How do you RATE YOUR SPRINGS? by ProQuest


You've probably struggled with an ordinary spring clamp that doesn't hold very well. The clamping force might have been good with it fully open, so perhaps you added clumsy spacers on the fly to get by. But inadequate force at the start of the clamp's range is likely the result of a poorly designed spring, and performance improvements for this -- and any -- device might lie in optimizing a spring's design. Advanced handbooks and fabricators offer guidance on the many watchouts such as stability, fatigue, tolerances, environment, and natural frequency. Despite all of this, your spring clamp still doesn't hold. Because neither design software nor spring fabricators tell designers how to select the best spring and the best operating point for their spring assembly. But this article does. Learn why, and no, highly stressed springs will not fail, as long as you follow the otherwise customary design guidelines.

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