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									     citizen’s petition currently before the agency
    (docket No. OON-1396, and OOD-1598).
    @All GE foods should be labeled so I am 4 ?
    informed and have a choice.                     , -                                         I
    81 GE foods should not be assumed to be             Food and D&Administration
    “generally recognized as safe” and should          5630 Fisher’s Lane, IT-II. 1061
    have mandatory pre-market safety testing
                                                        Rockville, MD 20852
    q?here should be a moratorium on GE foods
    until long-term studies show they are safe for      RE: Docket No. OON-1396, and OOD-1598
    human health and the environment. _ .

                                                   D&dines:     P        /
                                                   GM0 labeling - March 19, 2001
                                                   Pwrnavket Ylksting - April 3, 2001


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