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                                       The Library App

                                       EDITOR’S COMMENT:                                 • Checks outs, places holds for items you
                                           Responding to the May 2010 Searcher’s           select — sends ID information to library.
                                       Voice editorial (“Technolust,”      (Having checkouts implies renewals also.)
                             ,            • Sends digital version if available to
                                       a long-time colleague responded with a list         your device.
                                       of suggestions for an iPad app focused on
                                                                                         • For physical items, uses GPS to locate you
                                       library services:
                                                                                           or lets you enter preferred address.
                                                                                         • Available on any mobile OS and ADA-com-
                                       My List of Features:
                                                                                           patible device.
                                       • Finds the local library or connects to one of
                                         your choice.                                    • Free (or for a small, one-time donation to
                                       • Engages in a self-reference interview or can      the Freedom to Read Foundation?).
                                         chat with the reference desk to define and
                                         refine patron’s question/needs.                                                     Becki Whitaker
                                       • Locates potential resources and sends list.     Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS)

Apple Computer Co.                     Blackboard, Inc.                                  EpiCollect (continued)
                                                                                            Praed St., Paddington
    1 Infinite Loop                       650 Massachusetts Ave., 6th Floor. NW
                                                                                            Greater London W2 1PG
    Cupertino, CA 95014-2083              Washington, D.C. 20001-3796
    (408) 996-1010                        (202) 463-4860
                                                                                            (44075) 08048380
    (800) 692-7753                        (800) 424-9299
    (408) 974-2113                                                                          URL:
                                          (202) 463-4863
    URL:             Internet:
                                                                                         Woody Evans
Lark Birdsong                                                                               Tarrant County College
    Birdsong Information Services                                                           Southeast Campus
    1060 Cottonwood Circle                                                                  2100 Southeast Parkway
                                          11000 Regency Parkway, Suite 400                  Arlington, TX 76018
    Golden, CO 80401
                                          Cary, NC 27511                                    (817) 515-3081
    (303) 884-8666
                                          (919) 462-8600                                    Internet:
                                          (919) 468-9890
                                          (800) 334-2564                                 Facebook, Inc.
Susanne Bjørner                           URL:
                                                                                            156 University Ave., 3rd Floor
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