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Class Management


Class Management

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									Simple Class Management Methodologies

                                      Every teacher regardless of year level must have a class
                                      management procedure under their sleeves. A well thought out
                                      classroom strategy can mean the difference between a productive
                                      year for both students and teacher and a bad one. Every teacher,
                                      regardless if you are new or seasoned ones, the success or failure of
                                      the classroom would be dependent on your teaching talents and
                                      how effective is your management procedure.

                                      Class management is never the same for all classrooms you would
                                      be directing in. A strategy may be ineffective in one particular class,
but appropriate in the other. Much more effective classroom management is not taught in college.
Where it comes from are years of teaching experience. Thus, before stepping into your class next time,
make sure to have a procedure at the back of your mind. Here are simple suggestions on how you can
start and draft your own sets of classroom organization.

Suggestion # 1: Establish class rules. Setting your own standards should be the first priority you must
look into. But this does not mean you need to be a dictator in class. You are simply acting as a manager
and teacher at the same time. You need to draft regulations that won’t suffocate your students, but not
too lenient that students can do almost everything. Discuss your policies every now and then. And if
possible post this somewhere that students can see and read on a daily basis for reminder purposes.
They will also be reminded on proper decorum while in class.

Suggestion # 2: Develop creativity. This is a big step that professors forgot when holding their classes.
Certainly teachers should teach students through lectures. However, some students are often
distracted, even in the middle of the class. So, to get their attention you must submit other ways in
transmitting your lectures in a fun manner. This will not only make students focus on the lesson again,
but also aid them digest the lessons easily and effectively. They will even have better memory retention
when discussions are delivered in an enjoyable way.

Suggestion # 3: Establish personal conversations. Although teachers and students have limits, this does
not mean you have to withdraw yourself away from them. An effective teacher always reaches students
in a manner that is respectable. Make small talk to students before or after class. With this you can
assess their interests, their understanding, and what are their concerns. Their feedbacks are valuable to
your professional growth and your personal obligations to them. They'll also feel they are important to

The teaching profession is truly noble. Even if you're already at that line of work, there is always room
for new contributions. The three suggestions can possibly take your work to an important leap. Thus, for
effective class management take time in following these simple procedures and for sure you can grow
your profession towards a positive direction.

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