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Overview of Farm Anaerobic Digesters

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Aerobic exercise anaerobic exercise is relatively speaking. During exercise, the body's metabolism is accelerated to speed up the metabolic needs more energy. The body's energy through the body of sugar, protein and fat catabolism come. When not in the exercise, such as jogging, playing badminton, dancing, etc., the body's supply of energy mainly from aerobic metabolism of fat. To fat as the main supply of energy aerobic exercise aerobic exercise is what we say. When we engage in very intense exercise, or the rapid outbreak, such as weightlifting, 100 m sprint, wrestling, etc., then the body needs a lot of energy in an instant, and in normal circumstances, aerobic metabolism can not meet the body at this time demand, so the conduct of anaerobic metabolism of sugar, to rapidly produce large amounts of energy. This state is anaerobic exercise.

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