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            Get Smart
            With Your
            Money!                                                    by Lark Birdsong
                                                                      Birdsong Information Services

                                                                      F    or the most part, it is the responsibility of the indi-
                                                                           vidual to understand money, but there are many
                                                                      free sources that provide this type of education.
                                                                      Exceptions exist for those who are differently-abled
                                                                      or not capable of understanding money due to illness,
                                                                      significant aging, language barrier, etc. But when they
                                                                      are in our families or our circle of friends and associ-
                                                                      ates, then it may be the responsibility of those of us
                                                                      who can protect these individuals in need.
                                                                        My first source for consumer education is the pub-
                                                                      lic or academic library. You can start finding that
                                                                      resource with this list of public libraries in the United
                                                                      States: WebJunction
                                                                      has a listing for some world libraries: http://lists.web
                                                             Libraries are a great place for
                                                                      consumers to become educated on any subject, but
                                                                      education on money can lead to wealth generation
                                                                      (small and large) — or, at least, wealth retention — for
                                                                      the consumer.

            12   SEARCHER   The Magazine for Database Professionals
                                                                                                        GET SMART WITH YOUR MONEY!

                                                                                                         Visual Economics provides a
                                                                                                         starting-point look at consumer
                                                                                                         spending in the U.S.

                                                                                                         (Source: Daniel Wesley, CEO
                                                                                                         and owner,
Description: Temporary work through staffing firms can help with money coming in, and the American Staffing Association [http://www.] helps an individual find a staffing agency in his or her area and expertise. Positions are posited for all levels of staffing and can help get money flowing in for the consumer. "The American Staffing Association promotes legal, ethical, and professional practices for the $61 billion U.S. staffing industry.
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