2010


                                                                                       This statue at the Philadelphia Leprosy
                                                                                       Hospital in Salur, India illustrates that the
                                                                                       Leprosy Mission is continuing the work
                                                                                       begun by Jesus himself. He was willing to do
                                                                                       what no one else would dare – to reach out
                                                                                       and touch those who had been rejected by
                                                                                       society because of their leprosy.

Dear Friend,

The Leprosy Mission Canada began with prayer.                                          Reconstructive Surgery is a key component
                                                                                       to the Leprosy Mission’s commitment to
A small group of Christians in Guelph, ON gathered in 1892 to hear from                caring for the whole person. The following
Wellesley Bailey, a man committed to ministering to people with leprosy around         three surgeries are most commonly required:
the world. Hearing of this great need, the group pledged their support and
committed to praying from Bailey’s work.
                                                                                            fingers, allowing the hand to open
As our work has grown over the years, prayer has remained at the very centre                and close again.
of our mission. In everything the Leprosy Mission does around the world,
we remain rooted in our dependence on God and his faithful servants.
                                                                                            blink, preventing serious vision loss.
The life of Christ inspired our logo. When men with leprosy came to him, he
stretched out his hand and blessed them. Christ’s servant attitude and heart for the        empowering people to walk again.
poor and sick inspires us to continue our work. For without a doubt, those with
leprosy have counted among the most neglected throughout history.

                                                                        over please…

                                                    COURAGE · HOPE · HEALING
  The Gospel of Matthew captures the heart of Jesus towards           people avoid any serious nerve damage and deformities.
  the outcast beautifully – “A man with leprosy came and knelt        The Leprosy Mission is active around the world, equipping
  before him and said, ‘Lord, if you are willing, you can make        medical staff to diagnose and treat leprosy quickly and
  me clean.’ Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man.          empowering individuals with leprosy to prevent further injury.
 ‘I am willing,’ he said. ‘Be clean!’ (Matthew 8:2,3)
                                                                      Unfortunately, there are many who are not treated
 While I wish that the prejudice and stigma of leprosy                in time.
 were no longer a reality – that is simply not the case.
                                                                      Ganesh Ram Yadav was accustomed to a life of hardship.
 When a young girl or boy is told they have leprosy, they
                                                                      Growing up in Vambhor village, India, Ganesh lost his
 cannot help but visualize the disfigured beggar forced
                                                                      father at a young age, leaving his mother alone to provide
 to the edges of humanity.
                                                                      for her eight children. In his teenage years, Ganesh began
 We continue to work hard to change that image.                       working as a labourer in order to help support his family.
 And thanks to you, the Leprosy Mission is active in
                                                                      That was when his hands began to feel numb.
 communities affected by leprosy world-wide, successfully
 teaching children and their parents the reality of leprosy           It quickly became difficult for Ganesh to pick up and move
 and dispelling myths which lead to social isolation.                 the heavy bricks he was responsible for. His hands and legs
                                                                      trembled uncontrollably and were too weak to allow him
                                                                      to continue. Desperate for help, Ganesh turned to the
                                                                      local hospital where he was diagnosed with leprosy.
“They helped me through the most
                                                                      Unfortunately, the treatment Ganesh received was not
 difficult times and really changed the                               enough to combat his leprosy effectively. A severe reaction
                                                                      to the medication left him bedridden for months as the
 course of my life” – Ganesh
                                                                      leprosy continued to deteriorate his body. Eventually the
                                                                      reaction was treated and Ganesh began to heal.
 Education, however, is often not enough. As leprosy
                                                                      But the damage was already done.
 takes hold of someone’s body, it attacks the nerves. As the
 nerves die, the patient loses the ability to sense touch, often      Because Ganesh’s leprosy was not diagnosed and treated in
 leading to serious injury. Not only do these disabilities            enough time, his nerves began to die, deforming his body
 make it difficult to perform daily tasks, but physical                as they did. His hands began to claw, his fingers curling
 deformities are often the primary cause of rejection and             in and locking in position. His legs continued to weaken,
 stigma from one’s community.                                         eliminating all hope of going back to work. At this point,
                                                                      surgery was the only option.
 In many cases, if leprosy is diagnosed early enough and
 proper self-care techniques are learned and maintained,              Surgery is a major component of the Leprosy Mission’s

                                              As the leprosy killed the nerves in his hands and feet, Ganesh was unable to continue
                                              working. Without a job, he faced a life of extreme poverty with little hope for the
                                              future. The Leprosy Mission hospital in Champa not only provided the cure for
                                              Ganesh’s leprosy, but the surgeries necessary to empower him to work again.
work. Most of our hospitals are equipped for reconstructive      is not enough. Just as Jesus was willing to reach out and
surgery, and TLM has several surgeons on staff. Ganesh           touch the man with leprosy, to see the person behind the
travelled to the Champa Hospital where TLM Doctor                disease, so are we committed to restoring the humanity of
Archana Kumar performed reconstructive surgery on his            those who suffer with leprosy.
hands, eyes and legs.
                                                                 Reconstructive surgery does more than restore someone’s
Although he will never have complete use of his hands and        body – it restores their confidence. Having endured
legs again, Ganesh has hope. The surgeries he underwent          rejection and fear from their family and community,
have enabled him to take up farming and once again               individuals with leprosy are often afraid to return home.
provide for his family. The reversal of physical deformities     Undergoing surgery builds confidence, reversing the
has begun the process of breaking through the stigma and         debilitating effects of leprosy and allowing people to see
reintegrating Ganesh into his family.                            beyond the disease.
Ganesh puts it best – “When I look back on my experiences,       Counting the Cost
I realize I owe a lot to the Leprosy Mission. They helped me
                                                                 For the thousands of leprosy patients who do not receive
through the most difficult times and really changed the course
                                                                 medical treatment in the early stages of the disease,
of my life.”
                                                                 reconstructive surgery is a critical aspect of recovery.
Qualified to Care                                                 Unfortunately, there are many obstacles to overcome
                                                                 on the path to surgery.
Reconstructive surgery for leprosy patients requires
doctors with unique specialization. Patients are not simply      Individuals with leprosy are extremely vulnerable, both to
operated on, but cared for in every step of the process. Prior   injury and rejection from the community. Although TLM
to surgery, patients have the operation explained to them        provides reconstructive surgery at no cost, there are many
carefully, building confidence and hope. Surgeons closely         people who are unaware of this incredible opportunity.
monitor the patient throughout their time at the hospital,       Trapped in a cycle of poverty, shame, self doubt and a sense
ensuring comfort and total care. The actual surgical             of isolation, many lose all hope of receiving any help. Not
procedure will vary with the needs of the patient – whether      realizing there is another option, many sink deeper into
reconstruction of the hand to reverse clawing, repairing of      disability and poverty.
the eyelids to restore a blinking reflex or any other specific
                                                                 Savitribai was already in her late twenties when she began
need. Comprehensive physiotherapy is offered after the
                                                                 to notice white patches appearing on her body. She had
surgery, working with the individual as they learn to
                                                                 just given birth to her third child. Neither Savitribai nor
control their healing limbs.
                                                                 her husband has ever been to school and are unable to read.
This holistic approach to surgery is a significant part of        Without education, they had limited opportunities.
the Leprosy Mission’s commitment to caring for the whole
                                                                 Already living in extreme poverty with three small children,
person. We believe strongly that offering medicine alone

Savitribai (shown with her husband and
daughter) would never have been able
to afford surgery without the support of
TLM donors.
learning she had leprosy was devastating news for                                                     A gift of $180 will provide someone with Clawed Hand
Savitribai. Although her family supported her, she faced                                              Surgery, restoring their ability to work.
rejection and stigma from her community. As the patches
                                                                                                      A gift of $100 funds Eye Surgery, an important step towards
continued to spread, Savitribai was unable to work. What
                                                                                                      restoring social relationships.
little medical treatment she was able to afford did nothing
to slow the disease.                                                                                  A gift of $125 provides everything necessary for Drop
                                                                                                      Foot Surgery, a life-changing opportunity for someone
Thankfully, the support of donors like you made all
                                                                                                      suffering with leprosy.
the difference for Savitribai.
                                                                                                      For your convenience, I have included three certificates
After years of suffering with disabilities caused by leprosy,
                                                                                                      that focus on the three most commonly required surgeries.
Savitribai was taken to the Bethesda Leprosy Hospital
                                                                                                      You have the opportunity to make these surgeries
in Champa. Multi-Drug Therapy cured her leprosy and
                                                                                                      accessible to those who need them most. Simply select
reconstructive surgery allowed her the use of her legs again,
                                                                                                      which surgeries you would like to provide and return the
walking without a splint for the first time in many years.
                                                                                                      certificates to us, along with your payment. Whether you
                                                                                                      want to offer surgery to one patient or many is up to you.
                                                                                                      I want you to know that your gift today will be a miracle
Your support today will truly bring                                                                   to those who have given up hope of a normal life, who have
                                                                                                      lost their sense of worth.
                                                                                                      I opened this letter discussing the importance of prayer
                                                                                                      to The Leprosy Mission Canada. With that in mind, I
Not only was Savitribai cured of leprosy, but she was given
                                                                                                      also ask that you would continue to remember us in your
hope for a future beyond poverty. The Leprosy Mission
                                                                                                      prayers. Jesus is our model as we minister to those in need
provided her with a small business loan which she has used
                                                                                                      and without him, we can do nothing.
to begin a profitable goat farm. In addition, she was able to
build a new home for her family through TLM’s Low-Cost                                                Thank you for your dedicated support.
Housing program.
She could never have achieved this on her own.
There are thousands of people around the world who,
like Ganesh and Savitribai, struggle against the daily
challenges of poverty. When a debilitating disease like                                               Peter Derrick
leprosy is introduced, the future is bleak. Without access                                            Executive Director
to the necessary medicine and surgeries, these people have
                                                                                                      PS – Please choose your surgical grant right now
little hope of survival.
                                                                                                      and send it to us as soon as possible. There is a patient
If these stories inspire you, let me invite you to provide                                            waiting for surgery.
this life-changing opportunity to others. Your support
today will truly bring transformation and a better future
for men, women and children with leprosy.

Frontline is only sent to those who are keenly interested in the work of The Leprosy Mission Canada. In each               100 Mural Street, Suite 100, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1J3
Frontline there is an opportunity to do more for men, women and children who have leprosy. In this issue                   Telephone: (905) 886 - 2885 · Toll Free: 1- 888 -537-7679
we focus on the importance of reconstructive surgery. Please read this issue of Frontline carefully                        Fax: (905) 886 -2887 · ·
to find out how the Leprosy Mission is changing the lives of hundreds of people. Because you care, these people
will be able to beat leprosy. If you have friends or family that would like to receive Frontline, please let us know.      Ministering in the name of Jesus Christ to the physical, mental
We will include them in our next mailing. You can also check our web site at for more information.              and spiritual needs of leprosy sufferers around the world.
    Change a Life with Reconstructive Surgery!
        1. Choose the surgeries that you wish to provide and detach the appropriate certificates
        2. Total up the cost for the number of surgeries you wish to provide and enter the amount, along with your payment information, on the included form
        3. Place the certificates and payment information into the included envelope and send it back to The Leprosy Mission Canada
    Thank you for partnering with us in providing new opportunities for those who suffer with leprosy!

                                                    Restoring Dignity with Clawed Hand Surgery                                                                                                              $180

                                                    I would like to provide Clawed Hand Surgery

                                                    As leprosy attacks the nerves in the hand, fingers “claw” inward as the Ulnar nerve becomes traumatized,
                                                    locking into place. Surgery reverses this effect, allowing the hands to open and close again. Being able to
                                                    work is crucial in combating extreme poverty, and the ability to use one’s hands in work is essential.

                                                    Please provide                                  (# of) surgeries

                                                    Empowerment through Eye Surgery                                                                                                                         $100

                                                    I would like to provide Eye Surgery

                                                    The blinking reflex is essential to maintaining healthy vision. Leprosy kills the nerves which control
                                                    the eyelids, leaving the eyes exposed to constant sunlight and without moisture. This leads to vision
                                                    loss and deformities which lead to social rejection. Eye surgery not only prevents further damage,
                                                    but allows individuals to return to their community with dignity.

                                                    Please provide                                   (# of) surgeries                                                                                  <<DonorID>>

                                                    Giving Freedom through Drop Foot Surgery                                                                                                                $125

                                                    I would like to provide Drop Foot Surgery

                                                    As the nerves in a person’s feet are deadened by leprosy, the feet “drop,” hanging limp and unable to
                                                    support weight. Reconstructive surgery restores strength to the feet, allowing the person to walk again.
                                                    For individuals who have been forced off their feet for years by leprosy, this surgery offers the freedom
                                                    of movement.

                                                    Please provide                                  (# of) surgeries                                                                                   <<DonorID>>

Yes! I will provide a surgical grant to change the life of a person with leprosy!                                                                                                                            JUNE

I would like to fund:                                                                                                                           Single gift
Clawed Hand Surgery                    (# of surgeries) x $180 = $                                                                              ❑ Cheque (please make payable to The Leprosy Mission Canada)
Eye Surgery                            (# of surgeries) x $100 = $                                                                              ❑ Credit Card (please fill out below)
Drop Foot Surgery                      (# of surgeries) x $125 = $
                                                                                                                                                ❑                 ❑          ®

                                                                      $                             Grand Total

                                                                                                                       <<DonorID>>              Card #:

         <Title> <First Name> <Last Name> or <C/O>                                                                                              Expiry:                  Tel: (          )

         <Address Line 1>                                                                                                                                                                                   dd/mm/yy
         <Address Line 2>
         <City> <Province> <Postal Code> <Country>
Will your employer match this gift? Find out now at
                                                                                                                                                                            Thank you for your gift.
The Leprosy Mission Canada charitable registration number is 11924 1990 RR0001.                                                      1003FRLN                               It’s our pleasure to send you
If the area of need you have designated your gift to becomes fully funded, your gift will be used where it is needed most.             110030                               a receipt for tax purposes.

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